Little Ray of Sunshine…

My weekend flew past, I just could not believe how quickly it became Monday morning again, I felt as though I was in some strange time warp.  Most of the time it rained and was grey and cold, but for small patches of the weekend we got some sun and instead of hiding away from the blazing heat as we have done all Summer, KB, Raymond and I basked in it, sitting in our windowseat surrounded by crochet cushions, snuggling under my Ripple Blanket.

Isn’t that such a lovely photo of our Little Ray of Sunshine?

He is such a funny boy and I can’t believe that it has been almost three years since we adopted him from the SPCA.  I’ve admitted to you before, that I struggled with his “Siamese-ness” in the past, his larger than life personality took up our whole living room.  However, since moving up North to a very large house, Raymond seems small now, something to do with the size of the house compared to him, suddenly he is not larger than life and has resumed “normal cat” proportions.

This post is all about Raymond Appreciation… I love how you can see his long white eyelashes in that photo above… such the supermodel.

Raymond is coming up to 13 years of age apparently, but still looks like he has plenty of life in him thank goodness, because KB and I would miss him very much as he is such a big part of our unusual little family.

Let’s have a little “pet appreciation” time.  Tell us all about your most treasured pet… or your naughtiest, or funniest, or strangest!  I love naughty pet stories, they make me laugh, so leave a comment for us all to have a giggle at or a warm fuzzy moment.

Hope you’re all great,


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It is getting bloody cold here in New Zealand, even in the “Winterless North” where we live.  I think it is called the Winterless North because it doesn’t snow up here, it is still cold enough to wear knitted goodies thank goodness, but without the hassle of snow.  The tree in the photo above was gloriousy green all summer, I wish I had taken a photo at the time… I came home from my two weeks away and most of the leaves had disappeared!

There are still a few hanging on, turing the most beautiful shades of yellow and orange… so Autumnal and gorgeous, makes me feel all cozy inside.

Carrying on with the Autumn theme, my May socks are particulalry Autumnal… Knitted while I was in Wellington, I presented them to my lovely KB as a gift when I returned.  While I was away… I can’t believe I’m confessing to this… I bought  TEN balls of sock yarn.  It was a bit of an accident really, I just kept finding all of this gorgeous sock yarn and buying a ball at a time and then counted it all up and the end.  One of the balls I bought was from the Opal Van Gough collection which my Mum had ordered in to sell at her shop a couple of months ago. 

 Mum LOVES this Opal collection but I have to say, I didn’t understand the excitement until I saw it in real life.   But then, when I looked at the paintings on the ball bands and saw how well the colours had been imitated in the yarn I totally understood and cast on a pair of “The Red Vineyard at Arles.”  immediately.  If you want to see the picture of the painting, click on the link above.

These were lovely to knit and I must say, when I put these on to photograph them I didn’t want to take them off and hand them back to KB!  One of my favourite things about these socks is the toe, where coincidentally there is a cute white stripe around the end of the toe…

Simple pleasures… Socks ravelled HERE.

It has stopped pouring with rain for a little while so I’m going to end this post here and go out and enjoy the weather!  Hope you are all well and happy,

love Alice and Raymond XXX

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I found my “Soul Yarn” on the weekend at the Wonders of Wool market in Wellington…

One beautiful ball of rainbow goodness is wonderful…

But two is better!

I’m back from a wonderful, incredibly busy, exhausting, rejuvenating two week trip to Wellington with an extremely depleted bank account and bags of gorgeous wool. 

How is May treating you?  Hope you’re good,

lots of love XXX





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Aren’t Autumn trees just the most beautiful thing ever?  In New Zealand, most of our native bush is evergreen, and we had a lot of Pine trees where I grew up, so the sight of an Autumn tree is still very exciting for me as I only really started to notice them about 6 years ago.

It is getting chillier here, which I am enjoying immensely, pulling out my scarves and cowls and socks… April socks are complete, YAY! 

I love this colourway, LOVE IT!  I’ve been saving it in my stash for a few months and decided to pull it out and enjoy the experience of knitting it up.  As we have limited amounts of daylight now, I popped them on as soon as I got home and started taking some photos.

Not the best idea when you have a Raymond who has been home alone all day and wants some love!

Cue sock photo bomb of the highest order…

Such the smoocher…

I got a couple of good shots anyway.

And they are finished just in time for my trip to Wellington tomorrow, where it is much colder and I will appreciate them immensely!  I’m off for two weeks of training for work, appreciating very much that I am going to visit my family at the same time… I’ll pop in when I can and to update you on my Wholehearted KAL progress, but the next two weeks are going to be full of spending time with my Mum, Pixie, the animals, dyeing wool and knitting.

Oh, and work too of course….

So to round up the month of April, a very pink and green mosaic.

I’m loving those colours a lot.  Guavas, Autumn and knitting toys, is what April has been about in my world!

Wishing you a very blessed start to May 2012,

lots of love XXX

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The lovely Evelyn at Project: Stash  started a Knit-a-Long last week, which I couldn’t reisit joining.  The pattern is the Wholehearted Shawl which I liked very much, and as all of the proceeds from pattern sales are being given to the designer’s daughter to help her rebuild her home after a devestating house fire, I was of course more than pleased to buy a pattern and knit both for a positive cause and join in with some lovely knitters from around the world!  The first KAL post at Project: Stash is HERE, where you can read participant’s blog posts, mainly about choosing the colours for their shawls, possibly the hardest part of a project…

I didn’t find the choosing much easier, I had an idea of what I would like to knit my shawl with, so a few days ago, dug deep into the stash and pulled out a few options.

I had decided that I didn’t want to use two colours for my shawl, that I liked the different stitch patterns and I was going to let the stitches be the focus of the shawl rather than blending colours, so my mission was to find a lovely colour I would enjoy wearing as it is getting cold!  My first option was the lovely cone of silk/ mohair/ wool blend.  I wasn’t entirely sure about this, but have since decided that I will definitely be making a shawl with this before Winter is through!

My next option was a gorgoeus variegated purple which I bought quite some time ago, with plans for a lovely big shawl.

It is so lovely and bright and vibrant, I swoon over these colours, however was concerned that it would be too variegated and the colour changes would detract from the stitch pattern.

Finally I decided on a skein I bought at the same time as the purple, but in green.  I love these colours and was soooooooooooooooooooooo ridiculously excited when I bought this yarn, and I am thrilled to be knitting it into something practical which I know I will wear for a long time!

I was still a little concerned that the yarn was a bit variegated, however decided to roll it into a nice big ball and see how it looked.  As this skein is 200gms of fingering weight yarn, winding it into a ball took some time.  Raymond decided to help out, but got his nose caught up in the swift…

See that indignant stance?  Immediately before that photo was taken he had put his nose in the way and as the swift was spinning very fast, he got a fright.  Immediately after that photo was taken he was shooed off the table by the way… he knows the rules about cats on benches and tables, he was just being cheeky and nosy!

Once balled, I decided the “variegatedness” of the yarn was not going to be a problem at all.

I cast on immediately and must say, I love knitting this shawl!  I love the green, and as green is the colour of the heart chakra and this is the Wholehearted Shawl, I think it is very fitting.

I’ve completed the first section so far…

And am loving the way the greens are working together…

Hope to see more of you join in this KAL, it is so much fun to see other people’s progress and I love how one pattern has so many different results depending on the colours people choose.

I’m off to try and complete my April socks today, can you believe it is nearly May?  I swear monthly socks are making the months go so much faster!  Hope you are well and happy out there in the world!


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The Bogey Monster

Last July I went to a Spin In with my Mum.  I remember buying a L.O.T of fibre… remember this mosaic?

Yes, well that was about half of what I bought in total, it was a most excellent haul.  If you are so inclined, you can read about the entire post here.  One of the bags of fibre I didn’t photograph that day was a 100gm bag of green goodness, composed of 50% Corriedale, 30% Kid Mohair and 20% Silk.  I’ve never spun such a blend, but while on my March spin-a-thon, I pulled it out and had a go.

It was not the easiest spinning adventure, the silk is very floppy and the kid mohair is very hairy, but it was fun nonetheless.

I ended up with a very chunky, floppy, heavy, hairy skein of yarn which I was quite pleased with.

Not too bad for a first try. 

As I did not get much yardage, I decided to knit…. a monster!  Are you surprised?  Probably not… I love knitting monsters so much, and being that everyone around me wants a monster for themselves, I could knit one a week for the rest of the year and they might still be in demand.

Introducing, The Bogey Monster.

Knitting The Bogey Monster was an unusual experience too, being that there are very few badly-spun, silk/kid merino/ corriedale blends on the market!  The yarn was very floppy and heavy and I ran out halfway through the body so needed to sew it up just as it was.  Which meant The Bogey Monster looks a bit like a green M&M with horns, but nevertheless, he is ace and I have the perfect home for him with a friend of mine.

It’s Saturday morning here, nice and early and the whole weekend is stretching out ahead of me.  I’ve got plans to spin, knit a secret present, possibly get my crochet hooks out, mow the lawns, go running, have dinner with friends and hopefully have some time to laze around too!  What are you up to this weekend?

The one thing I will not be doing is knitting another monster….

Hope you have a good one whatever you get up to!

See ya!

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Last weekend’s spinning goal was this gorgeous swirl of pastel happiness…

It took about a week…..

I’m not sure why it took so long, I think I’m coming out of that crazy spinning jag I’ve been on for about a month.  Which is a good thing, as I’ve nearly spun the enormous box of fibre sitting in my spare room.

Time to do some more dyeing I think…

Spun on my gorgeous Wee Peggy of course.  I’m yet to show you the Wee Peggy I bought on Trade Me the other day, it needs some work but is yet another lovely wheel.  It’s a doer-upper I think.  I also think I need to stop buying elderly spinning wheels….

Have a lovely week XXX

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