Granny Tea Cozy Tutorial!


*WOW* is all I can say!  *THANK YOU* for the overwhelmingly positive response about the Granny tea cozy!  I felt so special when I sat down with my morning coffee to read my comments, you all say such lovely and kind things, it makes me feel quite joyful!

Many people were asking me to do a tutorial, so of course I will for you lovelies!  How can I say no to such a wonderful and kind group of people really!  In fact, it was brilliant timing because I have the day off today, (they’re a rarity at the moment!!!) so this morning, I got hooking, and clicking, and snipping and most importantly, scribbling down the pattern, and here it is…. it turns out that the second one was a lot easier, and the kinks have been sorted, so this is a relatively easy pattern with no random stitches added here and there to force it to fit!

*whispers* “I like this one better than the first one!”  he he he

So shall we get on with it?  Firstly, I used a 4mm hook and 8ply wool…. and here is my little warning, this cozy will not fit every tea pot, so please adjust the pattern accordingly to fit yours!  If yours is taller, add a row or two before increasing at the top, if it is wider, make the original chain longer etc etc… If you get stuck, please leave me a comment and I will TRY to assist!   My tea pot measures 11cms from base to top (not including little knobby bit at the top) and 17cms from side to side.  Lots of people said they had the exact tea pot and I’m not surprised, I bought it from one of those cheap homeware places, so they’re probably everywhere which is just great pattern-wise!!!  ($20… bargain!)

This pattern is a mixture of the Granny Mandala and the Granny stripe which is just such a handy pattern isn’t it!  A big *thank you* to the lovely Lucy from Attic24 fame for providing such a handy pattern for us all to use!  However, for this pattern, you will see that the new rows need to begin between the first and second dc of the 3dc clusters, to make it more compact…. I’ll show you that in the pictures.

Also, if you usually join your new colour like I used to, until just recently (!) with a lovely big knot, it is important in the pattern to join invisibly so the big knots don’t ruin the whole effect… to do this, bring the new colour through stitch and join with a slip stitch, then continue with instructions and fasten later by weaving in the end with a needle…. if anyone would like photographic instructions on how to do this, as I may have just confused you, let me know!

OK, less words, more pattern.

Foundation Row: Ch 72.  sc into 2nd chain from hook, sc to end of row.  Turn.  Ch3, skip the first two stitches and make 3dc into the next stitch.  *skip 2 stitches, 3dc into next stitch* repeat ** until end of row, 1dc into last stitch in foundation chain.  Fasten off.

Row Two: Fold the piece in half and find the centre point.  Join new colour into the space either side of the centre point, between the dc clusters of the first row using slst and ch3 (counts as 1dc) 2dc into the same space, 3dc into each of the next spaces along the row until the end, 1dc into the end space.  Fasten off.  Repeat on the other side.

(Phew, I’m glad I took pictures to follow because I was confusing myself there!!!)

The intention, as you will have gathered, is to make a piece of granny stripe with a gap in the middle which is where the spout will sit!

Now, carry on with these instructions until you have reached the top of the spout and handle.  My tea pot needed seven rows in total, including the foundation row… have a good look at this next picture which shows you these seven rows, you will see that each alternating row begins with a 3dc cluster, and the ones between begin with a chain space.  This is important because we want to keep the edges straight instead of veering off into a slope!

So you’re joining the new rows between the dc’s there… it looks a bit unfinished at this stage, but don’t forget we will be edging all of the edges with some pretty, yet charmingly discrete frills!  (I’m so excited right now, I hope you’re loving making this… I can’t wait to see your results!)

Joining the sides: OK, so when you have reached the top of the spout and are ready to join the sides to make a circle, join the next colour with a slst in the gap closest to the edge, ch3 (counts as 1dc) and make 2dc into the same space, 3dc into each space until you reach the spout edge.  Into the very edge gap, make 2dc, then join the two by making 2dc into the very edge space on the other side.  Make sure you make this nice and tight, and don’t have a big saggy stitch in between these two 2dc’s.  Carry on around the row making the 3dc clusters until you reach the other edge, join the two edge 3dc clusters with a slst into the 3rd ch of original 3ch and fasten off.


Decreasing: So if you have a tea pot like mine, the decrease will be quite important here, if yours is taller and not so flat on the top, just carry on making the 3dc clusters into each space until you need to decrease.  For the next row, join the next colour with a slst and make 3dc clusters right around the row, in each space EXCEPT the spaces where you joined the spout and handle edge, just leave them empty.  At end of row, join with a slst.

Next row, join new colour, we are decreasing a lot in this row, so once again, please ensure that you are making these stitches nice and tight and that the spaces between the dc’s are tight and not floppy and loose!  OK, so you’ve joined the next colour, ch3 (counts as 1dc) 2dc into same space, into the next space, make 2dc, into the next space 2dc, into the next space 3dc.  Repeat sequence of 3dc, 2dc, 2dc until end of row, join with a slst.

Next row, join new colour with a slst, ch3 (counts as 1dc) 1dc into same space, into each space make 2dc until end of round, join with a slst.

Next row, join new colour with a slst, make 3dc cluster into every SECOND space until end of the row, join with a slst.

Next row, join new colour with a slst, make 2dc into every space until end of round, join with a slst.  Do not fasten off.  You are now going to shape the area around the knob, so ch1, 1hdc into each stitch until and of round, join with a slst.  Ch1, make 1hdc into every second stitch from previous round, (decreasing here) join with a slst.  Ch1, 2hdc into 1st stitch, 1hdc into next, 2 into next, 2 into next, repeat until end of round and join with a slst.  Fasten off.

And there we have it!  Finished, all we need to do now is the edging!  From beginning to end, this took me about two hours including pattern writing and photographing the process, so it’s not a huge task.

OK, so let’s prettify it and make it nice and professional looking!  Shall we begin with the very top?  I got a couple of comments saying the first one looked like it was wearing a crown, it did a bit!  So choose which edging you want to use, for the first, I used a picot edge, and for this one I used ch and slst… so join the top colour with a slst, ch1 and sc into each stitch.  Join with a slst at end of round.  Ch3, into next 2 stitches make a slst, ch3 into next 2 stitches make a slst… continue around… this is cute!  It looks like a frilly flower!

So it’s up to you how you want to do that… remember the carnival edging I gave instructions for?  That might look cool and very crown-like!

Now for the bottom… For both of the cozies I’ve made, I did a nice big scallop edging, so grab your foundation colour and attach with a slst to one of the ends, skip 2 stitches and make 5dc into the next stitch, skip 2 stitches and make a slst into the next, skip 2 stitches and make 5dc into next stitch and carry on until the very end.  Now slst around the corner of the work until you reach the edge of the 3dc cluster in the foundation colour, and make 12 chain loop (or longer depending how big or small your gap is between the two pieces when your tea pot is wearing it’s cozy) to make a button hole.  Attach with a slst to same stitch.

Now get yourself a nice button, I found this nice smart looking brass button in my vintage button collection….

And sew it to the other side!

I hope that photo described what I was muddling my way through before!

OK, now the edging around the spout hole and handle edge.  I used the same colour as the top edging, joined with a slst then made nice even sc around the edges.  As you are edging something that doesn’t have a nice clean edge, you may need to make 2sc into one stitch to make it even.  Join at end of round, and to make the 3ch, slst into next 2 stitches sequence as around the top!

And a big ta-da to you!

Joyful, happy, granny goodness!  I hope you enjoyed that tutorial and find it useful!  I can’t wait to see more of these around the place, so don’t forget to let me know if you make one so I can come and see!!!  I’ll be putting this into ravelry immediately, so hunt it down either by doing a pattern search using “Crochet with Raymond”  or look up “Granny Tea Cozy.”

Right, I’m off… I’ve been at this hooking, cropping photos and posting for four hours (gasp!) so it’s about time I drag myself away from the blog world and do some real-world interaction!

Have a lovely, lovely day, sending you many happy thoughts,


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Revisiting the Granny Mandala….


I hope you’re all having a fabulous week!! I certainly am and it is very much due to the amazing and beautiful sunny weather we are STILL having!  It seems that summer has arrived early and it is just the best! 

I’m pleased to announce that my creative slump is officially over!  I noticed that today as I was leaving the house for work, I had an urge ‘make’ which I am sure was directly related to the fact that I couldn’t!  So I’m back on the hooking buzz with enthusiasm after a week or so of not doing much!

I’ve been contemplating my Granny Circles for a while now, and decided that it is time to re-do that tutorial, as since I first had a play with making the circle back in August, I’ve learned a few new techniques and stitches, and I like the way I’ve been doing the centres lately much more… they’re not as ‘squished,’ so I decided to do up a brand spanking new tutorial!  Please remember that the mandalas will be a big bigger when finished as they need to be blocked… I lay gladwrap on my carpet in a sunny spot and wet the mandalas, then pin them to the carpet gently stretching them out to their full size and leave to dry!  This tutorial is for a flat piece of work and it is not intended to be used as a cushion, so please work the increases accordingly if you have other purposes for this!!  I’ve seen some amazing creations in ravelry with the beautiful granny mandala and some STUNNING colour combining and I’m hoping that after this refreshment I’ll see many more!  I love seeing these beautiful circles spinning joy through my computer screen!  if you make one, let me know!  I’d love to come and see your beautiful work.

Soooooooooooooo………. Get your 4mm hook and your 8ply wool ready and let’s get started!!!

Round 1: Make a magic ring…. if you’ve never done this before now, click here for step by step photo instructions….. and into this circle make 3ch (counts as 1dc) 1dc, *ch1, 2dc* repeat ** until you have 6 2dc’s separated by 1ch each, join with a slst to 3rd chain of original 3ch.  Pull the end of the magic circle closed nice and tight and weave in those ends, go on, weave as you go!

Round 2: Join next colour with a slst into a 1ch space from previous round and ch3 (counts as 1dc) 1dc, ch1, into the SAME space, dc2tog, *ch1, into the next space dc2tog, ch1, dc2tog* repeat sequence until each 1ch space from the previous round has 2dc2tog each separated by 1ch.

(dc2tog: yarn over hook, insert hook into stitch, pull through a loop, yarn over, pull yarn through 2 loops on hook, yarn over, insert hook into the SAME stitch, pull through a loop, yarn over, pull loop through two loops on hook, yarn over again, pull loop through remaining three loops on hook.)

Rounds 3 & 4: Join new colour with slst into a 1ch space from previous round, ch3 (counts as 1dc) into the same space, make 2dc, *ch1, 3dc into next space* repeat until end of round and join with a slst into 3rd ch of original 3ch.  Each 1ch space should be filled with 3dc each cluster separated with 1ch.




Rounds 1-3!


Yes!  That’s better!  Photos are far more interesting than words!!!!

OK… let’s make our first round of increases…..

Round 5: Join new colour with a slst into a 1ch space from previous round, ch3 (counts as 1dc) 2dc, 1ch, 3dc into same 1ch space, *ch1, into next space 3dc, ch1, 3dc* for entire round, at end of the round ch1 and join with a slst to 3rd chain of original 3ch.

Rounds 6&7: No increases in these rounds, just repeat rounds 3 & 4

Round 8: Increasing again, but this time only in every SECOND 1ch space from previous round.  So, join new colour with a slst to 1ch space and ch3 (counts as 1dc) into the same space, 2dc, ch1, 3dc, *ch1, into next space 3dc, ch1, into next space 3dc, ch1, 3dc* repeat for the entire round and at end of the round ch1 and join with a slst to 3rd chain of original 3ch.

I love watching rainbows emerge….. they get more and more beautiful with every colour!

Rounds 9, 10 & 11: No increases, just repeat rounds 3 & 4.

Round 12: Increasing again, so repeat instructions for round 8…. BUT…. increase every three 1ch spaces.  (Increase, normal 3dc cluster, normal 3dc cluster, increase….)

Rounds 13, 14 & 15: No increases, just repeat rounds 3 & 4 again….

Round 16: Increasing every third space, repeat round 12.

This is a nice size mandala and will be bigger after a darn good blocking!!!!!!  From this point onwards, just keep repeating the increases with three rows between them without increasing, the edge with your favourite edging!  I usually do a round of sc, then a mini shell-stitch: With right side facing you, into 1 stitch make 1sc, 1hdc, 1sc, slst into next two stitches and repeat sequence all the way around.

 I added a few extra rounds to this one in natural undyed wool…. I had grand plans to make it into a veeeeeeeeeeeeery special baby blanket, but then remembered that I hadn’t make the ends secure enough to stand the wear and tear, so lucky for KB, as she LOVES this one (natural fibre addict) it is the new centre piece for our table and it looks awesome.


  OK, well I hope you have lots of fun making yourselves some beautiful mandalas!!!!  If you’re a raveler and want to bookmark/ queue/ hook it!  Click HERE for the link to all of the patterns and tutorials I’ve popped on there.  And click HERE for google images of beautiful mandalas where you can click to get lots of info for your beautiful selves!

I’m off…. must fly…. it’s 6pm already… where did the day go?  Boring jobs await my creatively-itchy hands… think big piles of dishes… an unmade bed and dinner awaiting cooking…. Oh and a Raymond to feed too!

Wishing you all a perfectly blessed day,


p.s thinking of perfect blessings… thank you…. oh THANK YOU anonymous person who handed my cay keys in to the supermarket customer service desk this afternoon…. you are a flipping legend and gratitude did not even cover the feeling I had when my keys were back in my hands!

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“Ornamental” Pot Holders!


Wow, thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last post… New Zealand is such a beautiful country and I do love sharing the special bits of it with some of the rest of the world!  The crochet and knit community anyway!  And yay, I felt pretty spesh after reading some comments about me learning to knit in the round… I’m slightly addicted to this right now, but more about that another time!

Today’s post is about colourful, fabulous crochet…. Crochet I’ve been dying to show you since the start of the week but wasn’t here, so have been WAITING to post, and that has been hard!!!  As I had quite a bit of time at KB’s parent’s house to sit out in the sunshine, (oh bliss, the weather has been dreadful in Wellington) I made the most of my relaxation time and spent a lot of it crocheting pot holders!  This was quite a curious thing to her family members but they seemed to adore the results, and I’m quite pleased with them too!

So I’ve prepared a wee tutorial for you, if you would like to make your own…. but first let me show you a picture….

An African Flower turned mandala… I love it deeply…..

So if you would like to make one too, quickly click here and a little box will pop up with the pattern for the african flower.  This is the pattern by Lounette Fourie and Anita Rossouw and full credit for the beautiful and highly popular motif of course is theirs!!! (the ravelry pattern page is here!)  So I made these with 8ply wool and a 4mm hook.  For the back. I used a 5mm hook to save time and wool, and it hasn’t affected it, just be careful when you hook them together that you don’t end up with bunching….. 

Make one african flower, but don’t make the last edge with dc.

Once you have made the flower, edge it with 1sc into each stitch, EXCEPT the “middle” (the tallest part of the petals) of each petal, make 2sc into this stitch.

When you have completed the round, join with a slst into the 1st sc, then ch3 and 2dc into the same stitch.  Ch1 and skip 2 stitches and make 3dc into the next stitch, ch1,  skip 2, make 3dc into next stitch and so on and so on until you have completed the round!

In the next round, change colour and join new colour with a slst into a 1ch space from previous round.  Into the same space, make 2dc, ch1, 3dc.  *Ch1, 3dc into next 1 ch space, ch1, 3dc into next 1ch space, ch1, into the next space 3dc, ch1, 3dc*  Repeat ** until you have completed the round, then ch1 and join with a slst to the 3rd ch of original 3ch.

In easier-to-understand language, you want to make a “granny” (3dc cluster) twice, then 2 “grannies” each separated by 1 chain for this round.

I hope this photo is helpful for you to see that… the colours are a bit “samey” to really see the difference in the rounds, sorry about that!

For the next TWO rounds, join new colour with a slst into a 1ch space and ch3 (counts as 1dc) 2dc into same space.  ch1, 3dc into next space and continue until the end of the round.  ch1 and join with a slst to the 3rd ch of original 3ch.

Coolies!  You’ve just finished the front!!!

OK so now you need to make a back and I did this by making the typical dc circle.  Make a magic ring (tutorial here if you’ve never seen how this is done) ch3, 11dc into ring and pull tight, join with a slst to the 3rd ch of original 3ch.  ch3, dc into same stitch, 2dc into each stitch for the entire round, join with a slst to the 3rd ch of original 3 ch.  ch3, dc into same stitch, dc into next stitch, 2dc into next stitch….. until end of round, join with a slst to the 3rd ch of original 3ch.  Continue in this fashion, each round increasing the number of single dc’s between 2dc’s as the circle grows.  e.g. next round will be 2dc into one stitch, 1dc into next two stitches…. next round will be 2dc into one stitch, 1 dc into next 3 stitches… until the back is the same size as the front.

Now hook them together with a 4mm hook!  I used sc and at the end of the round join with slst to the first sc.  Now ch1 and slst into the next stitch, into the next stitch make 1sc, 1hdc, 1sc, slst into the next 2 stitches, then into the next stitch, make 1sc, 1hdc, 1sc…. continue until end of round.  Now ch as many stitches as you want to make the hanging loop (I did 6) and slst into the same stitch to join the loop.

And there you have it!  Weave in those ends and voila!

I am sooooooooooooooooooooo loving these right now!  As I said, I made more than a few on my trip to Turangi….

Like these….

And this…..

And of course, a rainbow….

And this lovely one which I gifted to a colleague yesterday as a house-warming gift which she LOVED!

I think this is what the offspring of enlightenment and retro kitsch would look like…. beautiful mandalas hanging above the stove….

When KB saw the one I have kept (the one I used for the tutorial) she said “yay!  I might not burn myself using this one!  It’s nice and thick!”

Cue silence…….








“Darling…. if any food so much as touches this pot-holder I will go crazy….. It took two and a half hours to make and it is purely for looking at.”

“Well it’s not a pot-holder then…. it’s a WALL HANGING!”

So we decided it was an “ornamental” pot holder!

I lust love these so much… these ones all have future homes as christmas presents or other gifts, and I’m quite glad because I get to make some more!!!  I hope you have fun with these too and make sure you send me a link so I can come and visit you and enjoy your creations too!

Do you know what?  I had a car accident today….. It involved a car and me…. I went for a run this morning, and halfway home I was running along and a lady opened her car door and I smashed into it….  Oh my god…. what a fright, and the pain!  I appreciate it was an accident, but it happened so fast, she managed to get her door open about 30cms and I didn’t have time to stop, so before I knew what had happened I had smashed into the corner of her door, with full impact hitting my right shoulder and right wrist.  I have to admit I’m feeling pretty bad about how I reacted….. being tired and in a bit of shock, I kind of fell against the fence and then started to CRY and just ran away!  Aaaaaaaah!  How embarrassing!  I’ve got a big graze and bruise on my right shoulder where the corner of the door got me, and to tell you the truth, I’m a bit nervous about the impact this might have on my crafting when I wake up tomorrow morning!  I’m hoping it doesn’t stiffen up and render me unable to carry on with this knitting in the round business I am compelled to attend to daily!  We shall see…. I’ve broken through the pain barrier before with knitting, I’m sure I can do it again….

After administering hugs, sympathy and ice packs when I arrived home, KB announced triumphantly “SEE!  I TOLD you exercise is bad for you!!!”  (Isn’t she just the best!)

OK, complaining over and done with…. the last matter to attend to in this post is for Bianca and Amanda who both spied a crystal hanging around my neck in the last post and wanted close-ups!!!  Luckily, when I was in Turangi I took it off and cleansed it in the icy waters of the Tongariro River, then snapped a picture of it in the sunlight…..

I learned that sunshine trick from Amanda…. here is a close up of one freshly cleansed elestial smokey quartz which I am lucky enough to wear…. It’s quite amazing as it looks like a key to a very special spiritual door….

Now I’ve shown you mine, you show me yours!  I’ll be checking your blogs, both of you for some crystal goodness!!!!!

OK Lovelies, I’m off to do some…. something….. I’ve actually finished all of my projects so I have a clean slate!  FUN!

Have a beautiful day wherever you are and whatever you’re doing!


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Bunting Time!


Happy Sunday to you all!  As you know by now, Sunday’s are my absolute favourite day of the week and despite the freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold weather, today is no exception!  It’s freezing I tell you… snow is forecast for Wellington tomorrow… it’s spring.  It won’t snow in the central city of course, just on the hills, but still.  Icy winds galore.  I took my bunting outside just before to photograph it and wow… my fingers froze, I had goosebumps, the lot!  Brrrrrrrr!

But joy of joys, today is bunting tutorial day and I’m so excited!  First let me show you the white bunting… I posted a pic of it in the early morning when it had the light sky behind it the other day, did you see that shot?  Well here it is in full white glory…

It really is quite festive isn’t it!  I used 8ply gorgeous Ashford Tekapo wool and it came out brilliantly.

So shall I get on with showing you what to do to make your own?  I think so…..  First though, do you know what?  I completely forget that I’m a lefty until other lefties comment on how cool it is to see a lefty tutorial!  I hope that it’s not too confusing for righties, and as I understand how difficult it is to follow a tutorial backwards, I suggest you don’t look at the pictures, just read the words!!!!  Aaaah!  Thinking about crocheting backwards makes my brain stop and say “duuuhhh huh?”

First, make a magic ring… do you remember how to do that?  If not, click here and a photo tutorial will pop up, along with instructions on how to do dc2tog.  Also, click here for a tutorial on how to do dc3tog. ….  To begin, ch3, dc2tog (counts as 1 dc3tog), ch2, dc3tog, ch2…. until you have 6 dc3tog each joined with 2ch.  Join with a slst to 3rd ch of original 3ch.

Join next colour into one of the 2ch spaces, ch3, dc2tog (counts as 1 dc3tog), ch2, into the next space *dc3tog, ch 4, dc3tog* (you just made one corner space) ch2, dc3tog into next space, ch 2, repeat ** to make next corner space… continue around until you have three corner spaces separated by 1 dc3tog and 2ch between each cluster.

To make the third round, join the next colour to one of the side 2ch spaces, ch3, 1hdc (counts as 1 dc2tog), ch1, into the same space, dc2tog, ch2, into the next space *dc2tog, ch1, dc2tog* ch2, into the corner space, dc3tog, ch4, dc3tog, ch2 into the side spaces repeat ** and continue around the circle until all spaces are filled and separated with 2ch.

And now for the edging… I love this, it’s so pretty and ruffly!  This edging has a right side and a wrong side, so working with the right side of your bunting facing you, take a new colour- it’s best if it contrasts…. and join to one of the corner spaces with a slst.  Slst into next stitch, ch3, slst into next 2 stitches or spaces, ch3….. until you reach the next corner space.

When you reach that corner space, into the space, make 1 slst, hdc, dc, ch3, dc, hdc, slst, ch3, slst into next 2 stitches, ch3, slst into next two stitches and so on and so on until you reach the last corner space.  Fasten off.

So there you have it, one completed bunt!

Make five or however many you are planning to make!  I’ve been making mine in sets of five, with one colour in the centre, then two of each combinations at the sides and I quite like the symmetry!

Block them!  They look way better afterwards…

And single crochet them together!  I usually ch10, join with a slst, ch 10, sc along the top of bunt number 1, ch5, sc along next bunt, ch 5……..


Bunting love….

Beautiful bunting blowing in the icy wind….

Where was Raymond during this photoshoot you may ask?

While he normally loves a good outdoors photo shoot, I found him curled up fast asleep in his bed…. he’s not braving the elements today and I don’t blame him…

OK Lovelies, I hope you enjoyed and understood that…. Let me know if not and I’ll try to explain myself a bit better!  Thank you so much for popping by, have a beautiful day…

I’m off to drag the heater out of hibernation and put on a second pair of socks!


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I’ve prepared a photo tutorial for the very handy stitch dc3tog, or “double crochet three together,” which I love to use in my patterns and I’m sure for those of you who don’t know it yet, you’ll become addicted too!!!!!

When I first encountered this stitch, I closed the book and put it away, but then tried it, and once I got the hang of it (immediately) became a bit addicted to it!  I love the puffiness it creates, so use it, and it’s little sister dc2tog frequently!

I hope this tutorial is useful for you!

Step 1: Yarn over hook, insert hook into stitch and pull a loop through.  Yarn over and pull through two loops on hook.  (So far is is like a dc, but don’t pull through those last two loops on the hook)

 So far, just like a dc…

Step 2: (2 loops on hook) yarn over, insert hook into SAME space, pull through a loop, yarn over and pull through two loops on hook.  (3 loops left on hook)

here’s step 2 completed…

Step 3: (3 loops on hook) yarn over, insert hook into the same stitch, pull through a loop, yarn over, pull through two loops on hook.  (4 loops left on hook)

Step 4: (4 loops on hook) yarn over, pull through all four loops left on hook.

dc3tog complete!

Fantastic!  Great stuff!  Have a practice and I’ll catch you all up tomorrow with my lace bunting tutorial!

Lots and lots of love from Alice and Raymond XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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Coffee vs Computer


*YAY* I just love sitting down to write a post…. always really, but especially at the moment, because I am studying hard for my exam next week, so my time is very, hmmm…. structured right now, so blogging is a treat and hooking time has been reduced greatly!  Apart from when my brain just can’t take any more learning, I’m thoroughly enjoying the discipline (!) and despite the hours and hours of daily study, I’m making my way through my latest cushion!  It’s HUGE…. but I’ll tell you all about that in my next post!

A few weeks ago I had an unfortunate disaster involving a showdown between my laptop and a coffee plunger full of coffee…..

It was not a happy moment, I’m very attached to my laptop, not just because of the access it gives me to the blog world (tee hee) but also because of the many unfinished essays the live on it…. I’m not one of those legendary people who back things up on USB, no, no, I’m much more spontaneous than that!  So anyway… I went to grab my camera to upload photos of hooky goodness onto beloved laptop and the cord hooked the coffee plunger and pulled it over spilling HOT HOT coffee all over the table onto my leg, who cares about the leg?  It’s my laptop that has plunger grinds all over it!


After the mess was cleaned up, I rebooted beloved laptop and discovered that it was in fine shape apart from a big streak across the screen and a few grinds in between the keys (thank you Universe!) and within a few days the streak had dried and my computer is good as gold.

I wish the same could be said for the carpet…….And we (I) now have a new rule… no plunger coffee next to the laptop.  As well as a big huge brown stain on our new cream carpet, the coffee also managed to ruin the plunger cozy I made for it aaaaaaaaaaages ago, so it was a brilliant excuse to make a new one!  In good old granny stripes!

Oh, and meet Rick, Dick and Prick… or possibly Dick, Prick and Rick…. we’re not entirely sure who is who, but they live next to our front door.  Prick (we assume)… the one on the far right has lovely flowers in summer, I’ll show you in a few months!  I love a good cactus collection, as long as it is just a looking collection, they’re never fun to move anywhere… not even across the room.

I wanted to make this plunger cozy quite carnivally (sp?)…. kind of circusy (sp?) with a fun edging….

Pointy bits are fun!!!  Want to know how I did it?  I’ve done a tutorial for you all…..

Once you’ve finished the piece you want to edge with this fun pointy happiness, I suggest edging it in the colour you want to make the points in sc… to begin the sequence:

slst into first stitch, into the next stitch, *sc, dc, make picot (ch3 slst into 3rd ch from hook), dc, sc.  Slst into next 2 stitches*… repeat ** until the end.

Make sense?

In that slightly blurry picture (sorry about that!) I’ve made sc and dc and am about to do my picot…

There’s the picot, dc and sc all made into the same stitch, ready to slst into the next two stitches.

Now!  because I know there are beginner hookers out there, I’ll write it out stitch by stitch because I remember learning patterns and they can be overwhelming written out like that, so here it is in a more comprehensive way!  (Let me know if you like it like this!)

Slip stitch into first stitch.

*Into the next stitch make one single crochet

one double crochet

chain 3

slip stitch into the third chain from the hook (you have just make a picot stitch)

one double crochet

one single crochet

Slip stitch into the next two stitches*

Between the * and the * is the sequence, so repeat the ** instructions until you have finished the round!

I’m quite partial to this edging… although word of warning, it’s not the best edge for a plunger cozy as it can interrupt the flow of the coffee as you pour it which creates spillage, ha ha *sigh*

OK lovelies…. I’d better get back to the books…. I have been taking sneaky breaks from study and visiting my favourite blogs for a crochet and colour injection and it has been very therapeutic!

See you very soon, hopefully with some great pics of my latest cushion!  I need you to name it for me, for this rather funny cushion exhibition I’m planning!  Something great instead of “green and blue cushion”…. I know you’ll come up with something!

Love and happiness to all of you!  Thank you for popping by!


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Not your average domestic goddess…..


I am in a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally happy space right now, as DAYLIGHT SAVINGS BEGAN LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!  I don’t know if I can express my love for long evenings after a beautiful sunny day…. tonight after I got home I sat in my rocker after tea watching the clouds float over the sky…. it was blissful.  And, it was 7pm.

Has anyone baked my secret recipe super healthy cake yet???  My frozen banana collection has been taking over my freezer space in a major way lately, so I pulled a few out and popped them in a cake to take to one of my workplaces…..

This one was particularly delish…. I put thinly sliced apple, brown sugar and coconut in the tin before adding the cake mix… it was good!  It didn’t last long…..

Have I told you that KB is gluten intolerant?  I’ve literally been killing her slowly with home-baked goodness for years!  I used to bake her so many cakes and muffins and scones until she could take it no more….. Her health has improved no end since she cut out gluten…. her bones have stopped aching, that’s a good sign!

Meanwhile, I’m not a fan so far of gluten free baking (sorry to all you gluten free people… if you have any good recipes please leave me a link!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) except gluten free brownie from Meow cafe in Wellington *YUM* so I have no-one to bake for now.  Hence the banana build up…..

Enough about cakes… in between baking, working and studying, I’ve knitted up a hat that was ordered by a new friend and colleague who wants one for a wee baby about to be born in her family!

Hello Ted!  It’s you again!  You’re becoming the star of my blog!  Raymond who???

Isn’t that the cutest picture of Ted?  Would you like to hear Ted’s life story?  Ted belongs to KB who is the youngest of six children… she has kept a few of these toys and they are much treasured by us now.  Ted began as a companion for KB’s oldest brother which means he is about 50 years old (sorry to divulge your age D!  I hope you never read this!!!)  and worked his way through six children.  He is now having a revival as my baby hat model and has been enjoying this job since December last year!

KB accused me of ripping his smile off.

I was quite hurt… she said his smile was fine before he became my model, but I just cannot accept that accusation! 

Ted has a few friends I will introduce you to one day…. they’re lots of fun, but no good for modelling which is why you haven’t met them yet!

So my Mum loved my cushion from the last post so much she has decided she wants me to do a cushion exhibition in her shop…  I’m going to name is “Eat your heart out Grandma”…. so I’d better go…. It seems I have a bit of a deadline now!

Lots and lots of love, and thank you for the lovely feedback on my cushion!  I’m glad we all agreed on the layout!!!


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