Bunting Time!


Happy Sunday to you all!  As you know by now, Sunday’s are my absolute favourite day of the week and despite the freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold weather, today is no exception!  It’s freezing I tell you… snow is forecast for Wellington tomorrow… it’s spring.  It won’t snow in the central city of course, just on the hills, but still.  Icy winds galore.  I took my bunting outside just before to photograph it and wow… my fingers froze, I had goosebumps, the lot!  Brrrrrrrr!

But joy of joys, today is bunting tutorial day and I’m so excited!  First let me show you the white bunting… I posted a pic of it in the early morning when it had the light sky behind it the other day, did you see that shot?  Well here it is in full white glory…

It really is quite festive isn’t it!  I used 8ply gorgeous Ashford Tekapo wool and it came out brilliantly.

So shall I get on with showing you what to do to make your own?  I think so…..  First though, do you know what?  I completely forget that I’m a lefty until other lefties comment on how cool it is to see a lefty tutorial!  I hope that it’s not too confusing for righties, and as I understand how difficult it is to follow a tutorial backwards, I suggest you don’t look at the pictures, just read the words!!!!  Aaaah!  Thinking about crocheting backwards makes my brain stop and say “duuuhhh huh?”

First, make a magic ring… do you remember how to do that?  If not, click here and a photo tutorial will pop up, along with instructions on how to do dc2tog.  Also, click here for a tutorial on how to do dc3tog. ….  To begin, ch3, dc2tog (counts as 1 dc3tog), ch2, dc3tog, ch2…. until you have 6 dc3tog each joined with 2ch.  Join with a slst to 3rd ch of original 3ch.

Join next colour into one of the 2ch spaces, ch3, dc2tog (counts as 1 dc3tog), ch2, into the next space *dc3tog, ch 4, dc3tog* (you just made one corner space) ch2, dc3tog into next space, ch 2, repeat ** to make next corner space… continue around until you have three corner spaces separated by 1 dc3tog and 2ch between each cluster.

To make the third round, join the next colour to one of the side 2ch spaces, ch3, 1hdc (counts as 1 dc2tog), ch1, into the same space, dc2tog, ch2, into the next space *dc2tog, ch1, dc2tog* ch2, into the corner space, dc3tog, ch4, dc3tog, ch2 into the side spaces repeat ** and continue around the circle until all spaces are filled and separated with 2ch.

And now for the edging… I love this, it’s so pretty and ruffly!  This edging has a right side and a wrong side, so working with the right side of your bunting facing you, take a new colour- it’s best if it contrasts…. and join to one of the corner spaces with a slst.  Slst into next stitch, ch3, slst into next 2 stitches or spaces, ch3….. until you reach the next corner space.

When you reach that corner space, into the space, make 1 slst, hdc, dc, ch3, dc, hdc, slst, ch3, slst into next 2 stitches, ch3, slst into next two stitches and so on and so on until you reach the last corner space.  Fasten off.

So there you have it, one completed bunt!

Make five or however many you are planning to make!  I’ve been making mine in sets of five, with one colour in the centre, then two of each combinations at the sides and I quite like the symmetry!

Block them!  They look way better afterwards…

And single crochet them together!  I usually ch10, join with a slst, ch 10, sc along the top of bunt number 1, ch5, sc along next bunt, ch 5……..


Bunting love….

Beautiful bunting blowing in the icy wind….

Where was Raymond during this photoshoot you may ask?

While he normally loves a good outdoors photo shoot, I found him curled up fast asleep in his bed…. he’s not braving the elements today and I don’t blame him…

OK Lovelies, I hope you enjoyed and understood that…. Let me know if not and I’ll try to explain myself a bit better!  Thank you so much for popping by, have a beautiful day…

I’m off to drag the heater out of hibernation and put on a second pair of socks!



About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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34 Responses to Bunting Time!

  1. Minniemack says:

    Tell the righties to go somewhere else–you are our Lady Lefty!! 🙂

  2. Minniemack says:

    What’s the difference between a bunting and a garland??

  3. Clare says:

    oooooo I love them, think I will give them a go one blanket is done, thanks for the tutorial 🙂 seems strange you saying Sunday as its 22:50 Saturday evening in the UK hee hee

    Have a great day
    Tilly 🙂

  4. Alice they look adorable all together…..so HAPPY!! I am going to have to find a good supplier of that Ashford wool as it looks like it is going to be perfect for my booties as well…..I can foresee an expensive wool purchase coming up! I’d better do some dog sitting to pay for it 🙂

  5. Leah says:

    Great pictures, especially the last couple. Will put my but into gear and block my
    Mine. Thanks for braving the cold for the great photos!

  6. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, wow you have been so busy this last week. How wonderful. Loving your bunting, such lovely colours.

  7. Lee says:

    Guess what I’ll be making today. Just love them. Thank you for sharing your pattern.
    It’s a grey, wet and on NZ standards COOL day here in SE Queensland, Aus.
    Have been browsing your pics lately and love the cheerfulness of your colour choices.
    Nothing like a bit of colour to brighten our days.

  8. aeonie says:

    I love it! The pics with all the bunting strung up together looks great! I made some garter stitch bunting using your tutorial and will be giving this one a go too!!
    aeonie x

  9. Jak says:

    Yes, they all look very festive and loving the colour combinations. I think I will have to give this a ‘backwards’ go, being right-handed.
    Jak x

  10. tejehannah says:

    Hello Alice! How wonderful they look all together – different colours waving in the wind! I just have to make some! I’m having my late sunday morning coffee and we have also quite cold weather – here is autumn. Thank you for your tutorial and lovely company!
    Best wishes ad have a lovely week Teje

  11. Louise says:

    Fantastic!! Glad you like the apples. So, bunting today then.

  12. Penelope says:

    How lovely your bunting looks all in a row of jewelled deliciousness. I love the white as it’s pure and inocent and fresh xox Julie from swedish house was admiring my bunting I made from your original pattern , so I will point her in your direction. I teated myself to a gloroius book on crochet techniques yesterday and will soon share it with all, my teacozy is completed, needs stitching up and some fowers to decorate but I will soon share too xox Have a great beginning to your week ;o)

  13. Sooo beautiful! The colourful ones remind me of little gum drops.
    I absolutely marvel at your ability to knock these off so fast! You’re like a machine! I love the picture with all of your buntings together!

  14. Sarah says:

    Hey there! Those buntings are beautiful! I love the way you use various colors in your projects. They are absolutely stunning!

    Thank you for putting up this tutorial. I have been wanting to make one for myself for quite a while now, but never found the perfect pattern. Now I have! *^_^*

    Have a happy and cozy day!

  15. Cissie says:

    When the hot weather returns you could use these lovely crochet shapes to make a really groovy sixties bikini, lined of course ! yeh baby yeh.

  16. Louise says:

    Fabulous bunting! The colours are just so vibrant and beautiful. I might like to give this a try for some christmassy bunting. thanks for the tutorial.

  17. sandiart says:

    Ahh, bunting love, the purple ones stand out with the combo of the colors, they are all gorgeous.
    You were freezing with snow and we had a beautiful sunny day and today is beautiful again and we arn’t that far apart, but far enough.
    I had a crochet bikini and it was lined and when it got wet it stretched, very embarrasing for me…….the lining was stretchy too…..arhhhh.
    Have a great day, hope it is warmer today.
    Sandi xx 🙂

  18. Karen says:

    Spectacular. I love every strand. Thanks ever so much for sharing your creative pattern:)

  19. Paula says:

    I really enjoy your blog and plan to make a bunting. At least to get one started anyway. I will write your instructions into my journal that I have started for writing instructions from blog tutorials. I think mine will be red, white and blue unless another color combo strikes me. I looked up “bunting” on wikipedia and now I understand. I had only known bunting as a baby bunting before. I suppose I should write the meaning in my journal too, in case I have any future generations that should want my journal and to make things from it. One can hope anyway =)

  20. Siobhan says:

    Totally loving the multi-coloured bunting pictures! Don’t the white ones look great for Christmas? I think these will look great just about everywhere. Love the pattern; thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  21. Kate says:

    Beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous!! I must make some in white-it looks magical and like snow flakes caught on a wire. I am
    beginning to be nervous of visiting your blog-my ‘make it next’ list is more like a book at this point and each visit here adds another chapter!
    I love your good cheer despite the arctic sounding weather you are having! Snuggle up!xokate

  22. Linda says:

    Wow — looks like Buddhist prayer flags on Everest! Very cool …

  23. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    I LOVE this Alice…..as soon as my granny blanket is finished, I’m making me some bunting!

  24. Jilly says:

    I made a load of triangles awhile ago and had completley forgotten how to do it but seeing your pics helped a lot! Thank you x

  25. susan sobon/ says:

    oh these buntings are lovely! im glad i found your blog. so full of inspiration!

  26. Mona says:

    Lovely! Gonna make one for my daughter 🙂

  27. Nelly says:

    Hey Alice,

    I have been inspired by your pattern and finally completed it the other day. I was so happy with the result that I wrote a blog about it. Thought you might like to see the bunting that was inspired by you


    Hope you like it.


  28. Denise says:


  29. Nicky says:

    That is the Best idea ever. We have a summerfest soon. I have to Try this for sure. Thanks a Lot

  30. C. Knitty says:

    Hi! I’m using this bunting for my next yarn bomb! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know when pics are available. It should drop tomorrow!
    And pics will be posted in real time on http://www.stitchitlikeyoustole.com and on Facebook at Hook L8eZ Yarn Graffiti / Yarn bombing. All the credit is yours for the pattern 🙂
    Thanks it’s awesome!
    C. Knitty

  31. Merci pour ces explications !…Je vais crocheter ce modèle pour…Octobre Rose (cancer du sein)
    A bientôt…


  32. shruti says:

    loved your work.And great pics..I am inspired to take up crocheting if I can make something as lovely as your work.

  33. opgeschreven says:

    absolutely loved it! will try asap!

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