2012 Monthly Mosaics








13 Responses to 2012 Monthly Mosaics

  1. Karen says:

    Ooooo! Do you think we might still get a monthly mosaic!!!?xxxx

  2. I don’t know how to email but wished you lived close to me so I could take some crochet lessons… My goal for this year is to learn. Love your teapot cozy. Everything actually — socks, blankets, hats… eye candy for sure.

    Kim in FL

  3. Don’t know what your monthly mosaics are but if you do them they must be wonderful.
    Do hope to get to see one of what ever it is Dear.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful site here for everyone to enjoy.

  4. I’ve completely fallen in love with your monthly mosaics…each one so colourful I can’t help but smile when i look at them…and not to mention inspired. I know I’ve said this before but I am so glad I found your blog.

    Who knows if mine ends up at least an eighth as interesting, fun, inspirational and joyfull as yours I’ll be a happy camper. Am kinda new to the blogg thing so mine is a bit bland and forgotten about at the moment….I really must try and work on it some more…hee if I can pull my eyes from yours.

    Hope you have a great week.

    Bright Blessings.

    (PhoenixphyreAu on ravelry)

  5. Joyce says:

    Followed links and more links and came upon your wonderful site! The colors are SO delicious!
    Do you have tutorials for your creations, I say hopefully? I’m particularly enchanted with the posey topped teapot cover from your February 2012 Mosaics. I don’t usually drink tea but I just might take it up with a cozy like that or even pretend that I do! And what initially caught my eye is the rose/red/lavendar/green circular “doily” the teapot is photographed upon and also appears in your site header. Sigh. I want to make one! I’m not a seasoned crocheter but so want to try these two beauties. Thanks, JOYCE

  6. Laurie says:

    Alice, your mosaics are beautiful, so full of color and life. I found your blog through your granny teapot cosy. It was in one of my e newsletters on crochet. I stayed quite a while and copied several of your patterns. Thank you for sharing them. I love the mandelas. Also, I am tempted to try an afghan of your triangular granny’s. Maybe even shorten the spacing in the bunting string to make window valances to match. Your work is very inspiring. I’m not quite sure how a blog works, but I’m signing up. Laurie

  7. Lorraine Valenzuela Taylor says:

    I just found you whilst perusing mandala images! So I have alot of catching up to do re: all of your fabulous creations. I have just started crocheting (well actually started as a child) and am consumed. I have made 2 afghans, am working on 2 more. I have decided to make each member of my family their own distinct granny square afghan. Taught myself the granny square via tube tutorials and am off and running. I am a basket weaver and gourd artist. My specialty is knotted baskets (ala Jane Sauer) however, have decided that I want to create utilitarian art. Your blog is just the affirmation I needed to see that I am on the right track. As I am an educator (5h grade dual/2 way immersion) by profession I do need an outlet that enriches and gratifies the senses.

  8. Lesley Hedges says:

    Just found your page. It’s gorgeous and inspiring. What wonderful colour sense you have.

  9. elaine in colorado says:

    Just ran acrossd your blog – Your monthly mosaics are gorgeous! And your stitches are, too! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Silvia says:

    Hello Alice!!!
    Your blog is wonderful!!
    where were you in November, December 2012 and in Januar 2013??
    I knit just a bit, but it’s fantastic!Thank you for your soul and your colour!

  11. viivickland says:

    Thank you for the inspiration! I hope you’re back soon to continue blogging.

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