2011 Monthly Mosaics!















19 Responses to 2011 Monthly Mosaics!

  1. Melissa says:

    OK, so evidently I’ve been in the land of the flu too long and somehow missed some of the rearranging you’ve done with the mosaics and stitch guide. Must say that it’s a lovely addition! Have a wonderful week-end!

  2. Pauline says:

    “Love your site, especially Raymond! I have 2 Burmese cats, a red one – Tzujing and a older chocolate female, that was living on the street, her name in Kira. Your work is amazing and I will definately visit again, have subscribed so look forward to your emails.”

  3. Donna says:

    Hellooooooo!! I hope everybody’s corner of the world is sunny today! I am a “newbie” here, and I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed reading all your blogs! I cannot remember where I saw it, but you put a picture of a kitty with extra toes. I had a kitty for 19 years–my best friend, rest his soul in heaven–and he had extras on all four feet! I think we need a page just to show pictures of our kitties!! Wowza that would be cool. And if you want an opinion regarding the teapot cozy, you could just measure your teapot around and the height and tell us and wish us luck! Seriously, you are obviously very talented. Thank you for being on this earth to inspire us!
    P.S. Is it okay to say where we are located in this world?

  4. Penny says:

    Love your use of bright colors. Have so enjoyed looking at your blog. Can’t wait to get emails from your part of the world..Penny

  5. Betsey says:

    Colors!!!!! Yum………..

  6. Lori says:

    I have been so inspired by you and your work! Love Raymond!!

  7. Hi Alice and Raymond,
    I have been silently following your blog… until now, cause I have to compliment your wonderful work!
    Yesterday I did granny mandalas following your tutorial and they came out pretty cool. I posted pictures on my blog and totally gave you the credit for the tutorial.
    It’s very inspiring to see a lesbian with a love for rainbows doing crochet… just like me!
    From the other side of the world in America,

  8. SherrySmart says:

    I absolutely love your use of color! Everything is so bright and cheerful! I am so inspired by it. Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and for the fantastic instructions in your tutorials. Being new to crochet, they have been quite helpful and easy to understand. Thanks again and Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  9. Katie says:

    I love your site! It makes me so happy to read it!

  10. Bobbi says:

    Very pretty scarf! Wow – and so long too!

  11. ComTassa says:

    Dear Alice, I’ve found your blog VERY inspiring. Thank you. Your passion for Raymond, your crafting, your loved ones really shines through everything I read and see. I tremendously enjoy your photos and your writing style and you’ve inspired me to pay more attention to detail and document what I love. May you have happiness. 😀

  12. Di Childs says:

    I’ve just subscribed. Your site looks absolutely fascinating. I shall ban interruprions this evening so that I can explore it thoroughly.

    Love to Raymond. We have 17 cats.


  13. Lisa says:

    You make such beautiful things – I love the colours you use, have just bought my first noro yarn and can’t wait to start knitting it – so I have been cuising your blog for inspiration – cheers

  14. Lisa says:

    Oops should say cruising – IPad spell correction bit annoying sometimes

  15. Oh my word, your work is just too gorgeous for words! basking in all the colours and textures is a divine holiday for my soul! Thank you for sharing your breathtaking creativity with us all. You and Raymond are truly an inspiration! I adore cats too so just love seeing Raymond amongst your creations too!

  16. Diane Yeomans says:

    Hi, I was wondering about the beautious blanket on the bed in the August mosaic…can you tell me the colors you used? I am really really intrigued with this interesting blanket and I so love the color combo!! Thank you for all your fun posts and the pretty pics!

  17. Coco says:


  18. susan schmidt says:

    i randomly stumbled upon your site and i am VERY excited. i just taught myself to make a granny rectangle. i am very excite about your granny mandala. i have been trying to figure it out and after seeing your tutorial makes perfect sense since i can do a round blanket . thank you so much for sharing your talent

  19. martha says:

    Do you have pattern for the Rainbow Crochet Bag

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