Scallop Fest


And how are you all today?!  I’m exploding with colour here today, totally thrilled with how my photographs turned out, bursting with excitement that they are just popping off the page at me!  Last week, during the possum merino scarf saga, I went a bit nuts, I’m not sure what caused it, I think it was the whole back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth and back and forth in the same colour that set me off!  While I loved the colour, the yarn and especially loved the result, a couple of days occurred where I was overtaken with the need to create a colour explosion or seven!

I am asked reasonably frequently in comments to explain things that I do more thoroughly and I apologise if I don’t immediately get back to people about their queries, usually I file things in my mind and forget about them for ages, then remember suddenly, often forget again and then maybe do a post on them!  One of the things I get asked about sometimes are edgings, and so I thought I’d do a post on a few of the edgings I use on my crochet.  Today, it’s a scallop festival.  I was asked by one of my lovely commenters how I do my scallops as hers often turn out flat.  To be honest, I haven’t looked at a scallop edge pattern since the first time I did it, and don’t know if the way I do mine is any different to other patterns out there, but here is how I make my scallop edgings……………………..

Oh, and by the way, the granny circle pattern is HERE!

Making these scalloped edge pot holders has created a new obsession.  The picot edge has fallen out of favour and the scallop edge (if that’s even the right name for it, it could be shell?  Scallop edge is my name for it anyway, not to confuse it with my happy little mini-shell edging!) is the new supreme edging in my crochet world!

Once I’ve finished the item I want to edge, I make a row of single crochet right the way around, to make it all nice and even and finished looking, then I slst into the first stitch and chain 1 for a bit of wiggle room.  Then, skip one stitch and make 5dc into the next stitch, skip one, slst into next stitch, and carry on right the way around and slst into that first chain.

Gosh I’m loving these pot holders, it’s hard to decide which is my favourite…. they’re currently all hanging above the stove which I’m sure you can imagine just THRILLS my darling KB to bits!!!  I’m unable to decide whether the one above, the very first one, or the bright pink one is my favourite…. the pink one blows my mind, the colours are so saturated that when I look at it I just can’t believe something can be so PINK!

The top right pot holder are KB’s colour choice, I’m sure you can see different input happening there, from my normal “burn your eyes out” bright colour scheme!!!  I love it too, and they all look so happy hanging together on the wall…..

Do you know, I’ve had some lovely comments lately, I say that a lot, but I’ve really had some comments that just make me smile, and make me feel good about what I do here in blogland… I’ve noticed that a lot of people are saying thank-you to me (and Raymond of course!) for sending out happy vibes and that it is cheering them up or making them smile, or bringing a bit of happiness into their lives.  Well, you are so welcome!  I’m glad that you feel the good vibes, because that is what ‘connection’ with others is all about in my opinion.  It has made me think about life in a bigger sense, these comments and connections with others, and I feel that with all of the scary things that are happening, we are feeling the need for connection and gaining  a deeper appreciation for each other.   It makes me wonder what else we can do to bring each other that love and security and care as we continue to live on this planet that is changing in front of our eyes.  How can each of us reach out to other people who are most likely feeling exactly the same way we are? 

May the love I’m sending out from this post touch you, and may you deliver it to the next person you meet.


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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50 Responses to Scallop Fest

  1. MeredithJean says:

    Oh Alice you are a lovely lovely soul. A Radiance of Love pouring out to any who choose to say Yes. Your pot holders are fabulous. Hey I thought you ran out of wall space? I love KB’s colours the minute I saw it and before I knew it wasn’t one of your combos. I’ve just been playing a CD “Women of the World Acoustic” and read your blog to track 11 “One Voice” by The Wailin’ Jennys. I got the whole vibe of your Blog Voice expanding exponentially… Voices Two, me and you (you and each individual reader); Voices Three , sing together in harmony – that’s ALL OF US making music because you speak with such a beautiful Blog Voice!!! Sing/Blog with love and the will to trust. Haahahahhaaaaaaa love it.

  2. Melissa says:

    The pot holders are so cheerful and pretty. I totally understand the back & forth, back & forth, ad nauseum…..I’m facing that with my sweater. The back is done I’m working on the front….yawn. I had to take a breadk & make my Mom a birthday present, so pulled my hooks and am so loving it. I’ll reveal after her birthday on Monday. Happy Saint Patrick’s day!,

  3. WS says:

    Those are gorgeous Alice! I think KB and I have very similar taste in colours – I like the ones at the top in the set of four too.

  4. Anna says:

    I have to say that I am so happy that I found your blog. I have been crocheting since the 70s, but have never met someone so passionate about it. Your a very talented woman. Thanks for bringing me back to a hobby that I love, but had let slip away. I am participating in a “Kitchen gift swap” and I pretty sure that these will be a great hit! Thanks again for sharing all your beautiful work and your positive energy. You really brighten my day.

  5. Claire says:

    Oh I am so glad and happy to have dicovered your blog! I was just delivered a little piece of joy to my inbox. Thank you so very much!

  6. Eva says:

    I definitely will make these as a birthday gift for my mom. Thank you for the inspiration, Alice..😀

  7. Pauline says:

    Thank you so much Alice and Raymond. Your hooky happiness and rainbow colours have really brighten up my day. I’m going through a rough patch at the moment and am really stressed but the wonderful colours and inspiring words in you blog post have really touched my heart and have lifted my spirit. It is truly a pleasure to read your posts.

  8. They are awesome and what a fab pictures. So colorful! Thanks for the inspiration Alice!

  9. Teje says:

    Good morning Alice! Beautiful potholders – I love all the colours, but perhaps mostly the blue/turqoise! Your posts are always so happy and colourful with wonderful photos! Have a lovely day! xxx Teje

  10. Maria says:

    What a joy this post is, thank you. Fab potholders, if I HAD to choose then the turquiose is the one I’m most drawn to but all your colours, and KB’s are so inspiring. Timely post too…I’ve just finished the ‘body’ of a blanket for my mum and was trying to decide how I’d finish it off, and I’m feeling those scallopy edges will be perfect, thanks for that and all the love, inspiration and joy you put out there in the blogosphere. Please give the handsome Raymond a tickle behind the ears for me, Maria x

  11. Good morning from the other side of the globe. I really love your colours, they are so inspiring. I’m so ready for spring now and your blog reminds me that it’s right around the corner. The snowdrops are finally peeking up, yeahh awsome times to come….
    Wish you all the best!!

  12. Eri says:

    I just found your blog – it is a really lovely one! Your new potholders are wonderful – I love the colourscheme! Eri

  13. Karen says:

    Ahhhhhh! Alice! you are so lovely lovely lovely! xxx I love the potholders too and if I was to be brave enough I would make a blog and post the ones I’ve made, inspired by and from you obviously! I’ve just started a very bright ripple afghan but doooo love the smaller projects and instant results. Thank you all Alice’s bloggers for all your happy, kind and appreciative input and the support offered to each other here. I for one love the warmth and feel very ‘snug’ here with you all, thank you Alice for creating such a great atmosphere for us to share, love Karen xxxxx ps the sun just came out in Dorset UK!!! Yippeeeee!

  14. Meredith says:

    Alice we feel all your love and positiveness, and we send it right back to you. Have a beautiful day,

  15. Mar says:

    Every time I come to read your blog it brings a big smile to my face. It’s so pretty and colourful!!!
    Have a beautiful day/evening!

  16. dawnsrays says:

    “How can each of us reach out to other people who are most likely feeling exactly the same way we are?”
    You answered your own question:
    May the love I’m sending out from this post touch you, and may you deliver it to the next person you meet.
    Passing on the love, that is the way to change the world and to remember that we live in a Universe that is friendly, not one that is out to get us. Your blog and your readers are all so lovely and quite the thing to wake up to in the mornings. Thank you🙂
    P.S your color schemes ROCK!!

  17. Debi Y. says:

    I’m loving your pot-holders Alice – so pretty.

  18. penelope dubois says:

    Such a cheery and colourful post! That is the beauty of doing multi crafts, the “Back and Forth”, also helps immensely with arm and elbow pain!
    I need potholders, off I go!

  19. Hannah says:

    This blog is a total delight to me. I am 62 years old and had not crocheted since I was a teenager. Since I found you, I have crocheted several potholders, a large mandala for the dining room table, two Granny buntings and Japanese flowers too! I love it. Thank you for your inspiration and all the love you spread around. I send love back to you. May it double, triple and endlessly multiply as all of us send love throughout the world. From the New Mexico desert of the USA to New Zealand — pure love.

  20. Penelope says:

    Hello Alice of sunshine and rainbow happiness xox
    YOU are one special lady ! I love your photographs of your pot holders, such scalloped swoons of joy. I must get round to hooking one of these very soon. I was reading Vanessa’s (do you mind if I knit) post which really made me sad about how rotten people can be when commenting on blogs. Keep up sending out the vibes of love because they do catch on and consequently a chain reaction occurs to all of those fortunate enough to have found your blog xox

  21. The goatmother is not as adept at crocheting as are you, but she loves these and tells me to relate many thanks to you for posting this! I, myself, like the no. 1 blue/green one. It reminds me of the beautiful ocean. You probably don’t know, but I am quite addicted to Peanuts, so I am waiting for the goatmother to crochet a blanket for me with Peanuts on it. It hasn’t happened yet. Thank you for the love sent. I shall pass it on (except perhaps to Ella the Alpine, who would not appreciate it anyway.)

  22. Jane says:

    Gorgeous colours! And a lovely message too as always. I’ve been making a present for my lovely friend from your Granny Mandala pattern – I’ll send you a link as soon as I have handed it over and can blog about it!🙂

  23. Kelly says:

    Thank you for the happy colors and inspiration. I am home, sick in bed, on spring break and needed this boost. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  24. Nikkole says:

    They are all so fantastically colorful and mesmerizing! I really like the scalloped edging too, it gives it just that much more character.😀

  25. beckycafe says:

    I’m loving these potholders! What yarn are you using for these with the burn-your-retina colors?

    Also, how about a picture of them above your stove? I bet they look great!

  26. Joanna says:

    Love your pot holders – especially the blue. Your colours are wonderful and the scallop edging is really pretty. xxx

  27. I love your blog.Your bright colours make me happy.Thank you for the inspiration. Have a beautiful day. Eda.

  28. hi alice and raymond!
    thank you so much for your wonderful posts!

    your work and words are so beautiful and filled with passion and life.
    they just give me goosebumps!

    that is what life is about!

  29. Heather says:

    Oh Alice you’re lovely and I love your blog! Your potholders are so bright and beautiful too. I will surely pass on your love and happiness to the next person I see. thank you xxx

  30. Casey says:

    seriously? all the scallopy edges are making me want to get making a potholder right this second!! I love all of them, you always have great color combos🙂

  31. Wilhelmina says:

    OHhhh so happy to have found your site. I came over from Elizabeth Cat and from Lucy. Who knew there were so many colorful crocheting people out there. I’ve definitely found my niche as I’m always the one buying one skein of all the pretty colors. Now I want to make your tea cozy and potholders….so inspiring and beautiful all. But I’ve got three Japanese flower scarves going……. can I start something else too?? Just love all your happy, beautiful, colorful goodies. Wilhelmina

  32. Sandi says:

    ‘Dawnsray’ has pretty much said it, sending love to each other through our blogs lifts our vibration, with this higher vibration we send out more. Did you know the perfect frequency/vibration for healing is 528 mega hertz and this is what musical instruments etc should be tuned to.
    I believe this will all come in due course as we are ‘awakening’ to the realisation that the way we live and what we do to each other and our beautiful planet is not supporting or sustaining. A lot of souls are already aware, however there are a large number who aren’t as yet.
    Love your pot holders such vibrant colors, they would have to be emitting 528mh surely🙂 x Sandi

  33. WillowEverlasting says:

    I love your site. I’m a relative newby and am thoroughly addicted. Question: Where do you get all your beautiful yarn? Everything I buy I quickly regret – what am I doing wrong? Help, please! Thank you!

  34. Alyson says:

    Oooh! I love the pot holders! I will be starting my Spring Break (I’m a teacher) this weekend, and seeing these makes me want to put aside my knitting and take up my hook again! The new Spring weather here is supposed to be cold and rainy, as usual, so I will need a good indoor project. Never mind the eye-burning colors- I love them, too! I think I will try out your granny circle pot holders as a stash-buster- my yarn collection has gotten a little out of control and is rapidly taking over my bedroom. (So much for my New Year’s resolution of organization.)

    Love & Light,

  35. lancek1 says:

    Fabulous as always, Alice, thanks again for the How-To’s, they’re such useful gems. Keep up the colorful goodness🙂

  36. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your pot-holders with us – my hubby came in with daffodils for me this morning which I put in a ceramic pitcher on the coffee table. I then realised I needed a chunky doily type affair for the pitcher to sit on so I, this afternoon, have whipped one up in lovely pastel spring colours.

    My pitcher of daffodils now look even more beautiful sat on their “doily”!!

    S x

  37. Mia/Sweden says:


    Thanks for sharing your pot-holders, I really like them. I definitely will make these!
    I love your site🙂

  38. Nicole says:

    Just discovered your blog Alice – spending some time here with a big cup of tea is such a highlight of my day – love your potholders so much, I’m collecting yarns so I can make a ton of them – thanks for sharing these beautiful patterns.

  39. sherry boston says:

    Alice……… are simply adorable. I love your pic with the striped socks. You look like so much fun. How happy you look. You make me smile. love ya…………..from the U.S. Sherry

  40. Alisia says:

    Love this pattern! Grannys were the first pattern I learned how to crochet and I still have a soft spot for them! After hosting Thanksgiving at my house I realized that I am horridly short on pot holders (how did that happen?) so I may have to make some like these.🙂

  41. Carol says:

    Your patterns are very lovely. I too am a Reiki Master, well, I was sent the attunement, not sure if it “takes” that way, and I’ve had no Master training.
    I am also a crochet addict, more than 30 years into the craft, and “grammy” to 14 kids. I love your crochet work and your color combinations. Thank you for your lovely website.

  42. “wow, awesome article post.Many thanks. Want more.”

  43. JMCrafts says:

    These are goreous! I want to make I want to make! Problem is I have a massive pile of projects in various states of completeness already ! eeek

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  46. Vivian Brackin says:

    have you already mentioned somewhere, what type of thread or yarn you used for these? I would love to try one, but I have made the mistake in the past of using the wrong fiber for a project. So I am learning to ask🙂

  47. Reblogged this on Laura's Pond and commented:
    Gonna ask my mom to teach me knitting!!!

  48. lisetteeisenga says:

    Hi, I love these gorgeous pot holders and I have translated it to Dutch so even more people can make them. I hope that’s ok – I included a link back to your blog:

  49. Pingback: Lisette Eisenga | Maken // Gehaakte bloemen onderzetter of pannenlap

  50. Bobbie says:

    Good Day,
    Just found your blog and I’m thrilled that I did! I LOVE your style and spirit. What a complete joy to be here. I intend to read through your whole blog. These pot holders are fantastic. I can’t figure out what one I like the best – they are all just stunning.
    Keep up the good work and I hope you will continue this blog. It’s such a joy to find you!
    Bobbie 🙂

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