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Debumpify: verb.  To give birth. No, not me!  Some of you may remember the circus baby blanket I made a few months ago for my sister’s bump.  For the entire pregnancy we didn’t know if the bump was a boy or … Continue reading

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My new obsession!

Helloooo!!! I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend!  It has been raining here, pouring actually, perfect weather for indulging in new obsessions….. Are you ready to see mine?! Here’s a clue…. Oh yes yarn-madness has truly taken hold of … Continue reading

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Sunday Love

Hellooo! It’s been a while!  My first ever full week without writing a post, but here I am, Raymond on my lap, purring like he hasn’t been on my lap in a year, popping in to say a quick hello!  … Continue reading

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That’s soooooooo GAY!!!

Hellooooooooo!!!!! How many of you out there have teenagers or young people who say “that’s sooooooooo gay” about things they think are dumb?  I had never heard of it until I met KB’s nieces about three years ago when they … Continue reading

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Boy Beanies

Hellooooo!!! I’m not really into the whole gender specific business that society thrusts on us these days…. as I’ve told you before, I’ve recently started a summer paper at polytech, and my tutor for this paper is very much involved … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning…

Good Morning!!!!! It’s Saturday morning here, bright and early and I’m up!  I spent the night dreaming the strangest dreams that I couldn’t rouse myself out of, so when I woke up early this morning I made myself wake up properly in … Continue reading

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Harvey Kimono Status Update 02

Hellooooooo! Lovely to see you today!  It’s a fabulously magically wonderful day for me today, as I am off to polytech to hand in my last essay for three months… There’s nothing like those first few days of feeling no pressure … Continue reading

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