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I’m feeling like quite the lucky one today…  Two gifts in two days!  People who know me well will know I LOVE presents, both receiving and giving, it’s all good in my mind! Yesterday my lovely KB bought me a … Continue reading

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I found my “Soul Yarn” on the weekend at the Wonders of Wool market in Wellington… One beautiful ball of rainbow goodness is wonderful… But two is better! I’m back from a wonderful, incredibly busy, exhausting, rejuvenating two week trip … Continue reading

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February Sock Prep

I know, I know, more blue… this is one skein of Days by the Bay, one of the gorgeous colourways from Knitsch…. Added to the odds and ends from my other Knitsch socks… can I call them mini-skeins to make them … Continue reading

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Thanks to a mammoth effort on KB’s part this morning, I estimate that we are 97% packed and ready to leave on Monday morning! We have had an enormous week of ‘lasts’ and saying goodbye and now have the weekend … Continue reading

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Slow Yarn

Still a little baby, thank goodness!  Richie is the beginnings of the ultimate “slow yarn” experience Are you all familiar with the slow food movement?  I personally think slow food is the best there is, that processed food does so much damage … Continue reading

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Fight, Flight or Knit

Hellooo!!! Greetings from FREEZING COLD WELLINGTON!!!!!!  Oh my goodness it is cold!  For the first time today, I had to go out wearing a hat and jacket, I haven’t done that since September and I have to say, I didn’t … Continue reading

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New Day, New Yarn….

  Hellooooo!! It’s lovely to have you pop by today!  I was wondering if I’d have the Pixie Jacket in its completion to ‘voila’ today, but it’s taking a lot longer and a lot more Noro than expected, and a small hood … Continue reading

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