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The Woodland Pixie Dress

You have seen this knitting in a couple of posts now… And today I can finally show you the FO!  It has taken me an entire week to wash, block and photograph this dress, life is busy, busy, busy right … Continue reading

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Even though it is halfway through the November, I never got around to making an October mosaic until about 30 minutes ago!  It’s not the most exciting mosaic in terms of colourful fun, but does show what I was up to … Continue reading

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Debumpify: verb.  To give birth. No, not me!  Some of you may remember the circus baby blanket I made a few months ago for my sister’s bump.  For the entire pregnancy we didn’t know if the bump was a boy or … Continue reading

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My new obsession!

Helloooo!!! I hope you’re all having an enjoyable weekend!  It has been raining here, pouring actually, perfect weather for indulging in new obsessions….. Are you ready to see mine?! Here’s a clue…. Oh yes yarn-madness has truly taken hold of … Continue reading

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Pixie Jacket Ta-Da!

Helloooo!!! Is that photo Noro-licious or what?  I finally finished the hood after reading the pattern completely wrong, then sewed it all together!   The above shot shows the hood, which is not in colour sequence because I was trying to make it the … Continue reading

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Getting there…..

Hello Everyone…. Here I am, back a few days later than I said I would be!  Thank you so much for your loving and kind messages that I have been flooded with here, on Ravelry and in my e-mail, I feel … Continue reading

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Alice VS Garter Stitch Cardigan

Hellooooo!!! I did it!  I finished the garter stitch cardigan and I’m so relieved…. and pleased at the cuteness factor too!  It lay on top of wool mountain for a couple of days, looking forlorn, until I picked it up … Continue reading

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