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Sunday Love

Hellooooo!!! Gosh, I thought I’d never get here!  What a morning!  It is such a stunningly beautiful sunny day here… later I’m going to be cursing the sun as it is windy which means I can’t open any doors and … Continue reading

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Making Rainbows

  Hellooooo!!! Welcome and thank you for popping in today!  I’ve been reeeeeally excited about today’s post for a few days now, so yay… the moment has finally come!  Did you enjoy meeting that sheep?  She is one of my … Continue reading

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A floral brew!

Hellooooo!!! And how are you lovely people today?  Thank you so much for the links to your favourite blogs in my last post!  I had so much fun following these links and meeting some great new blogs, my blogroll has definitely … Continue reading

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Good Morning!!! I’m sitting here writing my regular Sunday morning post… I’ve been to the vege market as usual, put the veges away, and here I am, doing my Sunday morning post, drinking my coffee, waiting for my toast to pop… … Continue reading

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Bunting my arms off…..

Hellooooo!!! Here I am on a boring grey Friday morning… I’m quite excited about uploading the colourful happy photos I have for today’s post to give me a bit of a morning lift!  If that doesn’t work, another coffee might, but … Continue reading

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New Beginnings….

My buddy and I like winding wool together….. It’s a dangerous place for a cat, lying underneath a swift, especially a hot cat who is flicking his tail near the spinning spokes…. But we got it into a nice, soft … Continue reading

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Summer Garden

Hellooooo!!! If I had to pick just one image that says “New Zealand Summer,” the above picture would be it.  There is nothing  in the world that brings instant summer holiday vibes into my life like seeing the blazing red flowers … Continue reading

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