Felted Notions….

Thank you so much for your lovely comments about my felted notions bag!  I loved reading about your felting experiences and had a good giggle at some of them, especially the one huge slipper and one tiny one!  It seems that the art of machine felting relies on a bit of good luck when we’re just beginning.  As many of you wanted to see the process, I’ve made another little notions bag just for my circular needles, I need another notions bag, I really do, as the blue one was originally for my circulars but then I put my tape measure and needle gauge thingy in it too, so now I need one specifically for cables and tips because I get really annoyed at long cables boinging out at me when I open the pouch and getting everything in a mess.  Much better for them to be contained in their own little felted pouch.  I’ve photographed the entire process for your enjoyment and I hope that it will stop some of you making the same mistakes I did!  This is by no means a foolproof tutorial on how to machine felt a pouch, but I hope you enjoy and have fun trying it out for yourself.

So, to begin, find yourself some feltable wool!  It seemed from feedback on my last post that some felts and some doesn’t.  I find that corriedale felts beautifully and merino should too.  After my rainbow disaster, I’m sticking to corriedale as I know it felts well and felts nice and hard so cable needles and things don’t poke through it rendering it useless.  I crocheted my pouch because I wanted it very thick, using a 4mm hook and semi-worsted wool.  To make one the same size as mine, ch60, dc into second ch from hook and make 1dc into each stitch until the end.  Fasten off and turn, join next colour, ch3 and make 1dc into each stitch including the very end where the last row began with 3ch.  Repeat until you have a piece wide enough for your liking.  Remember, it will shrink a bit.

My finished piece measured 41 x 24 cms.  Weave in the ends (!) and single crochet or sew the ends together to make a pouch.

Now, get some jeans (I use KB’s he he) and put them in the washing machine on hot wash with some washing detergent.  As I use eco-friendly washing powder, it doesn’t make many suds, so I add a little bit of dishwashing liquid too as the key to successful felting is heat, agitation and bubbles apparently!  I put mine on low and keep turning it off before the first agitation finishes and do that about four times rather than emptying it out and re-filling.

Word of warning.  Check you have not left any tissues in your jeans pocket before you start the felting process.  (let’s not go there!) 

I found that after the first round of agitation it had grown and stretched a bit, but keep going because it will start to felt in the second round.   When it has felted to your liking, remember we are hard felting here to make a very dense, thick fabric, take it out and rinse it under the cold tap.  My Mum said at this point, do not spin it in the machine to remove excess water as it will crease and the creases will be forever!  I learned not to dry it on a drying rack as it leaves lines, so now I stand it up in the sun during the day and lay it flat on top of my hot water cylinder at night.  It will take a few days to completely dry.

And like magic we have a lovely little felted bag!  You now need a zip, I used for both of my bags a 20cm zip….

Now, I am hardly qualified to teach someone to sew a zip into a bag as this is the second zip I have ever put anywhere, the first being into my other notions bag!  For those of you who are experienced in the art of zip insertion, you may have a giggle at my attempt to sew it in tidily as I am aware it looks like a clumsy six year old did it, but if I can put a zip in, you can too!

My hint is that you sew it in loosely first to make sure it fits, then go around a second time and make it nice and firm. 

A pouch most definitely worthy of my beloved knitpro needles.

I nearly died when I discovered purple acrylic knitting needles…  You can buy them here

Knitting needle love!

So there you have it, a felted bag for your little special knitting and crochet goodies.  Mine are all packed with things into my travel knitting and crochet kit and ready to take me through my travels completely prepared!

How cute do they look together!  I’ve ravelled this project HERE.  Thank you again for all the love you send my way, I am truly blessed XXXXX


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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39 Responses to Felted Notions….

  1. I LOVE both of your felted bags and thank you so much for your written tutorial with the wonderful photos! 😀

  2. Helen says:

    For someone who is supposed to be packing and moving you are doing an awful lot of craft!!!! Your felting experiences look interesting, I might have to try it out sometime. I can’t do it where I live now because I can only hook the cold water up to the washing machine which generally suits me fine. I also have no interest in hand felting with boiling water!!!
    xXx Helen

  3. Paula says:

    Love the scissors!

  4. Melissa says:

    Love these little bags! So cute! My hubby felted one of my wool sweaters, so I gave it to me niece. I wasn’t so thrilled😃

  5. meredithjean says:

    Wicked! The most personal account of felting I’ve ever seen, you rock Alice B xxx

  6. SusanD1408 says:

    They look fantastic i have never felted but am tempted.

  7. ZiZi says:

    So cute!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ZiZi from Switzerland

  8. Adrienne Sharman says:

    Love love love the felted bags. I’m usually a blues girl, but the pinks one is just lovely too. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m putting it on my list of things to try as I haven’t done any felting either! You’ve given me the courage to have a go! Love reading your blog and am so impressed with all you are doing while you’re packing up home too!!

  9. Teje says:

    They are really beautiful, Alice! I guess you are waiting that travel to do all the knitting and crocheting! xxx Teje

  10. Planet Penny says:

    Really pretty, I had thought that crochet would be too thick to start with to felt but as you pointed out, you don’t want all the pointy things stabbing through! Penny x

  11. Hahnsmum says:

    Yel me`s the one who made one huge slipper & one tiny one.. Now that pink felt purse is really lovely.. You have me motivated , well & truly.. l am flat out trying to finish my Ripple bed wrap rug for end of my bed… Absolutely BUCKETTING DOWN here in the New England , NSW, (( we needed the rain SO bad )) so l am so pleased l have yr blog to drool over & think about next project inside out of the wet.. Best Wishes, , Hahnsmum.. OZ..

  12. Hahnsmum says:

    Gawd l cant even SPELL, as well as botching the felting project at tech.. Meant to say- ” YEP me`s the one.” unquote……… etc…..

  13. I must admit Alice, I thought that was going to be the end of your blogging for a while when I read your packing post, and here you are with loads of posts! Well, it’s lovely for us, and so good to see you’ve been having immense fun with the felting process, which I always think is a bit like alchemy. Your purses are wonderful, just the job, marvellous! Nice to see Raymond enjoying the view. Vanessa xxx

  14. kashi says:

    Good job! The first thing felted had to go through the washing machine 4 times to get a nice tight fabric. I am glad you told exactly how to do it. No one told me and my attempts were trial and ERROR. It is a fun way to create new things though. Good luck on your move.

  15. winkieflash says:

    Did you know that there’s special ‘felting-yarn’ out there, made specially for this purpose?🙂 I believe Rico carries a selection of it in gorgeous colors.
    Anyway, LOVE the pouches! I must make one to take my crochet hooks with me on the go! Oh and I have the exact same clippers🙂 Cute!

  16. sandiart says:

    Oh there is nothing like a distraction that you love, to take you away from the endless packing. Loving your felted bags. I felted some hearts that I had knitted, stuck them in a bucket of hot water, suds and a garment, then with a wooden spoon I stirred and swished for a.g.e.s……… arrrrhhhh, my hand and arm were so tired. End result was two felted and one unfelted heart. I was pretty chuffed tho for my first attempt.
    Happy travels Alice, I hope your move is all that you wish for.
    x Sandi

  17. They’re lovely. I may just have enough balls of real wool in amongst the acrylic to give this a go…

  18. Julie says:

    I’m looking forward to giving felting a try, thanks for the info.

  19. Louise says:

    Thank you for the lovely felting tutorial. I’ve had a couple of failures at felting, mostly because the wool just barely felted and I don’t have a top loading washing machine. I have been told by the bossy ladies at my LYS that knitted items felt better than crochet, however you seem to have to have proved them wrong! Now I’m determined to try felting something crocheted as my knitting is crap. Have a lovely day.

  20. Claudia says:

    They´re gorgeous, Alice!!! So simple and so incredible!! Can´t wait to try it, but I must confess I´m a little bit afraid of trying it…
    By the way, I wish you a very nice beggining in your new home! Keep us informed, please!🙂

  21. Karen says:

    Yay Alice! I love it, just what I need and how easy (maybe!). I wonder what yarn I have that will felt. Good luck with the next few days before the move, love to you both xxx

  22. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    I just love your bags. You have given me some ideas on what to put in them when they are done. I’m going to give felting a try. Don’t worry any more about moving the hard part is packing up everything. You will be in your new home in no time I can hardly wait to see the photos of your new home. What an adventure!!!!!!! You take care and only the best and warmest wishes to you and your loves ones. Your friend from Texas.
    P.S. How is Pixie?
    P.S.S.Your going to end up buying K.B some new jeans with all the felting in hot water. HEHEHEHE

  23. saly says:

    Hi I have never commented on your blog but I have read it and love your projects especially the Gypsy caravan blanket. I love your little felted bag tutorial and am tempted to give it a try, thank you for the instructions. Good luck for your house move.
    PS as a fellow catlover I think Raymond is adorable!

  24. Lovely colors! However, we have serious lust for your scissors!🙂

  25. Jeannette Lazet says:

    Hello lovely Alice
    Wellington is missing you!! I’ve finally managed to put myself on your blog and now I hear that you are in Whangarei! I have a lovely friend who has an art gallery / framing shop in Kamo … perhaps you could pop in and say hi sometime!!! Planning to pop in and see your Mum soon and congratulate them all on Pixie’s arrival! As for me, I am at the Hill St Christmas Craft fair tomorrow loaded up with my lovely socks and beanies …. should be lots of fun. Thank you for your inspiration, fun and pure joy …. it’s a delight to come to your blog!!! with love Jeannette (from Karori!) xxx

  26. Hi Lovely Alice, I’m definitely going to have to try this – thanks for the tute. I am another whose only experience of felting has been a gut-wrenching NOOOOOOOOO when realising something lovingly hand knit that SHOULDN’T have been washed, has found it’s way into the machine *sad face*

    Anyway, I wanted to check in and see how things are going with your move – hope you managed to get some knitting done en route.

    Big cwtches (hugs)

  27. Diane Yeomans says:

    So so so lovely!!!!! Hey, can one felt in a machine that is front loading or not enough agitation? I am about to get one…

  28. Sharon Attwells says:

    Love your blog….those bags are amazing. I am going to have try that felting. Your tutorials are so easy to follow……thank you so much.
    Please tell me how you like those knitpro needles, I was looking to purchase them but I wasn’t sure about them.
    Good luck with your move……you are so lucky to be able to live in such an amazing place.

  29. Shirley Flavell says:

    Really lovely Alice, but those pink needles, have to get some ,they were gorgeous. Happy journeying .Shirley

  30. tickety-boo says:

    You are a wooly wonder brain aren’t you?! It looks fabedoo!

  31. So cute! Thanks for sharing.

  32. Opal says:

    Thanks so much for giving me an idea of what to do with my first crochet project. I’m going to make a bag for my crochet needles.

    I’m going to make another one for my eight-year old daughter. I’ll attach a strap, to make it into a purse. I’ll add some cute embellishments also, she’ll love it.

  33. Lisa says:

    Hope you can felt in a front loader, as I’m just about to sew my pouch up and embellish it with some flowers, trouble is my edges are all wonky so I’m doing something wrong – self-taught ‘hooker’😉

  34. Lisa says:

    It’s in ……………………

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  37. _ says:

    i just want to thank you for offer these beautiful crochet to every one to make. isometimes i can,t belive how generous some people are. congargulation and thank you. i,m making and working on the green and pink tea cozie, they so beautiful, i wana make other progect too to use . i lived in new zealand , Auckland for 8 years, i,m iranian and love all kind of Art and craft. i,m gonna try to make your muffin as well. thank you again very much

  38. Sureen says:

    Hi from Cape Town Alice!

    LOOOOVE your colour combinations – they make me feel as though I’m looking at jewels. So wish we had a better selection at a fraction of the costs. Stunning projects – THANKS.


  39. Crochet Tales says:

    I tried to make felted bag and here is what I got – http://crochet-tales.blogspot.com/2014/01/felted-pouch.html
    love ur blog.. it’s a huge source of inspiration for me.
    thank you.

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