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It is getting bloody cold here in New Zealand, even in the “Winterless North” where we live.  I think it is called the Winterless North because it doesn’t snow up here, it is still cold enough to wear knitted goodies thank goodness, … Continue reading

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Aren’t Autumn trees just the most beautiful thing ever?  In New Zealand, most of our native bush is evergreen, and we had a lot of Pine trees where I grew up, so the sight of an Autumn tree is still … Continue reading

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Better late than never?

Thanks to a looooooooooooooooooooong lovely weekend, I’ve managed to get some projects finished.  And photographed too.  Isn’t four lovely days of nothing-to-do just the best?  Yesterday it was sunny for the first time in over a week, so I managed to … Continue reading

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Thank God it’s Friday

No matter how much you enjoy your job, when you work Monday to Friday from 8.30-5.00, Friday evening is an exciting time of the week.  I’m celebrating with a delicious pizza, prepared by KB… (all gone now… it was delish!) This … Continue reading

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February Socks….

Despite being terribly excited about starting my February socks, they ended up being a bit of a struggle to complete.  It turns out that I do not enjoy knitting socks in stripes, it’s all fine and dandy if the ball … Continue reading

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February Sock Prep

I know, I know, more blue… this is one skein of Days by the Bay, one of the gorgeous colourways from Knitsch…. Added to the odds and ends from my other Knitsch socks… can I call them mini-skeins to make them … Continue reading

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January Socks

Before we get started on Socktastic Business, I have to post some more Summer Happiness, ooooh my goodness we are right in the middle of Summer and it is amaaaaazing! Today is Saturday which meant another trip to another stunning beach, (I … Continue reading

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