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The Bogey Monster

Last July I went to a Spin In with my Mum.  I remember buying a L.O.T of fibre… remember this mosaic? Yes, well that was about half of what I bought in total, it was a most excellent haul.  If you … Continue reading

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Beastie Number One: Monster for Bradley. Like most crafty people, I get a looooooooooooooot of requests from people to make them stuff.  I always say no, unless the asker is Mum, KB or it is something for Pixie, because things take … Continue reading

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Slow yarn totally rocks my world.  I’ve posted about it on various occasions, the concept of taking some undyed fluff, (I personally prefer nice, clean, carded wool rather than ‘in the grease’) dyeing it in lovely shades of preferred colour … Continue reading

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I learned to spin in June last year, and on July 2nd 2011 I wrote this post about spinning the above spiral of loveliness into yarn.  You might remember that post if you have been visiting Raymond and me for a long time … Continue reading

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Debumpify: verb.  To give birth. No, not me!  Some of you may remember the circus baby blanket I made a few months ago for my sister’s bump.  For the entire pregnancy we didn’t know if the bump was a boy or … Continue reading

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Slow Yarn

Still a little baby, thank goodness!  Richie is the beginnings of the ultimate “slow yarn” experience Are you all familiar with the slow food movement?  I personally think slow food is the best there is, that processed food does so much damage … Continue reading

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