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Aren’t Autumn trees just the most beautiful thing ever?  In New Zealand, most of our native bush is evergreen, and we had a lot of Pine trees where I grew up, so the sight of an Autumn tree is still … Continue reading

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February 2012 has been quite a nice month and KB and I are enjoying watching the sun set earlier each evening and further along the horizon.  I’m loving the fact that it is getting chillier in the morning and that … Continue reading

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End of the Month Catch Up

Where on earth did January go?  As this is my end of the month post, which means my Monthly Mosaic post, I realised there are still a lot of photos sitting in my January file which haven’t been posted yet, … Continue reading

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Thanks to a mammoth effort on KB’s part this morning, I estimate that we are 97% packed and ready to leave on Monday morning! We have had an enormous week of ‘lasts’ and saying goodbye and now have the weekend … Continue reading

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Even though it is halfway through the November, I never got around to making an October mosaic until about 30 minutes ago!  It’s not the most exciting mosaic in terms of colourful fun, but does show what I was up to … Continue reading

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New Beginnings…

I realised today when I was writing the date at work that October has already begun!  I hadn’t even prepared my monthly mosaic … normally I am so excited by them that I get them ready about a week early … Continue reading

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End of the Month….

Helloooo!!! Well, that’s August!  This month, and indeed the whole of Winter has flown by at lightening speed, I can’t believe it!  It’s Spring in two days….. *****YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY*******  August has been an awesome month, the Gypsy Caravan Blanket made it … Continue reading

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