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The Bogey Monster

Last July I went to a Spin In with my Mum.  I remember buying a L.O.T of fibre… remember this mosaic? Yes, well that was about half of what I bought in total, it was a most excellent haul.  If you … Continue reading

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The Tale of a Squillion Guavas

Next to our deck, there is a guava tree growing.  It is not a big guava tree, but all Summer I watched with anticipation as these tiny little hard green balls got bigger and finally, after months, started to turn … Continue reading

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Slow yarn totally rocks my world.  I’ve posted about it on various occasions, the concept of taking some undyed fluff, (I personally prefer nice, clean, carded wool rather than ‘in the grease’) dyeing it in lovely shades of preferred colour … Continue reading

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Even though it is halfway through the November, I never got around to making an October mosaic until about 30 minutes ago!  It’s not the most exciting mosaic in terms of colourful fun, but does show what I was up to … Continue reading

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Drew the Drum Carder Monster.

Hellooo! Can you hear Raymond saying ‘let me in! I must be doing what you are doing and where you are.’  The life of a Siamese- very co-dependent!  So how is your weekend going?  Mine is going quite fabulously despite working … Continue reading

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Woolly Happenings….

Helloooo!! Greetings from under the Gypsy Caravan Blanket!  I came home from work today and took my laptop to bed and oooooh my goodness how nice is it to be lying down!  This last week has been exHAUSTing.  Crazy long days … Continue reading

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It feels nice when the whole family enjoys what you make!! XXXXXXXXXXXXX

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