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Colour Junkie

I love colour, that’s no secret,  I love being immersed in the bright and vibrant energies that colours create, the way each colour has a different vibration that stimulates a different response from me.  My home is normally a colourfest, but as … Continue reading

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Even though it is halfway through the November, I never got around to making an October mosaic until about 30 minutes ago!  It’s not the most exciting mosaic in terms of colourful fun, but does show what I was up to … Continue reading

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New Beginnings…

I realised today when I was writing the date at work that October has already begun!  I hadn’t even prepared my monthly mosaic … normally I am so excited by them that I get them ready about a week early … Continue reading

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Slow Yarn

Still a little baby, thank goodness!  Richie is the beginnings of the ultimate “slow yarn” experience Are you all familiar with the slow food movement?  I personally think slow food is the best there is, that processed food does so much damage … Continue reading

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A spinny catch-up

I had to record this evening sky, I’m not a particularly nostalgic or poetic person, but tonight I can feel Grace all around and as I sat at the magic wheel as the beautiful sunny afternoon turned into evening, I … Continue reading

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Woolly Happenings….

Helloooo!! Greetings from under the Gypsy Caravan Blanket!  I came home from work today and took my laptop to bed and oooooh my goodness how nice is it to be lying down!  This last week has been exHAUSTing.  Crazy long days … Continue reading

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Little bits of this and that…

 Hellooo!!! And how are you lovely people today?  Warmer than Raymond and me I hope!  It is freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here in Wellington!  What a week we are having with our polar blast, it is truly incredible!  I said last week in a … Continue reading

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