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Sockfest Finale!!!!!

Helloooo!!! Welcome to the last sockfest post!  I must say, I’m quite excited to reveal my first ever pair of socks to the world!  It has been an awesome experience, I spent most of it marvelling at the amazing design … Continue reading

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Ever since I started writing my Mum’s flower shop blog, I haven’t had a single picture of a flower on my own blog!  I take the pictures, then put them on hers and don’t want to do a double up, … Continue reading

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Turning the heel…..

Step 1:  Knitting the heel flap!  A reinforced one to be precise, and what fun it is to slip one knit one for 36 rows! Step 2:  Turning the heel and learning a new skill!  Picking up stitches. I spent … Continue reading

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Sock Towers

The rainbow socks are growing! Next comes the turning of the heel…. (gulp!) And I have discovered the deep joy of knitting with HiyaHiya needles… at $13 per set I was dubious about buying them, but it turns out they are … Continue reading

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Warm Arms x 4

Helloooo!!!! Thank you!  For the wonderful messages I got from so many of you on my last post! I’m glad you enjoyed my jokes, and found a bit of yourselves in them too!  I hope that I can live up … Continue reading

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The (hopefully) Ultimate Hat!

Hellooooo!!! As it is night-time, I’m sure that by now, it is Valentine’s Day all over the world!  I’m having a funny old V.Day this year, surrounded by it as my family are florists and own their own flower shop, … Continue reading

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Musings on the Granny Square…

Hellooooooo!!!! I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend, I’ve just begun a random four day weekend which makes me very happy indeed!  It is a bit of a fluke really, how it happened, my Monday class was postponed, and … Continue reading

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