14 months

Hello to anyone still getting updates and popping in from time to time!  I can’t believe it has been 14 months since I stopped writing my blog.  I know I tried writing another blog and I quite enjoyed it, but when I reflect on the last 14 months I now see that life got very busy and I felt under a lot of pressure to make lovely things and take gorgeous photos and write fascinating blog posts and I just didn’t have it in me anymore!

So, I deleted my blog and I didn’t even say goodbye or anything.  It was terribly rude, I know that. 

In the last 14 months KB and I adopted a new fur baby who couldn’t be more different to his big brother Raymond.  He is the loveliest, cuddliest tabby who we named Martin.  He had a serious weight issue when we adopted him, tipping the scales at 7.5kg (yes, that’s not a typo, he was ENORMOUS!) but has been on a diet and now weighs about 6kg.  Still large, but not life-threateningly large.


I’ve been working hard and crafting hard, knitting up a storm… crochet and spinning have fallen aside lately due to not having enough time to devote to everything I love to do….

I’ve knitted about 6 million monsters…


And I’m still loving dyeing yarn, not fibre so much anymore due to issues I’ve been having with the fibre felting during the process. I never had that until I moved up North and I wonder if it is the heat or the water?

Anyway, my sock yarn stash has exploded and now I’ve just discovered how to dye self-striping yarn which is hard work, but the results are awesome.


So that’s what I’ve been doing… still striving to live a peaceful and crafty life!  What have you all been up to?

Lately I’ve been thinking of re-starting a blog but I’m easing myself into it.  I joined instagram a week ago and do you know what?  I LOVE IT!  It is like mini-blogging and is so much fun.  I’m not really one for looking at photos of people’s families and kids, but I love to look at knitting and other yarn related things, and there is plenty of that on there.  I’ve “met” a few people who remember Raymond and me and it is cool to reconnect, so I thought I’d pop in here and say that if you are an instagrammer, look me up!  My name is auntyalicelovestoknit and I’d love to see you over there, and see what you’re making for a change!

Wishing you a very blessed Christmas and start to 2014, I hope that 2013 has been everything you wanted and more.

Much love from Alice.

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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148 Responses to 14 months

  1. zooperson says:

    Nice to hear from you and see what you have been up to. Glad to meet your new kitty, too. Your monsters are the best. Blessings to you in the new year.

  2. marieange says:

    I am so happy you posted here Alice🙂
    I wish I had a phone that would link me to instagram. I’d be there already!
    Hopefully, one day soon and then I’ll be able to see all those wonderful photos.

    I’m glad you found a new furbaby. I lost mine in July and my heart is very much broken. It’s not easy. But seeing that you have found a new baby gives me hope for the future.

    I love your monsters! I hope you will continue to post here, even if it’s not super often. I’ve always loved your blog(s) and I always look forward to reading your posts. I miss you.

    Thank you so much for the update. In the hopes that I see photos, posts, updates from you soon.


  3. Diane Zalk says:

    Thanks for the update! Your striping yarn is beautiful. I would love to follow your projects on a blog, but only do it if you want to. To HAVE to write about your projects would get awfully tedious if you weren’t enjoying the process. Enjoy your time with Martin. Of course, he isn’t Raymond, but then, Raymond wasn’t Martin, either! We love our two kitties, too. (Frankie & Johnny, but no, not sweethearts like in the song.)

  4. terrimm says:

    What a lovely Monday evening surprise, to see a blog post from you – you’ve made my week, and it’s only Monday! Martin looks absolutely adorable. Congratulations on your new edition! I don’t Instagram, but if I decide to, I’ll look you up. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas, and thankyou so much for the update.🙂

  5. Lisa says:

    Funny, just yesterday I was looking at your blog for crochet inspiration and wondered what creative endeavours you were up to, haven’t yet joined Instagram but love pinterest for similar visual inspiration. Martin looks like he knows he is onto a good thing – he looks very smoochy.

  6. Frederique Llensa-Vanderlynden says:

    Thank you very much for your post. I like so much your colours that I understand very well your dyeings. Thanks for your colourful realizations. They made me crochet and knit again.
    Yesterday our black cat Bouddha died and I think you’re right to have jooked for another cat even if Martin will not take Raymond’s place, Martin will give you much fun. Be happy.
    Frederique Llensa, France.

  7. Annick says:

    Bonjour d”une abonnée de France !
    Je suis très heureuse de ce “retour” sur Crochet with Raymond, et surtout j’espère qu’il y aura de nombreux autres posts…
    Très belle semaine à vous 3

  8. fairynuff says:

    Seeing a notification in my email box has made a happy start to a Monday morning. I’m so happy things are going well and you’re still keeping those fingers busy. Martin looks lovely xx

  9. Jeannette Lazet says:

    Yay!! You’re back!! … love the new moggie (my fav colours by the looks!) and looking forward to more sharing in 2014 … I’ve missed you x

  10. LAVANDE says:

    Trés contente de votre retour.

  11. Kay Sannini says:

    Welcome back! I missed seeing your lovely crafty delights but see why you needed a break. Love your new kitty cat, he reminds me of my little boy cat Alfie another huge monster ball of fluff! He’s always trying to get on my lap so I end up trying crochet in mid air! X

  12. maria says:

    A notification in my email from Crochet with Raymond?? Nahhhhh….this can’t be true!!! I’m very happy that you are here again!! Martin is gorgeous and we will never forget Raymond!
    Maria, Portugal

  13. mumquarr says:

    Welcome back. I’ll head over to IG. I’m mumquarron there xx glad you’ve got a new fur baby. I have just adopted a fur old man in the way of a dog with problems. Welcome to Martin xx

  14. baamekniits says:

    My blog has fallen by the wayside also, this year seems to be very busy for so many people? Welcome to IG, my feed is my mini blog and I love seeing so many fibreholics over there and viewing their wonderful creations. Very inspiring and we also share our failures to remind ourselves that we are all human, it’s a lovely community🙂

  15. Mrs Jones says:

    How fabulous! I was only thinking about your monsters yesterday while pondering what to start knitting next and I wake up to find this sitting in my Feedly! I was so very sad to see you finish your blog as I loved reading it but I can understand that it was a tumultuous time. I’m so pleased to see you at least pop by to say hello, and to introduce us to Squidgy Martin with the snorgleable belly.

  16. Rakkie says:

    Hello hello, premier mail que j ai ouvert ce matin!!! Serait-elle de retour??
    J aimais les couleurs, le fun et Raymond
    Bon vent et happy xmas & happy new year

  17. Nina Malm says:

    Hey, nice to see you again! New kitty seems a cosy happy pile of fur! Hope he likes your knits, as Raymond did..🙂 Take care, love from Sweden!

  18. Elena says:

    Thank you for your post. It’s great to see your new cat. I’ll look for you on Instagram, though I still prefer “normal” blogs with texts and photos.😉

  19. Michelle says:

    Hi Alice,
    I’m so glad to read you again, I’m from Belgium and I really missed your posts.
    I never leave a comment on blogs but this time, I’m very happy like a friend is back so I write.
    Sorry for my english, I speak french.

  20. Delphine says:

    Quelle bonne surprise!!! Merci d’être revenue nous dire bonjour!!! Sunshine in our winter days….

  21. Amy says:

    So glad you did this post. Started following you on instagram…such a happy place. I agree with Michelle, I don’t really comment but I am so happy you posted! Welcome back. ps I know how easy it is to step away from a blog…mine has been sorely neglected lately!

  22. Ileana says:

    Alice, was a really really nice surprise to find a new feed of your blog!
    Martin is an adorable boy!🙂 and he has got a great new family!
    The three super big cats that lives at home betweem yarn and love wieght around 7.2 kg!🙂 you can see some pics of them in my blog and also in instgram (there i’m xxxxxxxalsol and new I’m following you!)
    Again, it’s really really nice can read your blog again! I hope you can post from time to time. Is always a pleasure read your post!

    Have a wonderfull week, and a marvelous December.

    Ileana, from Argentina.-

  23. Esther says:

    There you are!! Glad to see you here again.
    Awww that fluffball is adorable, I want to scratch that belly🙂

  24. Bec says:

    Such a lovely surprise to see an email with your update. Welcome back and welcome to Martin. Bec x

  25. Brenda says:

    Hi Alice, Welcome back! I have so missed you, thanks for popping in and saying hi xxBrenda

  26. Ali Hodges says:

    Oh what a lovey surprise to see notification in my feeder, so pleased that you are all well and still producing beautiful things and a big welcome to (not quite so big as he was) Martin. I have not a clue about Instagram (have seen it mentioned but know nothing more) I will look it up. Even if I cannot join you over there, best wishes and thank you for all your past blog posts, they were so colourful and informing about your life so far away from here (UK)..Ali

  27. Kirsteen Wright says:

    So pleased to hear from you again. Your blogs have been missed. Reply glad you have another fur ball. Best wishes to you, KB and Martin.

  28. dorothyoz says:

    Oh Alice, what a great surprise to see your post – absolutely fantastic to have you back and I hope you continue to occasionally post here. I’ve been following you since the very early days and got so much inspiration from you and your projects. Please please keep in touch with all of us here in blogland. One of my favourite projects is the granny mandala from your pattern and tutorial. As a matter of fact I was only thinking about it the other day as I have so much stash to use up – so many odd balls in different colours and I’m sure I could find something perfect for a mandala. I agree with what Michelle said …. it feels like a friend is back …. so I’m going to look forward to reading more from you.🙂 Cheers, Dorothy (Australia)

  29. creativemau says:

    Alice,Welcome back !!
    Thanks for sharing your post.Always loved your work and colors you used.Very vibrant and inspiring .
    Will catch you on Instagram…

  30. Alison says:

    Hi Alice, lovely to hear from you again. I bet the pressure of a blog is enormous, especially when you have so many other important things in your life; so while I was sad not to hear from you I understood. But now you have provided an update…..hurrah……Martin is lovely, although I have to comment that one of my cats, Big Bad Max, is 7.5kg. It is some weight when he decides he wants love and sits on your chest with his claws scrunching into your neck. His brother, Little Bill, is a more reasonable 5.5kg. I’m not on Instagram, it’s all I can do to follow a blog! Take care, Ali x

  31. Carol says:

    How lovely to find your email today! Missed your posts. Love your new furry friend. So pleased to see you are on Instagram, my blog is neglected but I do enjoy Instagram.
    Carol xx (Dansnan on Instagram)

  32. Stel says:

    So good to “hear” your voice! Hello to Martin🙂
    Still loving your monsters. I knitted two, just winging it, and loved it, must do more.

  33. meredithjean says:

    Squweeeeeee Alice!!!! Much love you three xxxx. I think of you all often with great fondness and delight in things yarny xxxx (not that I knew about Martin of course, congrats on your new boy xxx)

  34. meredithjean says:

    Squweeeeeeee Alice!!!
    Fabulous to hear from you. Welcome Martin, and hey hey KB xxxx
    SO exciting, much love you 3 xxx

  35. meredithjean says:

    Yay I managed to post twice in my excitement, well heck no, I’ve posted 3 times hehe

  36. Emma says:

    What lovely comments! Great to get a quick update and glad things are going well for you. Raymond was the first blog i ever started following. I recently started my own little sewing blog and Raymond was a big influence. Enjoy instagram!

  37. I couldn`t beleive when I got the notification email with your update, It`s so nice to have you back! I`ll look for you on Instagram. Welcome back!

  38. Tina says:

    Qué buen regalo de lunes!!! Recibir un e-mail de Crochet con Raymond es una muy buena noticia. Adoro tus creaciones y tus colores y te echaba de menos…Gracias por volver!!!
    Tina, Barcelona.

  39. Fabienne says:

    Super! Quel plaisir de voir que vous êtes de retour.
    Un bonjour de Belgique.

  40. Kathy says:

    Welcome back Alice! Love your sock yarn! Keep thinking I must look into Instagram!!!

  41. So glad to see your note in my email this morning! We were just talking about you yesterday, too, and I went to your blog, on the off chance you were posting and I was missing you! We’ll always remember Raymond, but your new Martin is a cutie and we can’t wait to hear about his adventures, also.

  42. Miss Ebz says:

    Yay, my heart skipped a beat when I saw you wrote a new blog! Every nowandthen I wondered how you’d be doing. Many blessings from the Netherlands!

  43. kniterus says:

    What a nice Monday morning surprise (Texan here.) Glad to see you back. I have missed your sunny outlook on life and beautiful, colorful creations. Best of luck ❤️

  44. Mia says:

    How funny to see your post! I was just wondering last week what happened to you! Lovely to see your monsters again and what a gorgeous puss-cat.

  45. Kate says:

    I’ve missed you! I was just talking to my man about how your blog and remembering how you were the first blog I started to read about crochet. You opened the door for me. I wish you all the best and if I join instagram, I will look you up! Love from a tiny town in Connecticut!

  46. Kimmy says:

    Oh, I’m so happy you’re back! After a year of terrific losses at my house, I’m not sure I’d be up keeping up with a blog, let alone life!

  47. Anne Marie says:

    What a lovely surprise to get a notification from CWR. I hadn’t deleted it as it was an inspiration of colour and skill and I even started my own paltry blog. I will try to fathom out Instagram.

  48. Twigwoman~ says:

    Oh Yeah What a lovely surprise to wake up and see a blog post from You!!!!
    Welcome Martin You’ve been Blessed with the best place to live and be loved!!!
    Have missed your creative expressions……. will check out instagram!
    Blessings to You, KB, and Martin in the coming year!!!!

  49. Great to read you again!! The new kitty looks delightful!! I’m wondering if you’ve heard of Pinterest? It’s a wonderful place to pin photos, etc. another thing to take up time, but great fun! Here’s my ‘crochet’ board http://www.pinterest.com/revangelica/crochet/
    Blessings, Angelica

  50. Andrea says:

    Oh yay! I just recently taught myself crochet, am also a Reiki master and I love your blog! Im also a spotty blogger! So happy to see this post. ❤

  51. nanaknitz says:

    Oh, it was super awesome to find an update in my email!! Please, please start blogging again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. kelli elijah says:

    Glad to see your still around, doing what you love to do! Always happy to hear from you, I missed your posts but understand that blogging takes a back seat at times. I wish you the best and I will have to check out the instagram thing, my daughter keeps telling me to try it. Enjoy the holidays!

  53. Gerlene says:

    Ah, Alice, it’s so good to “hear” your voice.

  54. vada wetzel says:

    Grandmother from Texas usa has been hoping you would post again..Hoping you were happy and healthy..I have missed seeing your sock posts..you have been missed!

  55. Mary Nolan says:

    Missed you! Hope you are back for good….no pressure😉

  56. cecilia says:

    GUAWWW !!! 14 months… so much time… I feel glad to read you again… the best for you for the 2014. Thank you again, from Argentina

  57. M says:

    I never comment on blogs either, but felt like michelle, and was soooo thrilled to hear from you that I had to say thank you!!! About 2 years ago, without knowing it, you helped my learn to crochet. Today, I can’t imagine my life without it!!! Thanks again!!!

  58. heartsdesire says:

    Happy to have you back, and lovely to see your new kitty. He’s a beauty. We have an overweight (10 kg) kitty that I’m desperately trying to slim down, but sometimes it’s a losing battle. Especially when she looks at me with those eyes – my bowl is empty, feed me mom. Love your monsters, they’re so cute. Instagram is not something I’ve joined yet, but now, thanks to you, I have the incentive to try it.

  59. Jillian_R says:

    Wow!! I am so glad you are back! I missed hearing about your daily adventures and I hope that you will not go away again so quickly. I am happy to see your photos of martin, he looks like a hoot to be around.
    I am glad to hear that you and KB are doing ok, that is always good news. Well I hope that you will pop by again, I love hearing from you!

  60. Lulu says:

    so happy to hear from you, and so thrilled you got a new kitty…
    Have a wonderful christmas..

  61. Karen says:

    OMG, what a nice surprise hearing from you! I felt like I’d lost an old friend and am so happy to hear all is well with you. Martin is a sweety! I’m heading over to instagram to check it out…hugs

  62. Christina says:

    I am so glad to see you post again. Life does get a bit hectic now and then and I think we all understand you needing the break. But whenever you do come back (or just pop in to post) we are all so happy to see you.

  63. I’m cheking my maiibox today and I read “Crochet with Raymond”. A big smile came to my face! I miss you posts so much!🙂 It’s so cute little Martin. And your monsters couldn’t get cuter.

    Hope to hear from you on a new blog. 🙂

    Sofia G

  64. britjane says:

    Hi Alice,
    What a lovely surprise to hear from you again. It’s like finding a long lost friend. I love your new fur baby, give him a big cuddle from me. I also don’t Instagram, just found out how to use pinterest so I’m on a bit of a learning curve here ha-ha! So glad that you are well, I have thought about you and wondered how you were. just don’t leave it so long next time.
    Love jane

  65. So happy to see your blog post in my feed this AM. Congratulations on your new fur baby. Can’t wait to read about your projects.😉

  66. juniperjune says:

    hi alice! it’s good to hear from you again, and i’m glad you’re doing well! i’ve actually been thinking about your monsters lately & was thinking about trying to make some of my own! i’m not on instagram, but i’m still on ravelry and hope to see you around there!

  67. Darlene says:

    Alice, I’m so glad to see you back blogging, even if just once in a while. Love the kitty, and all the colourful things you create.

  68. Jess says:

    Thanks for sharing! You got a smile out of me as I checked my email and found your post. I was just telling my friend yesterday that I would like to get crocheting again. Your blog is an inspiration. I hope you recouped enough!

  69. ann snell says:

    lovely to hear from you, like your new baby he’s bigger than my jack russells who are all 5kg! loving your new yarn. will look you up on instagram.

  70. Angela says:

    Yay! Thank you for posting, Alice!

  71. Hiya!
    Yep looks like I still get your notifications for here. I must admit I was a little excited to see it in my email this morning.
    I’m following you along on Instagram now and of course I’ll follow you if you choose to blog.
    Feel free to follow me back on Instagram, I’m beccisdomesticbliss, but all cool if you don’t. I do have pics of the kids etc, but always pics of what I’m hooking🙂
    Becci xx

  72. Hi Alice
    Good to read life’s going well for you. Martin looks a lovely furry bundle. Xx

  73. Hi Alice, lovely to hear from you again. I have been seeing all your knitting projects on Ravelry…you certainly are knitting up a storm aren’t you? I would love it if you checked out my blog. I post at least once a week and have heaps of completed knitted and the odd crocheted project on my blog. Take care and have a wonderful Christmas. Melanie

  74. Ohhh, HAPPINESS!!!! 🙂 It’s fabulous to hear from you, wonderful Alice! I miss your regular blog posts so much but completely understand that life is busy and other priorities arise. Thank you for the update! It’s great to know that you are doing well and have a new addition to the family in precious Martin. Wishing you and KB and Martin every good thing in 2014!

  75. Sandra says:

    How nice to see you back here! Thats one seriously relaxed moggie🙂 Gorgeous sock yarn – you are still me go to inspiration for sock-knitting!

  76. Wanda says:

    It was so good to receive a post from you. I’ve wondered how you were doing and even dropped by occasionally to see if I had missed a post. Glad life is going well for you and that you and KB adopted another fur baby. All your endeavors are lovely as usual. Hope to hear more from you soon.


  77. Susan says:

    I used to really enjoy your updates. I hope you find time to pop in and share what you have been working on. You were always a great motivator to me. Yes strange coming from a total stranger but I felt like if you could do all that you do then what was stopping me? Needless to say my
    Motivation has gone down the drain and I haven’t much completed anything in a very long time. Maybe we all needed a break and it’s time to start back at it? Hope so! Peace and love to you and your family this Christmas season from Indiana USA🙂

  78. Knittergran says:

    So glad you are back! You do such gorgeous work—I love seeing it, and of course, kittie photos are always a special treat!

  79. MRM says:

    Wuau, que bueno volver a saber de usted, no tengo instagram, pero ojalá usted pueda seguir publicando en su blog, es realmente inspirador ver lo que usted hace.
    Que bueno que tenga una nueva mascota.
    Saludos y Bendiciones

  80. Amy B says:

    I just found your blog TODAY and am making a few mandalas for gifts.

  81. abstarr says:

    Lovely to hear /see you, fully understand how inspiration on demand can become a pressure…. have often thought of you and wished you good things and more fur love, and have huge love and respect for the beautiful colours and patterns you so generously share with us, Alice. Many good wishes to you from Adelaide🙂

  82. Lovely to see you are doing well and as always your knitting is something to behold and inspires me with you wonderfully alive colors. Your new kitty looks like a wonderful companion. May you and your family (human and furry) have a happy holiday season and a blessed New Year.

  83. Lynne Wardrop says:

    Nice to hear from you. I’d missed the blog & wondered how you guys were doing every now & again. Lovely new kitty. Have an excellent holiday season & post when you can or have some pretties to share. Lynne in Michigan (USA)

  84. Dorothy says:

    So happy to see you back! I’ve missed you and your blog. Have thought of you often in the past year and wondered how you and KB were doing without Raymond. So glad you have Martin. We will always miss Raymond as do you and KB but Martin is a real cutie! Looking forward to reading your blog again.

  85. Maria Julia says:

    What a nice surprise to hear about you! I missed a lot your post. Martin looks like so friendly. Welcome back!


  86. Lolacha says:

    I’m very glad to read you again !!! As someone said a little upper, receiving your update notification has been a real good start of the week !!! I was hesitating about Instagram and another social network but I’ll give it a go ! Thanks !

  87. Anne 76 says:

    quel bonheur de vous voir de retour !
    amitiés de France,

  88. Meredith says:

    Alice, so lovely to see your post pop up on my reader. Glad you three are happy and that you are still knitting and playing with wool. Wishing you a wonderful Holiday. ANd remember that you have been missed.

  89. Sharlene says:

    Alice, it was absolutely wonderful to see your update in my email. You have been missed.

  90. kelli elijah says:

    got instagram on my phone now. my name is kjsunflower27.

  91. Allie says:

    Just wanted to say a huge Thankyou for everything on your blog You’re an inspiration but can understand how demanding it must have been My best furry pal Smudge has just finished his diet too and probably weighs the same as Martin – he is all white and big boned …..really.
    How amazing that you can dye your own sock yarn …. It looks gorgeous
    Have fantastic Xmas and 2014
    Smudges mum Allie🙂

  92. Christy says:

    It was a delightful surprise to get your update. You’ve been very missed. Congratulations on the new kitty, he’s beautiful.

  93. heidi says:

    Hi! I’m so very happy you’re back!! You were one of the first blogsites I read,and followed you faithfully. I was so sad to say goodbye, but understood there is life beyond the internet. You make all of us here so happy to read and follow your inspiration,not to mention the generosity of all your gorgeous tutorials..thank you thank you for coming back to us-we missed you!

  94. Jennifer R. says:

    I’m soo happy you have come back. It’s good to hear that you have been happy and well. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Also, I’m enjoying your Instagram photos. Very nice.

  95. Tiffanie says:

    It’s so great to see you back! I echo all the sentiments of everyone above. When I found your blog a few years ago, I was bowled over by your creativity and outlook on life. You provided so much inspiration and I often find myself coming back to reread posts. Congrats to you and KB on the new addition to your family! Martin looks eminently smushable.🙂 I’m afraid I’m not an Instagram girl, so I hope you’ll pop by here every now and then for a quick ‘Hi!’ and share your creative sunshine. You’ve been greatly missed.

  96. Michelle says:

    So glad to see you back!!!

  97. Leah says:

    So lovely to see you back Alice. Martin is gorgeous – give him a big pat from me. Good on you for helping him get his weight down. Bit of a change in body shape to sleek Raymond. I have to say, I am partial to a slightly chubby cat. My girl Bella is large but we say she is ‘big furred’!!

    I will have to check out Instagram – it’s not something I’ve played around with yet but it sounds great.


  98. Janice says:

    Something made me check your blog and I’m SO glad I did! I’s made my day that you have a new post.. Really glad to read about and see Martin too, he’s gorgeous! So looking forward to reading more posts! You really have been missed! You have inspired me to crochet and knit which I’ve really enjoyed and hope you will post some more of your wonderfully inspiring creations!!🙂

  99. Miss T says:

    Trop contente de ce retour inespéré.Au plaisir de continuer à te lire depuis la France.

  100. Anita Meade says:

    Well Alice, it looks like a lot of people are glad to hear from you…..me included🙂 I’ve just started to dip my toe back into the bloggy waters again too. But I’ve promised myself it will be obligation free. Just blogging when I feel like it…….no pressure. I hope you’ll feel like doing that too. Lovely to hear what you’ve been up to, and to meet the handsome Martin. He’s lucky to have you to take care of him. Following you on instagram. Feel free to follow back if you like – Anita Meade. xo

  101. Shirley says:

    I loved your blog so much … so was so happy this morning to see something from you in my inbox – brightened up my day, thank you! Love your new kitty Martin, he looks so happy and I’m sure will bring you both much joy. I would love you to post even if it’s every few months or so.

  102. Lou from Melbourne says:

    Welcome back! I had a hankering to whip up one of your potholders tonight and what a fantastic surprise to see a new entry! Dont go awol for so long again! Welcome to the Marvelous Martin🙂

  103. Chris says:

    Welcome back Alice….you have been missed! Love Martin…he looks like such a sweet, playful kitty! Also love your “monsters” do you sell them anywhere? I would love to have one or five! Please e-mail me if you do.
    Happy Holidays!

  104. aishwarya says:

    Hi Alice….. Welcome back into blogland. I missed your blogposts very much. I love love love all the tea cosies you’ve made….You are on my list of `blog i love’. And I was surprised to see an update. I logged in today after a long gap and wow… I landed here. Happy to see you back.

  105. Oh my it’s so good to see you’re words again. We’ve missed you but completely understand the pressures of life getting it the way…the same thing has happened to me and my poor little blog has been sitting unloved for a while now waiting for some love to be given to it.

    Martin is such a lucky boy to have been adopted into your loving home, he looks gorgeous and cuddly though am glad you’ve been helping him back into the healthy weight range for a kitty.

    I too have discovered the love of hand dying yarn and my stash has exploded also. Welcome back and I send through lots of best wishes to you and your family for Xmas and the new year, And again Welcome back! *hugs*

  106. Ruth says:

    Glad to see you back! I’ve loved all the nice things you have made and the great tutorials! Your new yarn is beautiful! Martin looks like a nice and slightly chubby fellow! I had a huge gold tabby for many years. His name was Goldie (original, I know!). Looking forward to when you pop in again with an update.

  107. I am so excited to see you posting again! I’ve missed you!

  108. wendy says:

    Oh lovely to see you hear Alice and love that new kitty ☺

  109. gabriele says:

    Thats a lovely surprise on a monday morning. The morning coffe software lets your blog pop up from time to time and I almost lost hope to hear from you again. But I still refused to delete you from my list and now you are back. I love your blog and all the beautiful things you craft.

  110. jennifer W says:

    good to hear from you! Missed seeing your creativity & pictures but glad you are taking a new pace & not bowing to the stress of blogging per say. What starts as “fun” & “whimsy” quickly turns into obligation & stress inducing. Slippery slope.🙂 wishing you a wonderful Christmas & a very peaceful & stripey 2014. -jenn in kansas

  111. Louise says:

    I didn’t follow your new blog after you lost Raymond and I can’t quite say why. I’m not sure what made me check this one again tonight after such a long time, but I’m glad you’ve come back “home” to say hello🙂 Merry Christmas to you, KB, and Martin🙂

  112. Michelle says:

    As you can see you have been missed!

  113. Lori says:

    yay Alice!!! I am so glad you are back! I love your monsters too, I can’t knit like you, I crochet more, but I am learning!! Martin is a cutie, I hope you keep us updated on your latest projects,. Love your blog! I will look you up on instagram. Merry Christmas to all of you and a happy, healthy, prosperous, new year!

  114. Teje says:

    Dear Alice, this was a great surprise! I’m so happy to hear again from you! I came to see how to make the granny square and was so happy to find news from you! Marting looks sweet and it’s wonderful you have again kitten at home. I don’t have Instagran, so I really, really hope you start to blog again here! I have been mostly sewing lately but now I have also new blog for sea glass http://www.trikimia.com. I wish you all the best for the NEW Year and hope to see you soon again! Hugs! Teje

  115. So glad your back. I loved your bog and often visited from Scotland! I’ve never blogged in fact can barely use these contraptions so don’t know that I’ll send this right but I was soory to hear u feel u have to work creating new things all the time I just enjoy seeing the colours, textures and progress in your life. It never has to be anything fancy for me! Delighted your coming back and I’ll try the instagram thing too! Martin looks lovely. Take care Morag

  116. Kim says:

    Sometimes we just need a break to get everything in perspective; and find our true loves, whatever that may be. I have four fuzzballs, including a fatty, and it is impossible to keep him on a diet (he steals the others food!) Enjoy your new baby

  117. barbara says:

    que lindo saber de vos nuevamente !!! te conocí cuando apenas te habías ido, pero acá estamos de vuelta compartiendo tu mundo. gracias por compartir a Martin🙂

  118. HillyT says:

    So many comments! But we are all glad you’re happy. I’ve been meaning to look into instagram, thanks for reminding me.
    We’ve just got a new kitten as well, they are such a joy.

  119. Sara-Jane says:

    Was poking around Pintrest and saw your name so I thought I would stop by. I am so excited to see you are on instagram. I will be looking you up today. Please post pictures of the cats from time to time in addition to any yarn loveliness.

  120. AnjeB says:

    I’m so glad you are back. I’ve looked sometimes on your blog and now I was successful. Anje from Germany

  121. Janine says:

    What a joy to read your little post. I have missed you Alice, but so understand the pressures of life and losing the desire to blog or create. Thankfully, it is just part of the seasons of life and you need to be happy doing what you do. The Instagrammer sounds like a wonderful non pressured way to share your fun & see others. I have kept your blog on my list so that I can always refer back to your many blogs of inspiration. I love your new kitty, and his name is adorable. May 2014 bring you much joy, inspiration and creative activity again. We still love & adore you.

  122. Lisa Marie says:

    Alice, I just found your blog today. It has lovely patterns and I enjoyed all your commentary. As I clicked through I was so inspired! And then I saw your domain name. I don’t know what path you were/are on in terms of healing, but I had surgery several months ago. Something went terribly wrong, and I was in horrible pain, unable to walk, for several months. I hadn’t crocheted in many years, but I picked it up again and it was like I never stopped. It’s very therapeutic, because I feel like I can succeed at something again. I love your beautiful colors and the many rainbows that adorn the wonderful photographs on your pages. As I slowly recover, I plan to look at more and more of your patterns. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • you are very welcome XXX

      • Georgie says:

        Hi, and Hello, I just wanted to ask if you did any tutorials on knitting left handed, because I Read in one of your blogs that you were left handed guess what so is i. many years ago when I was a child we had to learn knitting and because I was a lefty I just could not do it and was thrown out in disgust and sent along to the maths teacher for extra maths but unknown to the knitting teacher the maths teacher was also a lefty and in secrecy taught me how to crochet, lucky me , but then when the other teacher found out she sent me for extra R E lessons so I never got the chance to learn knitting I have tried many times and did manage this weekend to do my first bit of knitting but am sure it would be easier with the left , any way hope all this made sense and thanks for your beautiful work and never ever apologize for being a lefty because we are great

  123. Victoria says:

    Just popped in here on a whim, to look at your older posts, and I’m so pleased I did. So very good to hear you are well, still crafting your lovelies, and saving a gorgeous kitty, all the while. Will have to start instagramming then. You’ve been sorely missed, sister. Much love and peace in the new year.

  124. Alison says:

    Oh, Alice, it was so nice to see an update from you! Martin is adorable and I am glad he chose you and KB!

    I’m relatively new to crochet, and I absolutely love your blog and images, and I only joined right before you left. — thank you for all the instruction and inspiration.

    Sending love and light, and I look forward to seeing your instagram images!!

    Alison – Massachusetts USA

  125. Kim W says:

    Oh Happy Day!
    I am so glad you and KB have let a new fur baby in your lives.
    Missed you and I still come back to this blog for inspiration.
    Thank You

  126. Muito bom o post adoreei !

  127. I’m so sorry I missed this post! Somehow it didn’t pop up in my email inbox.😦 Never mind, I’ll do my best to remedy that. Very pleased to hear you’re still crafting in all those lovely ways and that you have a new companion – I think I mean boss, don’t I, but we’ll be cautious – even if there were stern dietary measures involved! Hugs from across the Sea.

  128. Hi there I am glad to hear you have found a new furry friend.and things are going well, I love your dyed sock yarn the colours are beautiful. How are you setting your colour? I use the microwave and as long as I dont over cook it there is no adverse affect. I have been experimenting on faux fibre (nylon) colour sets well no fear of felting and beautifully soft to spin

    Hope you start blogging again are you on ravelry?


  129. cybercita says:

    Alice, what a nice surprise to see again. I miss you and seeing your beautiful creations. Thanks for the update and for leaving this blog up — I come here for inspiration quite often.

  130. jeanniegray2012 says:

    Oh, how good it is to have you back! I have checked and checked since you bowed out so sadly, just in case you might have posted again, and here you are! Stay well and happy!

  131. Anne Marie says:

    Still missing your lovely blog!

  132. tempest_angel says:

    Glad you’ve popped back in… and I’ve just looked you up on IG. Was sad when your other blog just disappeared, so glad to know you are okay. Martin is adorable!🙂

  133. Maya says:

    We miss you so much¡¡¡¡¡¡

  134. Barb Schanel says:

    I’m about to weep because I only just found your blog and it no longer exists! Waaahhh! Oh well, I understand other things taking precedence. Peace and happy hooking!

  135. mitem says:

    I always visit with pleasure your blog, it’s so beautiful! Thank you for let it open/alive.

  136. Pat says:

    Missing your blog and you soooooo much xxxx

  137. Susan says:

    Every once in a while I get a ping when someone posts on a precious blog entry that I responded to. I must say that although we’ve never met I loved reading your blog and looked forward to your posts.

    Whenever you have time drop in and say hi, most of us are still around!

  138. woolysheep says:

    Due to my glutted feed, I missed this post until now. It was good to hear from you and see that you have a new furbaby. Hope 2014 has treated you and yours well.

  139. kddomingue says:

    Alice, Loved your blog from the moment that I found it, about a year ago, when I started crocheting. I was so sad when I realized that no new posts were forthcoming. I am in awe of all the effort that bloggers, like you, put into their sites and can fully appreciate that you just hit burnout. I sew, quilt and crochet and my husband and I are do it yourselfers and are remodeling our house. The requests for help, can you do……, can you make me……, will you make me…….., can you show me……can you teach me how to…………. Well, sometimes the requests seem endless and we get overwhelmed. We’re not real good at saying “sorry, but no”. And even if the demands are only the expectations we THINK other people have of us or the demands that we place on ourselves, it can get to the point where it’s just more than we can cope with sometimes. Having said all of that, should you decide to start posting on this blog again……. you know, like once or twice a month maybe……?…….SIGN ME UP FOR THE EMAILS, SISTER! I don’t knit nor do I have Instagram so, sadly, I am out of your current loop! Hope you and Martin are doing well and that all of your current endeavors are bringing you much joy and happiness! Sincerely, Kim

  140. Katie says:

    I was looking at some of your creations and found I could not link to the purple acyrlic interchangeable knitting needles – could you help – PLEASE and thank you ;o)

  141. Shannon says:

    I have just followed you on Insta! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures, creations, kitties, and stories. You are wonderful. Welcome back.

  142. Brenda says:

    Happy 2015 Alice, I still miss your bight and colourful posts, I hope you return here one day xxbrenda

  143. I must be the last person in the universe to catch up with this post! But I’m so happy to read of your lives, your Martin, your dyeing, and just precious you. xxx Know how I found it? I was Pinterest-ing “tea” “cosy” and there was yours all lovely in pinks and purples, your granny cosy from Lucy. Oh yay for touching base xxx

  144. Amina says:

    Now it´s May 2015 and I´m extremely lucky to hear from you again and that you gave a cute cat a lovely place!!! I have adopted a 14 year old Siamese – could never imagine before WHAT that means🙂🙂🙂 and named him Sweet Senior King Bubbi. He was living only few streets away from me, the former owner was terminally ill of cancer and was so searching for a good new home. It´s about one year now that Bubbi and me are living luckily together. I started crocheting again after a long break. All that is sooo life itself. All the best for you and your family from Germany.

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