New beginnings at the end of May

There is a strong possibility I am going to need a wheelchair tomorrow… it is a shame my sister lives an 11 hour drive from me, I’m sure I could otherwise borrow hers until my body recovers from a 90 minute Iyengar yoga session on Monday and then moving house today.  Every time I bend over I just about fall over, so we’ll see how things pan out tomorrow!

Raymond has coped remarkably well with the move, although I had forgotten exactly how indignant his meow can be when he is locked in a bedroom!  He spent the day upstairs while we moved and cleaned and unpacked.

I’m going to be honest here, I hate moving.  Absolutely hate it and I have been stressing about it for days, even waking up in the middle of the night, panicking and not being able to breathe.  We moved again because the house we rented when we moved towns was just not to our satisfaction and we decided the day we moved in that we would leave as soon as the lease ended in six months.  Such are the dangers of taking a house without being able to view it, but that was what we had to do at the time!  So we looked around and found a place that suited us just perfectly and costs a lot less and we are very happy to have moved in.  Within a few hours the above mess became out daybed…

A bit wrinkly, but our beautiful daybed anyway!  As well as being a lovely little home, we have a view we are just loving.  As you look at it, imagine the sound of birds and a river and that lovely still sound of silence to go with it.

Yes, we are going to be very happy here.

So to round off this post, my May mosaic.  May feels like it has been a really long month!  I’m loving the Autumnal colours of this mosaic, so much yellow and orange is quite spesh and quite unlike any other mosaic I have made over the last 17 months.  I am loving it.

Included in this mosaic are some yarns I bought in Wellington and also, down the bottom there, on the right… yes, that is a rainbow set of knitpro needles there… *love them!*

And there went May!  June is set to be a busy month in my little world, I’m travelling to the big city of Auckland TWICE for work, as well as settling into our new home and continuing to settle into our new city. 

June is also going to be the month I start my next granny square blanket which I am MOST excited about… as you can see, the Gypsy Caravan Blanket is on our daybed, so our bedroom bed needs a blanket of its own.  I’m going to do a lovely big multi-coloured higgledy-piggledy blanket and I can’t wait to get started.  Being that my swift is packed and the yarn I am making it with is all in skeins, not balls, KB is in for a mega-wool-winding-weekend.  I’m betting she is quite excited about that!

What has June got in store for you?

I’m off, I need to find my work clothes for the morning!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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64 Responses to New beginnings at the end of May

  1. Sue Webber says:

    Glad the move went well😀 How terrible of you to inconvenience poor Raymond like that! He;ll ignore for days now probably. Just saying hello from Hamilton NZ😀

  2. Patch says:

    At least the horrible moving is over, just settling in and getting cosy now which is by far the best bit of moving. Your view looks amazing. I’m sure Raymond will love it once he’s got over being locked in.

  3. sajuki says:

    great photos🙂 cute cat ;D

  4. Dorothy says:

    Moving is such a hassle but by the sounds of it, you’re going to be very happy in your new home. The view is superb. Having lived in NZ a long time ago, just seeing your picture of that lush green countryside brings back fond memories. I do hope Raymond appreciates his new home too. xoxox

  5. Laila says:

    I don’t like to move either. As students we moved 10 times in 7 years, it was like a long nightmare. When we built our new house we promised not to move again, still we sold the house and bought the one we live in now. A hundred years old beauty filled with soul and cosyness. I’ve told handyman that I won’t ever leave this home, if so he has to carry me out.
    I hope you’ll find peace in your new home, at least it looks peaceful.
    Good luck to all of you!

  6. Alessandra says:

    Moving can be really stressful, I totally agree! Imagine when you to travel from country to country!!! Anyway, good luck in the new home!!!
    xxxxx Alessandra

  7. Lovely Alice, I do feel for you guys moving again and all the stress that it brings but on the positive side it’s going to a place that you can truly call home and wow from te sound of your description and the view from a window it sounds like sheer BLISS. I hope you will all be very happy there and many memories to be made.
    I am a bit like you as soon as I move I need t get some of my stuff out so I can feel like it’s home even if I am dog tired after moving, it just has to happen so I can wake up and not feel like I am in a strange place. There is nothing more homely than your gypsy caravan blanket and it looks great on your day bed. May has been a mega busy month for us, too busy infact I am hoping to chill more on the beach in June :0) lots of love Penelope xox

  8. Isobel_A says:

    Ah Kiwiland, I do miss you sometimes (Wanganui and Waiheke, specifically) – where it’s lush and green and growsome looking even in Winter. Sigh.

    Your new house looks lovely. I’m half with you on hating moving – the packing and actual moving part is awful. The unpacking part, though, I love!

  9. baamekniits says:

    You view looks very calming….I am sure you will love your new house! Yes your mosaic is more my colours than yours, hooray 🙂

  10. Stocki says:

    I’m so glad Raymond didn’t mind the move too much this time…at least you only had to listen to him miaowing in the bedroom – not in the car with you! Congratulations on your new home…may it be filled with love and lovely creations… including the new blanket which is so exciting for us! Hugs, Jill x

  11. Lelo says:

    all the best in the new house! Hope Raymond settles in well. I have moved twice with my cats and they showed no difficult behaviour because of it🙂

  12. Emma says:

    Moving house is the worst thing in the world! You pack into the boxes, move the boxes to the car, drive the car to the new house, carry the boxes inside, muster the energy to unpack and then collapse! And do all of that to the just beautiful and relaxing sound of a cat crying.

    Brings back memories I had tried to forget. I moved house 6 times in 4 years. Luckily I have been in this house for 2 years and have no plans to go through the moving hassle for a long long time!

    I hope that you have enjoyed settling in – I am very jealous of your view!

  13. Oh my goodness so many moves in what seems such a short time, how those 6 months have flown by!!

    I am loving the mosaic pictures such a lovely mix of colours. I have a set of those needles they are lovely/handy to have.

    June for in the UK consists of 2 extra days off to celebrate the queens diamond jubilee at the beginning of the month. Then the rest I think will fly by in the build up to my son finishing primary school and getting ready for secondary school which he is really looking forward to in September.

  14. Terri says:

    O to sit on your bed and enjoy the view! Looks like the move was worth the effort. Enjoy!

  15. KicsiKató says:

    Wow, when I saw the pics I thought you had a spinning wheel store. Do you? Or are these wheels all yours? (Moving can be good with all the negatives, a new and clear sheet. I hope you’ll enjoy your new place!:)

  16. Wendy says:

    Glad the move went okay and is a very stressful time. The day bed looks perfect and so
    welcoming. Raymond will be happy as real quick in this place for sure.
    take care and love seeing your great pics.

  17. Brenda says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it’s been 6 months since you moved, how time flies! The new view looks amazing, I can’t wait to see more, I’m sure Raymond will love it. xxBrenda

  18. bonifacia says:

    Hola Alice,
    me encanta tu blog que sigo desde hace tiempo ya. Te deseo todo lo mejor en tu nueva vivienda.
    Tus trabajos son increibles.
    Un saludo

  19. We are moving too and I am also very excited and already planning a new blanket. My most beloved Grandala blanket was destroyed about a week after I finished it. I have been trying to repair it, but , well, I don’t think there is any hope for it. Congratulations on the new place that you love and I can’t wait to see the colors you pick for your new blanket. Your colors are always the best in blogland.

  20. Margo says:

    How time flies indeed! I can’t believe I have been following your adventures for more than six months, yet I remember the last time you moved like…yesterday. The view from your new home is so lovely, I would have moved for that too! Have fun settling in and making it a home (well underway now with the daybed up!) and I hope Raymond likes his new digs as well. I have never left a comment before, I know, but all this while I have been enjoying your blog immensely. Your posts are a pleasure to read and the pictures and wool art gorgeous! Thank you!

  21. melissa says:

    seeing your daybed makes realize that i need to crochet more pillow covers because yours are so pretty! good luck settling into your new place!

  22. Jennifer says:

    Hi there!

    Love the site! I’m a freelance writer and I’m currently putting together a page on great blogs and websites for Making magazine. I’d really love to feature your site. If you’re happy to be featured, do you think you could send me over some high resolution images of some of the lovely things you’ve made to accompany the write-up?

    Many thanks,
    Jennifer Gaskin

  23. delphine says:

    As we say here in France : voilà une bonne chose de faite! June here is all about sunshine, picnics and ….honeymoon for me in particular (after a twenty year old love story!!!) ;o)

  24. minaandme says:

    It’s good to hear you’re enjoying your new space🙂 It looks lovely! I am sure you’re quite sore though. I love the look of your daybed; it looks so inviting . I hope you enjoy your woolly weekend!

  25. Melissa says:

    Glad to hear you are settling in…lovely view.

  26. MiA says:

    As soon as you get things a little bit better in order, you will feel a LOT better inside! And if you still feel a bit panic, just remember to sit down for a while by one of your beautiful spinning wheels and create something amazing to stress down. Gorgeous views you’ve got !!

  27. I hate moving too! Raymond is hilarious! The new place looks beautiful! I would love to live around those trees! I’m in the hot hot desert and I am ready to move. I just have to convince the family to come with me! Lol

  28. ladjm says:

    All the happiness in your new home … It looks gorgeous! I could just flop on the daybed right now and sleep – have had a really tiring morning!!! xxx

  29. Lori says:

    you are in nz? i LOVE LOVE LOVE nz. i have to admit while i was reading your post all i wanted to do was look out the window, stunning gorgeous views. i’m sorry moving is stressful to you, i kind of like it and seeing all the boxes makes me want to jump in and help! wish we were neighbors (i could live in nz.) 🙂

    p.s. lovely day bed, cheer up raymond hee hee!

  30. Nancy says:

    We moved 3 years ago from a rather large 2 story home to a single wide mobile home (moving into our retirement years) and I insisted on bringing my knitting projects with me. All of them! Wow I didn’t relealize how many I had started and not finished. My goal for this year. But the intent of this blog entry is that we moved Bella (a short haired torti) with us. She hid under everything for two days and finally when she realized that this was her new home, she began sneaking out and sitting on our laps for hours on end. Thus cats do adjust. She loves her new home now and sits at my shoulder when I knit – occasionally trying to claim a ball of yarn. She is funny, fun and just a beautiful thing to behold. Raymond would appreciate her although she is past that stage of life. Happy Move, Happy Love, Happy Live to you, Your BFF and our love Raymond!

  31. Jill_R says:

    COngrats on complerting the move! I bet you are glad that’s over. You have such a lovely view and it all makes your new home look very inviting. Take rest to get over your yoga session, ok?

    Best wishes on your new home!

  32. MeMeRose says:

    I can feel the tranquility of your view coming through the computer screen… I absolutely adore being near water of any kind; around here it tends to be streams and I find it so refreshing and energising. Your day bed has lit up a light bulb in my head… my husband will not like this idea but it has got my mind whirring and I have an insatiable desire to have a day bed in our home (which is the size of a match box by the way). Hope you are both very happy in your new home x

  33. iheartyarn says:

    I love the view!

  34. Absolutley good luck in your move. It looks lush and I hope you are happy there.

    Much love, kate xxxx

  35. Havana says:

    It looks great! and the daybed is beautiful😀
    I got a real flashback to my 3 years in wellington when I noticed you are in NZ. Gotta love it!

  36. Pumpkin says:

    I’m not sure I know anyone who enjoys the process of moving. I definitely sympathize with you, it is very stressful even if everything works out perfectly. At least you have plenty of crocheted pillows to dress the place up with! Good luck!

  37. Deco Cat says:

    Glad to hear the move went smoothly and that you are delighted with your new home, the day bed looks so snuggly and gorgeous. Exciting sounding plans for your blankets, you will be busy.

  38. Michelle says:

    Your new home is much more lovely! I’m jealous of your wheels! I keep trying to talk dh into making me one as I we are both disabled, and have a kool-aid pocket book, but he just won’t do it. 🙂 I am currently teaching a crochet class, but I only have one student. However I have several ideas to get more. I am crocheting a shawl, and one more to finish. I also have 2 crocodile purses to finish. I don’t have anything on my knitting needles yet for June. I’ll have to remedy that. I saw the fourth wheel. You forgot to mention that one I think.🙂

  39. Hannah says:

    You live in such a beautiful place in the world ~~ all that green. I miss green because I live in the brown desert. I truly love to move. I love to pack and unpack and just move on. Hopefully very soon I can say that I have left this dry and parched desert for a green place. I love all of your pictures. You continue to inspire me.

  40. loulouandlillybean says:

    Your pictures are reminiscent of our move 3 years ago…..Lilly Bean (my constant feline companion) was just having the most delicious time hiding in, climbing on and otherwise disrupting all of my packed boxes until the final day when I had to pack her climbing tree!😮 I think that is when she suddenly realized something was up and she became quite alarmed! But she loved the new place as soon as her climbing tree was unpacked!!!🙂 I know what you mean about your back as well……..moving and packing is hellish on ones back!!!!!!!!!! My advice is to take a day to rest and recuperate.


  41. Nicole says:

    Oooh congratulations on your new home, you’ve made it very homely already🙂 Beautiful mosaic, your ted looks like mine!! Will have to get a photo :-p

  42. Monica Grattarola says:

    Dear Alice
    The moving house is the horrible things in the world, but such effort is nothing compared with the wonderful view from your house, Congrats for the new begining at the end of May , Raymond looks gorgeous in the box, is a very good son.
    from Sophie, Elliot, Florencia and Mónica

  43. Victoria says:

    I hate moving too, and I’m glad you’re happy now that it’s (mostly) done – the blanket on the daybed looks delicious!

  44. Monika says:

    Your daybed looks lovely, and very inviting.

  45. I am so happy you survived the move and that Raymond adjusted so well. I am so happy you found a place you both love, it’s so important for the relationship that you both are happy where you love. I can’t wait to see the colors you picked out for the new blanket. Happy hooking and remember to rest and meditate, so there is no major overloads.
    Happy Thoughts,
    Misty and Pets.

  46. Carmen says:

    Congratulations Alice, congratulations Raymond. I hope you enjoy at this beautiful home. Carmen

  47. What does June have in store for me? Definitely not moving! But, alas, I am knee deep in a non-fiber business-related project so I am concerned how it will affect my fiber art time. 😦

  48. kiwiyarns says:

    The new view looks to-die-for. I’m glad you’ve found a place you are happy with.

  49. Liza Flores says:

    Hello Alice,
    Congratulations to you guys. Your view is to die for. I can hardly wait to see more photos once you guys are settled in. Just think the adventure raymond is going to have exploring. Your take care sending only the best wishes to you and your loved ones. Your friend from Texas.

  50. Daisy says:

    Good luck in your new home and may you have many happy times there. Loving the picture of Raymond looking out of the box. Hope the move wasn’t too traumatic for him.

  51. WoollyBudgie says:

    wow, what a beautiful view! Hope you are all very happy in your new home.

  52. I did yoga this week too, for the first time in eighteen years, and I am definitely also feeling the pain now!!! But it was fabulous!!
    Love your new view,

  53. Christina says:

    Hopefully June will have me looking for our new home. Someplace with lots of sun and great energy to heal our hearts after the pains of this past year. And that will mean creativity with decorations LOL. And hopefully the beginings of a garden to grow for years to come. Hope you enjoy your new home🙂

  54. Truly Myrtle says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! Of course I know your blog – you’re famous!!! I’ve finally gotten around to joining so I don’t miss a thing.
    Your view makes me feel a bit homesick…. enjoy!

  55. Karisma Fine says:

    Can I just say that I am in AWE of your 90 minute yoga session. I started YRG yoga two weeks ago and my daily 30 minute lessons had me sore. Its getting easier, if only my arthritic knees would co-operate I would be set. I am moving up to the longer fat burner class next week so will see if I am still alive. Your new place looks divine. So green and lovely. I think June will have me finishing off the several projects I have on the go and starting a long coat for one of my daughters. I would love to make a blanket but don’t think I will have the time at this stage. Your mosaic is stunning as usual. I just had to take another look at your greenery and was imagining a little lamb prancing around.🙂

  56. Pam says:

    Looks like a lovely place! I am in awe of your 4 (5?) spinning wheels! I am desperate to learn and scrape together cash for my first! Ah well, I have 6 sewing machines, we all have our vices!! tee hee! You do wonderful work and I really enjoy reading your blog!

  57. Oh Alice, how I have missed reading your posts! Between setting up a new project (crochet video tutorials for someone) and Oscar I got way behind on blogs! How could I miss your move? I hate moving too (moved 10 times in 8 years – not counting my trips abroad – thanks to uni and relocating to live with Tim and I hated each and every single time!) I do hope you KB and Raymond are loving your new home.

    I cannot wait to see your next project and hear more from you.

    To answer your question, June is a very busy month for me. I have two conferences to go to – one through the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support about setting up local support groups and as I am writing the book with help from them it will be a great thing to finally meet everyone in person – and the second is a blogging one for British parents which I am very excited about. Inbetween those and playing with Oscar we’ve got a few more plants to get in the garden, the house to start repainting, and 3 crochet blankets to work on as gifts. Oh, and blogs to catch up on😉

  58. Jane says:

    At least the stress of moving is over, you can relax & settle in. The day bed looks fab with all your lovely crochet work. Also with all that countryside Raymond should be very happy.

  59. Bea Trice says:

    I adore your creations!!!!!!!

  60. Marta says:

    Hi Alice!
    I just found your website and it’s so inspiring! It’s always amazing to find new websites like yours. I can’t wait to look into all your old posts. I just wanted to send a kiss and thank you for inspiring me this much! ^_^
    I’ll be back soon!!

    xo Marta

  61. NICE VIEW!:D Love your crochet designs:)

  62. Lim See Yee says:

    Cute cat!
    Nice view!

  63. Han says:

    Yaaay I found your blog and it´s really amazing!🙂 Well I love crocheting and next week I´m going to workshop of spinning, I´m so excited about it🙂 have a nice day! looking forward to new post! ♥

  64. Frani says:

    Hello, just found your blog! Loved the Crochet Blanket. Im new in crocheting and have found really nice inspiration pictures, was wondering… do you have a tutorial or so on how to join the squares? Thank you so much for sharing your skill, Love from Argentina. Frani.

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