In my last post I told you I would show you a WIP I had been working on for about 10 weeks. 

Don’t be fooled by the amount of time I spent making it, thinking it is going to be some enormous amazing project!  I got bored of it and it became a very tedious project and consequently ended up in my basket, totally overlooked!  It really was a most disliked project, because not only did I not like knitting it, it became very annoying in my knitting basket as it got all tangled up with other things too!

Am I alone here?  Has this ever happened to you?  You start something with wonderful intentions and it ends up being nowhere near as fun and exciting when you make it? 

Well anyway, after I completed my May socks and a few baby hats for friends, I picked up the project and finished it, and was tremendously excited, because it turned out just lovely and KB adores it which is a bonus too!  Would you like to have a look?

It is quite the exciting ta-daaa moment, bcecause the moment I sewed in the last end, I loved my cushion and am so glad I kept plugging away at it.  I am calling this my Scrappy Handspun Cushion, made from bits and pieces of handspun yarns.  When I am spinning two-ply I ususally end up with a bit left on one bobbin, and because spinning is time-consuming, I don’t like wasting that tiny little bit.  So I navajo ply it and collected the bits and pieces to make a stripy happy cushion.  I made it up in my mind and can’t remember what I did to write it out I’m sorry about that.

So there is my ta-da, and now I am going to introduce you to Thread.  While I was away in Wellington, KB found Thread at a second hand shop.  Apparently he was surrounded by bright and modern toys and he looked like he needed a good home.

Meet Thread.

He is so old, the only suitable name for him is Thread Bear and we think he is quite fabulous.

I get a bit sad when toys are blind…

So I gave him some eyes!

Much better!  Thread is enjoying the gift of sight and looks much cuter with little beady eyes.  Someone must have pulled his eyes out as he has little holes in his face which I stuck some toy eyes into.  They are just sitting in there so a bit delicate, but Thread is in toy retirement now, so it is unlikely his eyes will fall out.

Raymond of course would like to remind everyone that this is his blog… not Thread’s…

We’re packing to move again in the middle of next week, into a much lovelier house so we are quite excited.  I’ll catch up with from there!

Enjoy your week,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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65 Responses to Thread

  1. Patch says:

    Your cushion is absolutely gorgeous. Lots of inspiration there. Wonder if I can do a crochet version?? Threads looks so much happier with his new eyes🙂

  2. Ilka says:

    Hi Alice end Raymond, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and I love how colourful it always is… the beautiful scenery (we don’t have that here in Belgium) and of course your knitting. I just wanted to let you know I think you post a little ray of sunshine into many people’s lives with every post on this blog… I always have a smile on my face after I’ve been here.
    Succes with moving house next week!
    Greetings, Ilka

  3. Sarah says:

    I really LOVE that cushion! Gorgeous. And Thread – what a great find! Good luck with the move – the house you’re in looks fab so I bet the new one will be stupendous! Have a great weekend.

  4. Fab cushion. And my immediate thought was that Thread had been a very loved Bear in his day, so it’s nice that he’s continuing to be loved.

  5. Your cushion is especially gorgeous and I’m so glad Thread has found a loving home!

  6. meredithjean says:

    It’s a wonderful cushion xxx Raymond is hilarious! Thread is adorable xxx

  7. Stocki says:

    I love the cushion…the chair (serious chair envy here!)…. Thread (oh my goodness he looks so much happier in his new home)….and Raymond – as always… hugs, Jill x

  8. Deco Cat says:

    That is a very pretty cushion! Thread is just adorable. Good luck with your move.

  9. dorothyoz says:

    Thread is beautiful, especially with his new eyes !! Yeah, well Raymond is beautiful too – of course. Happy house-moving. xoxox

  10. Alessandra says:

    the cushion is great1 I love the cheron side most! And Thread? so so cote! I like the pic Raymond shares with him! Have a lovely weekend, xxx Alessandra

  11. delphine says:

    I love Thread’s cushion!!! And Thread too by the way: o)

  12. Yes I think everyone has projects that bore them. I’m making a vintage blanket and its driving me mad. It sits there looking like it needs to get finished but its just too hot to have two meters of yarn resting on my legs at the moment. I wish it would knit itself!

    On another note, Tread is ace. xx

  13. Hi! Cushion is lovely and colourful! Love that bear – when I saw the name I immediately thought ‘Threadbare’ and then I saw the name ‘Thread Bear’! Lovely play on words! I also have a bear that I received when I was about 8, 9 years old and I am now 62. So much love in that bear! Love how Raymond seems to defend his territory from the bear!!

  14. Mlle Michelle says:

    Love the cushion, and the teddy and Raymond!!

  15. Stel says:

    Love love the straight stripes – but ooh, the chair as well!
    Hope that Raymond and Thread become firm friends😉

  16. Emma says:

    The Cat would like to say hello to Raymond – I think that they would be good friends🙂 Especially as they both equally dislike being in the car. So I’m not sure that they will ever get the chance to meet🙂

  17. Sue Webber says:

    Oh yes I can relate, only this week I finished a quilt that had been lying in my UFO basket, I wasn’t happy with it, but I finally got it done and I can live with it now because it has such wonderful rich, warm colours. Did you know there is a childrens book called Threadbear by Mick Inkpen? A lovely story and he looks just like your bear😀

  18. baamekniits says:

    My boys have a book all about Threadbear who has lost his squeak and Santa gives it back to him….love his new look, so lucky you rescued him. Your cushion cover is amazing, great project for all those little left over bits. Another move, so exhausting but so worth it for the right place 🙂

  19. Nancy says:

    Thread is either and exact replica of a bear I had as a baby or Thread Bear is 58 +/- years old. You did a lovely job of reconstruction by adding eyes. Raymond has nothing to worry about as Thread Bear will most likely be his BFF. The Cusion is lovely. Still choring away at making socks. Just hate turning heels so they (several pairs) are sitting in my knitting back until I get some inspiration. Blessings to all of you on your move and your new home.

    • Nancy says:

      Sorry for the many typos. On my 1st cup of coffee and fingers don’t work like they used to. Please forgive!

  20. Hannah says:

    I’m excited that you are moving again. Good luck and enjoy. Thread is sweet and his eyes are perfect. He looks somewhat like my “Henry”. The cushion is magnificent. Wishing you and KB all the good that can be found in this life.

  21. Ellen says:

    Your cushion is beautiful. Thread is wonderful, what a find…he has been loved. I had one project that took me 10 years to finish. I started it and just couldn’t finish it…picked it up several times over the years, but couldn’t get interested in it. Finally finished it and it was given as a gift to someone who really enjoys it and uses it all the time. This afghan was the only wip I have ever had, I tend to start a project and finish it before I begin another one🙂

  22. woolythymes says:

    Love the cushion, but Thread has stolen my heart! I thought I was the only one who rescued sad old toys in need of love in their retirement! His new eyes just sparkle—I can tell, he’s thrilled to be your new friend!

  23. minaandme says:

    I think anyone who knits/crochets has experienced that lull before. Your cushion looks lovely as a result though! I like all of the colors🙂 Thread is sweet too. It’s good that he has eyes now. He doesn’t outshine Raymond though! Good luck with your upcoming move!

  24. knittergran says:

    Thread Bear—-wonderful name! He’s adorable and the cushion is fabulous! Love them both.

  25. MJ says:

    LOVE the cushion! What an excellent way to use up those little bits! I am inspired! Sooo glad that you finished it. Thread is adorable. KB is a gem. Hope the move to the new digs goes smoothly!!
    Take lots of pictures!!

  26. Pumpkin says:

    This is pretty much the best idea ever. I have so many handspun scraps sitting around, and like you, I hate the idea of throwing them away. When I first saw the photos, I thought that you used Noro because of the vibrant color changes. I would certainly say that it was well worth the effort!

  27. That is one beautiful pillow! I love that you gave Thread some eyes.🙂

  28. Casey says:

    I have wanted to throw projects out before, many times! I’m glad you finished your pillow, it’s really lovely!

    I love Thread too, he looks adorable now that he has eyes!

  29. Thread is delightful,give him a kiss from me xx. The colours of the cushion are glorious,what a great idea.

  30. Lisa says:

    Beautiful cushion and I adore Thread and Raymond!! Good luck with your move!

    Have a great day! Lisa

  31. Heather says:

    Argh Alice I want to steal your cushion! It’s so lovely, the zig zags are ace.
    Good luck with your move🙂 xxx

  32. Tabby P. says:

    Lovely cushion! It looks really soft and cuddly, as does Thread and Raymond! Happy moving and good luck!

  33. Kathy Bernett says:

    Love the new cushion. Thread is perfect & looks happy with his new eyes. What a clever name! Raymond better watch out – Thread might have him beat for “cute”.

  34. Knitterstone Clee says:

    Gorgrous cushion and lovely bear, and of course, now he can see your fabulous cushion too! Glad you liked it when it was done. Raymond looks as beautiful as ever.

  35. Chris says:

    That is just about the sweetest thing I have ever seen…you giving poor lil Thread Bear the gift of sight!! Since you are such a wonderful spinner, crocheter, etc. I think you should make Thread Bear a lil sweater…seems he’s also lost a good bit of his fur!! :))

  36. crochetandhealingandraymond says:

    Thread Bear! How cute and he is a rescue! Cushion looks great!

  37. juniperjune says:

    that’s gorgeous, and it inspires me to finish my pair of cushions this summer! and i love thread bear.🙂

  38. MiA says:

    Ooooh. my…! That handspun is just to die for!! Good jobb! Indeed!❤

  39. Liz says:

    It is a lovely cushion and well done for keeping at it. I rued my own WIPs recently. Boy does one jar…I hate it now. I can feel a massive frogging session coming on and maybe a donation to the charity shop of the scary yarn. Thread is lovely, but Raymond is superb. Maybe they will form a bond?


  40. Dawn says:

    It’s gorgeous and beautiful colours! I discovered your blog when looking for tea cosies to knit – I am a beginner – but am loving knitting the Spring Flowered one.Am now just learning to make some cute flowers from the book you recommended – thank you so much for your inspirational ideas!!

  41. Monika says:

    That is a lovely pillow. I would love it too, where it mine. I scrolled down slowly, and each photo was more interesting, until the last one, so wonderful!

  42. calamety says:

    wow! now thats a snuggly wuggley cushion! just fab!! love your blog🙂

  43. Beautiful, beautiful colors!

  44. Jerri Decker says:

    You have a way of melting my heart with your posts. i don’t usually respond, but I couldn’t resist letting you know how much I enjoy your blogs. Thread is perfect.

  45. Sophie Slim says:

    Looks SO good! hehe, did you start doing the ripple and thats when you got over it? It looks like a lot of work!!


  46. robinbrz says:

    The pillow, in the chair with a bear who can see now made me smile! Love the creativity that your projects show. I think we’ve all had that long lingering project that we’ve fallen out of love with. So happy that you found your way back together!

  47. ladjm says:

    Love your cushion and as for Thread Bear…well, what can I say? He’s gorgeous (altho don’t tell Raymond I said that!). xxx

  48. Zooperson says:

    Cool fellow that Threadbear. Happily adopted when nearly all hope was gone. Some see what others miss. The ripple is so fine, I” ll bet it feels wonderful. Raymond you are still the star.

  49. Wendy says:

    Fantastic cushion and beautiful colours Alice, also Thread is beautiful too ☺
    Of course it is always good to see Raymond on his blog lol. Still getting used to doing one myself and really enjoying how it is a diary that you can share with those that like what you post.

  50. I adore the cushion, great use of left over bits, I hate wasting hand spun yarn also so save mine for Scrappy projects also.
    Love the bear and hugs to Raymond.

  51. Darlene says:

    Hi, Alice, love your cushion! I’m so glad you brought up the (shameful for me) subject of unattended to projects. I do this all the time. I get so excited when I start something but then it languishes unfinished and takes forever to complete. I’m doing an entrelac cushion right now that is dragging on and have several unfinished bigger projects that have been sitting for a couple of years. Sigh. I also loved Thread and glad he is once again sighted! I hope your move goes well. That’s a lot of work moving twice in a year! Best Wishes

  52. Nikki Mommen says:

    Hi Alice
    On behalf of Raymond he does not like this imposter imposing on his Ta da moment!

    Kind regards
    PS I love the cushion!

  53. Betty says:

    I love the name you gave the bear and your pillow – awesome colors as usual

  54. WoollyBudgie says:

    Lovely cushion. Thread Bear is very cute and I’m sure he is very grateful to you for giving him eyes again! Hope the move goes well.

  55. suzanne says:

    Can’t wait to see your new home. Your current place is so charming. I love the mornings when I wake up to find a new posr from you. Working on a set of your mandala prayer flags now. How creative you are!

  56. bartynboz says:

    The cushion looks great so pleased you finished it . I have an old bear that looks as raggedy as Thread Bear and he is still loved. Hope you have a good house move and will be happy in your new home.

  57. Scolie says:

    Not sure how to send a comment ,but I just love Thread Bear .. Though I don’t think Raymond is really thrilled ..

  58. Hahnsmum says:

    l have a plastic box up there on verandah full of stuff l`m sick of, some things half finished, etc..l think we all have been there..
    “Thread Bear” is just gorgeous..
    NOW, wheres his little Jumper & pants,,.??.He must be cold…l am a sucker for bears l see at Op Shops, also..l have a few l`ve rescued over the years.. But my daughter & grand daughter usually take some home with them after a visit..l truly like the colours in that cushion..lts worked well.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..

  59. Maria Julia says:

    Your cushion is sooo beautiful! And Thread looks too kind! Raymond will love him soon!

  60. Jane says:

    That cushion is lovely! The colours & stitches look so good together.

  61. Michelle & Mary Olson says:

    I recently just stumbled across your blog while looking for yarn suggestions for hexagons. (cant remember now what you use) but, Everything you do is so inspiring…the colors are always amazing… The pillow is awesome… Raymond is a superstar! My 9 yr old daughter and I love your blog!

  62. Jill_R says:

    HI Alice, KB and Raymond, and now Thread too! He is adorable by the way.
    Wow, another move so soon. I hope this place is even batter than the current one. I am so excited to see your new digs.

  63. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! That is absolutely my favourite knitted cushion! At least till you make again even more beautiful! I just love those colours and changing pattern – remind me so much Kaffe Fassett’s works! Nice to mee cute Mr. Thread! Good Luck with your moving! x Teje

  64. fionafly says:

    Hello! Cats are really the best of friends 🙂 And the best companions when you’re knitting. Great blog! Really loved!

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