Little Ray of Sunshine…

My weekend flew past, I just could not believe how quickly it became Monday morning again, I felt as though I was in some strange time warp.  Most of the time it rained and was grey and cold, but for small patches of the weekend we got some sun and instead of hiding away from the blazing heat as we have done all Summer, KB, Raymond and I basked in it, sitting in our windowseat surrounded by crochet cushions, snuggling under my Ripple Blanket.

Isn’t that such a lovely photo of our Little Ray of Sunshine?

He is such a funny boy and I can’t believe that it has been almost three years since we adopted him from the SPCA.  I’ve admitted to you before, that I struggled with his “Siamese-ness” in the past, his larger than life personality took up our whole living room.  However, since moving up North to a very large house, Raymond seems small now, something to do with the size of the house compared to him, suddenly he is not larger than life and has resumed “normal cat” proportions.

This post is all about Raymond Appreciation… I love how you can see his long white eyelashes in that photo above… such the supermodel.

Raymond is coming up to 13 years of age apparently, but still looks like he has plenty of life in him thank goodness, because KB and I would miss him very much as he is such a big part of our unusual little family.

Let’s have a little “pet appreciation” time.  Tell us all about your most treasured pet… or your naughtiest, or funniest, or strangest!  I love naughty pet stories, they make me laugh, so leave a comment for us all to have a giggle at or a warm fuzzy moment.

Hope you’re all great,


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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  1. My cat is Bracken, a tabby, and she is a light in my life. In April she turned 17 so I’m well aware that the time that we have together is limited; I appreciate every minute, every cuddle, every tap and every purr. She was also an SPCA adoptee; that little kitten clinging to the fence immediately wiggled into my heart. She’s in excellent health and although she can’t jump up onto surfaces any more, she does go for daily walks and she acts as playful as a kitten. She’s a little furry friend and a treasured presence in my life.

  2. Annemiek says:

    We used to have 2 cats and they always were indoors, cause we livef in an appartment block at that time. One day we came home and one of the cats was limping. We took to the vet and he apparently broke his foot somehow. We didn’t have high things for them to climb on, so still have no idea how he could have done that. The vet put a cast on his front left leg and told us he wasn’t allowed to walk. When we came home with him I put him
    In his favorite spot and the first thing he did was stand up and race to the litterbox to have a nice long wee with an almost grin on his face! He probably needed to go very urgenty… So far for not letting him walk… He also tried to shake the cast off and he was constantly shaking his leg. Sad for him of course, but it looked so funny!

    Your Ray of Sunshine is just beautiful!

  3. I love all your crochet posts but this is ‘special’. Thank you for a posting devoted to just Raymond….he is so gorgeous! and he knows he’s King of the Family! judy from florida/usa

  4. Regula says:

    We have two cats, sisters, who came to us about 7 years ago. I got them from a farm. The cats are very healthy and strong and their fur is always glowing. We’ve never had such heathly cats! We had the cats before we moved into this house here in Oberheimen, which is very countryside. The cats loved it here from the start. We could see how they enjoyed laying in the meadows, how they enjoyed to get out of the house with no fear because the meadows start directly at the front door, which is the barn. I meant we have always lived in the countryside but there were other houses, a road, lots of kids and traffic.
    I have two opposite feelings when it comes to my cats (who are called cats or black and white althought both are black with a tiny little bit and a bit more of white spots). Firstly I think cats are a bit annoying but a necessety in this house because of the mice what have disappeard since we have been living here. Secondly I love them being around and would miss them dearly. I don’t want to think about them being old and sick and gone. What would I do then?

  5. Brenda says:

    How lovely is he, I am of course biased as I own 2 siamese cats, one chocolate point like Raymond and one Seal point, once you have been bitten by the siamese bug there is no going back, winter in our home is fab, the open fire is lit, the 2 cats curl up on a footstool in front of it and in the cat bed, right next door curl up our 2 rabbits – aminal heaven! xxBrenda

  6. Virginia Dickinson says:

    Jack is a Silky Terrier and extremely smart so I decided to see if he could learn to talk. He picked it up right away. I would say “I love you” and he would respond but wouldn’t stop…kept saying it over and over to the top of his lungs. Now, each time he see’s me he starts howling with a few “I love you’s” thrown in. Not too popular with his owner though since we live in a very quiet senior apt. complex… oh, well, who cares. Jack gives us all a great big laugh and thats what its all about anyway…having fun. Thanks, Virginia

  7. meredithjean says:

    awwww you love your wee boy, and he’s aging and every bit of him and being with him is so precious xxx. We love our cats Hazel and Nellie who are still only 4 with hopefully a long way to go. At the rainbow bridge are our beloved cats Coco, Lily, Bindi and Spike, and probably Burma who chose to live with neighbours as she couldn’t have us to herself. Our pets keep reminding us how nice we really are. If we could all treat people as well, the world would be a better place.

  8. Lelo says:

    He’s so beautiful! We have 3 cats, two very old brothers (18!) and 1 vivid lady (3 years), two entirely black, one in black and white. The old cats only want to sit on your lap, and sleep. As soon as the sun shines, they go sunbathing, stretch out in the sun and that black fur gets really warm.

  9. chmurka says:

    Kisses for Raymond :*****

  10. I have five chickens. Jill, Linda, Cath, Sarah-Jayne and Ive-Sue.

    They are all fantastic, rubbish layers but fab pets.

    I Love them so much!


  11. Bethness says:

    My husband and I have two guinea pigs: Moriarty and Vincent. They were preloved piglets we were given by a friend of mine, and we wouldn’t be without them at all! Moriarty is a big agouti pig with a vacant, slightly stupid expression, and Vincent is a smaller, ginger pig who looks like he’s constantly thinking. They’re both about 4, which means any time we now have with them is precious. They are adorable little pigwigs, and we’re so lucky to have them!

    Also, on a side note for Raymond: my husband loves him, and he’s horribly allergic to cats, so Raymond obviously has a wide influence!

  12. Ioana says:

    I’ve got two adorable rescued kittens called Bob and Bernard (although they’re girls!), both about 6 months old, and both crazy! They were found by the side of a main road, and Bob had broken back legs, which healed, and a broken tail, which might never heal! Even so, they’ve taken over our lives and Bernard’s the boss of the whole house! (here are some pictures if anyone wants to see :))

  13. Sherry says:

    Two Scottish terrier sisters, one six months older than the other are my pet blessings. They are the sweetest and happiest pups! Always happy to see me and never meet a stranger, they are truly all about the love🙂. We are so blessed that the good Lord saw fit to give us such wonderful companions.

  14. Jacki says:

    We have 2 cats, a brindle Devon Rex named Jini aged 7 and a black/cream Cornish Rex named Sheba aged 10. They are both from Rex Rescue and we got them as adults – for some reason people don’t want to adopt Rexes so they try to keep them out of the pounds because they are often put down. We love our girls and they are very snuggly – even crawling under the covers in winter!

  15. crochetingdoc says:

    I have a cat…actually I had a cat, because about 2 years ago I moved to a different country to do a phd and I couldn’t take him with me, but he still lives with my parents and I wouldn’t have it any other way. He and my dad are the closest of friends!
    He was only about 2 weeks old when we got him (according to the vet), I have no idea about his mom, my brother and a friend of his found him and his sister next to a trashcan in the middle of nowhere and they each took one kitten home (I have really strong feelings about the people who dump puppies or kittens they don’t want!). He will be 6 years old on the 1st of June (that’s the date the vet estimated that he was born) and I still remember having to get up every 4 hours to feed him formula, first with a syringe and then with a teeny tiny kitten bottle!
    We live in the middle of a very big city (population of 1million+), so for safety reasons, he’s not allowed out of the apartment, but he likes to sit in front of the window and watch the cars go by, or yell to the birds that come on the balcony and mock him! He doesn’t speak much, but when he’s being mischievous and you scold him, he complains in a tiny little voice! And when you don’t pay attention to him, he intentionally does something that he KNOWS is wrong (like using his paw to slide your full coffee cup down the table and onto the carpet…) just to get your attention!🙂

  16. Patch says:

    He is gorgeous. This is a story of a very Naughty Recurring Cat!!
    Before we moved house we had two cats. Dylan the older one was getting increasingly feeble and ill. He sadly went to cat heaven just before we moved and we buried him best we could in the garden. Unfortunately a fox had been spotted in the area and we were horrified to discover it had tried to dig him up one morning. So Mr Patch buried him again, covering him with stones. We moved house and forgot all about it. We had to make one last trip to the old house before handing the keys to the estate agent. Mr P went down and was horrified to find the fox had been back. Only one course of action left. Poor Dyl had to be exhumed! Poor Mr P! There was no way we could leave Dyl there to be dug up again and found by the new owners!! So Mr P did the deed and Dyl went unceremoniously to the local rubbish dump in a cardboard box. Dyl was my first cat and I had him since he was a kitten. I’m very glad that I have lots of wonderful memories of him to outweigh this one! Mr P is my total hero for managing to cope with it all so amazingly, not sure I could!!

  17. Anne Marie says:

    I also have a beautiful seal point Siamese. The difference between seal point and chocolate point is that the Seal has black pads. Merlin is a beautiful boy, around 14 years old, almost 15 I think. His face is longer and smaller than Raymond but every time I see Raymond I want to stroke him, he has similar poses to Merlin. About 12 months after I ‘inherited’ him around 6 years ago we almost lost him to something that nobody could find out what, all the bloods, HIV tests etc and after a week in hospital he came home, to chicken breast chopped after being drip fed for all that time. He made a good recovery and I am thankful for that. I wish I could post some pictures of him for you, there are some so very appealing ones.

  18. Di Childs says:

    I have three ‘most treasured’. They are: Denzel, a Dachshund x Yorkie, 9 years old, Emily (cat) and her younger brother Alexander, both 5 years old. We already had Emily in 2007 when we heard that her mother had been abandonned during a house move. We found her and brought her home. She produced 5 kittens a few days later, including Alex. Denzel has arthritis in his shoulder and likes to wear the knitted coats I have made. Emily had two digits of her left forepaw after an injury. Alex lost the sight of an eye last year after being clawed by another cat. We have another dog and 15 more cats but those three are my special ones.

  19. Poodilly says:

    Raymond is clearly a star :o) we live with 3 cats and a mini poodle at times we resemble a zoo at times when the fire is lit and all 4 pets and us are content and warm we resemble a picture of happiness either way is fine by us. Our cats all have different personalities and the poodle is hilarious the pecking order in the house is this: Tilly (cat) Gracie (cat) noo (poodle) wilf (cat but often not bothered to do anything so is at the bottom, absolutely nothing can move him except for the sound of cans being opened for food then he is the fastest thing on 4 legs). Gracie and noo are never far apart one seems unable to function without the other!

  20. tattyapple says:

    I’m going to buck the trend a little … We have two house rabbits – Calamity and Wilf. Cally is an absolute terror – she wakes us up in the morning by jumping on the bed requesting breakfast, and she has no front teeth so has her carrots chopped up into little pieces (by my husband, who is devoted to her!). Wilf is a sweet quiet little soul – a blue mini lop who is currently going through a major moult, and is looking a bit like a monk! I talk about the rabbits (and my crochet of course!) on my blog :o)
    Frankie x

  21. zuzu says:

    We have a ‘banana brain’ called Jazz. He is a black ‘moggy’ now coming up to 2 years old and is just absolutely crazy! Before my son, Jazz and myself moved to our present home, we also had Jazz’s mum (Macca) and his older brother (Graeleigh) with us. At that time we only had wooden floorboards upstairs and at 3 in the morning it could be rather noisy with the cats throwing themselves around the place!! (Banana-brain syndrome seems to be inherited by the way!) Since Macca went to live with my sister and Graeleigh went to live with my dear friends, Jazz is just as silly, daft, mad, potty, crazy (you name it!) and is quite happy being an only cat. He is a constant companion to me when my son is at school and when my son is home, Jazz is a playmate best friend to him. He must sleep on my bed, on his own blanket beside my pillow. Before I go to sleep I must stroke him and if I stop too soon, a paw will find its way to me as if to say “don’t stop yet!”. Jazz is very cuddly and loves to put his paws around my neck and bury his face under my chin. I can’t imagine life without him, he’s very much a part of our little family.

  22. TINe says:

    Oh lovely and fortunate cat!
    They are a gift for in my life; I appreciate every moment spent with my two “guys” Axel and Zak! I really don’t know the right words to say what I feel when they come close to me and sleep so in peace…such a perfect harmony!
    Love all, much more than a lot of people!

  23. Emma says:

    The love of my feline life is my cat who I inherited from my parents about 18 months ago. Since the Cat came to join The Boy and me at the house my depression has improved significantly and now I can’t imagine life without The Cat. She also just turned 13 and I get sad at the thought of life without her so I try not to think about it and try to just appreciate having her.

    The Cat loves to “help” me crochet, but I have to be careful to supervise her with any of my homemade blankets because her claws ruin the stitches😦

  24. We had a rat terrier named, Daisy, who we had purchased when she was just 4-1/2 weeks old. Cancer stole her from us just before she turned 14. There is still a HUGE hole in my heart from her passing. That being said, I just wanted to share one of her funny stories. Daisy grew up around 2 very BIG dogs, and as such, had no clue that she wasn’t big too. So when she got out of the front door, one evening, and the neighbor’s rottweiler came after her, she thought it was time to play. She led this snarling, snapping angry dog, up and down our street, stopping occasionally to let him catch up, but never letting him get close enough to actually put teeth on her. Then, suddenly, she spun around to face him, head down, butt in the air, with her little “nub” of a tail, just wiggling like crazy. He skidded to a stop and cocked his head. She sprung! The rott was so surprised that he stumbled over his own feet to turn around and take off, with Daisy literally nipping at his feet! He saw the front door of his house open, and went for it….only problem was, the storm door was not open, and his impact bowed the glass and left him shaking his big head. As soon as he got his wits back, he jumped back into his yard, peeking over the “barrier that had been meant to keep him in, while Daisy barked at him from the other side, almost as though she was saying “don’t quit! That was fun!!”
    The impact Daisy had on my life, and the lives of my family, cannot be measured in words…I still miss her even though it’s been 7 months since she left us. Even as I write this, I am struggling to see through the tears, but I wouldn’t trade the time I had with her for anything.

  25. Cat Stories! Wow, when you asked your readers to talk about their pets you opened a real “can of worms”!
    I am a cat lover and will say that in the 40 years my husband and I have been together we have shared our home with 12 cats through the years. We always seem to need to have two cats in our household. Everyone of them have been special in their own way, starting with The Little Guy who was with us for 18 years and her daughter Casper (a lynx point siamese) who was also with us for one year longer than her mother, to Archie a chocolate point siamese and Walter a black and white, “tuxedo” cat who came to us thro a friend who had to hand feed two kittens when their mother disappeared. Walter is as smart as he is handsome, but being just a year old now, he gets into all sorts of mischief — two days ago, I had a box of fabric scraps sitting at the top of a flight of stairs and somehow, he managed to knock it down the stairs! Then of course he went off somewhere else to cause havoc. I cannot imagine a home without cats. I fear the day when it is I that has to go into senior care and I would be without a fur ball to lay upon my lap…

    • Alison says:

      Never fear… I know of some Aged Care Facilities that have resident cats! Here in Australia, anyway🙂

  26. dorothyoz says:

    Alice, let me assure you that Raymond has many more happy years to look forward to with you and KB. We bred Siamese cats for about 20 years and looked after well like Raymond is, they enjoy a long and happy life. My first Siamese, much beloved Chang, was a chocolate point and lived till he was 18 years old. Your Raymond reminds me so much of Chang. xoxox

  27. Underground Crafter says:

    He looks so handsome in the sunshine! My cat also has a larger than life purrsonality. You can see him lounging on a freeform crochet cat blanket I made here:

  28. Lisa says:

    Don’t fret about Raymond’s age, he looks like he still has quite a few years in him. My Duchess was a Maine Coon and she was 19 when she moved on. I got her from a little boy in front of a grocery store when she was 7 weeks old and she was my best friend for the entire time I had her. My husband always said he had never seen the connection we had with each other before. She was very chatty and had quite the vocabulary. She passed 2 years ago next month, but she lives on in our Border Collie Mist who has taken on a lot of her characteristics.

    Duchess would use her paw to get your attention and she was not afraid to tell you what she wanted vocally. Mist has inherited both of those quirks. She never used her paw to get your attention before Duchess passed and now she’ll “give me the paw” and bark at me to get my attention when she wants something. My husband would swear Duchess just moved into her body. Mist just turned 13 and I’m hoping she continues to do well for quite a while longer.

    Unfortunately I lost my husband last year, but I’m cheered up by the fact that he and Duchess can keep each other company. I love your blog, it’s very inspiring and I adore Raymond. Keep up the great work.

  29. Diane says:

    My story is about my dear Cisco. I rescued him and his sister, Whispers, from a farm, flea infested and at 4 wks, eating dogfood with the chickens. They were part Maine Coons and quite handsome, and cute. He was the love of my life. Over his life he spent a day, maybe more on a roof at 100 degrees (F), diagnosed with FIV, had inflamatory bowel disorder. At 15 he had a stroke and couldn’t move for 3 days. We nursed him, and loved him and he recovered, although he had a John Wayne kinda side walk. At 16 he suddenly went blind. Quick response and a great vet, he was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Miraculously he regained his sight. Truly a miracle kitty. If he had been a person, he would be the one that was always there for you. One trick he learned was to jump up and turn on lights at the switch, some times in the evening, we’d catch him just jumping up the wall for no reason, other than he knew we’d give him a treat. His sister Whispers, a true princess, misses him and so do we. They loved to box and play, always laid together and groom each other. OK, so this wasn’t a naughty kitty story, but there was one thing he did, although he would never admit it. He’d drag my yarn all over the house. We’d wake up in the morning and a yarn ball would be in the middile of the living room, or sometimes they made it into the bathroom. We’d look at all three of our kitties and ask them who the guilty party was but they’d just sit there looking quite innocent. Three weeks before we said good bye to Cisco, he came out of my room with a ball of yarn, meowing very loud, finally admitting his guilt, although we suspected him all along. Cisco the Kitty, a very special kitty, is now with all those other kitties that we all loved. I hope to see him again some day, my fluffy-butt kitty.

  30. denise says:

    There’s nothing better than waking up (its 9am in Chicago) to a bunch of cat pictures🙂 He’s so handsome–and clearly one of the happiest cats that ever lived. My sweet Bruno passed away about a year and a half ago. He was really smart…and a little kooky. When he was a baby my mom was cat-sitting for me and she happened to be commuting with my dad between two cities. He decided one day that he didn’t feel like packing and moving back to my parents house so he dragged all of the folded up clothes out of a suitcase down the stairs into the living room. Underwear, skirts, pantyhose—STREWN everywhere. It was a sight. He also taught himself to use the human potty. One day I was cooking in the kitchen and there was a little bathroom to the right of the stove. I looked up and noticed Bruno squatting over the toilet TAKING A PEE!!! He did this for the rest of his life wherever we went. He never learned to flush🙂 He was the best cuddler and would paw at the blankets to climb under them at night and then proceed to kneed my belly until he fell asleep.

  31. Monika says:

    Such beautiful photos of Raymond! Love them all.

  32. projectstash says:

    Raymond is a total doll. My two, Aurora and Melody, tortoiseshell sisters, would be fast friends with Raymond, I’m sure. Let’s see … both love to sing, both love to sunbathe on the window sill (just like Raymond), and both love to cuddle. Yeah, they’re pretty much the perfect pets!

  33. Jill_R says:

    Pet stories? I could write a book.🙂 I currently have two dogs (a pomapoo named Fergie and a maltese named Roxxi) and a cat, the “evil” Zul who thinks she is a dog. I love them to pieces and I am so glad I have them. My act seems to do the “cat” things that others write about, it makes me laugh to know that her sweet quirks are sharded traits.

    Raymond is a sweetie!

  34. Dr B. Bhavani says:

    i am dr bhavani, joined recently your blog. I just love this pic of ray! he’s so cute. I’m from India and being a gynecologist and obstetrician, i have hardly any time to pursue my hobbies ,mostly crochet and knitting.

    the crocheted cushion (or is it an afghan?) in the backdrop is lovely.


  35. crochetandhealingandraymond says:

    Love contented animals. Raymond looks like he is so grateful to be in a happy family!

  36. Raymond is so beautiful in the sunshine. Of course he completely knows it, too.

    We have four cats–Small Cat, Large Cat, Orange Cat, and Fat Cat. Fat Cat is a flame-point Siamese and is the strangest, funniest cat I’ve ever known. Despite weighing at least a stone, he squeezes himself into a shoebox on top of a bookshelf in the hallway just outside my studio door and there he happily sleeps, day in and day out. He’s also rather fond of laundry baskets and will sit patiently at the foot of my bed, waiting for me to dump the clean, warm, soft laundry out of the basket so he can then jump into the empty basket and sleep in it.

  37. diane says:

    pets….our lives would be so empty without them in it. right now i have 3 dogs. a black lab, a pit bull, and a mini doxie cocker mix. she is the old lady of the 3 and very special. her mom was the doxie, 5 large puppies, clover was the first one out. she got stuck, no one arnd, her mom chewed her back feet and part of her back legs off trying to get her out. the vet said put her to seep, she will never have a life. little did she know…..clover is now 10 yrs old and does great! she walks on her front feet, back end in the air and since she has never known anything else, does it with style! kind, loving, sleeps with me every night…..

  38. Jennifer W says:

    Alice… your Raymond is beautiful! I had a siamese as a kid…her name was Zuki. (don’t even ask who came up with that unusual name!) She lived to be 19!!! So your Ray could have many, many more years to enjoy with you both. She was unusually social & accommodating for a Siamese I think. I just went through a shoebox of pictures from my “early years” & that cat is toted around, layed on, poked at, dressed up & in general… a very big part of our everyday life apparently!🙂 Have a lovely Monday.
    -jenn in Kansas

  39. Sharon Lahr says:

    I have 5 cats – all born on the farm and abandoned by their mother so I bottle fed all of them (they are all about a year apart) until it was time to teach them to eat from a bowl – now that was fun. After they finished eating their little faces soaked with wet food/milk – they looked like drowned rats. The oldest is 7 and the youngest 4. They (we) lived through being hit by a tornado two years ago, then living in cages for 6 months until we found our new home. Though they are pretty well settled in they are still a little skittish when high winds kick up (can’t say that I blame them – I am too!). All my furbabies love to “wrestle” as well as snuggle. When I go to bed my Midnight will climb up beside me and lay in the crook of my arm and put his paw on my face – that’s how we fall asleep. The other cats are either at the foot end of the bed or somewhere else in the house but Midnight, he always sleeps in the crook of my arm.

  40. lyn says:

    Oh such a handsome boy!
    We have Lucy who is 16 and still a daddy’s girl, she adores my husband! Our old cat who died a few years ago was called Bob and he was a mummy’s boy, he was a cuddly cat and loved being picked up and tickled. He was also very naughty and use to eat frogs….yuck and chase butterflies and dragonflies. One evening we came home to find his right paw four times bigger than the others, we took him the vets and they said he had been stung by something, he had an injection and it soon went back to normal but it did look very comical and we couldn’t stop laughing…poor boy!

  41. Rhonda says:

    Raymond is beautiful!!! Reading other peoples story’s made me miss my Elwood. I had him and Gillian for 10 years. One story I love to tell about them is this…. Usually when I came home from work, Elwood and Gillian would be meowing and raising all sorts of fuss in the window as I unlocked the door. One day, they weren’t in the window. I opened the door and both of them were sitting in front of me, quitely looking at the floor. I walked into the kitchen and every single cabinet door was open and the garbage was turned over. In both bathrooms the toilet paper rolls were completely unrolled. They had had a great time while I was away and they knew they were in trouble🙂

  42. writerdahling says:

    I love Siamese cats. My Biscuit is half Siamese, but looks tabby. He has a particular preference for cleaning our plates after we’re done, and after an illness where he lost some weight I indulged him and let him lick my plate. Unfortunately, my generosity got the better of me when one day, as I was just finishing a shepherd’s pie, the phone rang. I went to get it, and found it was a wrong number. When I came back (seconds later), Biscuit was busy licking up the remains of my pie!

    For all he’s naughty, he’s an absolute darling. He’s 10 years old and loves laps, sleeping in the sun, and the occasional jaunt outside. Please give Raymond a scritch for me!

  43. Nancy Picthall-French says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Raymond is actually a Balinese, which is a long-haired Siamese. I used to breed and show them…real lovey cats. Most of them with a lot of good care (which Raymond is obviously receiving), live to be 18 or 19! We used to live in New Mexico and rescued three cats who are now 12, 13, & 14 and living in New Hampshire. We also have a Siamese, Maude, who is a true Siamese nut. In addition, we have some very friendly chipmunks (our cats are completely indoors). Two of them (Chester & Lillian) like to sit on my lap and beg for peanuts. And then there are the Canada Geese that have taken over the breezeway with all their babies. Where would we be without our animal friends?!

  44. Sam says:

    Gosh, I love that cat!!!! <333 He's adorable!!

  45. Peggy Coffey says:

    Our Siamese, Sam is now 17 and still going strong. I have 2 Weimaraners and they know he is the boss. The Weims are mine, Sam belongs only to my husband. They are my babies and I love them to pieces. It was very warm today, I live in Ohio and it seems that we have skipped winter and spring and went straight to summer, so the dogs and I went out for an early walk. We were on the last leg home, about mile 5, and my dogs decided it was getting too warm for them. They laid down on the grass under a tree and refused to move. They laid flat out, it looked like I was dragging 2 dead dogs. I was so hoping no one would come around the corner and see me with my “dead” dogs and ask if they were ok. They finally got up and we made it home, but as soon as we got home they wanted to go out onto the deck to lay in the sun! They are beautiful, smart and funny, but they do try my patience. Just like children.

  46. WoollyBudgie says:

    Beautiful Raymond! My chickens are my lovely pets and I love them very much. I have two ex battery hens and seeing how they have transformed is very special. They are incredibly friendly and such characters. They follow me around and climb into the garden shed in search of goodies that they know i keep in there for them!

  47. Pumpkin says:

    He is such a cutie and so loved! Glad to hear you have had such a wonderful weekend. I’m counting down the days until I can adopt a little kitty of my own!

  48. BlondeeinNV says:

    Love seeing your ‘Ray of Sunshine’, just too loveable.

    We had one of our furbabies, Sassy, a beautiful orange rusty cat pass away suddenly Friday afternoon, so very sad. We also got her from the local shelter, she was 17 and lived a very good life, but still so very sad to see her go. Bless you Sassy, love & miss you baby girl! =-]

  49. Kelli says:

    Raymond is a beauty! Thank you for this post, and to everyone who shared stories about their beloved animal friends. It made me both teary eyed and giggly, and reminded me how lucky we are to have so much love and joy from little fur and feathered babies.

  50. ClaraBelle UK says:

    I have a 9 year old Chinese Crested Hairless dog called Noska… he can be grumpy and lazy and most of his teeth have fallen out. His feet are sooooooo cheesy and his trumps can clear a room. He follows the sun beams around the house and just flops where ever the sun lands. He doesn’t like to go out in the rain and is terrified of thunder and lightening. He is incredibly affectionate and loving and craves attention from his loved ones (curled up with me as I type). He can follow commands and is generally impeccably behaved. I love him dearly and he is a very special pet to me, my husband and two young children.

    C x

    PS: Alice I love your blog🙂
    PPS: I need a pattern to crochet Noska a new winter jumper?

  51. Lisa says:

    Ahhh Raymond is smiling!!!

  52. marieange says:

    We have 1 kitty. He came to us as a little bag of bones 11 years ago. My son found him at the bottom of an air shaft in an abandoned building, covered with fleas, blood, skin and bones. So weak he could barely walk. He brought him in cupped in his hands and asked me if I could save him. I’m looking at this wee ball of dirty fur as my husband walks up, looks at the kitten and raises a finger to pet the tiny head. The hugest rumbling purr emanated from this tiny bedraggled body and I knew I had to try my best at saving him. I was on a severely limited income so a visit to the vet was out of the question, but being a retired farmer, I’d cared for more than my share of sick animals of all kinds. I went to the store, picked up rice pablum and kitten milk, cat litter and a litter box and went home determined to save this little guy.
    I got home to find the kitten on my husband’s lap, curled up sleeping soundly without a care in the world. Never mind the fact that he was crawling with fleas, severely dehydrated and starving. I mixed a bit of pablum with a bit of kitten milk and offered it to the little guy. I’m lucky I still have a finger LOL He wolfed down whatever I gave him but I didn’t give him a lot since i had no idea how long it had been since he’d eaten. I didn’t want to send him into shock. I did offer him water which he also drank. Then I started looking at his little body to make sure he had no injuries or open sores. Other than the fact that the fleas had been dining on him like a smorgasbord, he was fine. So I took him into the kitchen and gave him a bath to get rid of as many fleas as possible. They were not impressed that’s for sure🙂 By the time I was done, every flea was drowning or already drowned. I dried him off and he looked like a different kitty already!
    That night I was going to put him in a box with a hot water bottle downstairs. Because my husband adamantly refuse to leave him downstairs all alone, kitty came up to sleep in our room, litter box, and water included. When I woke up in the morning, I go over to the box to see how our wee guest is doing and he’s gone. I turn to ask my husband if he’s seen the cat and there they are, my husband sound asleep on his back, this tiny bundle of grey fur curled up in the crook of his neck purring. That day, we named him Gambit after the x-men character, but also because we took a gamble on him and won🙂
    In the past 11 years, Gambit has taught us a lot. He’s taught us that some cats can learn more than one language, in his case 3, that cats love, no, worship olives in brine, pizza, garlic sauce, curry sauce and that a favorite place to sleep must be a pizza box no less! He has taught us that he can have more than one human slave, namely 2 who worship him. But best of all, he has taught us never to give up, even when things look their bleakest, their most desperate, there is always hope. And that is our Gambit🙂 I dearly hope that we will have the joy of his company for many years to come as he is at the centre of our world, the apple of our eyes, and the pride in our voices.

  53. Kathy says:

    These wonderful pictures of Raymond made my day… thank you for posting them!

  54. Liza Flores says:

    Hello Alice,
    Raymond is such a cutie pie. I have a black and white cat his name is Carlos he was my son’s cat. My Son had to go overseas so I’m Carlos new Mommy. He walks around like he ownes the place .I also have five teacup size Chihuahua’s. Carlos waits for the dogs to walk by and taps one on the head so that the dogs will chase him . Well you can imagine the noise that goes on here. Carlos loves to take showers., if you don’ t close the bathroom door right he will come in while you are in the shower goes under the shower head so the water runs down on him purring, with his eyes closed, and will not get out until you turn off the shower, He also likes to be brushed, I just have to say to him uppe brush and he jumps on the bed and purrs while I brush him .My husband says hes one crazy cat!!!!!!! Your friend from Texas.

  55. My last cat died in 2003 and I decided I don’t want another cat.

    But a small tortoise cats of our neighbours has adopted us. Husband was not really positive about her entering our house. But I explained she can prevent me from wanting my own cat. She is a lovely charming personality and sits on his lap if he’s wachting tv.
    But she also eats of the house plants, regardless wheather the plants are big enough to survive this and vomit afterward. Reminding me why I do not want another cat. But I hope she will come to visit us for many years.

  56. omlair says:

    I love my kitty so much, that every saturday i post pictures of her. Do you mind if I post one of your pictrures of Raymond on my Caturday?

    Its funny how my kitty can be so naughty, but because she’s so cute she doesn’t get in trouble. Like, even though I hate getting woken up early, when she does it it’s cute! She’ll jump up on my pillow and sniff around my face. As soon as she sees an eye open she’ll start mega purring. She just knows she caught me! There’s no pretending that I’m asleep after that, it’s all smooches and purring ^_^

  57. Andrea says:

    Oh Raymond is so handsome!!!!!🙂
    I have a cat called MImiri, I absolutely love her (well, let’s say we have one of those bit obsessive and dependant cat-woman relationships). She came into our lives a year and a half ago, and filled them with joy! We found her inside a car tire in the street….She’s amazing and unique, some people find her wierd, I find her adorable of course, and Richard (the third member of our little family)… he says she looks like a bat, he even calls her “the batcat”. He would for exmple ask me: “Have you fed the batcat today?” or “where´s the bat?” She has like 4 colors on her fur haha,The upper part is mostly black… and we say her hind legs were borrowed from another cat cause they’re beige!! If you wanna meet her, here’s a post with some photos….

  58. Ann says:

    My Cocoa is an Aussie Shepherd. She’s my protector and still herds me out the door when she’s ready for a walk. She was a stray found as a tiny puppy and has been such a blessing in my life. Thank you for sharing Raymond with us.

  59. Becky says:

    wow look at all the responses!
    I too am in Whangarei! I have a cat called Holly (sometimes know as Holly Dolly, Precious, or Phyco Cat – depending on her mood. See here:
    Anyhoo, my story is that one day my younger brother came over for a visit and decided that Holly would like his steak fat from dinner. She didn’t. I told him that now, to prove a point in not giving her something yummy, she would go out and catch dinner to prove to him what a real meal was. I wasn’t being serious. Holly must have heard me, because she returned with a bird around 30 mins later!
    He couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t either but simply got in a good old ‘told you so’

  60. Kathie says:

    Raymond reminds me of our Pearl aka Pearlie Girl, she was a small Siamese mix. She loved to climb into the “bird” houses my husband made. One such house was quite tall a little over 2 and a half feet by 2 feet long. It was shaped like a house but only 5 inches wide. We took a picture of her in it with just her face showing through one of the window openings. She and our other cat Smokey have traveled with us from Portland Oregon to Charleston South Carolina and back across the States to California. They were seasoned travelers. Smokey traveled most of the way sitting in his litter box!

  61. chinagirl says:

    We had the two most perfect cats, we lost one [China] at 17 and a half to cancer and the other [Missy] at 19 and a half. What marvelously fantabulous companions they were and I loved and loved and loved every moment with them and MISS them both crazily now😦 We have 2 dogs, one that was around with the cats and a younger spca husky cross dog acquired more recently. Apparently huskies and cats are not a good combo so my days of cats seem over. But Raymond looks deliciously pleased with himself..a real ‘cat got the cream’ contented and loved look! Enjoy him🙂

  62. rhonda m says:

    i too adopted a cat, she was found near the ocean with 10 kittens… she was the only cat in the shelter that came and rubbed on me when i entered… any way this smart little feline knows when the screen door hasnt closed and she stands on the window ledge and puts her foot on the door and opens it, and bingo in she comes… unlike raymond , misty isnt an inside cat and she just loves to get in… i am very soft and let her have her moment. i just love to hear of raymonds life and how spoilt he really is…. we also have a kelpie dog called “k” and she fleas misty every day and its such a funny thing to watch, misty rolls over and allows all this to take place… love all your other comments and how people just love their animals… cheers from aussie land

  63. Hahnsmum says:

    l`ve always had dogs in my life, & cats too…BUt cant have another cat here at present..
    ..We have a neighbour who delights in shooting cats…
    But where do l start with my funny, sometimes SO NAUGHTY dogs…Presently own a TERROR Jack Russell bitch ( one of my show dogs)..Tessika is VERY NAUGHTY & LOVES to run like the devil is after her, if she escapes from the verandah.. She took off today as the old man let her out.. So we run frantically like a couple of loonies calling, me usually having an asthma attack,.
    She is getting a bit better, only run along the boundary fence today , then raced inside our block, & skidded to a stop near one of us..lf l didnt love her as much l truthfully would choke the little blighter..
    Raymond is so beautiful..He is handsome but l bet he knows that..
    Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..

  64. Manoli C. says:

    Precioso blog y preciosos trabajos…

  65. Mary Catherine Weis---(Katie) says:

    Alice I don’t have cats because I have severe allergies. I enjoy your stories about Raymond. your cat is beautiful and I must say he takes wonderful pictures. thanks you for all the time you share with all of us who enjoy your stories. Have a wonderful day— Katie

  66. Our treasured pet is a Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix named Joker. He’s a rescue dog that we found when my husband became disabled…they rescued each other! He barks at everyone, then talks to them! He sleeps on top of the clean laundry in the sun, hogs the covers on the bed, gives kisses unconditionally, and will bolt out an open door in a nano second! He rides on the tank on the motorcycle, tethered to my husband by a leash; he loves the wind in his hair and loves life!

  67. knittergran says:

    We adopted a kitten who was the offspring of a feral cat that a cat rescuer was keeping track of. He is Baxter—-and he is funny-except when he eats my yarn! I have to hide all of my beautiful yarn now that he is with us…Rats!!! He even ate a mini skein of 10 yards of Miss Babs sock yarn-when I found him, he had just the tag hanging out of his mouth. Daily hairball meds and seven days later, we got the yarn back, pretty much in (disgusting) skein form. Yuck….
    Now my yarn is safe from him. And it’s a good thing he is so sweet and funny because I miss having my yarn out in view.
    Give beautiful Raymond some pats from Baxter and me!

  68. I don’t have a most treasured as both my pets are so different but my fave ones to share are my 1st cat….his name was Sir Pippin, a blue Persian we got for my 7th birthday from the breader. My biggest memory of him was how he would just LOVE to embarrass the heck out of me when ever my parents had guests over by getting into my underware drawer and the carting his “kill” proudly into the middle of the lounge room!! >.< RIP Sir Pippin 1986 – 2000.

    As for tales of my current kitty (rascal) Binx…there are too many to choose from, when he does get up to mischief it gets written about in my blog.🙂

    Yay for Raymond Appreciation!!

  69. Monica Grattarola says:

    I would like to introduce you my girls Sophie and Florencia, they are two nice cats Sophie is white mostly and little spot of grey in her head and tail and Florencia is carey color, they are a brother call Elliot (tabby cat). The are my kids, my husband any I spended a lot of time with them, all of us sleep together in a big bed. I talk to my girls about Raymond and show them his pictures and I said send greettins to Raymond who lives in New Zeland fo far away to Santiago, Chile.
    Mónica, Sophie, Elliot and Florencia.

  70. isobelayres says:

    I have two Orientals (similar to Siamese, but with Burmese type colouring – very friendly and vocal like Siamese) that were given to me in January as their previous person couldn’t have them anymore.

    Tigger is teeny tiny, my little stripey caramel coloured cat. He’s the cuddliest cat I have ever met, bar none. He follows me from room to room and whenever I sit he’s on my lap within a minute. He also comes when he’s called – leaping and bounding – it’s about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

    Smokey (his big brother) is a complete dork and very particular about what he will play with. He’s not interested, even slightly, in the usual cat toys and even catnip has no noticeable effect. Balled up pipecleaners, on the other hand, he adores. He spends hours (literally) batting them around, carrying them somewhere and then ‘forgetting’ where they were so he can pounce on them, etc. He particularly likes to carry them into the kitchen, bat them under the fridge, and then spend ages trying to fish them out. His most favourite thing to do with them, however, is drown them. I’m forever finding them in his water bowl or in vases of flowers and woe betide any cup of coffee or glass of water you leave unattended. He also brings the pipecleaners to you, so that you can throw them, and then plays fetch.

    They’re generally very good about not eating my yarn, except that they can’t seem to resist mohair. Smokey, however, loves chewing wood and has destroyed two of my Knit Pro Symfonie wooden hooks😦 Learnt my lesson, though, and now keep them tucked away in a box!

  71. He’s a beautiful boy!!!

    We have 2 rescued kitties that we adopted (or did they adopt us???) last year. We lost our other 2 within 5 months of each other and it was heartbreaking. I didn’t want any more kitties. It was too hard when you lose them but my DH convinced to rescue 2 more and give them a good home (spoil them rotten is what he really meant).

    We have a male Flame Point Siamese that is so affectionate and smart! We have to spell certain words around him (like “treats” or “snacks”). He is 3 years old. The other kitty is a female Norwegian Forest cat. She is also 3 years old. She is a little stinker and into anything and everything. They play well together and often sleep next to each other.

    My DH was right to drag me to the shelter. We love these 2 a lot and it has helped ease the pain of losing the other 2 that we had for 14 years.

  72. gephart836 says:

    Love that Raymond!

  73. lotsofnicethings says:

    Hi Alice! You’re blog is such an inspiration – especially with such lovely pics of Raymond. He’s so beautiful!

    I have an 11 year old cat called Gwen, who I’ve had since she was a baby and I was at university. We have been on some adventures together, including moving house at least a dozen times. When she was younger she was an accomplished hunter (much to my dismay). These days she just loves lying on my bed in the sun and ‘helping’ with the crochet. She is, like many cats, totally obsessed with food. You have never heard such a noise in the morning when she’s trying to wake us up to be fed. Someone gave me a decorative hanging made up of a string of colourful shapes with a bell at the end. Not content with howling, scratching the carpet and chewing plants in attempts to get us out of bed, gwen had learned to ‘bell ring’ by hitting the end of the decoration to get our attention! She’s a real character and important member of the family. There’s a few pics of her on my blog,

  74. Christina says:

    I have had cats my whole life and the stories I have could fill a book. But currently we have Shiner who is 13 and the queen of the house. Back when I had 4 parakeets I let them roam the house freely. Shiner has never been one for feathers she is more of a lizard lover so I knew the birds would be fine with her. Only the birds were the mischevious ones! The little boogers would sneak up on Shiner while she was asleep and as if they had counted down they would all jump on her at once. Fluttering and cheaping. Poor Shiner would jump 10 feet into the air and go running out of the room! I think she was happy when the last of the 4 bullies past away!

  75. Deco Cat says:

    We have been blessed with many animals in our home over the years and each and every one has brought it’s own type of joy into our lives. A house becomes a home when it has animals in it.

  76. sandcola says:

    We had a very naughty marmalade tabby tom we got from my uncle’s barn. He loved hot chocolate and would stick his entire head into our mugs to lap the last bit, but would emerge with a brown ring around his face. He loved birthdays, too, and twice licked a significant amount of frosting off my birthday cake. after the second time he went back to the farm!

    • Suzy says:

      That is so sad and just plain awful! To go from a lovely home back to an old barn just because of habits that can be trained out of a kitty😦

  77. Suzy says:

    I have a few kitties, but my darling was a stray that was almost dead when my mom happened upon her. I took her and nursed her back to health and her 4 kittens (she was preggers when she was found) all live happily with my relatives. All are loved, spoiled, and the center of our households. I do not know how someone could give up a dear kitty like mine, but I am glad she found me🙂 I have always thought that we find what we need and she brought sunshine to my life and I gave her a home.

  78. Heather says:

    Hi! I love this blog and I think Raymond is perfectly beautiful. If you did not live on the other side of the world, I would happily cat sit. We have a 17 year old black domestic short hair who loves my oldest daughter. He only greets her, only allows her to brush him. I have a photo of him with her when she was two, riding in her doll carriage complete with a bonnet. Great pet.

  79. Di Childs says:

    Regards to Raymond from us and our furry family
    One of our 17 cats is a small and fiesty female called Bodecia. Someone found her and took her to our local vet. No-one claimed her so we adopted her. She was in a catbox in the car for the journey to our house. She howled so my husband opened the box door. She came out and jumped onto the top of the box. She rode there the rest of the way, gazing around just like a tourist. Her first action on entering the house was to take possession of the food dish in the kitchen. Some of the other cats gathered round to see what Ma and Pa had adopted this time. Bo supported herself on one forepaw while she gobbled the food and, with the other paw, warned the others to keep clear. I immediately named her Bodecia. She didn’t make friends with any of the others until we adopted two kittens about two years later. After a bit of initial spitting, Bo decided to be an ‘auntie’ to the kittens. Bo is a tabby, ginger and white tortie, Branston is a brindled tortie femaile and Pickle is black with bits of white. They made a colourful heap on my bed. The kittens are nearly two years old now but they still curl up with Bo.

  80. Juliab says:

    We got our cat Gerard last September from the local Pet Rescue Centre. He is settling in nicely and looks like an all black version of Raymond, there are definitely a fair few oriental cat genes in him! A few months ago, I heard a strange noise coming from the lounge so went to investigate. I was shocked to find a live magpie stood by the patio doors, squawking and looking out at Gerard. It turns out that Gerard caught the bird, brought it in and then got frightened at the noisy squawking that it was making so he ran outside to get away from it! He then came back in to help me herd the bird all the way around the lounge and then out of the door. It turns out we have adopted a hunter, he is always catching things. My daughters and I always enjoy seeing Raymond on your blog and I always enjoy seeing all the lovely yarns and socks. x

  81. cybercita says:

    My cat found me at the cat shelter. It was in a little town in upstate New York. The cats all lived in an apartment and could roam free, which was great, because you could hang out and really get to know their personalities before taking them home. I walked in one day and sat down, and this cat jumped on my lap before my behind had finished hitting the sofa. He sat for a few minutes, then stayed next to me on the arm of the sofa as the rest of the cats took turns being petted. We left that afternoon catless, but came back the following week. The cat was sitting next to the front door as if he had been waiting for me, and as soon as I came in, his eyes got wide, his ears folded back, and he RAN onto my lap, curled up, and purred. My companion at the time was not sure he wanted a cat, so we left again, but the next day (after a lot of begging and pleading) we went back and got him, and he is the sweetest cat I have ever known. He sleeps in the crook of my arm and sits next to me when I work on the computer.

  82. Bridget says:

    Raymond seems such a lovely boy. I’ve been following your blog for about a year and always love to see photos of Raymond, especially when he has some lovely hand crafted thing in the background! I myself have a very special boy called Oscar. He is 8 years old, but he’s still such a baby. Cat’s are such purrfect companions to have around when you are doing some quiet activity (knitting, reading, studying, etc) because they help you to relax and not take things too serious.

  83. Gwen says:

    I have just discovered your web page and I love the things you make, the colours are amazing
    and I love your gorgeous cat, he is so handsome, two of my favourite things (apart from my children) are cats and crochet so I think I will enjoy visiting your site immensly.x

  84. Wow, this post is good, my sister is analyzing
    such things, so I am going to convey her.

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    Your web site offered us with useful information to work on.
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    Thank you.

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