Wee Peggy

A while ago now, I fell in love with a Little Peggy.  I saw this Little Peggy sitting in a knitting shop and was immediately enamoured with her, just amazed at how CUTE she was and wanted one immediately.

Until that moment, I was in a very monogamous relationship with the Magic Wheel, (click HERE to read my first ever spinning post on Crochet with Raymond) but I confess that once I had seen this Little Peggy I wanted one of my very own.  So I said to the Universe: “Universe, will you please bring a Peggy into my life?  I love them so much and would love one of my very own, thank you very much” and continued on with my business.  (I have just shared with you my manifestation secret, feel free to try it out for yourself)

Months later, my Mum went to a Spin In.  At the time I was working on Saturdays and as my co-worker would not swap shifts with me I couldn’t go myself, but rang my Mum while she was there because she was shopping on my behalf that day.   And would you believe, there was a Wee Peggy for sale, one of the ladies from another Fibrecraft Guild was “culling” her spinning wheel collection and decided to part with her Wee Peggy.

Cue immense joy and the immediate purchase of said Wee Peggy.

The best part?  Wee Peggy cost me $65.  SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS!  Not only was Wee Peggy cheap, but also in perfect condition which made me even more thrilled and feel totally blessed by the Universe.

This happened MONTHS ago now, but I’m finally going to show you some photos of my beloved little wheel and tell you a bit about this lovely brand of wheels.  If you are interested in learning about NZ Spinning Wheels, there is an excellent database here, lovingly created by one of the founding members of the Fibrecraft Guild of which my lovely Mum is currently President.

So are you ready to meet Wee Peggy?

Isn’t she just the cutest little thing??!!  I absolutely LOVE Wee Peggy, to the extent that I bought her in the car up to Whangarei as I didn’t trust the moving men with her.  KB and I had to live for a whole week without furniture and limited kitchen equipment, so we bought in the car our necessities and Wee Peggy was one of them.  (KB is the greatest, I can’t believe she let me use up a quarter of our car space to bring my Spinning Wheel and didn’t even complain…)

You can read all about Peggy wheels, named after a friend of the Rappards who made the wheels HERE.  There are two varieties, the Little Peggy and the Wee Peggy.  The main difference between the two is that the Wee Peggy has no front maiden, which meant that it could be exported as it came in a kitset.  If anyone in another country (or NZ) has a Wee Peggy, I’d love to hear about how yours came into your life!  For those of you who don’t know the anatomy of a Spinning Wheel, the flyer sits between the maidens at the top of the wheel.  In the picture below you can see Peggy has one maiden at the back. (Pointy bit)

Most Peggy Wheels are dated, and as soon as I found this out, I had to have a look to see how old my Wee Peggy is….

The last two numbers are the year the wheel was made, so 1976… Wee Peggy is four years older than me and being that she is in such amazing condition, I am even more determined to look after her, keep her out of the sun and keep her in tip-top condition.

In saying that, however, Wee Peggy gets a L.O.T of use.  I’m currently on a ‘spinning bender’ and I am spinning my way through my fibre stash.  In five weeks I’m going home for two weeks so plan to dye a couple of kilograms of fibre and send it back up North to my new home, so to make way for this impending fibre explosion, I’m spinning everything I have and I’m having so much fun!

On my bobbins are the singles I spun from this braid…

Which became this…

I’ve god a HUGE pile of handspun yarn on my table which makes my heart speed up when I look at it, I am so completely loving it, not just the process of making it from a piece of coloured fluff, but also the potential!  but I’ll show you these another day.  I’m off for now, to try and take some nice photos of the Tappan Zee which is just lovely, I wore it the other day with much pride.

Hope you are all well and allowing beauty into your lives,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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37 Responses to Wee Peggy

  1. Such beautiful wood on Wee Peggy!

    • H Bayley says:

      Hello all. I was reading the enthusiastic responses regarding the Wee Peggy and I thought I would post a response. I am not a spinner though I remember my mother doing it for hours. We used to raise our own sheep and Angora goats so she came up with some stunning results. Anyway, my mum can no longer use the spinning wheel and she would like to sell it on to someone who will love her as much as she has. I thought that perhaps if anyone knew of someone that might be interested, you could let them know. She also has a Louet S10 wheel. Its just time for someone else to enjoy them. Thanks for reading. HB

  2. 'me' says:

    every time i read your enthousiastic posts about spinning, i want to do it too.. And actualy it wouldn’t be that difficult for me because i knew how to spin when I was 12…. Even though I didn’t do it since then ( 30 years ago already !! ) , I think it is a skill that you can’t ‘ unlearn ‘ .
    My mother still has her spinning wheal although it is in the cellar for 30 years…
    I can have it if I want to
    And I have a friend with sheep and I just have to ask it and I get wool from him…
    But : i’m a bit worried about the wool in my house.
    I learnt spinning with unwashed wool and I remember it bing a bit dirty : mud, sometimes beetles, even some shit ( is that a descend word ? ) …
    I’m not sure I can spin with washed wool… How does it ‘ stick ‘ together ?
    And another thing : I live in a small apparment … How can I wash and dry that wool ???

    Anyway, maybe, if you keep up posting like this, I wiill actually do it again some day😉
    And meanwhile I enjoy watching what you are making😉

  3. Teje says:

    Good Morning Alice! I’m so happy you found Peggy! She looks great and you will have fun together! So beautiful yarn! Have a lovely day! x Teje

  4. Regula says:

    I don’t even know what a Wee Peggy is called in German. (I love it. As my neighbour is a spinner, she has to show me how to spin. I already have a spinning wheel.)
    I wish you lots of fun


  5. I have seen them before, and I know this wheel as “het Schipperke spinnenwiel”.
    If you google this word you’ll find information on Schipperke dogs, Schipperke clocks, woodstoves etc. All in dutch I am afraid.
    What they have in common is that they are small. Small to fit in the small household of people living on a riverboat.

    I a wheel like behind the link from ”me’. That’s is also a dutch wheel, but a modern one,
    a ‘Louët’ the S10. Louët is still in business,
    and they make wheels somewhat similair to the peggy or ‘schipperke’ design, but bigger.

  6. ladjm says:

    She is gorgeous and so is your yarn! Love and treasure her always …. x

  7. Laura says:

    She is gorgeous and so is your yarn!!! I wish I could do that! Love & treasure her always …. xxx

  8. Val E (Wales) says:

    What a Sweetie – all polished up and ready to go!! Just look at the lustre of love all over that little lady – I wish you many happy hours together.

  9. Love the colours and it all looks so neat – I’m sure it wouldn’t be if I did it!

  10. bleudedelf says:

    I don’t know anything about spinning but the object by itself is beautiful. I love the thread you made too!!!

  11. winkieflash says:

    Wooow, that handspun is so gorgeous! It looks so summery and happy!🙂

  12. Loani Prior says:

    Dang good spinning !

  13. Monika says:

    Nice little spinning wheel, and beautiful handspun yarn!

  14. A wee Peggy is gorgeous. I’ll have to find out some more about the wheel I’ve been given now as its an upright also.

    Loving the colours the braid turned into. Can’t wait to start spinning my own fleece soon.🙂

    – The Aussie Yarn Cat.

  15. Alice, I do not know you personnaly, but I think that your cat, crochet, knitting, spinning and roving are just fab! Also your KB seems to be absolutely the most wonderful understanding person. I envy you all that. Wonderful Sunday evening!

  16. Wilhelmina says:

    OHHH Alice you have been so inspiring and now this lovely little wheel! I have started spinning classes and am just about finally getting it. The two pedaled wheel seems easier to me but I love your Peggy!!! And I just found one to buy, she’s not as inexpensive as yours but still I could afford her and probably not a regular wheel….so my long winded question is, do you think she would be good for a beginner? There are no returns on the wheel…….I’m going to ask my spinning teacher what she thinks too but she may not know wee Peggy!

  17. Deco Cat says:

    She is one gorgeous girl! I too have been on a spinning frenzy and I am loving it!

  18. I love the name wee peggy, suites her to a tee! Loving all your beautiful yarn Alice and looking forward to more colour explosions! You are so organised with all your yarn dying and sending back to your new home, look forward to seeing fibre happy posts. Can’t wait t see your Tappan zeeeeee xox Happy, colourful week for you and KB xox

  19. Maggie Moore says:

    I didn’t have a clue as to what a ‘wee peggy’ was – thank you for enlightening me! She’s lovely…. Maggie xx

  20. Melissa says:

    I still can’t get over how inexpensive spinning wheels are for you! I’ve finally gotten consistent with my spinning…next is plying…..hmmm….hope you had a lovely weekend!

  21. Joan Griffith says:

    um, reminds me of my $400 Joy wheel… It’s cute, but I think your wee Peggy is more so.

  22. dwiggin3 says:

    Hello – Greetings from near Washington, DC – USA!. I’m new to your blog. I stumbled across it while pinning things to Pinterest. I began crocheting a little over a year ago – I taught myself from video’s on the web. The downside is that I find it hard to actually read directions for various projects…kinda like playing the piano by ear and not knowing how to read music. Anyhow, I put down my crochet hook for awhile and just started up again. I love following your blog even though I don’t understand some of your references (cultural barrier or likely my ignorance of crocheting). Anyhow, congrats on the “adoption” of Wee Peggy…I’m sure you’ll give her a good home!

  23. I’m so in love with that beautiful yarn, I feel a little faint!🙂

  24. Val E (Wales) says:

    Stick with it dwiggin3 – Paul McCartney (Beatles) couldn’t read music!! Pretty soon you’ll be familiar with the ‘Esperanto’ of crochet and hooking things of great beauty. Wishing you inspiration and success.

  25. Louise says:

    Gorgeous spinning wheel and colourful yarn! I love it!

  26. Peggy Coffey says:

    As a Peggy myself, I was intrigued by the title. Your Peggy is beautiful. I know nothing about spinning but would love to learn. I am a yarn-a-holic (is that a word?) and your yarn is breathtakingly gorgeous. Keep her safe and well.

  27. Debbie says:

    Have enjoyed seeing all the beautiful things you make and reading your blog over the past few months, especially since we are now holidaying in NZ from beautiful Victoria, BC Canada. One of your blogs was about the quarry in Whangerei, so of course we had to visit it while we were in the area and absolutely loved it too, so thanks for the tip on things to see in NZ. Loved the buttons on your previous post too! Not sure where you live in NZ, but were recently on the Otoga Pennisula in Broad Bay and there was a china shop but with lots of other interesting finds — they have plenty of buttons all sorted by colour — it’s wonderful, so if you are ever in the area you may want to check it out!
    Looking forward to seeing all your lovely wool, another craft I would like to indulge in too!

  28. Rani says:

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors . . . spinning wheel . . . but I am. She is a darling little thing and I am putting my own call out to the universe.

  29. Amy says:

    LOVE that yarn! you are inspiring me to figure out how to spin🙂

  30. I am totally in love with your blog! I am sitting here (at work) devouring post after post and getting an almighty surge of creative energy! I look forward to visiting again… like, every day.. ;P

  31. frances says:

    I think we have discussed Wee Peggy love already, but just in case….. My first Wee Peggy was a gift from a lovely friend in Dunedin. She is unvarnished- but has a lovely patina. My second Wee Peggy was a trademe bargain- brought from the original owner- whi had recieved it as a 21st present many years ago. I am in the process of streamlining them both- changing springs and tension strings etc. They both run nicely- but every wheel needs to feel pretty I think. (I imagine getting a new tension spring is a bit like getting new undies for a wheel)
    Wee Peggy #2 is going to live in the Wairarapa with a friend’s small daughter once she is all rekitted out.

  32. Vickie says:

    What a darling wheel! And you are also a lovely spinner. I think I will start trolling for a Wee Peggy myself! Thanks for sharing.

  33. Shãna says:

    I am wondering (and hoping) that you are open to selling some of your creations? You do beautiful work – so incredibly lovely. I am not, as of yet, a crochet-er, and would like to inquire about your rugs.

    When you have a moment, I’d love to hear back from you.

    Thank you,


  34. Terry, West Hills, Calif says:

    Hi there !!
    Congratulations on your “Wee Peggy”,!!! (Yeah!!!)
    Mine found me on Ebay and I drove to pick her up. ( A very long, long drive !!) She appears to have never been used !! I would like to refinish her. As she has what looks like a Maple finish, which would be great except that it looks like a plastic coating, just a bit too thick a finish. She is complete with orfice hook, and 3 bobbins, and built in lazy kate.
    My wonderful instructor let me use her Traditional Ashford to learn on first. Then on a Thumbelina
    , I fell head over heels in love. (Forgive me !)
    My Instructor told me of a wonderful Lendrum with an extra, large orfice. (1)
    (2)The “Wee Peggy ” found me before a Thumbelina Spinning wheel found me
    .(3) My Thumbelina was in an Antique store in Canada. I reside in the Los Angeles, Cal, area. ( It used to be just “Chocolate ” that called me , which was cheaper, but very fattening.) Needless to say this was just a bit more expensive. She even has an additional larger orfice. plus her matching orfice hook, built in Lazy Kate and 3 bobbins.
    (4) Which doesn’t include my original antique Spinning wheel that found me at an Antique show. I was so happy I actually cried. And then the dealer didn’t take credit cards. And I was out of checks. The dealer let me take it home and mail her a check. All these years later, I now know that shes a CPW. WOW !!
    (5) And an antique child size spinning wheel that my sister gave me when she switched from antiques to modern furniture It doesn’t work, but is very attractive.
    (6) And now I have my Mom’s reproduction Wheel , too.
    I need a bigger house, and I really try not to hear any more Spinning wheels that call to me !!
    The NZ spinning wheels don’t seem to become available often in the US, so I feel very, very fortunate.
    The Accidental Spinning Wheel collector. ( I really do Spin )
    That’s my story.!!!

    West Hills, Calif

    Be very careful what you wish for !!!

    • I love hearing about all your wheels! I have four now and am on the waiting list for another one but before I pay for that one I need to rehome two because I live in a TINY house.
      I agree, careful what you wish for, we are powerful manifesters!

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