Finishing Touches…

Three gorgeous silver buttons, the finishing touches to my Tappan Zee which is currently in my airing cupboard, blocking.  I love, love, LOVE it and can’t wait to wear it in a couple of days when it is dry.

My first ever (wearable) piece of clothing!  The excitement!  What was the first piece of clothing you ever knit or crocheted for yourself?  Did it make you feel like a million bucks?

Have an awesome week XXXXX


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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36 Responses to Finishing Touches…

  1. Vicky says:

    Can’t wait to see it! I made myself a cardigan for myself once, it took me 4 years to finish it by which time I’d lost 3 stone so it’s currently under my bed 2 sizes too big for me!!! I’m keeping it cause I made it though!!!!

  2. Janine says:

    Can’t wait to see your cardi. The first wearable piece of clothing I made was a wrap around skirt which I sewed in Grade 7, I wore the skirt to death, loved it. I knitted myself a jersey on my moms knitting machine with the most difficult wool for a knitting machine, a fluffy cream wool, also looooved the jersey, wore it till the fluff was no more!

  3. Belinda says:

    Those buttons are so lovely. The first clothing item I made myself was last year and it’s a horrid red cardi that I love to death. But I’m currently knitting another one, much nicer to replace it with this winter.

  4. Camille says:

    Lovely picture, can’t wait to see the colour(s)! never dared to make a piece of clothing yet, too much into granny squares for the moment! take care

  5. Those buttons are gorgeous and I very much look forward to the big reveal once it’s completed!

    My 1st ever piece I made for myself to wear was a slouchy Berret style hat and fingerless mitts in #34 Moonglow by Emotive Yarns. I felt so proud of myself and needless to say felt like a million dollars when I wore it out for the 1st time…even better when people actually complimented me on them and asked where I bought it from…. it feels wonderful when the words “I made them myself” leave your lips!🙂

  6. bleudedelf says:

    Socks don’t count, right? Well, I’ve got an islandic cardican on the needles…

  7. Delphine says:

    I really like the of grey you used!

  8. Mrs Jones says:

    I made a tunic top in sewing class at school when I was about 13, and that was it until my twenties when I got my own sewing machine and made a couple of dresses and some circular skirts and, again, that was it. I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago and have made blankets, cushion covers, scarves and a beanie but a month ago I finally got to grips with knitting (at the ripe old age of forty-mumble) and have made three scarves so far. Last week I cast on for my first ‘proper’ knitted garment, a simple wrap-round sleeveless cardigan/waistcoat. It’s basically a plain knit rectangle with two slits for the armholes so an incredibly easy design but I am making it in hand-dyed fingering weight wool in the most gorgeous blue-green colourway (Striding Edge by NiMu Yarns, in ‘Wicklow’ colour).

  9. Margo says:

    Congrats on your first wearable piece! the buttons are gorgeous, I’m hoping you will show the whole thing soon. I was 13 when I knitted my first sweater for myself, pink heather (shetland) wool. And yes, I still remember the sense of accomplishment that gave me 33 years ago!
    Just wanted to drop a note because I have been following your blog for a while (recently signed up) and I am enjoying it so much, from the pictures of your colorful master pieces to the accompanying stories you share. And of course, Raymond. Thank you!

  10. Nancy says:

    Love the buttons and the Granny Tea Cozy. The first piece I ever made for myself was a shawl which was supposed to come together in the back in a special waterfall type of design. Notice I said supposed to. Well I still wear it and still love it as much as the day I love it. I do this because I made it myself. Have a wonderful day!

    • Nancy says:

      Sorry for the error in the last response. Should have said ……as much as the day I made it. Tooo early for senior citizens!

  11. Lyn Zalk says:

    Mine was a full length knitted dress with deep ribbing @ the neckline, sleeve edge and across the bottom and up the side kick pleats!!!!! It was amazingly wonderful… I’d knitted lots of small things for friends and this was the first wearable thing I’d made myself….
    No longer do I knit since learning to crochet….. the instant gratification coupled with more demands for my time and attention and a sense of feeling in connection with my Mom who has passed make crochet all the more appealing!
    Thanx for stirring up some old and good memories🙂
    Hope your day is filled with Love and Light~

  12. Hahnsmum says:

    l had a look at the cardi pattern… Very nice & love the buttons..l have a button fettish , so something different is facinating.. Best Wishes..

  13. Hannah says:

    I look forward to seeing your Tappan Zee. That is a real achievement. My first piece of clothing was a pair of socks. After some years of knitting and crocheting many different items, I have just finished my absolute favorite item: my own variation of the Eden Scarf with lots of flower blossoms on it. I had the most enjoyment making that and I am going to wear it as often as possible. P.S. Love your buttons!

  14. Melissa says:

    Tease! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  15. Jill_R says:

    I am so excited for your project to be complete. I am sure it will look fabulous on you as well. You chose a beautiful color and those buttons complement it well.
    Dear Tappan Zee sweater, Hurry up and dry!! We gotta see!!! 🙂

  16. Joyce says:

    can’t remember the first piece I would have done it was so long ago, since I have been knitting since I was a child. I remember one or two special ones that I made, a fuscia pink jumper and a jumper with a panda on the front. Two of my best works! There have been masses since, but nothing for a while now since I mainly work on stuff for charity.

  17. Mia says:

    Loooove silver buttons!
    I don’t remember my first but probably it was a very color-and-pattern-complicated piece since I as a teenager had a tendency to start with knitting/crochet projects way over my level of experience and then spent years and years on and off with them (never only one at a time) and finally – maybe with a tad of help from grandma – finnish one just to discover that I didn’t really want the result, just was curious if it was possible🙂

  18. Love the buttons! I’m sure it is going to look fabulous and can’t wait to see it. Goatmother’s first was a hat!

  19. Hi, I just joined your blog. You have inspired me so much!!!! I love, love your tea cozy that I applied the patterns on my candle holders, and also on my lamp. I have not made one for my tea yet but working on that soon. i also made the mandala which i will be giving to my grandm’s 95th b-day. I just want to say, how grateful i am to have found your site. i visit it often since i found you. you are a great inspiration. i just started crocheting few months ago. i am a knitter and now found new love in crochet so my knitting needles are taking a big break. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work.

  20. Christina says:

    My “Mrs Weasley” inspired heavy cardigan was my first really wearable project. FOr over 20 years I have been making sweaters and such for my kids so it was amazing to get that last thread weaved in and to slip it on.

  21. Deco Cat says:

    So looking forward to seeing your cardigan! I have never made any item of clothing for myself but it is on my, very long, to do list!

  22. Victoria says:

    Do you know what? I don’t think I have ever knitted myself a garment… I just stick to knitting child sized garments and then my children don’t always wear them, the ungrateful little blighters! I do want to make myself one of the top-down crocheted cardigans by ‘milobo’. One day…

    • Liza says:

      Hello Alice,
      I’m on pins and needles so looking forward to seeing your cardigan. I’ve haven’t made any thing for me to wear , thats going to be on my list! You take care your friend from Texas, sending you and all your loved ones warmest wishes.
      P.S. Give a smooch to Raymond

  23. Jacqueline says:

    Other than scarves, I have never worn any item that I have knitted. Looking forward to seeing your Tappan Zee, I may make one, whether I wear it or not is a different matter.

  24. The first wearable item I made for myself was a crocheted tam, and I felt soooo proud of myself! I think I felt even more pride when I sported my first pair of knitted socks. My proudest moment, though, was seeing my sweet little girl in the merino wool cardigan I made her. It made me a little sad that she will outgrow it so quickly, but I loved making it for her.

  25. Sarah Ross says:

    So that is what a Tappan Zee is, I have never heard that term. Now I want to know what an “airing closet” is. I have never made anything for myself to wear, not even a hat or scarf, we don’t have much cold weather here. Can’t wait to see your Tappan Zee. Where is Raymond?

    Sarah from Texas

  26. Donna says:

    Made myself a 70s style gypsy vest (very simple pattern) about 10 years ago. Cannot believe it took me 25+ years of crocheting to make something for myself, and a wearable at that. It was a healing project. When I was about 9 years old, at the Boy’s Club (Salvation Army) in down neck Newark, NJ, a group of girls were taught to crochet a similar simple vest. I was at Camp Tecumseh (courtesy of the Boy’s Club) for a 9 day tour and missed the project. It was the only thing they made and in the 70s it was very popular – with pom pom ties and all. So, as a grown up, I made one for myself, with pom pom ties, absolutely, and I wear it now and again. Making that vest was very soothing–as if I filled a hole created in my childhood.

  27. Sarah says:

    Looking forward to seeing it! The first thing I made was a vest, I was very proud of it but the neckline was a bit high to be very flattering for me, it has rot me cosy though!

  28. Penelope says:

    WordPress has been mucking me about and not letting me comment on your blog, hence the “tester” x on the above comment! I am very excited to see your T.Zee Alice, perfect timing for your Autumn arriving and I completely relate to the immense excitement and sheer BLISS of wearing something you made with your very own hands. Yay, can’t wait to see it, hurry and model it for us xxxxxxx

  29. Amanda says:

    I made myself a sweater from a pattern of my own making, it took me 3 times starting over, and ended up about a size too big, and the sleaves are alittle too short but I wear it around the house anyway. It took me a 4 months to finish, and was made with a super bulky yarn, and a mostly using a double stitch.

  30. Sara says:

    If socks don’t count than you’re still way ahead of me. Though I love to take of my shoes in the evening if I’m weaing self-made socks.

    I’m looking foward to see the finished result.

  31. Lily From Northern Ireland says:

    lovely cardi
    First thing I ever made myself was probably a scarf and then I progressed to hats but The first cardi I made myself was a grey fluffy job with a collar which I still wear today. i have made a few things for myself to wear and for others too and yes I always feel a billion dollars in them.

  32. amandaspatch says:

    Oh Alice, how I have missed your colourful and crafty world!! I have had sneaky peeks but purposefully stayed away as I’ve had next to no time to crochet since Oscar was born and it was too much temptation to leave the housework (that desperately needed doing) and crochet along with you!

    But now Oscar is a little older, I’m getting out my hooks again and, oh, how I have missed it. I’ve got a major project on the go, as well as needing to desperately finish the ripple blanket I am making for our new nephew who is due any day now *eek* seems like 6 months without crochet and I get so far behind!

    Lovely to be back in your world again though, looking forward to seeing more of your crafty loveliness🙂

  33. Becky says:

    🙂 The first usable wearable I made was the granny square turned gnome hat and arm warmers. It is nice to be back with my fabric stash, but Ana and I were missing the fibre and have joined a group that meets twice a month to knit/crochet at the library. We live out in the country and there is a new fibre shop right down the road in the old country store! (can see it from the yard) Hope to learn sock making!

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