February Socks….

Despite being terribly excited about starting my February socks, they ended up being a bit of a struggle to complete.  It turns out that I do not enjoy knitting socks in stripes, it’s all fine and dandy if the ball is self striping, but from two balls it is a bit of a pain really, but an interesting learning experience all the same!

I showed you, 22 days ago, the yarn I decided to make my February socks with…

All the odds and ends from the four pairs of socks I have made with Knitsch sock yarns over the last few months….

I love knitting socks with Knitsch yarns and have sent you to her shop many times in the past to have a good look at her wares, her colours are amazingly fun.  I like to use up all of my odds and ends, so decided to knit some patchwork stripey Knitsch socks with my bits and see how they ended up.


Ta da!

I had one 50 gram skein of Days by the Bay which I used for the main colour, using the ends of balls for contrasting colours…

And luckily had enough yarn to make the ribbing, the heels AND the toes in Days by the Bay before I ran out!

They are lots of fun, definitely circusy-happy-socks, but I will confess that I am looking forward to my March socks which are going to be plain!  No cables, just one ball of yarn, relaxing knitting at it’s best!

A few days ago a package I had long been waiting for arrived, some BFL sock yarn I ordered from the lovely Helene from Happy-Go-Knitty.  You must check out her blog for lots of gorgeous knitting, crochet and her beautiful dyeing which I swoon over.  Helene has a “stall” HERE if you are on Facebook, you can buy her wares and contact her by e-mail, a fantastic way to buy yarn online I think!  I went a bit nuts and bought these gorgeous skeins of BFL sock yarn….

Totally, completely and utterly gorgeous.  The self-striping skein in the centre will be my March socks, I am off on a week of training for work so they will keep me amused in my hotel room at night!  I have the perfect pattern for the pink and a different pattern in mind for the turquoise, I just need to pluck up some courage to knit them as they are quite complex patterns.  So thank you Helene for the gorgeous package of Happy-Go-Knitty goodness, it was just ace!

I’m off now, I’m on the border of my Ripple Blanket… I’m going to finish it on the weekend, I can feel it in my bones and I am very excited to see it nearing completion!

Have a great rest of your week,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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46 Responses to February Socks….

  1. Flikka says:

    Beautiful socks, I love the colors! I just recently found your blog, and became a fan.🙂

  2. delphine says:

    Gorgeous, as usual… Definetly “your” colors….

  3. Fiona Skye says:

    I want you to know that the main reason I’m learning to knit is to make socks. And I blame it on you! I have fallen in serious sock lust after visiting your blog over the past couple of weeks and decided that I would finally teach myself knitting so I, too, could indulge in one of my favourite fashion accessories!

  4. Simply stunning again Alice, love the colours they are definetly “you”.
    Am off to go check out HappygoKnitty on FB perhaps I should lock up my back card just incase…I’m already drooling over the 3 skeins you had delievered. Yet another reason I need to find someone to teach me how to knit so I can get of a sock jag.

    Hugs to you, KB and the gorgeous Raymond

  5. meredithjean says:

    You funny funny thing xxx

  6. Sarah says:

    Yes I found manually striping socks a bit more tedious than sock knitting ever should be! Beautiful results though, and love your choice for your next pair

  7. Suzanne says:

    I absolutely LOVE February’s socks!!!!! I think they are the most gorgeous socks you have made to date. I wish I had the confidence to try to knit my own socks.

  8. Planet Penny says:

    They’re gorgeous Alice, how can you possibly cover them up with shoes? They do sound frustration tho’, which is why I’m using all my sock leftovers for the Beekeepers Quilt, which looks like it’s going to take the rest of my life! Love the look of the next yarns, fabulous colours…
    love Penny and Higgins xx

  9. Rachel says:

    Beautiful, beautiful socks, and am now away to check out happygoknitty, what a lovely name!!

  10. Penelope says:

    How divine Alice and soooooo neat! You are my sock knitting heroine! I do love that they are so well planned with your left over yarn, yet have some fun haphazard-ness about hem too ;0)
    I must do some more in March too, oh I have just realised that I might be copycat-ing you! I’m not sure that I will be knitting with hot yarn in summer though, I’m impressed that you can cope in the heat with wool between your fingers. I do love the colours of the days by the bay yarn, it makes me feel like diving int crystal clear water. Hope your week away goes well, don’t forget to take EXTRA yarn just in case you run out and get mad with yourself for forgetting to pack MORE :0)
    xxx Happy end of the week to you too xxx Penelope xox

    • Carol says:

      My sock hero too! Love the new socks and the fabulous new yarn.
      Alice, I don’t usually have problems commenting on wordpress blog but for some reason I can’t comment on here any more so I’m trying the ‘reply’ button on the last comment instead. I still visit but you and Raymond.
      Glad you have settled in so well in your new home.
      Carol xx

  11. I love the new yarn and your Feb. socks too. Maybe there will be some good movies on in the hotel room. Knitting or crochet with a good show the telly is my idea of a fun evening. I am boring though, I must admit. Good luck on your trip and can’t wit to see the new socks for March.

  12. Those socks are adorable !
    And that new yarn is, too… Are you sure you can wait ’till your in that hotel room ?😉

  13. Karen says:

    February socks are brilliant!! Do you remember when you started socks how you had to have them perfectly matching? Well what a change AND you like them too, I’m thrilled as these are right up my street perfectly unperfect, if you get what I mean! As for the March yarn, it is too delicious for words! Are you going to tell us in advance what patterns you’ll use for the other two skeins? Can’t wait to see the throw in it’s finished state! love to all xxxx

  14. Julie says:

    February socks are beautiful, there is something really wonderful about using up woolly oddments, you would never know that’s what you did with these beauties.

  15. rosebay44 says:

    Starting to wonder if you ever see your comments. this is the third time I have let you know I am getting your heading but nothing else since I became a subscriber. I have no problem with similar websites to which I am subscribed. If you can’t fix this problem, unsubscribe me.

  16. jen says:

    Pretty Socks. I wanna learn to make socks one day… I only know how to crochet so I have to find me a crochet sock pattern I like.

  17. Monika says:

    I LOVE your February socks! That pink and blues, so refreshing! The new yarn is kind of in the same color family as the Feb. socks, but really lovely. Have you ever knit “Burning stripes” socks? They are my favorite when it comes to knitting stripes with two colors.

  18. Acs Patricia says:

    Thank you your beautiful creations!

  19. Alyson says:

    Hooray for scrappy socks! I have bits of sock yarn leftovers, too, and it never occurred to me to actually use them on SOCKS! Instead, I’ve been storing them in a freezer bag, just waiting to have enough for some sort of project. Brilliant!
    I’m behind on my sock-making for the year. I finished up the socks I had started waaaaay back in September- these were to be my January socks (I finished them last week). February’s socks haven’t even been cast on. My goal was a pair a month, but maybe I should just aim for 12 in a year…..

  20. Amelitienne says:

    Hi Alice! I decided to nominate you for the versatile blog award, I hope you will accept, but if you don’t or won’t, never mind! You can see all the details on my blog! Amelita

  21. minaandme says:

    Such pretty socks🙂 They are very unique with those color combinations being so close together! I hope you enjoy your next set of simple March socks. I’m curious to see how that hank stripes up when you put it into sock form!

  22. Isa says:

    Que bonito todo!!!!! Me encanta tu blog, tus fotos…tu gato!!! kisses!

  23. Jill_R says:

    Those are so pretty Alice! Great work, as usual. It always looks so easy when I see you do socks. I am always amazed at your skills, even with the wily Raymond just around the corner causing mischief! I am excited to see your March socks. Have a good time on your training trip!

  24. Heather says:

    You may have already posted this elsewhere but what pattern do you use for your socks. I want to start making them and yours look quite simple and straight forward – no cabling etc🙂

  25. Knittergran says:

    Those three skeins of yarn? My favorite colors! They are gorgeous and so are all the socks you’ve included in the post.

  26. Cuckoo says:

    Hello chaps!

    Guess what? I can hardly believe it but (drum roll please) I have knitted socks. Stripy socks with kitchenered toes!!!!!! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for giving me inspiration and encouragement. I haven’t blogged about them yet and I’m so behind with all things blog but if you have an email address you’d share with me I’ll fling the pics at you.

    I’m still deeply loving those green cable socks. Really love them.


    ps big smooch for Raymond xxx

  27. Cuckoo says:

    Ha ha haaa! Laughing heartily. You have me listed in your side bar as COCKOO land. I’m picturing a land of wooping winkies!!!! Not far from the truth actually having one husband and 3 sons…..

  28. Charis Griffin says:

    Absolutely gorgeous socks,all of them-well worth the effort. I covet these madly-I just want to say gimme, gimme!

  29. sara says:

    I finished my ripple a couple of weeks ago, but i am wondering what sort of border you are using….

  30. I like the blue yarn colour, very much!

    Can you knit me a pair please? It’s cold here in England!!! ;-p

  31. Maria says:

    Hi, I’m from Russia, I found your blog and akready have created some of granny square home things from it! Thank you so much! and also I adore your cat!!!! Ihave almost the same , but she is younger and is a girl-cat )

    I’m your reader from now
    thank you!

  32. Alice,
    They are so cute. Sorry you had so much trouble, but they sure turned out cute. The march ones are going to be so cute I bet, I just love the color of strippeness. Good luck ay your training seminar. Have a great weekend.
    Misty and Pets.

    • Liza says:

      HI ALICE;
      Wow !!!!!! Everything you do comes out awesome!!!!!!! The colors of your new yarn are so happy. You Take Care only the warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones. Your friend from Texas

  33. Sandra says:

    Love these socks! Been thinking about doing something similar with all my leftover bits but not sure I can face the manual striping business… x

  34. Shirley Flavell says:

    Love those socks Alice. So inspiring. I have some knitsch yarn on the needles at the moment for plain socks(self striping). The green cable socks are really lovely. The yarn at “happy go knitty” looks utterly gorgeous. Will seek it out at one of her markets ,( can get to the Titirangi market easily but will take 2.5 hours to get there).Hope all is going well for you all up North. Shirley.

  35. Hahnsmum says:

    Like the colours Alice..Very pretty..l am a chicken, have probs turning heels so all my sox turn out as tube sox.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.

  36. Lucy says:

    love love love your beautiful work and your beautiful photography too. very inspiring! as well as loving to crochet, i love SOCKS! so i’m going to have to learn some new tricks. keep the amazing work up! from Lucy in Costa Rica

  37. Hi Alice, thanks for your lovely comment! I’m very much looking forward to see your socks knitted with Happy-go-knitty yarn.🙂
    And a big HI to all the readers of this wonderful blog. Feel free to pop over and check out my hand-dyed yarn and knitted goodies.
    Helene from Happy-go-knitty

  38. Suzanne says:

    Absolutely fabulous socks! And that yarn is stunning, can’t wait to see what kind of socks they will become.

  39. Bev says:

    I’ve never had the courage to attempt socks, always fearful that they would end up being different sizes – lol! Love your colours, love bright socks too!!

  40. You have such a lovely sense of color!

  41. annie says:

    Gorgeous gorgeous socks.

  42. Diemie says:

    Beautiful socks, beautiful yarn!
    I love the very first picture, it is so happyknitty🙂

  43. Yep still love those sock!

    (I’m on WordPress now…just thought I’d share that with you! :D)


  44. cloudycrochet says:

    I love , love the socks. I don’t know where to start in making them !

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