Slow yarn totally rocks my world.  I’ve posted about it on various occasions, the concept of taking some undyed fluff, (I personally prefer nice, clean, carded wool rather than ‘in the grease’) dyeing it in lovely shades of preferred colour before spinning it and knitting or crocheting it into a beautiful handmade something.

Months ago, September I’m thinking, although September seems sooooooooooo long ago now as so much has happened in my life in five months (!) I spun a braid of Polwarth I dyed into some lovely variegated 8ply yarn.

I knitted a fabulously plain hat with it, which you may have seen on Ravelry but you won’t see on here as that would involve me showing my face… not such a great thing when modelling a hat first thing in the morning…

Then I decided to make a monster.  And I have to tell you, I am ridiculously thrilled with my monster.  He took me two nights and he is now sitting on my computer at work making me smile throughout the day.

Would you like to meet this monster?  Named Alfred by KB….

Alfred is improvised, with inspiration from many different knitters and pattern writers… The teeth of course, inspired by Rebecca Danger’s monsters, the body and ears are from other various patterns all changed around a bit and joined together.  Awesome because he is original, not so awesome because I can’t share the pattern without ripping off and taking credit for someone else’s design even though the patterns are altered slightly. 

I love him!!!!!

I love him so much, I love his lovely pointy toes (I WILL share the pattern for his feet and hands) which are too adorable…

And I love his curvaceous, generously stuffed bottom… perfect for sitting on…

And I love that he has gotten me right out of my knitterly funk. 

As soon as the February socks are off the needles, I’m making another Alfred for the lovely friend of mine who gave me the spinning wheel…. a handspun monster is a suitable gift I think, so I’m off to have a dig through my stash to see whats there.

But speaking of stash, holy heck, a package came for me today and I can’t wait to show you what was in it!

Beautiful, lovely yarn… show you next time!

Lots of love,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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54 Responses to Alfred

  1. Stel says:

    The ears! Oh my word!
    After seeing your previous monsters I’ve knitted two for my boys, one for my aunty and my cousin is waiting for hers. No patter, just trying to follow the shape, so it’s quite plain. And my mobile now has a crocheted monster pouch, after the ‘sweet little baby monsters’ seen somewhere on a blog. Very plain shapes, but I love to do something fun that has absolutely no use other than sitting on the kitchen shelf🙂

  2. Jan Quigley says:

    He’s sooooo cute!!!!!!

  3. Zooperson says:

    Now that is the Westminster Dog Show of monsters! I love that little fellow. I ‘m a sock monkey junkie, but I could possibly convert. Your friend will be so glad that he gave you that spinning wheel gift.I ‘ll bet that little monster could be trained to keep gremlins out of night mischief. What do ya think?

  4. Happybee says:

    He’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    he makes me smile!!!!
    Love it!!!

  5. Jeannette Lazet says:

    oh wow – Alfred nearly surpasses Mama Bear – he reminds me a little of Mike Wazowski out of Monsters Inc!! (with an extra eye that is!!!) Simply gorgeous Alice xxxx

  6. Karen says:

    So glad you’re happy and knitting away, I love the cliff-hanger at the end…. will have to keep checking back to see what’s in the ‘package’ – you rascal!! I’m soooooo in love with Alfred I’m going to have to try and make him too. How tall is he? and I love love love the way you have shaped him. Obviously the yarn is gorgeous too, lots of love to you & KB and Raymond too! xxx

  7. Planet Penny says:

    Yes! Those little pointy feet are too cute! And I love the thought that there is a plus side to a curvaceous generously stuffed bottom! He is a monster supreme…. and part from that, I’m in love with the colours in the yarn, so jewel-like.
    Lovely start to my morning, Alice,
    love Penny and Higgins xx

  8. Karen says:

    Oh he’s just to cute for words. Love his legs and pointy feet.

  9. zebeth says:

    I love your monster! I particularly like his little round ears – too cute.

  10. Alfred is just too cute for words – I just showed my husband and even HE thinks he’s awesome (that’s not something he generally says about knitting or toys, so you did well!) Delighted to read that you’re going to share the feet and hands pattern because they are wonderful.

    I completely understand why you’d want him with you at work, but he does look so great in the natural surroundings of the garden – it looks like he’s wearing camo!

    Well done on another awesome monster.

  11. lyn says:

    yes i have to agree such a cute looking monster and not at all scary even with those sharp fangs!

  12. claire says:

    You are right about his feet! Isn’t he brilliant? And don’t you just feel proper chuffed making it from scratch? *smug face* I crocheted a Neep (a strange turnip character from my daughter’s favourite telly programme) and completely fell in love with his feet too! Maybe we’re all a little weird😉 PIc of him at the very bottom of the first post….

  13. Oh, he is so cute … And I like his smile – no wonder he makes you happy! The hands and feed are also simply awesome.🙂

  14. Camille says:

    Oh dear…now I want one too!! well done Alice, he’s perfect! right colour, right shape, love his long arms&legs, and his eyes… Wonderful! take care

  15. stocki says:

    Brilliant little monster… though he doesn’t look like he would EVER be scary… I love the pixie-ish feet…and I feel Alfred and I may have a well designed and very functional posterior in common! :)x

    • delphine says:

      Did I tell you I am happy with you not giving up on blogging… It’s such a pleasure to read one Alice&Raymond’s posts! It’s inspiring as well : you know what? Today I’m wearing my first handmade socks! Thank you….

  16. What a lovely funny little monster!!

  17. Oh I wish to tickle those feet! Fantastic!

  18. kashi says:

    I love green, that yarn is so pretty. You are a talented woman Alice. I love your work.

  19. mary i says:

    I SO love your monster,he is to cute in a monster sorta way!!!

  20. rosebay44 says:

    Hi, I recently signed up with you to receive updates. I get your heading, but no content when it arrives. I have no problem with anyone else from which I get updates, Some help please? Thanks, Rose

  21. baamekniits says:

    Alice he is a gem! Wonderful handspun, handdyed wooly gorgeousness. I love his hands and toes too and the way the pink has sprung up throughout the body and toes. He looks like the perfect pet for work 🙂

  22. sue says:

    Hellooooo Alfred, I think I love you which your sparkly white teeth and curious pointy toed good looks!
    I’m busy creating not a monster but a little being at the moment, she’s nearly ready to show her face. I am so loving playing with my yarns!

  23. Omg he is adoreable….love his little round butt and pointy toes. Your such an amazing knitter….thanks so much for sharing his photo with us!!

  24. Casey says:

    He is so awesome! Really adorable!

  25. Julie says:

    Alfred is gorgeous, he looks right at home surveying his territory.

  26. Alyson says:

    Oh, my goodness! I LOVE Alfred! (Thanks for being willing and able to share the hands and feet- they were my favorite part!) Your monster has successfully brightened my day. Have you tried Rebecca Danger’s Bunny Nuggets? They are quite adorable, and take very little yarn and time to whip up. My wee one loves them.🙂

  27. Monika says:

    OMG- he’s adorable! Too bad you can’t share the pattern. I would make one asap! The hands and feet are just perfect!!!! I want one sitting on my desk too, and you know what? He needs a girlfriend!!!

  28. Carmen says:

    Wow!! You are so talented. I enjoy your creations. A hug. Carmen.

  29. He is totally awesome! Love those ears!

  30. Ah, Alfred is too cute for words – you did GOOD! 😀

    Can’t wait to see the pattern for those adorable feet and hands, too. And I Love how the blue pattern above his eyes looks like his eyebrows!😀


  31. Deco Cat says:

    Loving the toes! He is gorgeous!

  32. Carolyn says:

    The feetsies and handsies are the best part. Can’t wait for that tutorial!

    What in heavens name is that brown stickelly plant behind him? Sometimes it is just shocking to realize you live on the other side of the planet from me.

  33. He is just too cute! And I love the hand-spun yarn – beautiful!

  34. Bria says:

    Ooooo…I love him too!!! I love the colors, the ears, the feet, the hands….he’s awesome!

  35. One minute he’s an idea in your mind, the next he’s sitting in front of you looking cute!
    Totally love him!

    Linda xx

  36. Barb Baines says:

    I LOVE Alfred!! You do great work. I am sure your co-worker will appreciate the gift as you did the gift he gave you.

  37. juniperjune says:

    he is adorable!! between this and the teddy, you are seriously inspiring me to knit some toys…

    • Liza says:

      Hi Alice,
      Never thought that cute and colorful will describe a monster !!! Just love the shape of Alfred and not to mention his toes and hands. T00000 Cute. Take Care and sending the warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones. Your friend from Texas

  38. Angela says:

    Alfred is adorable🙂

  39. Rene says:

    I want an Alfred!!! He is beyond adorable.

  40. PixieMyers says:

    Aww I totaly have fell in love with your monster! what a wonderful creation, and perfect colours too🙂 xx

  41. I love Alfred🙂

  42. Andrea says:

    Oh! those feet are absolutely lovely!

  43. Tabitha says:

    I believe I love Alfred too!

  44. Emily says:

    I love the way he sits! Would be perfect for a monster themed 1st birthday party coming up. Trying to find a cute body shape like his on ravelry!

  45. Mary says:

    Alfred needs a fan club.

  46. Victoria says:

    I love him! He has such dainty feet for a monster!!! Have a lovely week, xxxx

  47. ELISABETTA Bencich Headley says:

    What great idea ! I love your blog and I really like your craft, the colour, sadly I’m multi talent Mum with a little time ,but my problem is: I start a lots of project and not easy I finish what I start.
    I get so excited to a new one too much easy. It is never happen to you ?? xxx
    New Zeland ..I like to come before I get to old!!

  48. longnoseddog says:

    Ooooh! I love him! need to make me a monster!

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