February Sock Prep

I know, I know, more blue… this is one skein of Days by the Bay, one of the gorgeous colourways from Knitsch….

Added to the odds and ends from my other Knitsch socks… can I call them mini-skeins to make them sound more exciting?!

Little balls of colourful happiness… my February socks are going to be very fun.

It’s the 1st… time to cast on….

What’s on your hook or needles at the moment?

Have a great week!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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52 Responses to February Sock Prep

  1. diane says:

    february already! we still have half an hour of january left…….working on a granny of course and a ripple, not the same project either!
    i love the colorway for your socks…….they are going to be outstanding.

  2. Melanie from Qld, Australia says:

    I’ve bought a few balls of sock yarn and now just need to knit my very first pair!! Do you have any suggestions for an ‘easy’ pattern for a beginner sock-knitter? Many thanks.

  3. Sherry says:

    Currently hooking away on my granny stripe blanket. It’s long over due some much needed attention. Next on to my first pair of socks. Hopefully they won’t be as difficult as everyone says that they are. Wish me luck and I can’t wait to see your Feb. pair. Your yarn is beautiful!

  4. Lu Douglas says:

    hey Alice and Raymond, I’m working on the ripple and seem to be pulling out more rows than I should. How does it go so awry???? And as to the socks- aqua is one of my favourites right now too, and lime…but I can’t believe sock knitting is so easy! Are you serious? I have heaps of sock wool but never start…seems to big a mountain to climb working in the round with all those pointy ends??? Anyway, go socks girl! Lu from Qld…xx

  5. Stel says:

    Nice! Did you see the stripey odd socks that..I think… Kristen from Cozy Things is knittin?

  6. Jana says:

    Hi, Alice and Raymond:-)
    Just now I have a colorful sockyarn on my needles ( http://igatex.cz/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage-ask.tpl&product_id=1040&category_id=76&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=2 ) . It makes nice uneven stripes. The socks are my February theme, because we have such cold weather here, in Czech Republic, now.
    I like your “rainbow projects”.

  7. Rachel says:

    such yarny happiness!!! I hope you love every minute of sock making with all that lovely colour!!!

  8. Annie says:

    Delightful! What fun colours!
    Your blog has inspired me to explore taking up dyeing and spinning, good friends of ours have a small farm, and have decided to take on twelve elpacas in April. I’m hoping they’ll let me mooch a bit if I lend a hand come shearing. Anyway, I just started crocheting a couple if months ago and am in LOVE. I’m just finishing some owl hats for a friend’s two wee ones, then on to a pair of mittens. Oooh, and then I’m itching to try a pull tab purse, I’ve started asking people to start helping me collect them, gonna need, oh, just seven hundred or so!
    Eeeep, long post…sorry! Keep up the magnificent work!

  9. Pamela says:

    I’m preparing for socks. Looking for my double pointed 2.75’s. I’ve promised myself that this year I will teach myself to do two socks at once. I’d try it first off, except I’m in Oz and flooded in and can’t get out to buy the two circular needles.

  10. Beautiful blue means: blue skies, magnificent blue surf, cool blue bubblegum milkshakes! I also have something blue on my needles; adding blocks bit by bit to my randomly blue blankie! Your yarn is lovely and I can’t wait to see the sock result!!

  11. Pretty, pretty, pretty🙂

  12. Jewel says:

    Yep indeed, February already… I have a lot of projects on the needles.. working on a Granny blanket for my son, a hexagon blankt for my daughter, working for a swap of The Flower Bed and making a granny cushion for a friend… way to much but so happy to work on all of them….

  13. crochetingdoc says:

    February indeed! Which means I am “allowed” to start my second of the “12 in 2012” hats! Happy sock knitting Alice! This month I will hat crochet! Maybe some more knitting next month! Wishing you a wonderful month!

  14. Pam says:

    Hey Alice and Raymond
    Lovely to hear and see your news. Working on Granny Squares, KB style and colours, at the moment for my grandaughters cot. Then onto jacket for her in three stripe colours, purple, grey and cherry. May also have to fit in some socks as I have been caught up by your enthusiasm. Fun times. Have a good week. Pam – Suffolk UK

  15. mary i says:

    those colors ROCK!!! they made me feel happy all over!!! yes mini-skeins works. On my hook is a Man scarf I just must finish.The colors are not my fave, his choice, so i have been stalling,bad me. I am going to start some really cool granny square slippers in colors like your ripple ‘ghan, that i had left over from gifts…have a knitty day, can’t wait for Feb. socks!!!

  16. Your yarn looks magnificient ! Can’t wait to see the result !
    I just did a gauge swatch for my first pair of socks ever ( @Melanie; I will go for the easy pattern from “Knitting Rules!” by Pearl-McPhee, it seems very workable ), with some rather cheap yarn, in case they utterly fail…😉
    Have one question too, though; how do you wash and dry your socks ? All that yarn says ‘handwash’ or at least ‘cool wash’, where I was always taught, housekeeping-wise, to wash socks on a hot washing programm to get them well cleaned…. ( and in case of handwashing, does one wring them before drying ? )

  17. Robin says:

    Alice, I think these February socks are going to be fabulous with all the mini skeins…..can’t wait to see. Enjoy your knitting, but don’t knit to fast, only one pair a month, is that what you said?
    Enjoy your days, xoRobin❤ (but it’s not written is stone, right!)

  18. Hahnsmum says:

    Your colours look pretty good… l like blue too…l am still plodding along on one ripple, alsp beanie for the grandaughter half finished..Cant do anymore until l get back into big town,. Raining here non stop for a week so good hooky weather , or the knitting.. Take care,
    .New England, Oz ..

  19. Julie says:

    Gorgeous colours – i’ve just finished a crochet cushion for a friends birthday, no reveal on my blog till her birthday though. Sock knitting is calling, have 2 lovely balls of regia sock yarn in the most lovely colour calling my name,

  20. Chris says:

    Love the yarn Alice, your socks are going to be great.
    I just want to say that I really love the colours you are using for your ripple blanket!!!
    Can’t wait to see all your finished projects!!
    Thank you for all your inspiration !!

    Chris Xx

  21. bridgirl says:

    Lovely colours Alice – looking forward to seeing your socks. Hopefully I will get something crocheted this month – you put me to shame! Viv

  22. denise says:

    I have a big grannie blanket that is sort of a WIP. It has gotten to big to carry around with me throughout the day so I have to do it at home at night—and lately my nights have zoomed past bedtime–so the big grannie sits waiting….I have started a portable project of crochet socks with some Kroy sock yarn. The colors are blue/green/beige/brown. I just started on the heel of the first sock last night. I bought some needles and a circular needle to teach myself to KNIT socks–but the whole 4 needle thing kind of confused me and the circular needle OY. So that’s what’s on my hook.

    I’m so happy you decided to keep blogging🙂 It was a lovely surprise to find you first post in Jan.
    smooches to Raymond🙂

  23. Alyson says:

    I think I’m digging your blues. It usually isn’t my first color choice, but I’m really liking it! I had hoped to finish up that pair of socks I’ve had on the needle for ages. I’d hoped to do it by the end of January. The problem is that I’m itching to start a new pair of socks, but I feel as though I shouldn’t until I finish my Prozac socks (which really aren’t feeling so Prozac-y anymore). On the other hand, life’s too short (and my stash is too big) to not knit what I want to knit. Does that make sense?
    Love to you and Raymond!🙂

  24. Karen says:

    Your blues are lovely Alice, all your colour combinations are fabulous! Right now I’m finishing up a couple of baby hats, some fingerless gloves, oh and a purse. Too many projects, not enough time to finish them. Your crochet has inspired me to crochet again. I so much appreciate you and your art!
    Cheers from British Columbia Canada (winterland)

  25. Hannah says:

    I sure like your blues! I am working on “Piano Mitts” and a pair of socks (of course). Neither is blue, but perhaps next time.

  26. Willow says:

    Gorgeous colours!! look forward to seeing the socks🙂 On my hook a the moment? …. well that is the first petals of one of Lucy’s ‘Blooming Cushions’. After making one for a gift I decided to make one for myself🙂

  27. Dawn! says:

    I’m a die-hard crocheter, but you totally inspired me to have a go knitting a pair of socks! I’ve gotten all the way to the heel of my first one and it’s really coming along! I think the colors you picked are lovely– can’t wait to see the finished result!

  28. Jennifer W says:

    working on little hearts for hair pins http://www.tangledhappy.com/2012/01/crochet-heart-bobby-pins.html for little girl Valentine gifts.🙂

  29. Darlene says:

    Hi, Alice, what’s on my needles or hook? Just finished a beautiful lace jacket (knitted) and the other day I made a Mandala washcloth from your crochet mandala pattern! Did mine in organic cotton in very neutral shades, because it’s grown in those colours! Love the colours for your socks.

  30. LOVE that skein that is pink, green and blue! Can’t wait to see the finished product with that one! Just a boring old afghan in the works here.🙂 I, too, can’t wait for the brownie recipe.

  31. travellingninjas3 says:

    I love the wool. Wish I was brave enough to knit socks but I have a Granny Blanket to crochet as a wedding present for a friend’s ‘Gothic’ do in May :o)

  32. Marty says:

    Love the variegated colors! And I like the blue, too.

  33. Jane says:

    the shades of blue are beautiful – just how the sea looked in your photos! I’m crocheting a cushion cover in multi coloured wool, similar mid blue with dark blue, lilac, aqua and grey blue… Looking forward to seeing your socks – they will be FAB!

  34. Wanda says:

    Love the colors you are using for your socks!
    Right now I am on a sunflower kick. I’ve been tweaking a pattern I ran across and have made several dish/wash cloths, a couple of coasters, and am now experimenting with making some
    yarn doilies.

  35. Deco Cat says:

    Oh you are funny with your socks! The colours are absolutely gorgeous, I am so looking forward to seeing your socks!

  36. Country Rose says:

    I have subscribed to your blog and I’m always excited when a new post from you bleeps through to my phone, but because I’m on my phone it’s not as easy to comment and I’m ashamed to say I just forget to do it when I’m back on the laptop.
    The balls of yarn in your photo’s look divine! Amazing! I’ve not ever knitted anything in these brighter shades but I think I’m going to have look through some of your older posts and try to figure out where you get some of your yarn from.. I just wouldn’t know where to look!

    ashley xxx

  37. Marie says:

    I’m loving your blues – you have an amazing ability to mix just the right colours!
    Right now, I’m working on a blanket for a friend’s first granddaughter, due in March. It’s rows of little pink tulips and you have to change colours almost every row. It’s pretty but I’m dreading all the little ‘ends’ that will have to be worked in when I’m thru crocheting. I also have a blanket that I need to finish up for the Project Linus Challenge but that’s not due until April.
    Happy needling!

  38. Chris hindle says:

    I’m enjoying your blog very much, I’m in London and I teach crochet classes, I like the colour you introduce to your work and really enjoy seeing beautiful NZ, thanks chris

  39. Mel says:

    Woo happy Feb! I have to say that I’ve been loving your blog so much and it inspires me every time you post. I’m almost done with my first granny square rug and have a whole stack of yummy coloured wool waiting for the next project.

  40. Emily says:

    Ooh, those colours look delish! I have to say, all your brightly coloured yarns (and scenery fron NZ) are quite inspiring during my cold winter months!

  41. Balls, I love these. Because I love them all. I wind up all my yarn in balls, just the balls, bigger and smaller ones. Fun to knit. And then they roll away and are just so round. Yeah, february socks.

  42. Madmad says:

    I am enjoying your blog (just discovered) and would like to link it to mine as one of my faves.

    • Madmad says:

      PS on my hooks and needles are assorted blankets, a table cloth nearing completion and the crochet “trim” for a fabric pouch. The crochet will be sewn to the rim of the pouch and a crochet drawstring inserted – intended to carry my bento box lunch to work.

  43. Fiona says:

    Hello, I saw this today and thought of you http://www.spudandchloe.com/patterns/lulu-leggings/ !!

  44. It looks like you’re settling in really well Alice, I’m so pleased. What amazing landscape you live in, that coast is almost like something out of a strange dream, it’s amazing! Stuff that lovely mouse you knitted with catnip, and Raymond will almost certainly be interested. Darling Raymond, he is such a hunk! Vanessa xxx

  45. cybercita says:

    I’m hooking an afghan of three dimensional red cabbage roses on a black background. I started joining the squares a few days ago — the first season of Downton Abbey on DVD will be a big help in that process! I’m really excited to see it slowly but surely coming together!

  46. Patty says:

    I just love the colors on this blog. Stunning! I can’t resist yarn and I love the old granny square. It never gets dated. Beautiful items.

  47. Amelitienne says:

    Hy Alice,
    I decided to try knitting sock, but I’ve never knitted with circular needles and I need a simple pattern to learn (I’m waiting for my parcels with circular needles, can’t wait!) and I don’t know why but I think that you can help me😛
    so, can you give me some advice?
    thank you very much

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  50. Mireya Cantu says:

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