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February 2012 has been quite a nice month and KB and I are enjoying watching the sun set earlier each evening and further along the horizon.  I’m loving the fact that it is getting chillier in the morning and that … Continue reading

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February Socks….

Despite being terribly excited about starting my February socks, they ended up being a bit of a struggle to complete.  It turns out that I do not enjoy knitting socks in stripes, it’s all fine and dandy if the ball … Continue reading

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Making me smile….

My ripple blanket…. So close to the end now, maybe another eight stripes before I weave in the ends and start the border. XXXXX p.s Yay!    

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Slow yarn totally rocks my world.  I’ve posted about it on various occasions, the concept of taking some undyed fluff, (I personally prefer nice, clean, carded wool rather than ‘in the grease’) dyeing it in lovely shades of preferred colour … Continue reading

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The sky looks incredibly blue and wonderful in these pictures, but they were taken a few days ago.  Today is grey and overcast and raining on and off, about 10 minutes ago it rained so hard I thought it was … Continue reading

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Last weekend it was not very sunny which was nice because the sun is very, very hot right now and it was lovely to have a break from it burning down on me.  Those of you in the Northern Hemisphere … Continue reading

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I learned to spin in June last year, and on July 2nd 2011 I wrote this post about spinning the above spiral of loveliness into yarn.  You might remember that post if you have been visiting Raymond and me for a long time … Continue reading

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