Summer Solstice

Solstice blessings to you!

We were lucky enough to share Summer Solstice Celebrations with some dear friends last night who love on top of a hill… whoops, as I proof read that I noticed my typo, but not all typos are accidents, they are a loving family and they live on top of a hill which made for good Summer Solstice sunset watching….

Good food, red wine and sharing our achievements of 2011 and our hopes for 2012.  My biggest achievement of 2011?  Completing my degree and making it through the insane workload that comes with learning a career, yay, it’s done!

My biggest hope for 2012?  Finding a home where I can settle, I’ve been transient for the past 13 years and now I want to put my roots down somewhere with KB and create  lovely home we are not going to leave in a year or three.

What is your biggest achievement of 2011?  And what are your hopes for 2012? 

We’re gearing up for a gorgeous hot summer here, time to bite the bullet and buy some togs to take advantage of the beautiful tropical beaches in Northland. 

Wishing you a fabulous festive season, see you on the dark side for Christmas!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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31 Responses to Summer Solstice

  1. Cris says:

    For 2011, like you – I finished my degree. I am now the proud owner of a Master’s in Public Health (ok, not yet owner – waiting on the internship to be approved hehehe)

    For 2012 – I want to explore my options and grow as a Christian, a wife, a mother, and a person. The last few years seemed like I was at a stand still because of being in school AND working full time AND trying to juggle the family. I am ready for that time to breathe and truly enjoy.

  2. laurence says:

    Dear Alice,
    It really kills me that I can read all of your exploits from around the world! I am very jealous of the landscape you get to enjoy on a daily basis, AND of the fact that it is summer over there!! Many thanks for your blog and the many patterns. Enjoy your new house and that gorgeous cat of yours.

    Greetz from Brussels

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas with KB and Raymond. Look forward to your blog posts in 2012!

  4. Penelope says:

    Summer time ad the living is easy…Hmmm got to get me some sun rays I think! My biggest achievement is getting my new job and as always growing Alice up and my hopes for my 2012 will be succeeding in my new role in my career and a smooth transition for Alice to high school. Have a wonderful hot Christmas Alice, all blessings to you KB and Mr. Raymondo as you start this new chapter of your lives xox Penelope xox

  5. Hannah says:

    Christmas in the summertime? I guess I never thought of that until I “met” you. Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks for sharing your life with so many of us all around the world. I hope that 2012 will bring peace to people every where.

  6. And blessings to you too, Alice. While you are gearing up for your hot summer, we have been celebrating our winter solstice – we are through the worst of the darkness and the coming months bring us the promise of more light – yay!😀

    You’ve had a very exciting and busy year, haven’t you. And I’ve loved watching it unfold from the other side of the world. It’s been great – all those socks, the spinning, your beautiful blanket, Pixie and your relocation, to name just a few! Thank you for all that you’ve shared on your blog this year😀

    As for my biggest achievement this year… well I suppose it has to be learning to make things with yarn and then writing about it at CFTC as it has lead me to new “friends” around the world. As for next year… I’m not sure yet. My personal goals have taken a backseat (and severe downsizing) in the 5 years I’ve had children and as I hurtle towards the last few years of my 30s, it will soon be time to start making some more plans for Me. I don’t know what they’ll be yet. It’s not time yet. But I’ll know when it is.

    Wishing you and yours the most wonder-filled jolly sunny Christmas.

  7. Happy Yule, Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas! Looking forward to what you make in 2012!

  8. Marjo says:

    Blessings to you, and a wonderful Christmas …
    2011 was not a good year for me …2nd time,chemo and radiotherapy …and now hoping all is oke …. for 2012 I wish only good health for everyone…

    Marjo from Belgium (longtime follower of your blog)

    Marjo’s Cosy Corner

  9. minaandme says:

    What beautiful pictures! Nature is the most perfect beauty and the most breath-taking. I’d have to say my biggest achievement would be having my first ever anniversary in a single job! I’d always had short jobs in between school years, but now that I am out I have had the opportunity to work in a single place for this long! Either that or I have developed a love for all things fiber. I don’t know if I’d consider that an accomplishment though😉 Biggest goal for 2012 would be to find a job in the field of my degree! Have a wonderful Christmas and start to the new year!

  10. Melissa says:

    Solstice blessings to you as well. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and a blessed new year!

  11. Bimbi says:

    Happy Christmas to you all and may all your hopes for 2012 come true. Continue writing your blog, I always enjoy reading it hugely.

    Bimbi x

  12. amandaspatch says:

    How wonderful! It is the Winter Solstice here, so Tim and I have been working on letting go of all the fear and pain my pregnancy created and getting ready for the renewal of the New Year and the coming of the sun again🙂

    Well done you on completing your degree!! What an achievement. I do hope your dreams come true in 2012. I, like you, moved every year from 2002 until 2010 so it was nice to finally settle somewhere last year. Although we already know it isn’t our “forever home” now Oscar is here, but it is good enough for now until that home comes into our lives!

    My greatest achievement of 2011? Oscar, of course. Getting him here was the most painful and traumatic 9 months of my life, but he was worth every single second of it and I cannot believe how much my ability to love has increased since having him. I thought I was already a very loving person but he has just blown me away. My dream for 2012? Giving him the best first year of his life🙂

    Happy Solstice, Alice. It’s been wonderful following you through this year, although I have missed a lot I must admit. I look forward to seeing how your life blossoms in 2012 xx

  13. Jennifer says:

    Love this shot of Raymond…what a handsome guy!

  14. Teje says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! xxx Teje

  15. Regula says:

    Merry Christmas to you. Im thinking of a huge bonfire tomorrow night as a celebration of winter solstice. It would be nice to gather around the fire with hot legs, belly and face and a cold back. Hopefully the weather forcast is right and there won’t be rain tomorrow.🙂

  16. Jeanne says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,to you all, I am so fortunate to have come across your site. You are so inspirational, I look forward to your emails. I love crocheting too and have just finished my 6th afghan this year. Have made for my gorgeous grandkids and 1 to go.

  17. Laila says:

    Happy Christmas to you too and a wonderful creative New Year as well. Love to read your blog.

  18. katie says:

    Beautiful photos Alice. So happy for you guys that you’re settling down somewhere that you can call home. Usually I breeze through the new year with not much thought about the changing calendar, but this year I feel called to really do some reflection on what has been and what is to come. I hope 2012 is a beautiful year for you all.

  19. Annemiek says:

    Oh how I love your beautiful photos every time! Breathtaking! I have had 2 big achievements this year. My first one was staying calm during a 4 hour operation to my heart while I was awake and on drugs to keep my heart racing (everything from 55 to 286 bpm😉 ) And second… learning myself to crochet! How happy that makes me feel🙂
    I’ve found your blog via other blogs and I’m so happy I did! Your colours, creations, positiveness and down-to-earthness🙂 are pure joy to my week!
    So have a wonderful hot Christmas (I’m still not used to it after 4 years in Brisbane) together with KB and Raymond and I wish you all the best and lots of luck for 2012! I really hope this will be the year you can settle down and enjoy your new career!

    Lots of love and light,

  20. lyn says:

    we are heading for a very mild Christmas here in Britain, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and happy 2012

  21. 'me' says:

    maybe it is a bit strange , but i went to londen with my mother and it was the first time i went abroad and organized it all myself. in 2012 I want to go there for the second time, but this time all by myself. and travellling all by myself, that is going to be my greatest challenge for the next year. i live on my own and i like it very much. I like to be on my own . But travelling on my own, that kind of scares me a bit…

  22. Jillian_R says:

    Alice, congratulations on finishing your degree!! I am really proud of you for that, it is no easy feat. I wish you the best of luck in your new home and i look forward to reading your posts when your you publish. Happy Christmas and New Year in the warm sun!

  23. Shirley Flavell says:

    Merry Xmas to you all.Shirley

  24. meredithjean says:

    Much love to you all and a marvelous 2012 to come xxxxxxxxx

  25. Planet Penny says:

    Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true in 2012! Lots of love to the three of you, from Penny and Higgins, xxxxxxx

  26. Bruce says:

    Just heard about the earthquake. I know it was south on the southern island but I hope you, KB and Raymond are OK.

  27. Vera Matosl says:

    são os votos de sua seguidora Vera Matos.

  28. Sandi Lee says:

    Happy Christmas wishes to you, KB and Master Raymond!!! My biggest achievement this year was my job which found me!! I work with ‘happy’ energy people, who appreciate me and what I do (not had that before) my days have expanded to three next year for which I am most grateful. For 2012… keep expanding, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I would also love to put down roots in my own home, I do believe in miracles🙂
    xox Sandi

  29. meme-rose says:

    Wishing KB and yourself a beautiful and peaceful Christmas… enjoy your picnic, it sounds wonderful. I have enjoyed your blog immensely this past year and look forward to hearing about your new life chapter in the following year x

  30. Syburi says:

    Just found your blog via the crochet subreddit and I’m very much enjoying reading your work. Brilliant!

  31. Wanda says:

    What a beautiful sunset! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    I hope you and KB (and of course Raymond) had a wonderful Christmas.

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