A wish granted…

I love sunsets and one of my wishes for the next home we lived in was to be able to see beautiful sunsets.

Thank you Universe!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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38 Responses to A wish granted…

  1. Wendy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

  2. Christelle says:

    And is that a reflection in water? How great. Enjoy the new house.

  3. Netty says:

    You live in a beautiful place. I hate flying and always said I never want to go on a long trip, outside Europe. But since a few months I am tempted to discover New Zealand. It is too beautiful. You are very lucky…

  4. Hannah says:

    So, so beautiful. Words cannot even describe it. You have been blessed.

  5. Jane says:

    Indeed! I do love it when a wish comes true … makes dreaming all worthwhile. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gerlene says:


  7. Karen says:

    I nearly moved this year and would have had amazing skies too, but sadly it wasn’t meant to be yet! My cottage is very low down in the village and I can’t see sunrises OR sunsets unless I drive out somewhere, hence my love of your picture! Please share more occasional sky pictures over the coming months I for one would just love it, this is beautiful and I hope you & KB will be very, very happy in your new home with Raymond! Enjoy…. xxxx

  8. Jane says:

    Wowee, beautiful! So, so well done for following your dreams.
    I’ve also been looking at the lovely socks you made for KB – you’re so clever – they’re even neat where you pick up the stitches at the heel. I’ve just made my first pair of socks, partly inspired by you, and started my second, and it’s so hard not to get little holes there! I’m loving doing it though, and I’m sure they’ll get better with each pair!
    I wish you and KB (and Raymond of course) every happiness in your new home
    Jane x

  9. zinnia says:

    Now you just need to make a Mandala in sunset colours… that would be stunning, what do you think?

  10. meredithjean says:

    Oh so wonderful, I’m so happy for you all xxxxxxxxxx

  11. And water views too! 🙂

  12. Janine says:

    I’m looking forward to your new season of blog posts from your new home and new season in your life. ENJOY THE BLESSING!

  13. sue lawson says:

    wonerful photo and how wonderful to be able to see such a sight. Pleased for you.

  14. Hahnsmum says:

    Sunsets are rather lovely, arent they !!! We have beauties over here too.. l never tire of looking out to the west.. Unfortunately we have a very high hill over to our east so we cant see the actual sunrise. , so our sunsets have to make up for that loss.
    Best Wishes..

  15. Meredith says:

    Beautiful picture, Thanks Alice.

  16. Carol says:

    Now that really IS a sunset. Stunning.
    Crol xx

  17. Anne Marie says:

    Lovely view! You can only see the sunset in the sky from our front door – it does look good though.

    I would love to know what wool it was the first picture of your last post – those muted, chalky colours.

    Good luck in your new house. A hug for Raymond.

  18. Margo Boult says:

    Awesome picture!!! u r so lucky to have your wish granted!!!! :-))

  19. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! That is a beautiful and unique sunset! I’m so happy for you to have so special view from your home!
    x Teje

  20. Katie says:

    Hurray for dreams realized!

  21. Melissa says:

    Beautiful and awe inspiring.

  22. 'me' says:

    lucky you !
    enjoy it !

  23. Tanne says:

    Just stunning!! Good luck with your new home.🙂

    OH, and I never got to tell you you got me into spinning and I just LOVE it!! I got several orders of polwarth from maudeandme’s etsy shop. Thank you for doing that interview back in the days.🙂

    xx Tanne

  24. Lana Richey says:

    WOW!! What a beautiful world we live in! Thank you God, the great creator!

  25. mary i says:

    I too am a sunset,sunrise lover.. Great Picture Alice!!!! Yes Thank You Universe. That pic made my day. My home is now cloudy and rainy so I really Needed that pick up…. Send more anytime.

  26. diane says:

    OMG!! that is awesome……thanks for sharing. you truly got your wish…….

  27. stocki says:

    Dear Alice, KB and Raymond… Can I move in with you please? :)x

  28. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    What an amazing site!!!!!!! Do you or KB paint? You are in the right place for such an painters paradise. Sending only the warmest wishes to you and your loved ones. Take care your friend from Texas

  29. Ask and the Universe shall provide! Just lovely!

  30. Mar says:

    OMG, Magnificent!!!!

  31. minaandme says:

    Stunning sunset🙂 I’m so glad you’re getting your wish! I hope you’re enjoying your new place and that you’re settling in well. May many more beautiful sunsets bless your home!

  32. Pati from London says:

    Very happy for you Alice!!!! It’s stunning!. x Pati

  33. sue says:

    Oh my, is that your view how amazing! How will you ever tear yourself away from it. ♥

  34. Annemiek says:

    Oh wow! That is truly amazing! It’s as if the sky is on fire with those beautiful colours!

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