Machine Washable…

My home is chaos right now, complete and utter chaos so I have closed the door to the lounge and am now back in bed in my very bare bedroom taking a bit of time out from the last of the packing!

We are so nearly there, and I realised today that we will be in our new home one week from today.  I’m a mixture of excited, nervous, sad and relieved right now, but very much looking forward to the moment we open the front door of our new temporary home!

So today I thought I might post about the latest thing I am very excited about!  MACHINE FELTING!!!!!  I have had a few mishaps but am definitely getting the hang of it now.  My lovely Mum was making a bag to be entered in a Fibrecraft Guild competition recently (she won a prize for it too, yay Mum) and she decided to make one to felt.  I should have taken a photo but I forgot, so maybe next time.  As I was fascinated by her felted bag, I decided to have a try.  Remember my One a Day kaleidescope blanket?  I decided to stop making that, as I noticed that Raymond’s fur was getting stuck in it a lot, partly because it was too dense.  I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate cat fur getting stuck in things and on things so decided to stop because this blanket was going to be an enormous undertaking.  Beautiful, but not worth the effort if it was going to be ruined with white fur and I’m hardly the first person in the world to change their mind on a project!  So I decided to felt the kaleidescope blanket in the machine with the intention of making it into a little bag to keep my notions in.

I must say, it felted beautifully.  However due to the thickness of the original fabric, it is soooooooo dense now it is almost too dense to make into a bag, so I think I will cut it into an oval shape and put it in Raymond’s bed.  Obviously the blanket was destined to be full of white fur not matter what form it resulted in.  So that was my first try at felting in the machine, the next time I decided to do something a bit different.

I’m not one for listening to advice, I usually just jump in there and give it a go, either fail miserably or succeed amazingly, so for my next felting project I decided to try it with a bigger hook to reduce the density and make it into a bag rather than a flat piece of work.  I made a lovely rainbow purse and was very excited at the potential of having my hooks and bits and pieces living in a rainbow bag…

I popped it in the machine with a pair of jeans for agitation and put it on hot wash… so far so good…..

Until I took it out after a few “wishy-washys” and realised that everything was felting beautifully, except the yellow.  Hmmmmm.

I was so sure I checked the label to make sure the yellow wasn’t machine washable but obviously it bloody was.  That was OK however, as for some reason I had made a trapezium instead of a rectangle (jeez, where is my mind right now?) so it was an epic fail all-round!

Would you like to see the felty-non-felty a bit closer? 

Oh dear!  How about those excellent crochet skills?  And just look at how perfectly machine washable that yellow is!  Three times it went through the agitation part of the wash and not even a tiny bit of feltage!

By this stage I felt like I had things sussed.  So I made a nice medium sized, double crochet purse with a normal sized hook and sent it through the washing machine.  When it was dry, I sewed in a zip (by hand) and ended up with a fab little felted pouch which I am totally loving.

Ta da!  I’m thrilled with this new and exciting dimension into fibrecraft and will show you properly with a step by step post what I got up to once I am settled into my new place and my washing machine arrives!  Meanwhile, I’m trying to finish all my Christmas presents this week before I allow myself any more felting fun… it’s great incentive!

I think I’ve had enough time out now, so am going to face the mess again and push through!  Wishing you much love and light,




About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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37 Responses to Machine Washable…

  1. I totally love your purse!! I’ll wait for the tutorial.
    My best wishes in your new home!!

    • Nina says:

      I love the effect actually! I am a knitter/crocheter/rag rug maker and hand felter. I haven’t really explored machine felting but am now very tempted to mix up machine washable and pure wool for a bit of adventure!
      Good luck with the house move – we will have been in our house for one year next week and I have just about found all my yarns and fabric from the move…its all a bit of a palava but worth it.

  2. Hannah says:

    Your felted pouch is magnificent!! Felting is an art form I have yet to master. I have tried a bit but they never came out right. Good luck in your new house!!

  3. meredithjean says:

    Hahahahhaaaaaaa I actually like the textural result of the felt/machine washable combo. Your mum rocks for winning a prize, yay mother! Bring on the next 7 days – your feet will be up, albeit briefly, with a great sense of achievement xxx

  4. Suzanne says:

    You are AWESOME!! I have been tempting the notion of felting but have been petrified of trying. For some reason (maybe it’s the good vibes you give )whenever i see you try something it gives me enough bravery to go ahead and try it as well. Felting will commence after the holidays.

  5. Penelope says:

    Machine felting is such good fun Alice, unfortunately i have ended up finding out the hard way when I put a pair of 100% wool socks in the wash by mistake and they came out so tiddly even Alice couldn’t put them on her feet ! It was like being the ugly sister’s in Cinderella, we were really laughing about it :0)
    Wishing you a very successful move up north and just ride with your feelings xox

  6. Lu Douglas says:

    Dear Alice, I love how when you discover something, it feels like you’re the first one to ever have done it and the thrill is so awesome, you can’t wait to tell the world! I can’t imagine how you are managing to do this when you are packing a house! Hail to you, oh Alice the wondergirl! I expect you’ll be off the radar for a short while, though NOT if your recent posts and the things you are managing to do is any guide! Take care, and crochet on half that trip! It will be the ‘road trip project’! We wanna see that, Alice! Love Lu x

  7. kashi says:

    I dallied in felting last spring and for me it worked best to make the bag first then felt it. I think I might do my next post about the felted bags I made. I made 4 of them and they were a hit. I love that you are always trying new things. Good luck on the move and so glad you are back in blogland.

  8. minaandme says:

    So peculiar that the yellow didn’t felt. Everything looks fantastic! I’m sure Raymond is loving his little mat and you seem to be enjoying your adorable pouch! I never desired to try felting, but that stripey blue/green pouch is ridiculously tempting! It would be nice to have a carry-all for my “tools” when I travel! As always, thanks for sharing your lovely colors and happy vibes🙂

  9. carol says:

    Love it! Happy moving!

  10. Shirley Flavell says:

    Love them, they are wonderful. Will try it. Happy journeys.Shirley

  11. Hope the trip there is fantastic and the unpacking and discovering a new world is just fantastic too
    Love your felting story!!!

  12. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! Ooh I love Raymond’s new bed! Too bad it didn’t make a bag. Also your blue stripy purse is fantastic! I have special wool to knit for felting (it’s hardly at all spinned) and would love to make ‘booties’ for home but I should find out how big they need to be first so they are good size after the felting. I have made some felting and it’s so much fun that I know you will make amazing creation!
    Good luck and I send you energy for packing! Hope to hear soon from you again!
    xxx Teje

  13. Marlene says:

    I wanted to do the felting thingie for a long time now too, but because you are suppose to only use wool (and woollen yarn is quite expensive here), I have not had a try. My goal is basically to make great bags so I am glad you tackled it first because, now, I can see what to do and what to avoid. So, thank you very much my dear Alice, I appreciate all your hard work!! Enjoy your trip to your new home. Your current home is really beautiful and sunny and the setting so idealic, hope that your new home is like that too. Does a lot to one’s soul when the area surrounding you is green and calm. Give a hug to Raymond, the cutie!

  14. meme-rose says:

    Awwww, I was wondering where the kaleidoscope blanket had gone… I wanted to see how your version turned out. Well, I guess I have though and I just love how it felted. The bluey green purse is fabulous also. I did a felting course last year but it has never occured to me to crochet something and then felt it. Great idea. I’m wishing you a speedy move and hope everything runs smoothly x

  15. Planet Penny says:

    I love the look of those felted hexagons! I’m always scared I’m going to spend ages making something and then have it totally ruined in the washing machine where it’s out of my control but maybe you’ve tempted me to try with that dear little zippy bag!
    I’m amazed you’re still managing to keep experimenting amidst the chaos of the move. Hope it all goes smoothly. xxx

  16. Hahnsmum says:

    l did a Needlecraft course a few yrs back at Tamworth Tafe…Made slippers which were felted…Lots of fun but one turned out HUGE & the other tiny..Oh well.. But like the look of yr purse… Best wishes with yr packing..
    Regards, Hahnsmum..
    New England,
    NSW, OZ..

  17. Jo says:

    Hi Alice,
    I do lots of machine felting with my girls old jumpers that I have knit them, they get too small and maybe have a little food stain on that stops me passing them on to somebody else. It feels like a great way to use up what I have made. I then cut the felted jumpers into squares and make cushion covers with them. The squares are so thick that I just butt them up to each other and zigzag under the machine. It becomes a sort of memory cushion of when the girls were small – but only to me who originally knit the stuff!!

  18. Suzanne says:

    Can’t wait for your tutorial! I’ll just have to find myself some feltable non-washable yarn in the meantime.

    Good luck with moving and with adapting your new home, job and environment. I find moving quite messy and troublesome to be honest, but once you manage to get rid of most of the boxes it becomes very exciting. You have the chance to make a new home and fill it with a lot of homemade joy!

  19. Becks says:

    Love your felting foray. My first attempt at felting was a complete accidental success…….eventually. I handknit a lovely big cardi for wearing over myself and my newborn wrapped up baby, it was lovely and so warm. Then I accidentally hotwashed it! It shrank to about a 6 year old size!! The resulting felt was beautiful thogh and I turned it into a lovely autumn bag. Now I love it more in this incarnation than it’s last. I just don’t think of all the hours of work that went in originally!
    Hope the move goes smoothly and you soon feel all settled in your new place.

  20. baamekniits says:

    Beautiful felted bag Alice and I really love Raymondo’s new blanket for his bed, I bet he does too 🙂 I have found that its all trial and error with the felting in the machine. They say do a swatch but my projects are swatch size so some work and some don’t. Even if the wool is not machine washable….some just doesn’t felt! I’ve heard Romney doesn’t felt but haven’t tried that out yet? Good luck with the moving and travel safe. Hugs Jen xx

  21. Pati from London says:

    I LUUURVE IT!!! Will have to try that in the new year… At the moment I am so busy that I hardly have time to do any crochet….. Good luck with the house move, darling!! It’s meant to be one of the most stressful things in life😦 , pati xxx

  22. says:

    Is there no end to your talents? That hooky bag looks lovely and I am sure his Nibbs will love haveing a cozy lining to his bed.🙂 I did machine felting last year on a workshop. We all felted our slippers at the same time and at the same temp and only mine and one other persons felted properly?! Go figure!
    Good Luck with the move my lovely.

  23. Tickety-boo says:

    Sorry don’t know what happened there?! That was supposed to be my name not my blog address!

  24. Terrie says:

    I have wanted to felt for agggggeeeeeessssss but have it’s never worked for me. I must admit I’ve never checked the label to see if the wool is machine washable though! I have also heard that you can’t do it in a front loader washing machine – which is what we have here.

    Good luck with the move! x

  25. Fiona says:

    I stumbled on your blog yesterday and promptly signed up for your e-mails, so glad I did! Your blog is so interesting and you already have me wanting to try my hand and dyeing and spinning! Hope the move goes well x

  26. Debra says:

    Well, they say the third time is the charm and that is certainly the case with your felting. However, I have to say I would not give your first piece over to Raymond. It looks very nice as a mat…perhaps with a nice vase or two one it?
    I too never let not knowing how to do something stop me from doing it. I think it is very freeing to be involved in the process of doing something and not to worry so much about the final product. Took me years to get to this point and I have to say I am loving the freedom.
    Best wishes to you all in your move and your new chapter in your life.

  27. Julie says:

    Raymond will never get out of bed with such a beautiful blanket to keep him snuggly?

  28. I’ve never felted before, for some reason it intimidates me. As does sewing in a zipper. I would love to see how you do it. Your bag is very pretty!

  29. Meredith says:

    Alice, good luck with the move. I know you will be so happy when you are all settled. Love felting although I haven’t done it for a while. You can save your bits and pieces to make flowers for pins and such.

  30. Alison says:

    Ooh! I love Raymond’s new bed! Have read your blog for a while and love your colourful makes. Good luck with the move next week! X

  31. louise says:

    Felting is great fun isn’t it. I’ve done a few knitted then felted items such as this one which was meant to be a hat but turned out way to small so ended up a pot holder lol.
    Betz White does amazing things with old felted jumpers etc. She has a blog here: Definately worth a look.

  32. Penelope10 says:

    Felting is fun, but a trial and error type thing. Remember the pix of the bags I did I sent you?
    All purses and quite fun.
    The best to you both in moving and I hope Raymond adjusts to all the newness!

  33. Cute bag! I only felted once (on purpose) and it came out okay, but not as I expected (some of my stitches didn’t felt, too). And since it was made with bits of all of my first spinning attempts, some of it was REALLY lumpy-bumpy and some of it wasn’t. It was just not happiness to me so, so I gave it to the animals. I haven’t tried again, since. 😦

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