The Deconstruction of a Life

I am Packing.  But before I get into talking about packing, I’m going to admit something a bit crazy to you.  I’ve always had (well, since Crochet with Raymond began) a strange ambition to see Raymond appear on someone else’s blog. (A photo taken by them, not downloaded from my blog)  I hinted about it once to a blogger but no such luck, so you can imagine my surprise this morning when I discovered this post written totally unprompted by me!  I can now tick off that life goal and you can go and visit Raymond at Kiwi and Kumara! 

So as I’ve told you, I’m moving.  Not just moving, I’m seriously moving.  For those of you unfamiliar with New Zealand geography, we live in Wellington which is at the very bottom of the North Island and in 10 days we are moving to the very top of the North Island to a very lovely place called Whangarei.  (pronounced Fung-a-ray)

KB and I have lived there before which is why we want to go back, so I got a wonderful job offer, we found a house and it’s all happening!  It was a huge decision to make being that we will be an 11 hour drive away from my amazing Mum, my darling little niece Pixie and of course the rest of my very cool family, 11 hours away from my friends and living in a city with no LYS.  Yes, you read correctly, no LYS.  It does however have a much warmer climate, beautiful golden sand beaches, amazing native bush, my fairy god daughter and her wonderful family and a much slower paced lifestyle we need very much.  If anyone reading my blog lives in Whangarei, leave me a comment because I need to find some knitters to knit with!

So I’ve been packing a lot and taking apart our life for the last two and a half years and it’s kind of hard.  I love our little home and the space we have created together but am reminding myself that we have created many beautiful spaces to live in and will create many in the future.  KB took some photos of our home for the landlords to advertise it, and as I only show little peeks of my home on here, I thought as we are leaving, I’ll post these pictures so I can look back on them and remember this little patch of my life.  I hope you enjoy this little peek into my crochet and crystal filled life!  Note, there is no TV!

Rick Dick and Prick (remember them?) have gone to live downstairs with Laure and Valerie

And last but certainly not least!  My chair

The flat is now a mess of boxes and stuff… I’m drowning in stuff!  It is no longer a colourful sunshine filled place, and I’m dreaming of our new house we will be moving into in 12 days!

I’m off, I have to go and clean out some cupboards,

wishing you a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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84 Responses to The Deconstruction of a Life

  1. To leave such a beautiful place there must be something magical about Whangarei. Good luck with the move!

  2. Teje says:

    Dear Alice, before my e-mails opened I hoped there is a post from you! Congratulations and I wish you all the best for your moving and to your new home!
    Didn’t you know that your neighbour writes a blog? That is just amazing and so great to know now where Raymond is when not at your home!
    xxx Teje
    PS. What is LYS?

  3. sue says:

    Your little home is beautiful, I’m sure you will be sad to leave it especially with those stunning views! Your new location sounds divine though, bet you can’t wait to get there. Hope your move goes smoothly, don’t forget teapot and Raymond treats packed last LOL! Good luck enjoy your new adventure. ♥

  4. Mel B says:

    Good Luck on you brand new adventure! Best wishes to all your family members. Your new life is going to be amazing.🙂

  5. Oh wow look at that view! How beautiful> Goodluck with the move

  6. Marillyn Ketcherside says:

    I especially love your windows and view. What beautiful sun. With no LYS (local yarn shop) it is good that you can spin your own yarn now. You are inspiring me to try spinning.

    Good luck in your move, I am still arranging and unpacking from my move 3 years ago. Still finding where I put things.

    Marillyn in Seattle

  7. Ali G says:

    Oh no! You will be greatly missed from Wellington – and we never really got those Stitch’n’Bitch sessions up and running properly😦. I’m sure you’ll love Whangarei – I’ll definitely envy you the change of lifestyle and the weather. I dream of living in a town with warm weather (but not too hot) and no freaking wind!! May your move go well – I look forward to seeing your new house all beautifully set up with all your crochet gorgeousness and a happy Raymond!

  8. Karen says:

    Good luck with the move and thank you so much for all the wonderful pictures you have shared with us of the scenery around there. Can’t wait for pictures of the beaches and the new scenery and to see how you make your new home look. I wonder what your job is and what will KB do. Thought for a moment Raymond was going to stay with L&V!!! So pleased he’s coming with you, remember you will have to keep him indoors for the first two weeks to acclimatise him so he realises that he has a new home, but I’m sure you’re both well aware of all that!!! Enjoy your last few days – that’s not right is it? cleaning and packing? rewrite that: Hope your last few days go smoothly and the move too, lots of love to you both and Raymond xxxxxx

  9. Debs says:

    Dear Alice, good luck with your move and I wish you every happiness in your new home. I can’t wait to read about your new life and new job and how you, KB and Raymond are settling in. Whangarei sounds such an amazing place, I’m looking forward to fab photos, and it obviously has a slower pace of life which I feel you need right now, after such a hectic college life. wishing you fabulous days and beautiful sunsets. xxx

  10. bridgirl says:

    Raymond – Wishing you all the best for the future in your new home. Thanks for all your beautiful crotchet patterns and your pictures, they are so inspirational. My brother-in-law lives in Christchurch, but I have never been to NZ. It looks wonderful. Good luck and best wishes, Viv

  11. Julie says:

    No wonder you have created such beautiful things, sitting in your chair with that amazing view. Hope the move goes well and you are soon settled in nicely.

  12. Janine says:

    Oh Alice, I felt all choked up at reading your blog, hope you all settle down nicely in your new home. It is very bitter,sweet moving and I wish you everything of the best and much happiness.
    Lv Janine

  13. Esther says:

    Wow, that’s such a big step. How curagious. Does sound good though!! And just have to say how ‘Oceanian’ your house looks (opposed to European I mean). Seeing the differences is fun!
    Good luck packing! (How’s Raymond handling this, I know our cat would get very upset if we would as much pack for a weekend trip, lots of meowing and hogging our bags….)

  14. Susana says:

    Hola. Que tengas suerte en tu nuevo hogar.
    Un saludo.

  15. What an awesome view! Who’d want a TV with all that to look at!!!!! And I love the blog post and the realisation that the Siamese visitor is a celebrity – made me chuckle. We used to have a cat who went visiting too. She was NOT a lapcat at all (or so we thought) but kept coming home smelling of floral perfume. When we moved we found out why – the retired lady down the street came to tell us how much she would miss her day long cuddles with her! The cheek of it!!!🙂

    It sounds like an exciting new adventure is starting for you and KB. Thanks to modern technology (you have a webcam?) you don’t need to miss out on seeing your family or Pixie growing up – it’s how my family see us and our children between visits. Congratulations on the new job and many many wishes for a smooth move and a happy new home.

    Much love, Sarah xxxx

  16. Hi!
    I’m reading your blog (which I discovered thanks to attic 24 a few weeks ago) from France
    I really like your colour therapy! As I’m a new crochet adept, I also enjoy your tutos : thanks!
    Our family is thinking about moving abroad in a few years and I must say NZ is one of the destinations we were thinking of… But oh my! It’s so far away….
    Bon courage for your moving

  17. Carol says:

    Hi Alice, moving is very stressful but when you are moving to somewhere you really want to be then that makes it less so. I’m sure your lovely Mum and your friends will really miss you and it must be so hard for you to leave them. Your present home looks calm and welcoming …. and those views!

    Wishing you, KB and Raymond the happiest of lives in your new home.

    Now off to view Raymond’s ‘blog star’ appearance.

    Carol xx

  18. Donna says:

    Good Luck with the move and in your new home. How scrumptious does that bed look with the crochet cover and cushion!

  19. Terrie says:

    Oh your place is gorgeous! What a lovely little home you and KB made and I’m sure the new place will be just as stunning.

    We recently moved 158 miles away to the coast (not quite as far as you!) and it was soooo stressful. I love it here though, I think you just know when it’s time to move on. Good Luck with the move and new job – so exciting! xx

  20. Tickety-boo says:

    Wowzers the view from your home is amazing! I hope this move brings you every happiness to your life. it’s very exciting.
    I live 9-10hour drive from my parents, sister, niece and nephew and 13 hours drive from my brother and nephews. It is hard but you do learn to live with it. I saw more of them when I lived abroad!!!

  21. kiwiyarns says:

    Good luck Alice. I was lucky to know you here, and I wish you a safe and smooth move, and the best with everything in Whangarei. xx

  22. How exciting! Good luck with the move and thanks for the little house tour, I enjoyed that (am just nosey!)

  23. Anne Marie says:

    It is so beautiful where you are, I echo what someone else said that the new place MUST be something special. I really love your home and the fact it is soooooo individual and I guess you would make your new one similar. I would kill for those views.

    It was so nice to see that link about Raymond, I have now bookmarked that site too. It’s hard keeping up with these fabulous blogs.

    Good luck in your new home and environment. xx

  24. Pam Walton says:

    Dear Alice, Good luck to you all with the move – NZ looks amazing wherever you are living – love reading your blogs over here in the UK, whatever the topic. Best wishes Pam xx

  25. cazz says:

    Oh what a beautiful house. Good luck with the move and making your new home just as lovely

  26. severien says:

    Oh that is soooo exciting!! I live in a small town in Belgium and I couldn’t imagine having such a view in my home…and we already live in quite a “green” area…🙂 And to think you are moving to a place that’s even better!!!! Moving is a weird thing, I recently moved out my parents house and I found myself both really happy and really sad at the same time… I too, took some pictures of my old place… just to remind myself how lovely it was.🙂
    Good luck in the new home!!

  27. meme-rose says:

    I really enjoyed having a little nosey around your soon to be old home… I love light-filled spaces and it looks like it was a wonderful place to live. I wish you a speedy and safe journey to the new chapter in your life. xxx

  28. baamekniits says:

    Goodness you are going thru some changes….change is good 🙂 All the best with the move and the long drive. Make sure you put Raymondo in a cat box just in case (and heaven forbid) you have any breakdowns or anything and he gets a chance to escape from the car. You think it won’t happen but it does. Now the lecture is over I just wanted to say good luck and take care and we will see you in your new house up in the warm north. Can’t wait to see some photos and good luck with the new job too. Hugs to you and KB, Jen xx

  29. kashi says:

    No wonder you come up with such beautiful things. That scenery is amazing. I know tht where you are going must be fantastic. Does this mean you are finished at University and are moving away fro the retail jobs as well. I am so happy for you and KB and Raymond.

  30. kate says:

    here’s to your new home and new life – it is a momentous decision to have made so you have obviously put a lot of thought into it – once the hard work is over it will be worth it! Good luck with it all x

  31. stocki says:

    Hi Alice.. what an exciting adventure you are setting out on together (that’s all 3 of you)… a new everything! Raymond will be so delighted when he finally gets to sun himself in the new place.. and if it better than that gorgeous, sun-filled flat, it MUST be wonderful…I’m only sad that we might have to wait until you move out of it to see it all…oh how nosy am I?!! I have been living in my house for 27…yes 27 years.. and I SSSOOOOOO want to move….so enjoy it for me…good luck all :)x

  32. Textureknit says:

    One day I would love to come on holiday to New Zealand it looks a gorgeous country and I’m told not too different to the Uk.

    Hope the move goes well.


  33. nanaofnc says:

    How exciting! Please keep blogging about your move, etc., even if in brief updates. Missed your posts so much during your break. Let us know how you keep your yarn passion going in a place with no LYS, and how Raymond adapts to a new location. Love your blog.

  34. Robin says:

    Alice, I’m so happy for you and KB! A new adventure, part of your life’s journey. I wish you all the happiness, success and good health. Love the piece on Raymond. I hope you will still be blogging! Good luck with your new job, hope it’s everything you want it to be.
    I also live away from family, it is difficult but you do get accustom to it.

  35. Jo says:

    Exciting times. Much love and knitty luck!

    Jo x

  36. Hi Alicia, I wish you luck in your new home, you live close to where my daughter lives, she is in Omapere and miss you very much, I live in Argentina and we are only once a year I wish you the best kiss ♥ ♥

  37. janice says:

    What beautiful views from your flat. Good luck in the move, it sounds like fun. A change is always good and makes for an adventure. Keeps life interesting.

  38. Lynne in Mchigan says:

    Good luck with the move! Be sure you keep some emergency knitting or crochet in a bag you hand carry so you can de-stress when the moment arises.

  39. Louise says:

    I wish you the best in your future home.
    I love reading your post and admire your creativity…plus I’m a cat lover
    I’m sure Raymond will enjoy it’s new home (after being maybe a bit puzzled by the moving)

    (hope my english is readable)

  40. Ann says:

    Alice, yes it is a lovely home. The air and energy are that of a beach-ey place, sort of marine-ish. The views out of your windows were certainly wonderful. Have you another place picked out? What a cool adventure. It’s harder when you have kids. I don’t know that I would be up to an undertaking like that – one that was precipitated by choice. I think I would have to be pried up with a crowbar at this point!
    Wishing you a quick settling-in and an easy adjustment to your new space,

  41. May your move be entirely unstressful! And thanks to Marillyn from Seattle for clarifying LYS.🙂 Hey, Seattle, we are very close to each other! Can’t wait to see your new surroundings, Alice, and that Gypsy caravan blanket on the bed just looks AMAZING!!!!

  42. Casey says:

    good luck with your move!!

    If I lived in New Zealand (which would be so freaking cool!) I would take a picture of Raymond and post it on my blog🙂

  43. Rebecca says:

    Wishing you a stress free move if that’s possible. Hope you all settle in well. Life is like the clouds, ever changing. Give us a quick update so we know all is OK. Hope Raymond doesn’t meow too much on the jouney. Good luck and a big meow to His Highness. Bex x

  44. Jill_R says:

    Wow, so much in so little time. I am so excited for you and I understand how bittresweet it can be. Your old home was lovely and I know your new home will be so too, filled with love and happiness. Be safe in your move. Best wishes and safe travels in your new adventures with KB and Raymond!

  45. What a gorgeous flat you live in Alice! Those views! I’ve never had a sense of those amazing views from your blog before I don’t think. Good luck with all the packing up and moving house, what an upheaval, but exciting too, congrats on the new job, and to think you were worried in the past about getting a job, I’d say that was very quick to get a job so soon after graduating. Well done, but you know, I’m not surprised, you are a lovely caring person. I had a quick look at Raymond on the other blog, and it looks like he’ll be missed a lot. Well, take care Alice, and see you when you’re all settled in your new home, I imagine you’ve got a lot on your plate at the moment to even begin to think about blogging. Bon Voyage! Vanessa xxx

  46. Sarah says:

    I enjoyed the tour🙂 Wishing you all the very best with your move – sad to go and leave happy memories and family behind but so exciting to embark on a new adventure and it sounds like a gorgeous place to live

  47. Congratulations on your job offer and moving! It’s always exciting to fix up a new place. You do such a beautiful job, I love how well you show who you are in how you decorate your home. I love the blanket on your bed, I always have it in my mind to make one with your pattern. Perhaps after the holiday rush. Enjoy the rest of your time and I look forward to seeing little snipets of your new home!

  48. iamteocalli says:

    You are most precious….and a big, bright and beautiful place awaits you!!! Much LOVE!!!!

  49. Heather says:

    That’s a stunning view!

    Good luck with your move x

  50. Good luck with your new home! It’s nice to change scenery now and then, and I certainly hope that your new house will have as beautiful location as your old one…!

  51. Brenda says:

    In the last 2 weeks I have discovered your blog and read EVERY SINGLE post since you started lol… I fell in love with Richie and I was like ahh I have to read everything and see EVERY piece of yarn that she has dyed bc it was just THAT cool!! It was pretty cool though because I’m used to reading novels and reading your blog was like a novel except with GORGEOUS pictures in it🙂
    I LOVE LOVE L.O.V.E what you do and I can’t wait to see more posts! You’re very inspiring and I will definitely be doing some bunting to spruce up my office lol I will definitely give you a linky when I finish it!!
    I wish you and Raymond the best of luck with moving!

  52. Sarah says:

    Wow, that is a big move! We have friends in Papamoa, and they love it! The view from your house window is absolutely stunning!

    Good luck and enjoy settling into your new life🙂

  53. Good luck on your moving. I hope it’s all you expect and want it to be.
    judy [ in southwest Florida — USA]

  54. Anne says:

    Good luck with your move…:)
    Im moving too in 3 weeks it a busy time, Ive packed most of my crystals and other things, my home feel a bit bare at the moment.
    Its been a little while since I left a comment on your blog, We have a new member to our family now a Chocolate Burmese cat called Martie.
    Our move not as far as yours, I love the veiws from your place what a beautiful home you lived in.
    Im sure the next place will a beautiful as this one. Sad to hear about no LYS. Do you have a big stash to get through?

  55. juniperjune says:

    what a lovely home! i love all the windows, the plants, and of course all the crochet! but i’m sure your new home will be at least as wonderful, if not moreso. good luck!

  56. Pingback: Hello from Raymond « Kiwi and Kumara

  57. Val says:

    Since Raymond stopped by for a little while last night, I figured I’d add some more photos!

    I’m going to miss him, but I’m so excited for all of you, and can’t wait to come visit sometime!

  58. I love the post about Raymond! Have a safe move and I hope it ranks low on the moving stress scale.

  59. Wendy says:

    Oh I love whangeri and the bay of islands region, beautiful. Heading that way for hols in
    2013 as partner has time share. Your home was so lovely but know you will do the same
    even better maybe in your new one ☺
    Wishing you a safe journey and perfect move.
    Really enjoy the blog Raymond has now starred in….. lol perfect.

  60. Lisa Ruff says:

    Good luck with your move! Thanks for sharing the awesome pics! Your place is beautiful! I love all your crafts and your old trunks look really cool! I’d love to find some like that too! I hope you guys love your new place and hope Raymond does too!
    Hugz from Lisa

  61. meredithjean says:

    Firstly Valerie ROCKS! Yay for her Raymond appreciation sharing. We get a tinsier peek into his behaviours and wide ranging other lovers. “Let me on your lap!!” hahaha. Your house has been your haven, and now it will pass to hosting other souls. The cave drawings at Chauvet in France were the decor to countless centuries of inhabitants. I love the way the passage of time casts a long shadow and we occupy the now so briefly. Keep loving and learning and appreciating. Skype is a damn fine thing! Lots of love for your move you three xxxxxxxx

  62. Gig says:

    All of us are going with you. I would LOVE to live anywhere in New Zealand. You are a lucky duck!

  63. Hahnsmum says:

    Good luck with your move… The best thing l have found about moving is the good clean out of clutter one collects… Cant wait to see pics of yr new home..
    Regards, Hahnsmum..
    New England,
    NSW, OZ..

  64. Buen viaje!!!! We will keep following your stitches!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  65. Nanita says:

    Good luck and have a safe move! To move is always very exciting and at least a little bit sad… Aww, Raymond is going to miss his neighbours a lot!🙂

  66. Marion says:

    Dear Alice,
    i wish you good luck with your move and I wish you every happiness in your new home. I can’t wait to read about your new life and Raymond…
    Your Blog is so beautiful and and inspiring and I look forward to you and Raymond.
    Send you many, many Greetings and wish you all the best…

  67. Oh what a beautiful home…can’t get over that view! All I can say is the new place must be something really special if you are leaving this behind! I wish you luck with your move and lots and love, light and joy in your new home….can’t wait to see it xxxxx

  68. Penelope says:

    Dearest Alice

    Wow what a big and ever so exciting life changing event for you and KB ! I loved the little tour of your home before all the boxes and packing, it looks so lovely and such beautiful surroundings, really inspiring nature right on your door step.

    Wishing you all the very best with your move and starting your new job… fabulous that your studies have come to an end now…. more time for crochet and knitting (hee hee). I think that you’ll eek those knitter’s out in Whangarei and share your love and dare I say addiction to spinning, yarn, knitting and all your awesome crochet xox

    Really look forward to hearing about this next chapter in your life xox lotsof love Penelope xxx

  69. winkieflash says:

    It must be hard leaving such a gorgeous place behind! But after the goodbyes, comes the fun of decorating your new space!🙂
    Good luck with the move, take it easy and don’t forget to have fun. I have major respect for anyone making such a big decision in such little time🙂

  70. Jo says:

    Wow! What a beautiful view while you crochet! No wonder you are obviously so inspired to create. I hope your new place is just as well placed : )

  71. Rachel says:

    Good luck with your move- I love the view from your house, I hope the move brings crazy amounts of happiness for you, KB and Raymond

  72. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    Wishing you only the best in life for you and KB, Have a safe trip !!!!!!!!! I loved your pictures of your home such a ray of colors coming from your view. I can hardly wait to see your new home and the array of color that you are going to use there.Take Care until we hear form you again only the best and most loved wishes to you and all you loved ones. Your friend form Texas

  73. Rhonda says:

    I am amazed at how beautiful your view is!!!! I don’t know if I could leave such a beautiful place. Good luck with your move and I hope you and Raymond settle down into snuggly comfort soon in your new home🙂 I’ve learned a lot about spinning and such from your blog so thanks!
    Take care,
    Rhonda in Alabama (U.S.)

  74. Sarah says:

    As others have said what wonderful views from your windows. Good luck in you new home and I am sure you will find a good source of yarn somewhere.

  75. Sarah says:

    Good luck in your move and I hope Raymond has an easy time adapting to his new home. He has got to be the most famous cat on the internet. I look forward to pictures of your new home.
    Sarah from Texas

  76. Best of luck on your new home!!! I hope you love it even more than the place you’re in now!

  77. Merry WA says:

    If I had a blog I would certainly have featured you. I am amazed by your spinning, crochet & knitting. Good luck with your moving.

  78. PaisleyJade says:

    Hey Alice!!! Yay for moving to Whangarei!! Thanks for your email (and invite to ‘hook up’). I couldn’t find yours to email back so thought I’d say that that would be awesome!! There are a couple of crochet bloggers up here (we are very few and far between) but I am sure we’d love to catch up with you. Totally love your creations – I did a post awhile about some granny bunting I made after being inspired by you!!

  79. Hey, I’m sorting out patterns for my trip to NZ and was really pleased to read how to correctly pronounce Whagarei. I leave in 11 days – a trip that has been planned since I was pregnant with my 3 year old. Just the three of us – Christmas miles and miles away from home (England) and a lot of travelling (and knitting by me, if Rosie’s lucky I might finish her hat by then).

    So looking forward to experiencing New Zealand and you’ve whetted my appetite even more!

  80. Wendy says:

    That is a fabulous bird’s nest fern you have Alice.

  81. marion says:

    Hi I’m new to your blog so I do hope you get to read all the replies that people put on. I found you from reading Attic 24. Just to say hope your move goes well and that you soon settle in to your new home. Our God-daughter lives in New Zealand in Kerikeri and I have been to see her twice so far and am coming over again next year, it is a beautiful place.

  82. Erica says:

    Hi, Alice!
    It has been forever since I posted a comment to your blog – I have fallen off the blogging wagon myself. But this particular post prompted me to say HELLO again and tell you how much I enjoyed seeing the pictures all around your sweet home. I wish you, KB and Raymond the best in your new location! Hope you get settled in and knitting with locals very soon.


  83. gert says:

    your place is so peaceful and i love how it is not filled with stuff. i have toooo much stuff. i love how simple everything is. and your vistas are breathtaking. enjoy your new place. many blessings to you and your family. PS what is no lys. thanks gert

  84. Sunita Thapa says:

    I came across your blog while searching the crochet and knitting tutorial. I am finding your blog very interesting and am reading with smile on my face. Is the small posture sticked to the cupboard in your kitchen is of Laxmi godess? Being hindu I am really finding it interesting. I am loving your creations of wool here they all are tremendously amazing.
    Hugs from Nepal !

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