One Quick Ripple

Christmas is on its way I hear… I’ve been so focussed on finishing my degree, job hunting and moving I hadn’t even spared it a thought until the other day!  Being that I am in the process of moving, I’ve been wrapping already made gifts and giving them to my lovely Mum for safe-keeping so they don’t get lost in boxes and unearthed in two months time.  I’ve also been getting a move on with bigger gifts that I want to make for my family before I pack my beloved stash- one of which is the ripply goodness pictured above!  Being that a few of my family members pop into my blog every now and then I’m not going to state who this is for (!) but let’s just say she is very worthy of handmade goodness as she has always appreciated gifts given in the past and shows them to people and tells them how clever the person who made them is.  Ha ha!

Knit/crochet-worthy indeed!

So there it is, in all it’s ripply glory sitting on my rocker… a totally quick gift, I started it on Monday evening and finished it on Tuesday morning before I went to work.  Made from odds and ends in my stash and filled with a (nice and clean) second-hand inner, it’s a totally thrifty, eco-friendly gift which makes me very excited.  I used this pattern which is lovely and easy to follow, despite previous mishaps which were a direct result of me not following the pattern!

Thank you all for your lovely, lovely comments about beautiful Pixie, I am completely besotted with her.  I went to visit her today and for the first time since I met her, she was AWAKE and had her eyes open.  I am getting a bit addicted to looking in baby clothing shops and finding beautiful little dresses I want to buy her!  I believe that she is going to be one spoiled little Pixie as she grows up, lucky Aunty, to have someone little and cute to lavish love upon.

Wishing you a beautiful day and sending you many happy thoughts,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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36 Responses to One Quick Ripple

  1. Esther says:

    Very nice, well done.

  2. Jacquie says:

    It’s gorgeous Alice , I love the colours you have chosen. You have reminded me I used the same pattern for my ripple cushion but mine is backed with an old sweater….I like your method better and would love to give this a try one day :0)
    I’m sure it will be a much loved gift.
    Jacquie x

  3. Felicity from Down Under says:

    being an auntie is a very special gig. that ripply cushion is pretty special too. I love the colour combo.

  4. Tickety-boo says:

    How are you going to part with that beauty?! Those colours are just lovely.
    You are right to be in love with Pixie, she is gorgeous!
    Enjoy the cuddles🙂

  5. Laila says:

    Isn’t that just wonderful when things are quick done? I love it from time to time to do quick things. Yours are lovely and I’m sure it will be appreciated. Well done. Enjoy your niece, she will be a grown up before you know it.

  6. Mel says:

    Hi Alice. Your ripple cushion is beautiful. You are so clever with colour x

  7. Rachel says:

    That could possibly be the most beautiful rippling I have ever seen in my life!!!
    I just love the colours on this!!!!
    I have been making stuff like crazy for Christmas presents, just crocheted a fairy crown with bells for little pixies in my family. Crochet has opened a whole new world for me this year in terms of presents and I am loving it!!!
    Good luck on finishing your degree/graduating/job hunting!

  8. kashi says:

    That color combination is fabulous! I saw a photo on ravelry with you and Pixie. What a beautiful baby and happy Auntie. Congratulations.

  9. Ali G says:

    Your latest cushion is gorgeous! Good luck with the move and getting your degree all done and dusted🙂 Where are you moving to? Oh, and congrats on becoming an aunty (again) – Pixie looks totally squishable ♥

  10. Linda says:

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! The colours on your blog are so beautiful and your ripple blanket is amazing!!

  11. stocki says:

    Wow Alice… your needle must fly! Just how DO you choose your colours… how do you come up with combinations that make me drool?? (It’s okay, I have a hankie)…what a GORGEOUS cushion xx Lucky Pixie, Lucky Alice, Lucky Alice’s sister to have a willing baby-sitter and clothes buyer / maker!🙂 A house move… oooo how exciting…hope we can see the pics… I’m off to look at the ripple pattern… Happy Wednesday Alice :)x

  12. Regula says:

    Nice, nice!

    I’m rippling along with yarn from my stash too, which is very satisfying. Maybe I will make a pillow afterwards because there is still much leftover yarn left.

  13. Dori says:

    Love it! Thanks for providing the pattern. I also love the throw over the back of the chair. Is it just one big granny square? You’re such an inspiration. Good luck with the move!

  14. Nicole says:

    Quick gifts are the best aren’t they? I could scroll up and down on that ripple picture all day, the colors are beautiful. It’s as if that green gives it just the pop it needs! I’m sure whoever receives it will adore it🙂

  15. julie says:

    Super gift, great colours, thanks for the link to the pattern.

  16. Victoria says:

    Now, for some reason I seem to have missed some of your posts. Well, the pebble vest from a couple of posts ago is just beautiful – wish I’d had someone knitting things like that for my babies! Lovely ripple too. X

  17. Suzanne says:

    Good luck on getting your degree (I’m also finishing the last thing, my thesis, for my degree). I know it can sometimes be a dull process (with some very exiting parts too, but it is still hard work!). So good luck with that and with finding a job. I’m on the hunt to and things are not easy here in Europe right now. I’ll just have to step it up haha. So crochet/knitting is low on priority right now, which I hate to be honest. I just want to knit my mittens and start my very first socks.

    Well, enough of the blabla. Love the pillow, I have to get started with my gifts too. Time flies.

  18. LaceAnn says:

    As always, LOVE the colors! It sounds like you have been remarkably busy. This too shall pass though, so don’t let it stress you out. Moving can be a hassle, but I find it kind of exciting! Getting to sort through all of your things and decorate and reorganize with the fresh palette of an empty house which soon turns into your cozy custom home🙂 Hopefully it’s close enough to your family that you can continue to visit and dote upon your darling little Pixie! She is such a doll and she will be quite spoiled I think.

  19. Sherry says:

    Love the colors! Good luck with moving.

  20. Your are a crochet machine!😀
    saludos, Lorena x

  21. Penelope says:

    Lovely Alice, you never disappoint with all your beautiful colours. Lucky person to be receiving any of your handmade goodness. Ripples are very therapeutic and easy on the eye which I love. I’ve a few more rows of my chevron left before I get to wallow in it’s finished glory!! :0)

    I am feeling baby envy when you speak about Pixie, she’s too heavenly. Alice and I are looking after s friend’s 1 and 4 year old tomorrow eve and we are so looking forward to it xox
    You must be so excited coming to the end of your degree and moving too… all new chapter’s opening up xox Penelope xxxx

  22. It is lovely! Happy move! May it be as stress free as possible!

  23. sue says:

    Love love love your ripple colours, so gorgeous! Good luck with your move, remember where you pack the teapot!

  24. Lori says:

    I love the ripple pillow! How on earth do you do it so fast?? I am amazed,🙂

  25. Meredith says:

    Love your ripple and Pixie is adorable. You are a lucky Auntie but I think Pixie will be a lucky little girl.

  26. meredithjean says:

    Much love you busy busy girl. Thank goodness the warmer weather is here and you don’t need to knit socks! xxx

  27. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    I love your colors on the ripple it looks soooo cozy. And I hope everything that needs to fall into place in your life all comes into place with out a hitch. And your moving goes smoothly. Thats when you notice how the heck did all this stuff come from. And the best part of antie is the spoiling of the little angel . Only the best and warmest wishes to you and all your loved ones. Take Care your friend from Texas

  28. OMG I just stumbled upon your blog!!!!!!! Toally awesome!!!!!!! I lovovovoveeeee your blog, beautiful colors, and amazing talent! I have a blog about knitting and the like, but only have just started crotcheting and it’s much quicker😉 Anyway I’m glad I found you!


  29. Hahnsmum says:

    Read yr blogs all the time Alice…l CANNOT get the ”hang” of the Ripple but that easy pattern looks good..l will make an effort now to get one going.. l just cant get the idea of DECREASING crochet stitches…But hey, it wont beat me.. Yr little niece is JUST SO CUTE.. Best Wishes.. Hahnsmum.. New England, NSW, OZ..

    • Hahnsmum says:

      Hi Aice, After annoying my neighbour to bits re the Easy Ripple pattern, l think l may have stumbled across AN EVEN EASIER Chevron ( Ripple ) pattern..
      Going thru my wool stash l found a really old book ( with some hysterical pictures of the 70`s fashions).. So l will now send this version off to you.. It just means THERE IS NO DECREASE HARD BIT in the ”valleys” of the ripple.. One just misses 2 DC`s every so often.
      .l am trying to get out there to my crochet spot in living room asap , & try this version out.. Good luck, with the packing Kid.. Best Wishes, Cant wait to see pics of yr new abode..

  30. fabiola says:

    wow the colors are so vibrant and beautiful.thanks for sharing.

  31. bunky749 says:

    I was surprised to see the pattern you used for the beautiful pillow. It is the same oneI used for my very first ripple. You are right, just “read” the directions carefully and it is easy to use. I remember the lots of frogging the first time through.
    Thanks for sharing- regards to Raymond.

  32. Beautiful gift, and I have no doubt it will be well loved.

  33. Helen says:

    As always, your colour combinations are lovely!

  34. Lisa Ruff says:

    You made that for me?? Totally awesome!! Just kidding! Very, very pretty! The recipient will definitely love it im sure! Good luck with your move!
    Hugz from Blondie

  35. Carol says:

    Beautiful ripple, Alice, love your colour choice. It is so nice to make a ‘home made’ gift for someone who really ‘gets’ handmade and doesn’t look at it wondering “where is the logo?”. Now all your friends and family will be thinking the gift is for them so you best start some more ‘very’ quick ripples.

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