Even though it is halfway through the November, I never got around to making an October mosaic until about 30 minutes ago!  It’s not the most exciting mosaic in terms of colourful fun, but does show what I was up to throughout the month… KB got a second pair of socks, Ravelled here (Raymond helped out in that photoshoot) and I got started with my Christmas gifts and went a bit doily crazy, you can read about it here! I taught myself how to knit cables and made this, this and this and started these!  The first sock is completely finished now but I have been too distracted by a certain little Pixie to start the second one.  It’s on my to-do list.

Also in October a lot of spinning happened.  I bought myself a new (new to me) spinning wheel in October… well, Mum found it for me at a Spin-In she went to but I couldn’t because of the dreaded retail job.  I’ll introduce you to my new wheel which I LOVE(!) when I get around to it, her name is Peggy and on Peggy I learned to Navajo Ply and also learned that the Magic Wheel which I learned to spin on was terribly old and hard to use, and spinning on Peggy is a dream.  

The last yarn I spun on the Magic Wheel was a braid of the Polwarth I dyed one afternoon.  It was my favourite out of this bunch which you may remember!

 Second from the bottom there is a lovely greeney blue braid which I named the Avatar braid because it reminds me of the beautiful bright colours in the forest… do you remember that scene? It blew my mind!

I love these colours so much, and when Peggy arrived at my house, I was halfway through this braid so got spinning and ended up with this…

A colour hit!

*Sigh* I heart yarn….

I had plans for this, to knit a bag and felt it in the washing machine, but I got sidetracked and ended up making my belived little niece another Pebble vest with it…

Compared with the first one, this vest turned out tiny!  Just right in fact for her two week old self… Yesterday Mum and I went baby shopping and bought a bunch of bright purple and blue leggings and jumpsuity things to match the vest, how much fun it is shopping for baby stuff?!

This is such a lovely little knit, I blogged about it here a while ago with a link to the pattern and ravelled it here at the same time if anyone wants the details.  I was all excited about taking some photos of Pixie in her little outfit, and drove over to visit her… Unfortunately she wasn’t in a modelling mood….

Being that she had cried all night her parents were rather relieved that she was asleep and wouldn’t let me wake her up (cue evil grin!) or even have a cuddle JUST IN CASE she woke up… so I’m going over tomorrow afternoon for another try.

She is just tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo adorable. 

OK then, I’m off, I’m moving house in two weeks time (destination as yet unknown!) so I have to go and pack.  I hope you’re all well and happy!


p.s I know there are many of you who like to see photos of Raymond and crochet and other things that I may not be blogging about right now and I apologise if the content of this blog is currently not to your preference :O(  According to many people who have been messaging me (thank you lovely people!) there is a lot of fun things to see and read about in my archives and I’ve been quite diligent in categorising everything since this blog began, so have a look through my category cloud in the sidebar and see what is there!  (Ugh… I can’t think of anything more boring than looking back over my life ha ha but you might enjoy!) XXXXX

About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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47 Responses to Smitten.

  1. Joan Griffith says:

    Lovely yarn and vest! Tho I miss Raymond, the baby is truly precious. I hope you can get a picture of baby in the vest!

  2. Melissa says:

    I LOVE that picture of Pixie! It is soooo sweet! Very impressed with the cables.

  3. teegan says:

    What a beautiful vest for a beautiful baby! It’s just too warm here in Australia, but I think my 9 week old would look gorgeous in one of those! Also, I really love your monthly mosaics and think I need to start doing that myself. Although, I’d need one for craft and one for kids I think!

  4. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I heart those green socks with all the cables

  5. Alice
    Do You Sell The Yarn That You Spin ?? If So How Do I See What Colors YOu HAve Available ? Also To, Your neice Is Adorable

  6. lu douglas says:

    Dearest Alice, we have become part of all of your life and yes, there are heaps of ‘other’ things we can go back through, learn, be inspired by and laugh about, so blog the way you do, with heart, succinctly and with passion. Love Lu x p.s. understood perfectly about not waking baby for auntie alice to have her cuddle fix! lol! adore your cables, you are so freaking good at it for a first timer.and that wool you have spun on Peggy, holy heavens above, how perfect it looks. I did try spinning and decided I’d stick to knitting and crochet. Wise choice, Lu!

  7. Deanne says:

    Pixie is absolutely gorgeous. Oh how I miss those baby years. Although there is something to love about every age and stage, there is just something SO beautiful and miraculous about a newborn baby. Sigh… 🙂

  8. Ripplestitchkin says:

    Alice, this is YOUR BLOG. Do what matters to you.

  9. Popping in to say I love your blog, no matter what you blog about. It’s your life and passions and it gives us insight about you. I always find your posts interesting and colorful and I always walk away with a smile!

  10. Tanya says:

    lol i love reading your blog, but now you reminded me – crochet with raymond indeed! Where’s the crochet!?!?

    I’ve recently become a knitter too… so I don’t mind so much😀

  11. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    Oh don’t you love the smell of baby!!!. So clean and yummy, I remember when my son was a new born my favorite part of the baby is the feet I was always kissing and taking some nibbles. Dont worry about your blog. What ever you write is what is in your heart, your passions, what brings a warm fuzzy feeling . That is why I love to read your blogs. Its the smile inside your heart shinning tru your writing. You take care and only the warmest wishes to you and all your loved one’s. Your friend from Texas.

  12. Marillyn Ketcherside says:

    I love your yarn and you inspire me to try spinning. I just have a problem in that my large cat likes to help me crochet or do anything with yarn. Raymond is so nice. I hope my black monster calms down as he gets older. He isn’t 2 yet and loves to play.

    I am obsessed with color and you have a wonderful way of handling it. Love reading about your life from here in Seattle, Wa.

  13. meredithjean says:

    All lovely lovely. You are as inspiring as ever xxxxx dear little Pixie xxx

  14. Love the colors of your yarn! Your october mosaic is georgeous as little Pixie!
    This blog is your own, show and tell us what ever you want… we love it!

  15. Miss Pixie is so cute! How wonderful it must feel to have someone to make such cute little clothing🙂 Your spinning is divine😀 *sigh* I can’t wait to learn how to spin🙂 Until that day I will just have to admire your spinning. I love all of your posts to this blog. This is one of the few blogs that I read consistently, regardless of the subject matter. Your energy is so bright and wonderful and flows out of your writing and gives us all wonderful vibes! Who cares if it is not about crochet, it’s all about being who you are!😀

  16. Planet Penny says:

    The blog is a story about you, and how you got from there to here, and you are doing it in a blaze of colour! I’m sure Raymond won’t mind taking a bit of a back seat while you succumb to Pixie love, she is adorable!
    good luck with your move, lots of love,
    Penny and Higgins xxx

  17. I shall look forward to seeing Pixie in her new outfit. I love to see babies in bright colours. She looks very peaceful in her photo on her ‘lamby’. Katherine (my three year old) still has hers, it came from NZ via good old Ebay!

    Good luck with the packing🙂

    Bye for now, xXx

  18. Laymon says:

    The vest is too cute! I keep meaning to make my daughters a vest each, this has inspired me to get on with it.

  19. Esther says:

    Teehee!!! What a lovely little terror she is😉

  20. Joanna says:

    Bless she is adorable. I can see why you are smitten! I love reading your blog Alice no matter what you are blogging about and hope we get to see lots of cute pictures of Pixie. The yarn you have spun is beautiful too. I must tell you that I think you are responsible for another potential sock addict! I went to a workshop last weekend and knitted my first sock! It would probably fit your beautiful niece but a sock it is lol! It was great making mini socks as you got to learn all the different parts of the sock in a day. I have since started a pair for me although I think I might frog them and start again using a smaller size needle for the rib. Thanks Alice for being truly inspiring! Joanna xx

  21. Silvia says:

    Love the Baby Picture and the Vest looks so cute and warm!
    I wasn’t aware that you could go Doily mad tho, is there are ever enough Doily’s to be had?
    Please could you tell me how to make a Mosaic like yours?

  22. Tickety-boo says:

    I need those green socks in my life Alice! They are so gorgeous. Totally my colour.
    I am so in love with the Avatar yarn it looks amazing knitted up and will look so sweet on Pixie ( I’d love a cowl in these colours) She is going to be one well dressed little lady.

  23. Terrie says:

    Wow you’re a busy bee at the minute! Love the yarn and your niece is adorable! x

  24. stocki says:

    Hi Alice… I couldn’t care less what you blog about..just keep blogging🙂 You made me sigh with the photo of PIxie… such a perfect picture of peace… your poor Sister must relish such moments! My sisters were older than me and when the babes came along i was always the one who bought them noisy, bright lights presents which really stirred them up… it wasn’t until I had my own babes that they got me back and I finally realised the real meaning of peace! I laughed when I saw 3 little hats all in different colours… you must love that pattern..lucky Pixie! The socks are to die for too… my perfect colour… thanks for a lovely Sunday morning coffee time :)x.

  25. ZebAlex says:

    Alice, I love your blog – whatever it’s about. It’s not like we crochet addicts can’t get an online fix elsewhere!! I loved the pic of Pixie on your last blog, the one in the vest and hat. How to be a more fabulous Aunty than you already are? 1. Visit with handcrafted gifts – check. 2. Visit with stuff to match the handcrafted gifts – check. 3. Visit with a homemade casserole or meal that your sister and her partner love that they can heat up when it suits them. 4. Get Pixies parents to get her to sleep in her buggy so that YOU CAN TAKE HER OUT FOR A WALK while they stay home and sleep. My sister and I have exchanged these gifts and they were great.

  26. Heather says:

    It’s your blog Alice, you can write whatever content you like on it😉

    Pixie is such a cutie, I imagine she is going to turn into the World’s most hand-knitted child in another couple of weeks at the rate you’re going. I think you should make her a monster next!

    Heather xxxx

  27. Annette says:

    Yes! I remember that scene in Avatar because it blew MY mind too! And what a perfect name for that yarn! Spinning! I just can’t imagine spinning my own. I remember having a spinning wheel as a very little girl…makes me wonder what happened to it…or if I ever used it! I don’t recall creating anything with it. You inspire me to think about spinning! Your niece is tremendously adorable and so angelic…in fact, I think I see her wings showing a wee bit! Love your posts…whatever you choose to share. You and Raymond are ALWAYS a delight to read! Hugs, Annette

  28. Pati from London says:

    i love your blog no matter what Alice! At the mo, I’m busy to comment as much as I was able to before my little one came along but am still here. Your green socks are so pretty! Pati xx

  29. Sara-Jane says:

    I loved the post today! The yarn you spun was beautiful! Can’t wait to see the outfit on your niece! Have a lovely day! Love from Massachusetts! Sara-Jane

  30. Dori says:

    Such gorgeous yarn! The Avatar colour is just yummy. I can’t wait to see the vest you knitted up on li’l baby.

  31. Julie says:

    Aww precious little one, sleepy times are annoying when you just want aunty cuddles, same here for nanny when my grandaughter is napping!

    Cable socks are awesome! lovin them!

  32. Oh, my! You are moving? Good luck with that. I think moving is terribly stressful! May it go smoothly for you! Now, Pixie simply must have a monster, don’t you think?

  33. Barbara Reichard says:

    no matter if you are showing us your crochet or knitting or spinning, the colors are always beautiful to see. Thanks for sharing. Regards to Raymond.

  34. rhonda and misty says:

    you are a ray of sunshine, the most beautiful colours put together, i too love those colours, keep up your great work i enjoy reading your blog and older posts…. ,my raymond is named MISTY and she loves to sit on my hexagon rug i am making . now its november and so close to xmas do have a merry xmas and we all look forward to what your blog brings in 2012

  35. wendolyn says:

    well, i think she edges out raymond in a cute and cuddly contest. and she has NO teeth.

  36. Zuleika says:

    What gorgeous colours! I especially love the avatar.
    Such a precious little baby! Thanks for sharing such a sweet photo. Newborn babies always bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces. hehe

  37. Nicole says:

    I love reading about your crochet & knitting projects but your blog just wouldn’t be the same without hearing about all the other things too! It would just become like any other knitting or crochet blog so just keep doing it your way🙂

    The lovely thing about you & your blog is you’re completely unpretentious about it all, you’ve made some beautiful things but there’s never an element of “oook look what I can do, I’m soooo great” lol which sometimes you do see other people getting at…😉

    If anyone says otherwise send them our way!

  38. Hi! Hola.
    I love the little vest!😀

  39. Such fabulous colours! Such scrummy yarn! And that sweet baby…….ahhhhhh xxx

  40. Jo says:

    Thank heavens you are back! What a busy lady you have been and even though I don’t want anymore children .. the sight of your little neice makes me gooey. I have followed the link for the vest and it has become one of my favourite quick knits. Thanks for heading back our way…xx

  41. faeryfay says:

    II love, love, love the cables! The hat is gorgeous and I adore those socks!

  42. Terrie says:

    I’ve just noticed – Your cabling! When did that happen!? x

  43. wendy says:

    that fleece and yarn actually made me drool. I’ve got a bit of a headache and struggling to word what I want to say so please know, it’s not supposed to be offensive! I started reading your blog when I was into crochet and although I enjoyed your spinning/knitting phase, I didn’t enjoy it as much as the crochet stuff, but now I’ve learnt to spin (not as well as you!), I’m desperate for some spinny/fleecy/yarny posts! That does sound mean doesn’t it? It shouldn’t, I’ve always loved your blog and read every post. Now I sound like a stalker. Should i just go? I’ll go…

  44. Lika G. says:

    I want to learn how to knit!!! I just find it difficult to do, but I love your socks and I’m itching to give it a go again. Pixie looks so sweet asleep and I can see how proud you are of her! Also love your version of Domo! Have a great day and I’ll be stoping by blog again real soon!🙂 God bless!!!!!

  45. Carol says:

    What a beautiful photo of Pixie, all at peace with the new world she has just joined. They don’t stay babies for long. Our youngest great grandchild is 2 in a couple of weeks, the time just flies and the little ones become big ones oh so quickly.
    The vest is sweet, a sweet little top for a very cute little girl.
    Carol xx

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