New Beginnings…

I realised today when I was writing the date at work that October has already begun!  I hadn’t even prepared my monthly mosaic … normally I am so excited by them that I get them ready about a week early and as I haven’t really posted as much this month, the mosaic seems a bit less bright and fabulous, but it is recording what went on here nonetheless!

September has been an interesting month, One a Day started but more about that later, the stunning Maude graced Crochet with Raymond in an interview with her lovely Mum Tracee, (FYI, I just visited her etsy shop to get the link and noticed that she is now selling handspun yarn for those of you who want some madly but are not spinners!) lots of crochet happiness happened this month with my little sister’s baby blanket which she loved by the way!  I think it is currently a ‘bump blanket.’   Lots of wool was dyed and Richie got cuter and cuter and cuter!

Speaking of Richie, would you like an update?

He is now eating a lot of grass but still loves his bottle…

He is turning in to such a little sheep it’s scary!  He doesn’t like to be patted anymore (unless he is having his bottle) which is sad, but if you are quick you can still catch him for a cuddle he he….

A bit of sock knitting has been happening too… I finished the socks from the sock yarn I dyed which I showed you a couple of posts ago…

I had so much fun knitting them and finished them within a week I was so obsessed!  But something happened that wasn’t so fabulous, I have no idea how, but one sock is a tiny bit shorter than the other and so didn’t fit my foot.  Grrrrrrrr.  They are the same when measured up but when it is on my foot the gusset stretches in an ugly way that indicates holes will happen.

Luckily Mum has feet a size (or two) smaller than me and she was gifted some lovely hand dyed, hand knitted socks!

They are quite perfect for her and fit like a dream.  I’m thankful that her feet are that bit smaller becuase it means that no pair of accidentally-too-small socks will ever be wasted…

And that was that!

September also heralded the beginning of the One a Day group on Ravelry which I started with relish!  I was so excited about my blanket and the colours and how wonderful it was, until I decided that I wasn’t happy with the colours.

I got this far before I changed my mind on the light pruple which was a total bummer because it was the first colour I used!  Also, the reds were totally overpowering the purple and it wasn’t the glorious piece of colourful fabulousness I was anticipating.  So I hibernated it on Ravelry, put some bungs on the end of my 120cm cable and stuffed it deep into my project basket and covered it up with some other stuff and began to wonder what I might make with this blanket sized load of colour perfection I had purchased.  I didn’t want to do a hexagon blanket, a granny blanket of any variety being that I have just finished a monster of a granny blanket and I didn’t feel ripply enough to try one in crochet.  Finally, I found the inspiration I was looking for on Meme-Rose’s lovely blog.  Meme-Rose is making a beautiful kaleidescope blanket and when I saw this post I became totally smitten with the idea and was so inspired I started my new One a Day project that day!  I love her blanket, it kind of sparkles and I am so grateful for the inspiration, thank you Meme-Rose! XXX

Shades of bright red don’t like being photographed, so I hope the photographs turn out nicely on your computer screen!

I am so excited by my kaleidescope blanket, I love, love, love it and it has totally chased the blahs away!

Are you on Pinterest?  I joined the other day, I didn’t mean to, I was going to wait until the day I had no more assignments to write which is only a metter of weeks and boy is it addictive!  I am having a lot of fun even though I have no idea how to use it, can’t change my profile settings, don’t know how to follow anyone, have no idea who is following me, you get the idea!  Anyway, if you are on Pinterest, I am here!  I’m loving pinning things that I love which I don’t blog about because I don’t like to err away from yarny happiness and animals.   Fun, fun!  And so bad, because I sit at my computer writing my essay and I’ll say to myself “I’ll just pin one thing, then I’ll write another 100 words.”  Easier said than done! 

OK then, I’d best be off, I have a million little hexagons to make, a cardigan to finish and five assignments to write!  I hope you’re well and happy and thank you for your sweet comments about my blahs, I needed some good vibes sent my way, you are awesome.


p.s Does your cat like to hide in boxes?


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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64 Responses to New Beginnings…

  1. Rachel says:

    This post is just so beautiful and filled with colour!!!
    And those socks are unbelievably awesome!!

  2. Sharon says:

    I always look forward to seeing a new post of yours – it’s always so colorful (in both written word and photos). As for my cats – yea they love hanging out in boxes too although right now all five of them are hunkered down here on my bed snuggled into their blankie (it’s a chilly night tonight).

  3. SilviSherr says:

    Can’t believe it’s October already. Love the Socks and all the colours in the Blanket. If I wasn’t already doing ‘The Beekeepers Quilt’ I would join up your Ravelry Project. But maybe i will just do a little something anyway:)
    Stalking Following you on Pinterest now as well.

  4. Baxter's Rest says:

    Love you kaleidoscope blanket. I’ve always loved these colours, even in the ripple.
    Raymond is so sexy bless, and yes my two can not resist boxes at all! I have a great pic of mine asleep in an empty fish tank!

  5. meme-rose says:

    your kaleidoscope blanket is looking fabulous!! happy happy happy to have inspired this latest work of art x

  6. Nikkole says:

    My color therapy has been completed for the week🙂

  7. That wavy blanket is simply magnificent!!! It could be easily and scarf! I want one now! What is the name of the stitch… pleaseeee!!!
    Lovely colours. Good luck with your essay.
    Kind regards, Lorena
    Chao! x

  8. Lovely mosaic🙂 I love your mini hexagons, mine are hibernating! Yes, all of our cats love boxes🙂

    I’m off to browse your Pinterest page now!

  9. I was going to say you should pick up some yarn to chase the blahs away🙂 Yes my cat loves boxes but not as much as Mugumogu that great cat on youtube….have you seen him, he is hilarious!

  10. Ali says:

    Love your new One a Day project Alice – gorgeous colours as always🙂. And yes, my cats love boxes – one cat more than the other! Good luck with the assignment writing – specially when those gorgeous and fun little hexagons are calling😉

  11. Jess says:

    My husbands cat “Q” likes to hide in paper bags and make a bunch of noise crinkling the bag. She also loves me yelling at her every time I do she runs and tries to play with me.

  12. Amanda says:

    Oooh you have been so busy as usual. I love the socks and the fact you have someone to give them to. In the last week of my pregnancy my feet and ankles were so swollen I couod not fit any of my shoes on. Thankfully I normally have small and narrow feet whereas my sister has slightly larger feet and hers are much wider so I ended up borrowing a pair from her. Isn’t it treat when thigs work out like that?

    Sorry to hear yiu have been feeling a bit blah lately. I do hope you feel better soon xx

  13. crafthanded says:

    I loved the colours in your feather and fan! And the granny hexagons gave me an idea for a stained glass project…
    PS Yes, my cat loves to hid in boxes.

  14. Karen says:

    Richie is looking so cuddly and yes he does look like he’s turning into a sheep now. Shadow my cat does like to hide in boxes, but is also fond of climbing into my underwear drawer when I leave my cupboard doors open.

  15. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice
    Wow you do have your mojo back again… blogging is kind of weird if you are having a downer/blah moment as I don’t know about you but I kind of feel guilty if I’m not being ‘cheerful’ all the time, but then I’m not good at being untrue to myself so I think it’s good for everyone t be honest about how they feel otherwise it looks like one’s world is all peaches and cream! Loving everything thing in this post, you are funny with your perfection and it takes confidence as a good knitter/hooky girl to unravel or put aside something that’s not doing it for you. I was on me me rose’s blog yesterday d saw her kaleidescope too, it’s marvelous and yours is particularly jewelled with it’s rich colours. My colour scheme at the moment if quite the opposite… to reveal soon, it might reflect my heaviness over the past few days with headcold and aching body and no voice! I
    I am also on pinterest and initially was addicted to it… it made me laugh when I saw I had a few followers, I didn’t even know you could follow people, if I did I would never get anything done catching up with all that beauty out there. It isa fun way to collect images you love, I’m after hairstylei nspiration at the moment. I’ll pop into your boards and have a peek too.
    Lovely Richie and Raymond… not to mention the super dooper toothy Maude – love her I do!
    Happy weekending and essay writing…Pxxxxxxxxx

  16. stocki says:

    Well it must be my screen or maybe my sense of colour, but your ripply knitted blanket looks absolutely gorgeous to me… as you say though, reds don’t do well when photographed do they? So I was a bit disappointed that we won’t be seeing it finished…but then you cheered me up again with the beautiful little hexis…I saw that on Meme Rose’s blog too… and it’s on my list… you have made a huge amount of progress in such a short time! Your Mum must be so chuffed… (do you use that word?)… if my daughter knitted I would be over the moon…but if she spun and knitted socks… oh my days I would never stop smiling! Please give your Mum my congratulations :)x

  17. Sophie Slim says:

    Great post!! Just want to send a thanks your way – I discovered your blog a few months ago and you’ve totally inspired a love for bright things and crochet! I’ve finished a ripple blanket, have another granny stripe blanket thats being hooked and some cushions on the go. THANK YOU🙂

  18. Sophie Slim says:

    … also, I totally want to make one of those Rebecca Danger monsters! They look fab!🙂

  19. Tickety-boo says:

    I am worried about my Richie obsession! He is so gorgeous. We have fields full of sheep around the cottage but they are not as lovely as Richie.
    Your Mum is such a good sock model. I wonder if it might have been worth blocking them to make them a bit bigger? It happened with my Serpentine Socks and I ended up giving them to my daughter but I may give them a blocking and see what happens.
    The hexi colours are just lovely. Is this one a keeper or a gift?
    Glad your keeping the blahs from the door.

  20. kashi says:

    You know those darn yarn diets can put you into the blahs. Hehe. Glad you are feeling better. The new blanket is really beautiful. One of the things I like the best about your projects is that your range of color is so wide. I love it. I love that you don’t just stay with one group of colors. I love the green ripple you have on Ravelry too. And my daughter will be beside herself with the pictures of Richie. I agree, he is looking like a sheep now, not so much the little lamb. Oh, and the socks, they look like a sunset. Very nice. Glad your mother can wear them. You are such a busy woman, take care of yourself and all of us who follow you are very happy you are back to yourself.

  21. Julia says:

    Love the socks! The colors are amazing I am making a beautiful grey and black striped scarf from my alpaca I bought from our alpaca farm visit. The wool is beautiful and so special knowing I snuggled with the Ana old that produced the wool. It’s fun being able to know the name of each color and specific alpaca. Love your posts. Sending wonderful warm and peaceful happy energy. Hope you have a great week and receive as much joy as you give to others.

  22. penelope10 says:

    Very inspiring post! Love those little hexes, and a great idea for those sock leftovers!
    Richie, sooooooooo cute. A poster sheepy!
    You have really been dyeing some gorgeous wools. The socks are stunning and thankfully they fit your mom!
    Raymond, you look so cute all boxed in!!

  23. Lisa says:

    Love your hex mosaic! See you on Pinterest – once you start it’s just soooo hard to stop🙂

  24. Carol says:

    Hi Alice, I joined ‘one a day’ but, after going mad crocheting for a few weeks beforehand, I suddenly started having trouble with one elbow pah. I swapped to knitting my socks and am pacing myself better whilst doing a few crocheted squares for SIBOL.
    Yes, we have had some cats who love boxes but not all of them do. Our Rosie made us laugh the other day, she was sitting on a box where the top was just loosely folded across and suddenly whoosh, the lid turned inwards and into the box she went! She was not amused.
    Oh, fancy Richie going off cuddles.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend, it is unseasonally hot here.
    Carol xx

  25. Wanda says:

    Raymond is awesome as always and Richie is turning into such a handsome little guy. 🙂

  26. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    Im glad your doing well, your four legged loved ones are to die for, sooooo cute . Your socks are beautiful ,love the color . Your blanket has my favorite colors combo, just rich of color can’t wait to see the finished lovely. You take care and warm wishes to you and all your loved ones. Your friend form Texas.

  27. Julie says:

    Love the socks that went to live with mu

  28. Casey says:

    I want to make a little hexagon blanket too but I’ve been stopping myself! I want to finish the nana squares first! I love how yours is turning out already🙂

    I just followed you on Pinterest, that place is just so addicitng

  29. Love the bold red colors – great cure for any blues in my opinion!!!

  30. cazz says:

    LOVElovelove the colours. Am now following you on pinterest not that i’ve really got the hang of it yet🙂

  31. MariaK says:

    Really like your colours!! OMG, I’m addicted to pinning. What a great invention. My knitting is getting second place at the moment. I’m following you too now!

  32. Joanna says:

    Such a colourful post. I love your hexagon blanket for the One a Day Group – I’ve got a bit behind on the blanket I’m making for my One a Day but I have done some crochet/knitting each day so I decided that was ok. My cat Fred loves boxes like Raymond and he also likes bag too and tries to get inside them – daftie. Have a great weekend Alice. Love Joanna xx

  33. Joan Griffith says:

    I love your website! I love Raymond! and I do love your kaleidoscope and other creations. I can’t do such sophistocated things as a website, but I really do enjoy yours. My Siameezers salute Raymond.


  34. sue says:

    I love your new blanket so warm and cosy looking! I’m on Pinterest I agree it’s highly addictive, like flitting through your favourite magazines so many pretty things to look at, I’m not sure how it works either but it’s fun!
    And yes my cats love boxes and Howard especially loves a paper bag!

  35. Hi Alice, Those reds are dazzling! I just love your hexagon kaleidoscope blanket. It’s funny – I was recently looking into Pinterest as well. I’m going to go check out the things you’ve posted. Oh, and cats in boxes? I just can’t keep mine out of them. We still have the box to my coffee maker (that I bought a year ago) sitting in the living room because it’s one of Boo’s favourite places.😉

  36. minaandme says:

    I just posted up my Mina in a box yesterday🙂 I vote cats are just nibby and will get into anything they want. They can be so fun that way though. And I’m sorry to hear your feather and fan didn’t turn out the way you wanted. It sounds like you found a fun alternative though! Good to know that your blah-ness is dissipating!

  37. kiwiyarns says:

    Raymond is so cute in his box. It’s funny, no matter how old they get how they love that box! Your socks looked lovely – the colour came out beautifully! Glad to hear you sounding happier. xx

  38. Cuckoo says:

    Lots to say.
    1. Glad the blah’s are gone.
    2. My cat used to like hiding in the plastic cover for my sewing machine.
    3. I like your one a day ripple blanket. Couldn’t you turn it into a cowl that needs wrapping a few times around ones neck and gift it to someone?
    3. I’m a bit addicted to pinterest and I have just started following you. I am CuckooBird. I have the app on my phone and I pin whenever I’m waiting for the kids to come out of school, in the queue at the supermarket, in stationary traffic jams, on the loo! Everywhere. ADDICTED. It’s terrible. I even made a pinterest button to go on my blog. Never made anything like that before. Totally stretched me but my love for pinning got me through.


    Ps have you noticed I haven’t gone on about knitting being hard and socks this time?!!

  39. sara says:

    It makes my day when I find you have posted something new! I so enjoy reading about your family including of course Raymond and Richie. I am amazed that you learned to spin so fast and so well. Good teacher I bet! Thanks Mom. I am trying to learn to spin on my own and am making some progress, but I don’t think I could spin my sock yarn–unless I wanted thick and thin socks!

  40. Jeanette says:

    Wow what a great post. I love your blog and I am so glad that I recently found it. Thanks to you I am now making a granny cowl although I suck at crochet. You had me smiling when I read about ” stuffing it to the bottom of your project basket” – what a relief, someone with a basket full of accidents and disasters at the bottom just like me. Thanks! You had me going ahh and ohh when reading about Ritchie, he is SO darn cute. To bad he isn`t up for a cuddle anymore. Love the hexagons too, I think it will be a fab blanket. Definitely not a blah😉 I have linked to you from my blog. Hope that it is OK with you and that some Swedish readers will find their way to you. I bet they will be inspired. I for one would never tried crochet again had it not been for you!

  41. I’m on Rav (albeit, not much lately)… Haven’t seen the “One a Day” thing… I’ll have to check it out!

    Love your Kaleidoscope blanket! It is going to be beautiful. And BTW, I think the ripple blanket is fantastic and the light purple isn’t bad at all! In fact, I think it balances out the bright red nicely.

    I have a couple of projects (gifts) that I need to finish up and then FOR ME I’m going to start on an afghan that was inspired by the Moorish Mosaic afghan (saw the MMA on Rav last night and fell in love!) It won’t be the exact same octagon as the MMA, but it will something similar that I found in one of my crochet motifs books.

    Glad to hear you’re feeling better! Yes, my cats love boxes, bags, cubbies and any other hidey-hole they can find to chase never-bugs or nap.

  42. A cat in a box! Just the thing to cure the blahs.🙂

  43. Those socks are absolutely gorgeous – such a shame that one ended up a little smaller than the other, but very lucky for your mom, lol!🙂 I really liked your original one a day blanket, but I do see what you mean about the colours – I’m loving the look of your new kaleidescope blanket though and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it!🙂

  44. Jane says:

    Sounds like you have a busy time ahead – assignments yay!!
    I saw your post about the socks being different patterns and the other day on one of my Rav groups I learnt about sock blanks – it is truely amazing – this is the ladies blog who tells us how to and you might love it because you can dye your own too! Anyway .. I don’t knit, but immediately thought of you when I learned about it. And yes, all my cats love to hide in boxes, bags and anything else they can get into – Cheers Jane

  45. crochetingdoc says:

    Love the kaleidoscope blanket! There is one in my future as well! And as for the cat-in-a-box business…mine loves to hide in them but also likes to put tiny little holes in them with his teeth…!

  46. Melissa says:

    Glad to see you’re getting back into the swing of things! Your kaleidoscope blanket is brilliant! I see sheep are like adolescent boys…will cuddle when they are little, but as they grow, not so much🙂

  47. Jo says:

    Great to catch up again with your woolley wonders. You are braver than me, I would have carried on with the blanket until I kind of fell out of love with it at the end. I do that with books sometimes too! You must be feeling better to really go for it!
    Well done hexagons are fab. xx

  48. Kalamazoo Sue says:

    Richie is just so-o darling. Keep the pics coming!

  49. Louise says:

    I just love that Raymond. Our cat wandered off two months ago and the youngest has been quite upset. So I’ve been showing him Raymond, who he absolutely adores. Love your socks too!

  50. Planet Penny says:

    I’m floundering about on Pinterest too and loving it. We seem to have found each other though which is great. Love those socks, your mum is very lucky!
    Penny x

  51. Pati from London says:

    Hello lovely Alice!!! What a great post…. I’m very tempted by pinterest but am not sure whether I will have time for anything else…. Your kaleidoscope blankie is gorgeous! I’ve been following meme rose’s blog for a while and I love it too!! Look fwd to seeing your progress. Good luck with your final college assigments! Lov, Pati x

  52. Lovely socks Alice! Lovely post too! I think we all have one foot bigger than another don’t we, so maybe make your socks for your bigger foot! Pinterest is addictive, and very, very wonderful, I’ve been hooked a few times. I love your hearts page, and it’s interesting to see KB’s inspiration, those tree houses are amazing. Thank you for the link to Meme-Rose’s blog, it’s a wonderful blog, I’ve not come across it before. Your new hex blanket is going to be a stunner, what a great interpretation of the hex blanket. Vanessa xxx

  53. Nicole says:

    Haha Raymond is hillarious! I love him🙂

    Your new hexies are lovely, I really like the blocks of one together it’s cool! You have a very lucky mum too getting all your smaller socks!! I am so behind in my one a day… 😦

  54. Rebecca says:

    SPACE MATE! I’ve recently found you on FaceBook but your lovely mummy hasn’t responded. Jump out of the box and onto her lap and tell her quietly if you can to catch up with your FaceBook followers. As an aside, I am loving this blog and catch up with it regularly for inspiration. Thanks a million, Rebecca, Shrewsbury, UK

  55. Leah says:

    I absolutely love your tip toe sock photo – that’s the perfect modelling angle!! Love the wool colour in them too – hope you have some left to whip up another pair for you. Your kaleidoscope blanket is looking amazing! I saw MeMe Rose’s post too and fell in love. Your colour choices are fabulous hon. Have a lovely week! Leah x

  56. Holly says:

    I’m so envious of your sock knitting skills! I haven’t mastered knitting even close to enough to get a pair of socks on my needles. Maybe I should just go for it. After that, it’ll be easy, right?

    I love your cat. Siamese are amazingly beautiful. And yes, my kitty also adores boxes, even when they are a bit too small for her!

  57. I love your blog! And your patterns too! I love your granny tea cozy! I wonder if I can translate your english pattern from thegranny tea cosy and put it on my blog.I will always link it to your side of course. I love this one very much and I want to share it
    with the Dutch crochet people? Please answer me if you find it okay? Thank you very much! greetings from Joke from Holland

  58. annie says:

    Terrifyingly you have inspired me to knit some socks (help!). I also want my own sheep so I can spin my own wool but that will have to wait for a long long time yet. Thanks for all the inspiration, I love the colours you are using, they are gorgeous.

  59. sue lawson says:

    hope you are doing ok x

  60. Adrienne Sharman says:

    Missing your colourful posts! Hope you are Ok.

  61. Nelia says:

    Alice, parabéns pelo seu fantástico trabalho. muito alegre e colorido..

    Um abraço dos Açores


  62. Troublex2 says:

    Thank you Alice your lovely post’s they are always so inspiring and refreshing. I hope the blah’s have gone away. We miss you. Please post again soon.

  63. Susan Wright says:

    Hello Alice and Raymond, Hope you are ok ,don’t intend to pressure you but you always post so i was just a bit worried about you. Loads of love Susanxxxxxxxxx

  64. Hannah says:

    Alice, I am worried about you. It is very unusual to go this length of time without any blogs. I hope you and your family are okay. Love, Hannah from the USA

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