Drew the Drum Carder Monster.


Can you hear Raymond saying ‘let me in! I must be doing what you are doing and where you are.’  The life of a Siamese- very co-dependent!  So how is your weekend going?  Mine is going quite fabulously despite working at the dreaded retail job for most of it, despite being stuck at my laptop writing boring assignments, despite the change that is happening- stepping into the great unknown that happens at times in our lives…. despite all that, the weekend has been wonderful because the sun has been shining and all of Wellington has been in a great mood!  I hope life is good wherever you are too.

In the moments I haven’t been working, writing assignments and worrying about the future, I’ve been knitting my one a day blanket… Oooooh my goodness how in LOVE with this pattern am I!?  Now that I’ve got it sussed I am addicted to knitting it and have been doing a lot more than one a day!  I can see it dwindling soon as I have so many other things I want to make too, but I’m so excited about seeing all the colours together I’m knitting like a woman posessed…. and here is the progress so far:

I have one more colour to add to this before the entire colour sequence is complete and I’m loving the way they work together.  This blanket is awesomeness and I am crazy about it.

I’ve also been dyeing, but more about that another time.

I’ve become a bit naughty lately with my WIPs, I’m not one for a big pile of WIPs, I am usually quite dedicated to a project right to the (sometimes bitter) end, so was quite surprised to find myself with five WIPs in my basket  the other day…  They were:

1. The one a day blanket

2. My first ever cardigan… more about that another time.

3.  Socks- to be fair I always have a pair of socks on the needles, they are a continuous WIP.

4.  A secret crochet project- no hints until I’m done but don’t hold your breath, it’s taking forever ha ha.

5.  Drew the drum carder monster.

It feels like ages since I’ve finished something, at least a week or maybe more, a long time for someone who likes a good bit of instant gratification, so last night I decided it was high time I finished Drew.  The reason he had become a long-tern WIP was I couldn’t find my scrap of white felt to make his teeth and (evil) Spotlight had sold out, so I finally managed to buy a crazily expensive tiny piece of white felt from a local handcrafts store and last night finished Drew.

He is pretty awesome, I do quite love him, despite the wonky eyes… I didn’t even notice until I uploaded the pictures that his eyes are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg, but that’s OK!  It’s all character!  So Drew is a drum carder monster, the third in my series of handspun sample monsters!  I knitted him from Seraphim which I blogged here.  I couldn’t help but wonder today what he would have looked like if I hadn’t sent that beautiful braid of rainbow goodness through the drum carder…

… so decided to do an experiment.  With Drew’s assistance, I halved this braid…

And put half of it through the drum carder and left half as it was to spin and ply together.  I’m then going to make two monsters and see how different they look….

At some point hopefully in the next year! 

Drew’s details are HERE!

As I was out visiting my parents, as I do on a Sunday, I of course had to fit in some Richie loving…

He is becoming such a grown up, and is now eating grass!  His face is covered in milk here, evidence that he is still a baby.  I don’t want him to get big, stay a baby forever Richie!

OK then lovelies, I’m dying to get back to my blanket so I’m off for today, my weekend is finishing in a few hours as it’s Sunday night here, I hope that the rest of the world has a lovely Sunday full of happy moments!

I’ll leave you with my friend and colleague Fiona’s facebook status update from the other day…. I nearly died laughing and I hope you enjoy it too!

A study has revealed that the kind of face a woman finds attractive on a man can differ depending on where she is in her menstrual cycle. If she is ovulating, she is attracted to men with rugged and masculine features. If she is menstruating or menopausal, she tends to be more attracted to a man with duct tape over his mouth and a spear lodged in his chest while he is on fire. No further studies are expected.

Lots of love to you,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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54 Responses to Drew the Drum Carder Monster.

  1. I love that Monshta’! (Monster). I am trying my first crochet animal/teddy/dolly… wish me luck!
    Regards from England – but a Chilean lyarn lover!

  2. Hi Alice, I just love that quote – it’s SO TRUE! (My poor husband would have a few things to say about it too!!!!) I love your blanket – it looks awesome – the COLOURS are just so perfect.

    Those monsters are desperately trying to tempt me away from my hexipuffing, but I won’t be distracted (yet!) I think they just might make some little people’s Christmas stocking though!

    Hope you have a wonderful week xxxx

  3. Oh By the way…
    I am a cardigan lover and I have made several now. I think it makes it soooooo easy to do it with raglan sleeves. Amazing!
    I just finished a proper school cardigan for my Little boy, just starting school. It is very proper, with a zipper and all. Well, he loves it!
    Have a look!
    Kind regards.

  4. kiwiyarns says:

    Drew looks awesome. Those monsters are great aren’t they! xx

  5. Heather says:

    Do you know … Richie is a stripy sheep! Certainly in this photo anyway.
    Drew is rather ace, I take it the drum carder sort of blends the colours more than plying and spinning?
    Hope your assignments continue to go well and Im glad you’ve got your one a day blanket as a reward🙂

  6. LO! My hubby said he could totally relate to that comment! 🙂 Is that your drum carder Alice?? Lucky you….can’t wait to see how your next monsters turn out. Thats a great idea making a little family of all your spinning experiments! Richie is adorable and please let poor Raymondo in, he will get a sore throat yelling so much! He looks so cute thru the glass 😉

  7. Colette says:

    I love the colours of your blanket. After much trying I have just found a UK supplier with a good range of Ashford Tekapo Yarn colours. I wanted to get the bright colours without having to alwasy resort to acrylic yarn. Glad you’ve had such a lovely weekend.

  8. Terrie says:

    I love your monsters! I have been trying to knit Penelope the empathic monster for agggeeesss but she’s just not working out. You do have a habit of re-inspiring me though Alice! x

  9. Regula says:

    Our cats sit on the windowsill when they want to be let in. Your one a day has a beautiful colour range.

  10. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice, I’m having a quick coffee break in-between lectures and thought I would pop into my blog to see who had posted lately and there I saw you, so i simply had to take a look of course ! Love love your ripply 1,2,3,4,5…? a day blanket, beautiful choice of colors too, a real feast for the eyes x Richie and Raymond are both gorgeous in their own special ways, thanks for showing us them.
    I am loving all your wee monsters soon you will have a little kingdom built up in your home of all that handspun goodness.
    Hope you are enjoying your carry knitting when you get round to it, it,s quite good to do some instant gratification knitting in the meantime as a carry can get ever so boring at times. Have a great week ahead. I am hoping I,ll have some time to go yarn shopping tomorrow afternoon, I can,t come all the way to Sweden and not yarn shop! xox P xxx

  11. My, oh, my! Drew is a handsome chap. I love the picture of him standing up, with his cute legs, quite at home helping you with the drum carder. He is my favourite monster yet (sorry Harriet and Molly!)

  12. kashi says:

    I had to laugh at the end of your post. The duct tape! I dearly love my husband, but that really made me laugh. I am in your One A Day group and I am making your Gypsy Caravan Blanket. I can make a square in about 15 minutes so for my one a day I give myself one hour a day to work on it. I know I won’t continue to have an entire hour everyday, but for now I am happily caravaning away. Thank you for sharing your lovely work. I love your colors and I love the fact that you dye and spin as well. eagerly looking forward to your next post.

  13. kiwirach says:

    Hi Alice, i’m a CHCH girl living in London, and i really enjoy reading your blog. I also lived in WTGN for about 18mths years ago, so know it fairly well. I love your craft work, and i esp love Raymond….i hope hes in now….when i saw that top photo it gave me a good giggle….i can hear that siamese wail in my head!. your hand dyeing is wonderful…the colours are fabulous. i’m off now to check out the ‘one a day’ on raverly!.

  14. mary i says:

    dear alice and raymond, I know that look well as i was once owned by a lovley siamese named Nefertiti. Thank you for the link to Wellington now I know where you are. Richie looooooks so softly soft. My sunday morning here in Alabama USA is rainy that is ok means cooler temps and that i can stay inside and start my Mandala/Prayer-circle… Got all the perfect colors from my “little-bits” stash,just waiting for the day with no outside chores.Today is IT!!YAY!!!!! have a grreat rest of Sunday…… Blessings to You and Yours mary i. in Cottondale AL peace

  15. Sarah says:

    Richie, Raymond, Monsters, Crochet, Knit…..You have such a gift for writing and I never tire of reading your blog. Thank you for a ray of sunshine to brighten my Sunday.

    Sarah from Texas

  16. MiA says:

    Love that wip blanket tooo! Feathers and fans patterns are really beautiful. And…. a “little” bit jealous about your drum carder…. yepp you can make gorgeous yarns with it… can’t wait to see the results!

    Love from today a warm and sunny perfect for wool dyeing and drying outside day, but soon cold and rainy autumn Sweden

  17. Robin says:

    Alice still laughing and smiling over your friends Facebook page. Brilliant and mostly true! Love all your Wip’s, Drew is great. Loving Richie, please don’t grow any more!!
    Take care, xoRobin❤

  18. Carol says:

    Drew is adoreable…crooked eyes and all! (He is imperfect just as we are imperfect humans!).

    I get a chuckle out of your naughtiness in not finishing WIP’s…I WISH I could finish any WIP in a week like you. Don’t be so hard on yourself…but I also know what an obsession being a creative person be when it comes to our projects!

    I listed your blog as a favorite on my blog…if you ever get a chance stop by mine for a moment.🙂

    PS. Ritchie is a adoreable and love all the pics of him…maybe you could come up with a little knit version of a Ritchie softie?🙂

  19. renee says:

    Good Morning love the knit the Monster, please can we have one in crochet? as if ya have nothing to do and speaking of do do not knit and can not wait for the crochet tute your keeping us in suspense well we love Raymond and you by Renee

  20. Oh the blanket is just beautiful!!! I love the colours xxx

  21. Drew is so cute!! (And his name is just delightful.) I’m really interested to see how his fraternal twin turns out! When I saw the braid, I was so surprised that he turned out as blue as he did! Tell him he looks great, though.
    Oh, and I totally relate to having a million WIPs – can’t wait to see how yours turn out!
    Hugs, Em

  22. Betty Jean says:

    Hi Alice- just a note to let you know how I enjoy following “Crochet with Raymond”- especially the beautiful colors in rovings and projects.
    Betty in South Dakota (also a spinner and crocheter.)

  23. Susan H. says:

    Your one a day is looking good. The one a day will look so great when finished. I can’t believe how big Richie looks. He is growing so quickly! Glad to hear life is good in Wellington.
    xo Susan

  24. Tickety-boo says:

    Nice blankey, those colours work really well together. Lovely berrylicious colours!
    I can’t believe how many WIP’s I have on the go at the moment, I am really trying to get on top of things before the great Christmas present make is on my tail.
    How cool is Drew? Wonky eyes or not he’s a doozey🙂 love the colour variations.
    Thanks for the RIchie update too it’s nice to see his wooly chops (if you’ll pardon the pun).
    Love Tickety-boo

  25. Pammy Sue says:

    Fabulous picture of Raymond. Lordie, I love that cat!

  26. That Drew is quite the handsome devil. The eyes give him his character! Raymond better watch out. “)

  27. Bimbi says:

    I remember taking part in that study! Still am, grrrrrrrrrr…..

    Great colours for your blanket.
    Bimbi x

  28. Alice, I’m in love with your blanket already🙂 The colours are great, you made great choices!

    I LOVE Drew, you have a lovely little monster family growing there!

    Carole xXx

  29. Meredith says:

    Alice, I love Drew,and of course Richie and Raymond. You gave ma a great laugh today as I am menopausal and I have to agree, duct tape and a spear are totally enough for me. And it doesn’t only appply to your husband, any male will do.

  30. D Markey says:

    OMGosh…..what a gorgeous afghan that is! Love, love, love the colors. Can’t wait to see what the other color is. It makes me wish I enjoyed knitting more. But, I think my obsession for crochet is quite enough for today. i did start my one a day and am loving working on that project. I’m making the granny stripe in bright colors.

    The quote was hilarious!!!

    As always, thanks for the inspiration!
    Have a wonderful week.

  31. Carol says:

    hahahahah, love the study outcome.
    I haven’t chosen my one a day project, really need to get my act together and decide or I’ll be starting when everyone else is finishing.
    Love your monsters, (not meaning Richie and Raymond, they are handsome stars!) what fabulous wool.
    Carol xx

  32. minaandme says:

    The beginnings of your blanket look so good! As per usual, your color choices are awesome🙂 I’m sure it’s very exciting for you! I hope it will still be just as exciting for you as time wears on. And Drew looks fabulous in blue. How many more monsters will you make? Any idea? They are such fun little critters!

  33. Joanna says:

    Lol that study outcome did make me laugh! Love the colours of your one a day blanket. Joanna x

  34. D'Ann Gayler says:

    I love your stories.
    I was feeling down the other day what I relized the Winter is coming to Utah (USA). Then I read your post and I don’t feel so bad now. Because you are going to enjoy Spring as mush as I did about 6 months ago. Thank you.

  35. chinagirl says:

    How could you leave poor Raymond outside?..He NEEDS to supervise you ALL the time!
    Love your one a day blankie colours…you might like this patter too which I stumbled upon the other day: http://www.caron.com/projects/ss/ss_lace_waves_baby_blanket.html [that’s on my list of things to start next!]🙂

  36. Ooooh I love your One a Day project, I’ve never seen a knitted ripple before, it’s lovely! Drew is super fab! I made a crochet monster but he’s so dark black eyes didn’t show so now he has daft googly eyes and looks really silly!!

    Don’t worry about the future, it’s all an adventure😀

    x x x

  37. Alice,
    Just loved Drew, he is so cute, and the yarn your going to make some new friends with is yummy. You may need to put bricks on Richie’s head so he will quit growing, not that it works, my kids are still growing even with the threat of brinks on their heads. I hope the weather is getting nicer there for you all, as the leaves are starting to turn here. Hope your schooling is going well and give my best to KB and Raymond. Have a great week.
    I just started my own blog, and would like to see what you think of it, as you were the inspiration behind it. Thanks ever so much.
    Misty and Pets.

  38. crochetingdoc says:

    I think a lot of men would agree with the above quote! And quite a lot of women too!!🙂
    Love the monsters btw! And as for Raymond…they are always like that!!! Curiosity and cats! What can you say?!🙂
    Have a wonderful week!

  39. Jill says:

    Hi Alice… do you read all these comments we leave…..I hope you read this… this evening has been really sad for me, then I saw your update come in and the colours in your one a day (I’m doing that too) made my spirits lift a little as I thought of making a ripple blanket in those exact colours for my step-daughter… she would love it! Then I saw Drew and a little smile began… but when I read the quote from Fiona’s blog…I actually laughed… thanks Alice, you refloated my spirits this evening! :)xxx

  40. Love the one a day, looks really great, can’t wait to see mooooore!
    I’m really interested to see how your experiment turns out, carded vs regular.
    I usually have at least a half a dozen wip’s at one time so…don’t feel bad!
    Your friend’s facebook status made me laugh out loud, pretty heartily. I read it to my fiance and even he got quite a chuckle out of that. I had to assure him then that I would never put a spear through his chest or light him on fire…though I couldn’t make any promises about the duct tape! hahaha😀

  41. Kate says:

    Alice, Your blanket is fantastic! I can’t wait to see the finished product. The quote too is terribly true and hilarious.
    -Regards from my new place in Boston, MA-

  42. Shirley Flavell says:

    What a giggle that quote is, loved it. The colours of the “one a day” blanket are beautiful, it will be gorgeous when it’s finished. I wouldn’t dare tell you how many WIP’s I have, they are everywhere in all sorts of nooks and crannys in our little cottage home.Love lamby. Hello Raymond Regards.Shirley.

  43. omlair says:

    Ohh my burmese is just like Raymond, just needs to be where you are in charge of everything that is happening.

    Love the colours in that blanket!

  44. meredithjean says:

    ahhh dear sometimes it may seem easier to take the duct tape and spear to oneself….
    we visit his elderly father in hospital and there is not one reaction or feeling or comment afterwards. He just needs to bury himself in the television. I can feel his need for… gosh… something…. but just have to live with the omnipresent supression. Why is it so exhausting?
    LOVE to catch up with you today Lovely Alice , Lovely Raymond, Gorgeous Colours, Adorable Richie ‘Mr Milky Lips’. Adelaide, Australia Spring is JUST WONDERFUL. Why can’t I pick up my knitting! My daughter really needs this jumper in London right now!
    Lots of love

  45. Liza says:

    Hi Alice,
    What a look of can’t you see me now of Raymond . To funny !!!!! I like everthing that you are doing in you projects. The blanket looks so soft and cozy, Drew the monster is cute. And Richie he is sooooo cute what a cozy looking little animal. I hope you are enjoying your new season change. Here in Texas it is still kind of warm I can hardly wait for cooler days. Fiona’s quote was to funny and soooo true.Your take care of yourself and only warm wishes to you and all you loved one’s Your friend form Texas

  46. kate says:

    What a fine time I have had catching up on what you have been creating…been all over the place and so had missed several posts in a row. SO anyway, the monsters are so cute, and actually I love the chunkyness of the first one…all your dyeing and spinning and knitting and *living* looks colourful and joyful and happy(if a wee bit cold) It must be lovely to see the gorgeous lamb growing each week, i like the piccys with the white milk standing out on his dark face, lovely.
    Hope alls well, college is goin’ok, xo Kate

  47. Tammy Drouillard-Jozwiak in Northern Michigan says:

    You make a great Blog & crafting friend to come to daily! You inspire me & delight my senses with your color choices! Thanks for Sharing, you are a beautiful person!

  48. Drew looks terrific. How fun! Like you I tend not to have a lot WIPs going at once and always find myself surprised on the rare occasion that it does happen.

  49. Adele says:

    I do like to end the day with a giggle. Thank-you.

  50. Cuckoo says:

    That FB status applies to me right now. I am VILE I tell you! Ready to savage.

    I always thought it would be cool to have an identical twin who lived an opposite life so I could see how I’d have aged…I think Joan Rivers has said this with regard to her plastic surgery. Would be really interesting. I’m looking forward to seeing how different Drew II turns out.


  51. Jillian_R says:

    Holy cow, that quote is hilarious!! (And not only because it’s true most of the time!!) Ritch is adoraable and of course Raymond has to supervise you constantly, as he has to make sure he doesn’t miss out on something! 🙂

    THe blanket is so full of color, I love it too. Have a good night!

  52. I have a funny feeling that I read this post, intended to return and leave a comment, and then forgot! I did want to comment, especially as you made me laugh with that last quote! Comedy is often linked very closely to the ghastly truth isn’t it! Sweet Raymond in the first photo! And your ripple blanket is coming on a treat, your fingers must be flying with all the things you’re making Alice! It’s fantastic for us too! Vanessa xxx

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