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I’m feeling a bit blah at the moment… I have a few bits and bobs to write about but I’m lacking motivation!  So I’ll just pop in to say hello!  And leave you with a photo of Raymond which made KB … Continue reading

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Slow Yarn

Still a little baby, thank goodness!  Richie is the beginnings of the ultimate “slow yarn” experience Are you all familiar with the slow food movement?  I personally think slow food is the best there is, that processed food does so much damage … Continue reading

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Sock Self Portrait

Last week I said to you that I would knit all day in class to get these socks finished…. I was expecting to take until Friday, but by 2.45pm on Thursday they were done! I had to take these photos … Continue reading

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A spinny catch-up

I had to record this evening sky, I’m not a particularly nostalgic or poetic person, but tonight I can feel Grace all around and as I sat at the magic wheel as the beautiful sunny afternoon turned into evening, I … Continue reading

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Interviewing Miss Tracee

Helloooo!!! And Happy Sunday to you, I am so glad Sunday is here, I have scheduled an official day off with a schoolwork BAN and it is lovely!  It’s nice and early in the morning and I’ve been baking… these … Continue reading

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The secret crochet project….

Hellooo!!! I bet you didn’t expect to see me back so quickly, it has been a while since I’ve done two posts in three days!  I’m quite excited about what I’m going to post about today so decided not to … Continue reading

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Drew the Drum Carder Monster.

Hellooo! Can you hear Raymond saying ‘let me in! I must be doing what you are doing and where you are.’  The life of a Siamese- very co-dependent!  So how is your weekend going?  Mine is going quite fabulously despite working … Continue reading

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