One a Day


I had to start today’s post with some Richie loving… I just love that little lambkins, he is the cutest thing ever.  I visit my parents pretty much every Sunday so see him grow weekly and boy does he grow fast!  A few days ago when I saw him I exclaimed at how his ears had shrunk which means that he has finally grown into them!  They have been so massive in comparison to his head and now they are the right size.  He is so sweet and cuddly too, instead of attacking my legs for milk (which is quite a strange experience if you’ve never had a lamb going at you, they’re pretty strong and persistent!) he has started to get all snuggly which is heart-meltingly awesome.

And he doesn’t fit his yellow jersey anymore… but that’s OK because it’s SPRING  tomorrow! 

It’s 6.22pm right now and it’s not dark yet… I love this time of year when the evenings get longer and the sun sets later and later… roll on Summer I say!  I’m tired of wearing 10 layers every time I leave the house!

In my last post I said I was starting a K/CAL.  Yes I am, and I’m going to share what I’m making with you today and invite you to come and join too!   The lovely Carole from Gingerbread Girl has started a K/CAL called One a Day which is reasonably self-explanatory…. you pick a large project whether it be a big crochet blanket or something, whatever you want, and make one square a day!  I love things like this, so am totally in this group… Carole has started a group on Ravelry HERE and if you would like to come and join in that would be most excellent!  I’d love to see some of my bloggy friends who don’t blog themselves over there so I can see what you’re making for a change, so join in with us and if you haven’t been to visit Carole at her blog, make sure you do, it’s one of my faves.

I had a bit of a conundrum about what to make… as I said a couple of posts ago, I’m on a yarn diet effective immediately.  A day later a suspiciously woolly parcel arrived in the post but that was OK because theoretically I paid for it BEFORE the diet began…. then this One a Day business began.  I knew what pattern I wanted to use, I’ve been eyeing it up for a long time but had no motivation to start it yet, but I had to decide what to make it from… leftovers from my Gypsy Caravan Blanket which was actually a destash blanket itself?  Part of me wanted to be ‘good’ and do that but an evil part of me wanted to make it in lovely shades of pink, red and purple… I could see it in my mind’s eye…. But no!  A diet is a diet!

Yeah right, diets suck.

I bought most of this lovely wool from my Mum- Ashford Tekapo if you are wondering, I use it frequently and if you are a long-time follower of Crochet with Raymond you will recognise four of those colours in there, I love working with them as they blend so well.  I have added two colours from a brand of New Zealand wool called Prism which has lovely bright colours and is quite cheap.  All up I’m not expecting this blanket to cost much as it will be a lap blanket rather than a bed blanket, and it is knitted rather than crocheted so will use about 30% less wool.  The pattern is from the book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies and is the wavey cashmere blanket, so a nice easy feather and fan pattern…

The project is ravelled HERE and I’ll make an effort to put up all yarn details on Ravelry in case you have caught a case of yarn-lust!

I hope you’re all well and happy!  I’m off because I have to tidy up all my woolly mess before I go and pick up KB, my lounge is not my personal yarn room…. repeat to self…..

Wishing you lots of love and happy vibes,


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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36 Responses to One a Day

  1. chmurka says:

    Riche is so cute, I love him :))

  2. Loving those colours and that Tepako wool Alice. I need some inspiration to finish a Dash Mat for Nan’s car so I think I will join in the C/KAL too, thanks for the link 🙂

  3. Mmmm I’m IN! What to do?? The ripple for the Little Beach House? African Flowers for my aunty’s balnket (3 of us working together on that). See you on Ravelry!

  4. Kath says:

    Wow, that little Ritche has really grown up quick. Still got his leg warmers though lol. Showed my workmates him in his little yellow jersey, we all thought he was just too cute. (We all work with a Lamb sompany – you dont want to know the rest!!) Love the wool….. just yummy!

  5. I love the yarn, the colours and the pattern is gorgeous.

    And I’m very excited about the One a Day C/KAL🙂

  6. meredithjean says:

    lots of yarny non-diety love xxxxxxxxxx Richie personifies (ha!) sheep lovin’ xxxxx

  7. Penelope says:

    Am I being thick but I still don’t get what C/Kal stands for?! All I can see is Kilocalories in my head!!! Well, you did mention the word diet (hee hee) Oh I would love to do this but I am trying oh so hard to finish my Gentle art of knitting crochet blanket, I made 10 squares last night…. I’m going to pop over to ravelry and have a think :0) Love Gingerbreadgirl blog too and Richie of course. His fleece is too gorgeous xox P xxxxxxxxx

  8. Tickety-boo says:

    Hello my lovely! I am back and trying to catch up with all the posts that have been posted in the last 18days.
    Ooooooo Richie I have been telling everyone about Richie and his gorgeous jumper! He is such a cutie.
    Who needs diets anyway?? Everything in moderation😉 and a little bit of what you fancy does you good🙂

  9. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! Richie is a cutie! And how lovely socks he is wearing!
    All the pink/purple yarn is beautiful and the blanket is going to be fantastic!
    Have a lovely knitting time!
    xxx Teje

  10. Amazing how quickly Richie is growing! He’s still adorable though! I’m loving your gorgeous new yarn and I’m looking forward to seeing your blanket growing – it’s a lovely pattern!🙂

  11. Jill says:

    Hi Alice…oh my goodness those colours! I’m already in the ‘one-a-day’ group with Gingerbread Girl, but my project is a blanket for my daughter who just got engaged…so I thought a square a day until the wedding next year might produce a blanket and a couple of cushions…. however… my daughter doesn’t really go for colour like we do… so – now brace yourself (I had to), my blanket is entirely cream!! I shall have to watch the progress of everyone else in the group to get my daily dose of colour :)x

  12. Rachel says:

    I have to agree with Penelope, please can you explain what C/Kal means. I love the idea of a One a Day fix of knitting/crochet. Good luck with the blanket, lovely pattern and the colours are wonderful. Unfortunately I can’t take on a big project at the moment, but as autumn has arrived early here in the UK I am having a go at your Granny Square Cowl and loving it, I can’t wait to finish it so I can start wearing it.

  13. crochetingdoc says:

    I also realized last night that my desk is not my personal yarn space! I tidied up and I was surprised to see the color of the desk again…apparently it wasn’t a mixture of pink, blue, green, purple and so on, but a lovely wooden color!!! Who would have known!?🙂

  14. Robin says:

    Alice, love your one a day project!!! Yarn is my love too, I say it’s just fine to buy what you like! Life is short!!! I would like to join in too, but have to decide on project. I will be thinking at work today. Have a great day and I’m jealous we are starting Fall and a long winter : (
    xoRobin❤ Although makes for cosy days for yarny goodness

  15. minaandme says:

    Richie is getting so big so quickly! He’s still darling though🙂 I’m so excited for the One a Day! I think it sounds like a perfect idea. Now I just need to figure out what I want to make and maybe sneak in a couple yarny purchases…I’m trying to go on a diet too, but you’re right. Diets suck. Especially when there’s a fun new task to undertake! The Tepako has such a lovely array of colors it makes me jealous. I’m having to go online to get various bright colors for anything. I haven’t yet though. I keep trying to hold of. This project may be the thing that pushes me to that! Good luck getting your lounge put back together!

  16. Jillian_R says:

    Oh ALie, Ritchie is so cute! And he does get more adorable each time you post. I am excited to see your blanket, I really like that pattern, it will teurn out great, I know. Happy SPRING tomorrow!! I wish it was spring up here too. I love the longer days of daylight.

  17. Jennifer W says:

    alice…is it me or is Richie posing & smiling at you????

  18. Melissa says:

    Okey Dokey. I’m in. I’ve officially joined. Now….what to make…..hmm…..I’m thinking a baby blanket for my sister in law…..Oh dear, I don’t know if she’s having a girl or boy….Time to check the stash. Seriously, this does look fun!

  19. Love, love, love your posts about Little Richie. My three year old daughter has fallen in love with him, too (Sorry, Raymond!) so much so that we now have Little Richie’s face as my desktop background! When she sees his cute little face, she says he “ah, he just loves me!” 😀 And I’m lovin’ your yarn choice for the knit feather and fan blanket – that pattern is one of my favs – I did see a crochet version not long ago on Ravelry so I think when I join Carole’s K/CAL, I just might attempt the crochet version (I haven’t taught myself to knit yet, but it’s on my list of things to do this year!)
    Big Hugs and Lots of Love from Texas!

  20. Brenda says:

    Just found your blog, and LOVE it! Look forward to reading all your posts.🙂

  21. Barb Baines says:

    Alice, Richie is soooooo cute. Thanks for sharing pictures of him! Love your yarn colors! Can’t wait to see your project. Have fun.

  22. Nicky says:

    JEALOUS of all the kint along stuff. my work load at the moment just wont allow it – well, that is, that i’ll just feel guilty for not doing course work and end up resenting it and yada yada yada. 😦 sad face.
    Good luck tho, cant wait to see the updates.

  23. RIchie is cute, but I do wish your mum would pick up a fiber goat. Or maybe two! They are awesomely cute too. – and oh, so entertaining.🙂 Happy week!

  24. Thank you for the lovely pics of Richie, he is sooooooooo cute. So happy spring is on the way there. I can’t wait for fall here in the states. It’s 93 today. Wishing for rain. Thanks ever so much for the K/Cal, I went and joined the one a day, It sounds so exciting and your project and colors sound pretty, can’t wait to see what you make next. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Loves and Hugs,
    Misty and Pets

  25. Joanna says:

    Hi Alice, Richie gets cuter every time. I joined the One a Day and although I had already made a start on this project I am doing my Rainbow in the Dark blanket for a friend at work to take camping next summer. We had fun choosing the colours she wanted and hopefully I am going to try to teach her to crochet too. Sounds like fun🙂 xx

  26. Love the look of that blanket!!
    And love the one a day idea

  27. Sophia says:

    That blanket pattern is gorgeous! I finished my Stockholm Scarf, but have been so lazy about blogging lately, because I’ve just moved to Germany! It was loooovely to arrive and have your post in my email🙂

  28. D Markey says:

    Seriously now….your color choices make me drool. I’ve made 2 of the mandalas and 5 or 6 of the African Flower potholders, using colors I never imagined I choose. Love them. BRIGHT!*!*!* Gorgeous. I am seriously considering making a striped granny afghan for the K/CAL, but haven’t gotten enough colors together yet….. still looking. Am looking forward to seeing your project unfold. As always, thanks for the inspiration.


  29. Richie has become a young adolescent! He’s got that knowing look all teenagers seem to sport! He’s just gorgeous though isn’t he, I can see exactly why you’re besotted with him. He looks like he rather likes you too. The coloured balls of yarn are just delicious looking, red watermelon springs to mind, yum. That ripple blanket is a lovely pattern isn’t it, it’s going to be a gorgeous blanket, and I imagine it will be very moreish to knit. Vanessa xxx

  30. Carolyn says:

    I can’t help but think that Richie’s mum and aunt (?) would love this video about his distant cousin, Bea!

  31. penelope10 says:

    Oh, he is the cutest little guy!!!
    Like the idea of a square a day! Your colours are so yummy together!

  32. I’d love to join, but I haven’t had time (or energy) enough to do any crafting. However, I will enjoy reading your posts and following your progress! I’ve never made feather and fan, but I’ve heard it’s easy. And it’s certainly quite lovely! I’ve seen it done with lace-weight and it is beautiful…

  33. Leah says:

    Oh wow – all my fave colours in one lovely pile!! I can’t wait to see your blanket progress. I love, love, love working with the Tekapo yarn – there colours are just so yummy. Also loving this Spring weather – it’s amazing out there today isn’t it? Hope you’ve had a fab Sunday! See you again soon. Leah x

  34. Cuckoo says:

    Now that is one lovely blanket you have planned there. I’m going to have to click away, I have way too many wips on the go!


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