R is for Recovery!


And how are you today?  Well I hope, wherever you are in the world!  To begin today’s post I would like to say ****** THANK YOU ****** for the mind blowing amount of kind and sweet comments you left about my Gypsy Caravan Blanket, I felt ultra-spesh so thank you thank you thank you!  Also, thank you for so many happy birthdays too!  I had an awesome birthday, the sun was shining all day, there was no wind and best of all, I was better and over my cold that had taken me down for a good two and a half weeks.  I had so much fun with KB and my Mum on Thursday, then on Saturday it was KB’s birthday, so the celebrations continued…. Now I’m in recovery mode, healthy eating and lots of water and herbal tea after three days of indulgence!

So I said that I would take lots of photos of the dyeing I did on my birthday…well, I lied, I took a few but ended up covered from head to toe with dye, and dyeing lots of sliver is actually a lot of work!   Before we started dyeing we had some farmy sheepy things to do, so I took my camera into the paddock and took some pictures of the new arrivals on Mum and Dad’s farm so I could introduce you!

Meet Richie…

If you are a New Zealander and are wondering if Richie is named after THAT Richie, yes you are right, my Dad is a rugby fanatic, if you don’t have a clue who Ritchie is, I’m not going to explain, I find rugby totally snoozeworthy and don’t want to blog about it!  Anyway, this Richie is totally sweet and lovely but has no Mum which KB was very sad about… My Mum breeds coloured sheep for their fleece so has quite a manageable flock, but every now and then a mother sheep isn’t interested in her baby, so now my Dad is Richie’s mum and feeds him a bottle every two hours.

Richie does have some friends, twins in fact who are also totally lovely and cute!  For some reason he is a lot lighter than the twins who are pitch black, he is the one standing in the middle there.  Later on in the evening there is no mistaking Richie as he has to wear something warm to bed because he has no mother to snuggle up to….

How cute is he?  Very stylish in his little jersey.  Another character living on my parent’s farm is Boy.  Boy is my Mum’s ram and also my Dad’s arch-nemesis… Boy likes to terrorise my Dad which I have to admit is very hilarious…

Every time I visit my parents, Boy has done something naughty… a few weeks ago he trapped my Dad in the chook-house.  Luckily for Dad he had his cell phone in his pocket so he could ring Mum to come and save him…. the other day Boy rammed him from behind and knocked him over which is very bad manners on Boy’s part.

So how about we talk about some dyeing now?  As I said, I didn’t get a lot of photos as I was covered in dye for most of the day… I managed to dye the decking, the outside table, my opal socks (boo hoo!) my feet, my hands, my jeans and my cardigan… as well as fibre and some sock yarn.  There was also an incident with Stanley the dog when he walked over my dyeing… “get off!” I shrieked so of course he ran inside, straight over the carpet leaving three little red paw prints, marking the day forever… oops….

I was a mess, for the whole day… I got so excited that I forgot to use gloves to begin with… but I ended up with this:

That’s 1kg of merino there, dyed in two different ways.  I think we did reasonably well considering neither Mum nor I were 100% sure about what we were doing… the bottom middle and bottom left are cold water dyed, a method I will never ever use again!  So much mess and hassle for not so fantastic results, I’m not thrilled with the colours and don’t like rinsing dyes down the drain, so that’s that with the cold water method.  The rest is hot water dyeing, I used dyes from Ashford and I prefer this method so much more.  For one, all of the dye is soaked into the fibre so there is no run-off at the end, also the colours are so much brighter and more beautiful.  I have a LOT to learn about dyeing, it’s yet another thing to master not just a case of putting dye on fibre!  I’ve got some white polwarth to dye next time and now I know kind of what I’m doing, I’m hoping to get better results!

The other dyeing we did was a skein of superwash merino sock yarn….

That’s it in the dye pot there, randomly covered in dye, I had no idea how it would turn out….

But there it is!  I’m knitting it into socks right now and wowee, how fun is it to knit your own hand dyed yarn?!  It looks so much better knitted up than I thought it would and I’m rather excited about them.  More about that next time!

And one last thing for today, because I’ve finally grabbed time to finish this post I started three days ago (!)… Socks for my Mum, made from Opal in colourway ‘Gartner’ which means er… gardner, from the Opal hobby collection.  I knit socks on the bus and on my breaks, they are my take anywhere project because I don’t need a pattern which may account for my enormous sock output!  I knitted the first one weeks ago but wanted to finish the pair to give to my Mum on my birthday to say thank you for well, everything… I know how lucky I am to have a Mum who knows so much about fibrecrafts, who gives me spinning wheels and fibres and everything I need to fulfill my wildest woolly fantasies and I never take that for granted, and wanted to knit her some socks to start to say thank you.


I finished the second sock in this pair in two days when I was sick… I have never knit until my hands hurt but I was determined to get it done!  And I have to say, she is quite a snazzy sock model and puts me to shame with her fab posing.

So that is my 9th pair!  And to celebrate the occasion I made a wee sock mosaic for our enjoyment!

That’s approximately 180,000 stitches of love there!  And lovely cozy, colourful toes too.

OK then, that’s quite enough from me for today!  What a marathon of a post.  Ooh, one more thing, my e-mail subscribers finally reached 1000 people this week which I find very exciting!  1004 crazy (lovely!) people who like Raymond and I delivered to their e-mails… a special hello to all the new people who have signed up lately who like to come and visit!

Wishing you lots of love and happy moments,


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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82 Responses to R is for Recovery!

  1. Tatiana says:

    I can’t wait to see what you do with the all-purple and the all-blue. Such gorgeous gorgeous colors!

  2. love the dyeing. my faves are top left & right!

  3. Esther says:

    Aaaawwww, mini sheep!!!🙂

  4. Penny says:

    So glad you are feeling better, Alice. The dyed fleece looks so pretty in those plaits. I dye small amounts in the microwave and and it’s very satisfying when you find that all the colour has fixed to the fleece and there is no waste. I must get on with some more sock knitting. Suddenly mine are all wearing out, (helped along with small Higgins holes, the biggest moth in the world!)
    With all the trouble I’ve had with him, and lately my poor sick puss cat, why do I desperately want a lamb in a yellow jumper now?

  5. Tas says:

    I am a non-sprty Aussie so no idea who THAT Richie is but yours is darn cute.

    I am so, so impressed with your dyeing.

  6. I even like the cold water dyed wool those subtle colors! Blue hands are nice too!

  7. Regula says:

    That’s quite a sock collection!🙂

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow! I don’t know where to start! With the sheep I suppose – Ritchie is too cute. And that little sweater *squee* we visited a local sheep farm last year for lambing and the number of abandonded babies was quite sad. Wonder why they do that…? Love the ram-rivalry story too!

    Anyway, so glad to hear you’re recovered and had a great birthday. The dyeing looks lovely to me – I really like the blue one.

    And ah those socks. Amazing. I don’t know which I like more they are all so pretty! Clever Alice!

    And kind Alice – thanks for your comments on Sunday – I re-read my post and it was a right downer *blush*. Must make something quick, bright and colourful soon I think!!!!

    Have a wonderful day,


  9. Pauline says:

    Amazing, your yarn and socks have just blown me away. You are so very talented with your knitting and crocheting. Your blog always brightens my day, thank you so much for sharing. Which sock pattern do you use? I have tried to knit a pair on circular needles but had to frog them and I am too scared to try again.

  10. scottishfairynuff says:

    Your sock collection is fantastic! You continue to blow me away with the range of skills you are acquiring- I know how happy just going to the wool shop makes me, so can only guess what diy-ing it makes you.

    Love the little yellow sweater- kinda ironic that he has to wear it🙂

  11. MeredithJean says:

    Sheesh 1,004!!! Well done Alice. You are a hub, and don’t let Raymond steal the limelight, he’s more in charge of marketing teehee. You have knit SO MANY socks!!! Haa Sockotic/Psochotic hahahahaa I’m so funny. Richie in his yellow ‘onesie’ is unbelievably C U T E. So glad you are recovered, and happy happy belated birthday dear girl xxxxx

  12. Penelope says:

    Hi Alice
    Looks like you have had a most happy and glorious colourful birthday. Love little Richie in his yellow jersey, too sweet for words x Baby animals are always a fav in this household. Alice is desperate for one of my friends bunny babies at the moment….hhhmmmm. I had a boyfriend at Uni who’s step mum kept angora rabbits and she knitted me a cardy which was ultra fluffy and super duper warm. Too warm in fact for where i was living in SA.
    Love your newly dyed sock yarn too, pretty pretty, I look forward to seeing them knitted up in. Looks like a real fool proof pattern you have there, so much so that you have memorised it. Such a brilliant lifelong skill you have accomplished this year Alice xox Really please you were better for your birthday(s) treats. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Penelope

  13. steffi8534 says:

    oh my the post is just fab!!! ritchie is WAY CUTE! both with and without his lil warmer!!! How sweet of Dad to take care of him!!! That is just positively wonderful!!! I just melt for lil baby animals of any sort and can’t turn one away (which explains my current dog population) and the yarn omg where to start! I am sooo very envious of the dying and spinning! I have done neither but positively love that you do and live totally vicariously thru your posts! I hope someday that is something I can give a whirl and try! The socks and yarn and just gorgeous! You have such beautiful gifts to share and I’m so grateful that you do!
    Loves to both you and raymond!

  14. ju24 says:

    Oooooh, I signed up for email updates this week – maybe I was your 1000th subscriber (although I’m not sure why that makes me excited!!)
    Love your blog – so glad I found it – with all the scrummy, woolly goodness you’ve got going on there.
    Got a serious case of sock envy after looking at your mosaic.

  15. Lani353 says:

    YOur fibers are lovely! I am excited to see the yarn that has a lot of yellow in it spun. I know you don’t like it very much but in the picture, it looks gorgeeeeeeeous to me.

  16. Liz says:

    Oooh! Baby sheep!!! So very very cute!
    I grew up in a big city (a bit over 1million people!) so I’ve never actually seen one up close (my boyfriend keeps making fun of me for being a “city girl” as he likes to call me! He’s also from a pretty big city, but something like 400,000 people).
    As for the dyeing, it looks wonderful! I wouldn’t give up on number 4 just yet thought (bottom left), I already like the colors and I think it might look even better once you spin it! And the sock yarn! Inspiring! In fact, looking at your sock mosaic I cannot help but want to try my hand (or my DPNs!) at some sock making!
    And before I leave you (have to get back to work…) it’s really good to hear that you had such a good time on your birthday and you’re feeling better!

  17. What lovely socks, I tried to pick one favourite pair but couldn’t get beyond four. Nice to meet the sheepy characters too. Also looking forward to seeing your new socks made with your dyed yarn, liking the colours so far.

  18. cazz says:

    Glad your better. What gorgeous wool. Love the colours especially the first two in the bottom row.

  19. Tickety-boo says:

    ooooooooohhh Richie! How lovely is Richie?!!! Cutie. His own little sweater too. He reminds me of Sean The Sheep from Wallace and Gromit (if you are not aware of this then Google or Youtube it and you’ll see what I mean)I laughed so hard at your poor Dad being chased by Boy, poor chap. These sheep are tricky little beasties.
    What fun you had with the dyes, that mosaic is so lovely and colourful as were your hands and anything else you touched by the sounds of it!!
    Can I borrow your Mum to model when I make my next pair of socks? She could be the Socky-Wocky-Do-Dah lady!! A true professional.
    I just have to say …..oh to be a centipede and wear your gorgeous socka all at once.

  20. Bree says:

    Poor Richie – such a cute lamb with such a terrible name! Glad to see he’s wearing a Gold jersey tho!

  21. Anki says:

    Rugby isn’t a great sport here in Sweden so I haven’t got a clue about Ritchie. However, if he’s got only half the personality as your Ritchie I’d consider to check him out, haha …
    Your yarn came out just brilliant and all your socks are fabulous!

  22. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Pleased to hear that you’re well again and, what’s more, that you were well enough to celebrate your birthday in such splendidly colourful style. I, too, have s-e-e-e-e-rious sock envy.

  23. Teje says:

    Ooops you really had a colourful day – certainly lots of fun and satisfaction creating so beautiful wool! Richie is so sweet and looks great with his yellow sweater!
    That sock mosaic is fantastic!
    xxx Teje

  24. Sandi says:

    Oh my, I think Boy has a thing for your mum and your dad is ‘to be ousted’ from the relationship🙂 Ritchie is so sweet, especially in his little woolly. Your dyeing is coming along a treat, can’t wait to see the socks!, which reminds me, did you ever post about the Mad Hatter socks?? I don’t remember seeing them. Hehe your mum is quite the sock model isn’t she.
    Happy you got over that cold and a belated Happy Birthday to KB
    x Sandi

  25. Robin says:

    Alice, what a great post. I sat with my morning coffee before work and enjoyed all your news. Love that Rickie!!!!! He is so cute and sweet, but that Boy is a bad boy to your dad!! I do think he is jealous of your dad due to his love for your mom. I think your dad better be on the lookout!! hehehehe.
    Your dyeing is just awesome……..looks like you had a great time and Happy Birthday and so happy you are feeling better. Yes, I’ve been away and have to fit all comments together to catch up!
    Have a great week and loving all your beautiful socks. xoRobin❤

  26. Rachel D. says:

    What a post Alice ! It’s so nice of you sharing all farm friends and fun you had dyeing with your Mum. As for your mosaic, I really, really, really… have to start knitting socks !
    Cheers from Belgium.

  27. Good to hear you’re feeling ok again and had such a good time celebrating🙂
    Your sock mosaic looks abfab ! And all the dyed yarn as well… love it ! Makes me very curious indeed what it will look like when spun and knitted…
    Think Richie is utmost cute.. sigh.. Big ups for your dad, for being a mum to him !

  28. 'me' says:

    Richie in his yellow coat is sooooooo cute !!!!

  29. Janice says:

    What lovely colours for the wool. I loved seeing the sheep too and feel so bad for the orphan. We used to have babies in the farm house by the fire at night. My friends farm that was, but I grew up there.

  30. Sarah says:

    Hooray for such a lovely birthday – love the sock yarn – looking forward to seeing how it knits up. My favourite photo though is Richie in his sweater – too cute!

  31. I WANT A RICHIE!!! How cute and adorable is he! Has he been banded? otherwise you will end up with another Boy to terrorise your Dad….Sorry Dad I had to laugh about the chook house escapade, good job for the phone Hee Hee Naughty Boy!! My bull likes to scare me like that, he sneaks up behind and gently puts his head on my back which totally freaks me out as I never totally trust male animals….he is a sweetie thought and loves having a scratch which I am sure is all he is asking for.

    Alice that dying looks AWESOME!! Did you have a pattern for where to put the colours or did you just play and experiment? The hot dye did you put that in a pot or steam it to set it? I want to do some handpainted roving and yarn but wasn’t sure if I could use hot dye without the colours all merging together and turning a yucky brown. I’m impressed with what you have done it looks so lovely.

    You know by now you have knit almost a kilometre of socks 😉 Glad you had a great birthday and wish KB a happy birthday as well xx

  32. Carolyn says:

    What a happy post. Why WOULDN”T we want you in our inbox! So I am just writing to say, “shame on me”. When you did your first pair of socks with Opal I went right out and bought the yarn to try it. (the only other socks I tried came out looking like turtlenecks for a very large man without arms) I still haven’t started my socks and you’ve completely nine pairs. Fall is coming up here in the Northern half so I’ll have to put away the loom and get started on socks!

  33. I’m so glad to hear you’re feeling better. Thank you for the sock fashion show. It was fun to see all the pairs you have made. I love the way your dyed yarn looks.
    Here in New York, they have just started showing rugby matches on television. It is becoming more popular in the high schools and colleges in the area. The rugby club at my daughter’s college was scary rough. Maybe I’m just too old to get into it, but it just looks like a lot of people looking for an excuse to knock each other down and have a pile up.
    I love Ritchie’s little sweater, but I’m sorry he has to wear it for such a sad reason.

  34. pixie says:

    would you ! could you! maybe one day in the future do an idiots guide to knitting socks…pleeeeeeease
    I just love your knitted socks so much and my wee pinkies are screeching out to be clothed in such wonderous knitted goodness……..
    Pixie x

  35. minaandme says:

    Those little lambs, particularly Ritchie, are absolutely precious! That picture of him is the sweater is both funny and darling🙂 So glad to hear you had a wonderful time and that you’re feeling better. Your dyed work looks lovely. You have the most lively colors! I’m looking forward to seeing your socks all worked up out of your hand-dyed wool! It’s always exciting to see how colors unwind when they’re made up. Your mom’s socks are quite nice too. Excellent modeling! And I agree with Pixie, an idiot’s guide would be helpful beyond explanation. Since I’m just learning to knit I need things spelled out real simple like. I’ll get the hang of it eventually!

  36. Carol says:

    I’ve never knit socks before and not sure I have the patience or the skill….but WOW you really make me want to try after looking at your pictures!

    Thanks for the cute pics and stories on your Mum’s farm. How cute is little Ritchie!

    Congratulations on over 1000 followers. How did you accumulate so many? Do they just come over time or do you do anything to help with that? I started a blog very recently and would love your advice! You really inspired me to do the blog thing and I have you as a favorite on my blog roll!🙂


  37. Wanda says:

    I loved reading this. Had to aweeeeeeeeeeeeee over Richie and to chuckle about your dad and Boy! The yarn is lovely and your socks great.

  38. You are one talented lady! The dye projects are quite awesome. I believe mum needs to have some fiber goats, don’t you?🙂

  39. Susan says:

    Love your socks I am a fairly new crocheter and wondered, do you use a loom for your socks, and have you thought about doing a you tube tutorial on how to make them? Love your posts. Keep them comin they are sometimes what keeps me trying to create!

  40. Jillian_R says:

    YAY!! One thousand followers!! That is so cool!! Congratulations!

    I am glad you are feeling better and as for the dyeing adventure you described it will be happy memories for a long time to come. I am glad you are feeling better too. It sounds like you have had a wonderful few days.

  41. Kepanie says:

    Cute sheep! Is it harder to dye their yarn b/c their wool is darker?
    You had amazing fun dyeing. What wonderful jobs you did! Terrific socks too!

  42. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    Congrats on the one thousand followers, and also for your recovery, I just love your story on what happened on your mum’s farm and Ritchie is soooooooooooo cute you just want to hug and kiss him all day, boy looks like hes serious , thinking what to do that will top the previous mishap. How funny its never boring on a farm. You had me laughing all day, As always your yarns are beautiful , and not to mention your sock collection . I love all your pictures, I always look forward to ready your blog, it always makes my day. Keep up your good works. You Take Care best wishes to you and all your loved ones. Your friend from Texas

  43. Happybee says:

    how cute is he?????!!!!!!????? :O)

  44. Kat says:

    Love ALL your socks! I wish I could knit. Socks would be the only things I would knit. :o) And I just love Ritchie!!! He makes me want sheep. They are soooo cute.

  45. Jennifer W says:

    great post A! I love all your new links on the right! fabuloso! So envious of your socky talent. thanks for the collage of sock-goodness. Happy Tuesday.

  46. Kristi J says:

    I thought that one ball of cold water dyed wool on the bottom left was the best one! It’s so light and airy and sunny. I know you’ll make something lovely out of it.

  47. Joanna says:

    What a lovely post! Richie is soo cute in his little coat – ah bless! Great results of your day spent dyeing. Looking forward to seeing the socks you are knitting now – they are all so beautiful. Joanna xx

  48. Cheryl; says:

    I’m lovin the yarn and can’t wait to see it knit up. I stopped by a charity shop today to pick up some dpn’s, ordered Knitting Rules for my ereader and I’m set to go. If only the rhythm of knitting didn’t put me to sleep grrrrrr….I gotta get over that!!!

    That Richie sure is a hoot in his yellow jammies!!!

  49. Sandra says:

    Great post! Love, love, l-o-v-e all those socks! yummy! x

  50. Lady M says:

    Alice, I’m so glad to hear you’re doing better! The pix of Ritchie are delightful. I especially love the one of him in the jersey🙂. You’re becoming quite the sock maker. I’m inspired. I always look forward to your posts and your updates on Raymond. The yarn you have dyed is beautiful.

  51. whitelavender says:

    How gorgeous are those lambs and fantastic colours. Such a lovely blog entry Alice.I envy your achievements with the dyeing.So glad you had a lovely birthday and what an amazing amount of socks all looking so cool.Shirley

  52. Aww Ritchie is soo cute. Loved this post, especially enjoyed seeing your unique dyed wool after it had been spun. Gosh it looks so different. Always inspired by your posts🙂

  53. Richie is just the cutest! And those ears are to die for! I love the dad and ram rivalry, made me giggle reading it! Having an animal arch nemesis must make for very amusing anecdotes. The dying looks like it was a very messy but extremely satisfying day, how long does it take to get dye out of skin? he he!
    Kier x

  54. Susan Potter says:

    Dear Alice

    I am writing to tell you about my fantastic giveaway of 10 lovely 100g balls of Stylecraft Special yarn to celebrate opening my little etsy shop.
    Please see my blog at http://millicentjames.blogspot.com/
    if you wish to keep this quiet that is fine by me – and if you wish to share the news that would be the best🙂

    Thank you and best wishes

    Susan Potter

  55. juniperjune says:

    wow, all these dye experiments look great! i took a one-off dyeing class once & it really wasn’t very helpful; the yarn i dyed is pretty much the sort that only a mother could love…

  56. Sonia says:

    I just love those socks. So bright and colourful! I may need to add socks to my ever-increasing queue of projects…

  57. penelope dubois says:

    What a great post!!! Richie with that adorable yellow jersey, how sweet!
    The dyeing jobs are great! I’ve only attempted Kool-Aid (punch drink, that is powdered).
    I would love to get all messy with colour!

  58. papillongold says:

    Richie looks so cute in his jumper. Jane

  59. Vicky says:

    My cousin called her kitten Ritchie too, and yes after the same person LOL

  60. Emily says:

    Oh noes! now I’m sad I didn’t get the sock yarn I saw today. I debated and left it at the store! Boo! (Not that I’ve done socks yet, but I want to make a pair before my Birthday in February. I’m very new to knitting.) The dyed yarn looks lovely! the bottom left is my favorite. Too bad the dying process wasn’t fun! Glad you had a happy Birthday! I love Richie in his sweater!

  61. Misty says:

    Hello Alice and Raymond and KB,

    Happy Belated Birthdays. Glad to hear your feeling better. And to hear your birthday was a success. I just love the antics of Boy and your Dad. The sock mosaic was fabooooo, the yarn you dyed was beautiful, your so talented. Hope all is well in New Zealand, here is the midwest of the States is hot and dry and wishing for rain, my plants are withering away. I have 3 kittens who are very naughty and keep trying to help me crochet, ( I don’t have the heart to tell them there a nusaince), does Raymond try to help you knit/crochet? Take care and keep your lovely blogs coming, ur a true inspiration. Wishes to you and Ramond and KB.

    Misty and her cat and guinea pig family

  62. Mary Zelenka says:

    Well, belated Birthday wishes. I enjoy your news and blog both so very much. I am saving patterns and hope to enjoy making some of the things you offered this winter after things slow down here. I enjoy Raymond because I have a Remington that I love just as much. Not too much of a live here retired and not too lively but that’s ok too. Still have my husband and we have a single 39 year old son who lives close by. That is pretty much our circle but we are happy tho I wish my son would marry. that’s all for now.
    Trying to stay cool in Ohio USA, sending hugs, Mary and Remington.

  63. Julie says:

    Poor dad, Boy certainly does look like he might be a handful, your stories of the farm antics did make me smile. Sounds like lots of fun has been had, happy smiley folks wearing hand dyed and knited sockies , what could be more perfect!

  64. I thought of you on your Birthday and was hoping you were having a lovely day Alice. I’m so glad, for you, that you’re feeling better, those colds that go on and on are awful and demoralising. Poor Richie! Were you not tempted to take him to bed with you?! The thought of him having to have a jumper instead of his mum at night is heart breaking, I totally understand how upset KB must be about it. Still, he looks like he’s coping, especially as he has a new mum/dad! Hilarious about the Ram and your dad, hilarious for everyone else except your dad! Would a water gun put Mr.Macho off a bit? probably not by the sounds of it! Does your dad get jealous of Mr. Macho and how he will do anything your Mum tells him?!!!!!
    Your day of dyeing, wow! What fantastic results, very impressive and beautiful, especially those beautiful bright colours. I love the socks you made for your mum, beautiful colours. It must be very bonding for you to have the same interest, it must be especially lovely for your mum that her beautiful girl is interested in the same things as her.
    What a wonderful gallery of socks Alice, so satisfying! Love Vanessa xxx

  65. Can I borrow BOY? He could be useful here.Does he keep squirrels away too?
    Beautiful dye work, especially your hands. Raymond seems to be enjoying your socks.
    Again , thanks for sharing your beautiful work and your terrific posts.

  66. What a lovely post Alice. I especially like the hand shot – just how long did that dye take to wear off!

    Looking forward to seeing the new socks with your own hand dyed yarn🙂

  67. Melissa says:

    Sounds like your birthday was absolutely fabulous! The yarn looks lovely! I have to say I’m impressed with 9 pairs of sock. I’m still working on my second pair. They were shuffled to the side for a bit for other projects. I hope to finish them this weekend. Take care!

  68. I can’t wait to see your new socks made with your gorgeous hand dyed yarn – that must be so exciting! And that photo of Richie in his little jumper is just toooooooo cuuuuuute!!🙂

  69. Henny says:

    Dear Alice, I really love your socks. Can you put the pattern on your blog please, please.
    Greetings Henny (Amsterdam, Holland)

  70. Enid says:

    Love your post my husbands name is RAymond and hes a rugby fanatic We have just moved to Tasmania get lovely Alpaca fleeses here your colours are beutiful

  71. Annie says:

    Woooweee what a lovely selection of socks. I really want to knit socks, you have almost inspired me to give it a go, but i might wait until the weather is a little cooler here, mid summer is perhaps not the best time to start woolly wonders.

  72. Jill says:

    Hi Alice,
    I want to knit socks… but I’m not sure I have the patience… I do LOVE your collection though! Nice toasty toes! I have just blogged about a WIP that I am on… a granny scarf inspired by one of yours (April)… I hope you like the link… and hope you don’t mind me showing everyone one of your scarves :)x

  73. Kathy Welsh says:

    Oh, Alice, it seems an age since I’ve been able to visit! Life has been very hectic, good, but busy. I’m looking forward to a nice long peruse and catch up on your life. Also, I’ve added you as a link on my blog. P.S. I LOVE the blanket!! I may have to make one of those…xo

  74. lyn says:

    Oh I just love Richie in his sweater!!!

  75. Leah says:

    Hi Alice, what a fabulous post! I love your sheep pics and the stories about Boy are brilliant. They do really have personality don’t they! Your sock mosaic is fantastic. My faves are still the bottom middle pick – such cool stripiness. Those beautiful rounds of wool look divine – even before they become spun yarn. I love the knots/twists you have them in. Gorgeous!!! I’m with you on the rugby thing. Yawn. My dad would be horrified if he heard me admit that! Have a lovely weekend – stay warm hon.

  76. Irene says:

    Richie is utterly and totally adorable! And I must say that I like the cold-water-dyed yarn too, especially the yarn in the bottom left corner.

    I must also add that you have inspired me to knit socks – today I bought the first yarn for making socks. A bit scared, but determined to do it!

  77. Patz says:

    Thank you, Alice, for posting a comment on that very neglected blog of mine. I appreciate the gesture🙂 I am loving all your adventures, even though I won’t comment every time now (quite a lot of competition I fear ^^), but I follow the great mind that you broadcast out there😀 and I am enjoying the ride very much! Still to attempt one of your amazing cosy, but loving the sock experiment! If I manage to start a business gathering talented tutors, would you ever be a guest? I’m daring to follow some interesting dreams😉
    Take care XOX
    PS: your gypsy is mind-blowing! I shall start that one of these days too!!!!

  78. kiwiyarns says:

    Oh, those sheep are gorgeous! I’m very glad to hear you are feeling better. Do you think you’ll turn into one of those people who never go to a yarn shop again because they have spun and dyed all the yarn they want? hehe.

  79. Jill says:

    What an adorable little lamb! I ADORE that colorway, might have to try to recreate it!

  80. Your dyeing looks fabulous! Would love to hear about the techniques you used, as I want to start dyeing my own fibre too. Well done you!

    Also, wee lamb n yellow jumper = cutest thing ever

  81. Lauri says:

    Absolutely lovely!

  82. Taryn says:

    I love your sheep, I am so jealous! My dream is to have a little herd of sheep, for wool and because they are so darn cute! I love Richie in his little sweater!

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