The Gypsy Caravan Blanket! (done!)

Always there when I want him to bugger off, never prepared to pose when I ask him to… that’s Raymond…  Although, I find it quite hilarious when he comes and drapes himself over whatever I’m photographing, my favourite shot of all time of him is his profile shot up on the right there, reclining on a circle of yarn, he is such a funny thing…..

Let’s try that sans cat…. Hello and welcome to the Gypsy Caravan Blanket ta-daaaa post!  How exciting is today? 

Pictured above are the very last circles before I joined them!  That was an exciting moment, and I have to say, I could not believe how fast this blanket made itself.  I say it made itself because it just happened!  Admittedly I over-estimated how many squares I would need for this blanket by HEAPS… I was expecting to need 16×20 squares, but I actually only needed 16×14 to fit my queen sized bed with plenty of over-hang.

It was so hard to photograph this in its entirety!  I took it downstairs to my outdoor photo-taking place but it was too big to lay flat in that space, so I went back inside and had to move all of the furniture in our very small lounge, climb on a stool and hold the camera right up on the roof above my head to get the whole thing in!

It took about 20 tries, but…………………


It’s a shoddy picture, but absolutely the best I could do without taking it onto the street and laying it on the road and climbing up a ladder… but despite said shoddiness, I have to say these pictures are making me very excited!

I’ve had a few questions about the construction etc of the Gypsy Caravan Blanket, so here are the particulars!

Hook: 4.5mm

Yarn: All sorts, this was an attempt at destashing my bags of wool I’ve collected up from crocheting in many different colours, so there are all types and brands, but all were 8ply 100% wool.  The main colour was natural undyed medium brown, it might look grey but it isn’t, and the brand is Ashford Tekapo, an awesome corriedale wool which is so lovely and strong and my fave wool to crochet with for sure.

Border: Single crochet border into most of the edge stitches, missing a few each square so I didn’t end up with a border too wide for my blanket.  I made hdc’s into the corners where two squares meet to make the border even the whole way around.

Construction:  I joined the squares as I went as I knew that if I didn’t do that I would never be motivated to actually join them at the end, and I’m going to be super smug here and tell you that I wove in the ends as I went so when I joined that last square and then made my single crochet border I was done.  Yesssssssss!  Because I used a 4.5mm hook and my tension is quite loose there was also no need to block it, so it went straight onto the bed.

So did I manage to destash?

Errr…… No!  Not at all!  I barely made a dent in my inferior stash, so I’m planning some more projects as I type!

And last picture, the blanket in it’s new home…

My lovely cushion doesn’t suit the Gypsy Caravan Blanket at all, so I need to organise some new cushions next, but for now, the blanket is brightening up my bedroom like crazy!  I’m lying under it right now, back in my sickbed, on home detention again but we won’t go there, and it is definitely making lying in bed blowing my nose a LOT more cheerful!  I’m resting up… tomorrow is my birthday *excited* so I’m determined to have an ace day with KB and my Mum dyeing fleece and eating lots of delicious food!  I’m excited about the dyeing, and will take lots of photos of the process.  Cross your fingers for us that the weather holds out!

Thank you for stopping in today!  I hope life is good wherever you are!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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208 Responses to The Gypsy Caravan Blanket! (done!)

  1. Kate says:

    Alice it’s gorgeous! I’m moving to a new tiny room in an old house in Boston this fall for school and I’m thinking I might have to try something like this to make my new place cheary and bright.

  2. juniperjune says:

    holy moly that is GORGEOUS! what an amazing birthday present to yourself🙂

  3. Emily says:

    That is amazing. the colours are beautiful. you’ve inspired me to make something for my bed

  4. Very, very nice!!!!. Congratulations.

  5. Reality Jayne says:

    I love it….I am working on one with the same colors…kinda…

  6. dagmar says:

    I admire your blog so much and chuckle every time I see Raymond posing in one of your photos!
    Have a fabulous birthday doing what you love and I hope they spoil you with all kinds of birthday goodness…and BTW..awesome does not begin to describe your coverlet/blanket! WOW is allI can say!

  7. Dorothy says:

    Wow Alice that’s lovely. I really admire your ‘way’ with colours and love reading your blog. Lots of inspiration here !! Hope you have a very happy birthday tomorrow.

  8. Wanda says:

    Love the blanket! Actually I like the photo of Raymond at the top of the page best.🙂
    I hope you feel lots better tomorrow.

    Happy Birthday!

  9. That is amazing,wonderful and absolutely scrumptious x

  10. Bearlakenana says:

    It’s lovely Alice! As always, you are an inspiration ;D Today I dug out a box of squares I started last year. Mine are acrylic, but with grandkids and big dogs I have to wash bedding so often. I just wish I had a nice kitty like Raymond to lay on mine when it’s finished.

  11. Ann Griffin says:

    Hi Alice – I LOVE LOVE LOVE the gypsy caravan blanket! You’ve done a smashing job, and I love your color choices.

    I looked up the yarn you suggested, and was disappointed to find that it only came in multis, no solid colors like you’ve used. Is the dyeing seasonal? Am I looking in the wrong place?

  12. Aisyah Helga says:

    It looks gorgeous! I LOVE the colors! A very happy birthday to you, Alice!

  13. Annette says:

    Absolutely stunning Alice :0)

  14. Teri Caswell says:

    OH MY!! It is absolutely beautiful! I know you are fo glad to have it finished, and you did an amazing job!

  15. Sara says:

    Gorgeous granny goodness! Are you still not feeling well? I’m beginning to get a little worried about you. Hope tomorrow is a perfect day with gorgeous fiber and yummy food. Happy birthday!

  16. Teri Caswell says:

    Oh and wishing you a blessed birthday!

  17. omlair says:

    My reaction to this. anger. anger anger and jealousy.

    I’m angry because you made this so fast. You must have a team of crocheting elves helping you. Where’s my team of crocheting elves?

    Now I reallly want a blankie… It seems like so much commitment but yours just came together so quickly! I am also going to start joining my squares as I go. Maybe once the blankie starts growing I will feel better about myself.

    BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS LOVE (3897462765786).

    Loved seeing this come together, and beautiful colours choices as per usual.

  18. Leah says:

    Oh Alice it’s absolutely stunning! The colours are amazing and so amazingly cheerful. I love using the Ashford Tekapo wool – it’s so nice to crochet with. I have just used your exact border colour to make a cowl for a friend and it looked gorgeous. Have a fabulous birthday tomorrow!!! I hope you get spoilt rotten. Enjoy yourself hon!!!

  19. Helen from Mooroopna says:

    Alice it looks fantastic – divine. You have really inspired me to get my crocheting happening at a much faster pace!

  20. DebbyMc says:

    Love, love, love it!! I’ve been coveting it since you first started posting pics of the blocks…I am amazed that it is a brown background, I assumed it was grey…but now that you say that, I can kind of see that it is, indeed, brown. Amazing job! Hope you feel fantastic for your big day tomorrow! Happy, happy birthday!

  21. Lori says:

    The blanket is gorgeous, and I love the way you’ve chose a brown with bright colours. I would not have thought it a great colour combo – but it really really works. Thank you for the tea cosie tutorials. I found you blog in my search for a suitable tea cosy pattern – and your polka dot one will be my first attempt. Cheers.

  22. Saritha says:

    Such a stunner!!!Love how all those colours pop out of the grey colour!!!A very happy birthday to you Alice!!

  23. Rita says:

    Ohhhh sooo beautiful! Your blanket are a dream!!
    I love the colors!
    All the best for your! Hugs, Rita

  24. Sarah says:

    A very beautiful blanket. The colours are stunning. I need a blanket for my bed!
    Hope you feel better soon. Happy Birthday.

  25. SilviSherr says:

    Beautiful. Love the look and the colour combo

  26. Happybee says:

    This is stunnig!!!!!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!

  27. Ali says:

    Oh! I love, love, LOVE your blanket Alice!! It’s beautiful – well done!

  28. Carolyn says:

    I love your Gypsy Caravan Blanket! You did a bang-up job on it🙂 Bet Raymond loves laying on it too (smile) Oh, Happy Birthday!!

  29. Ali says:

    Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!! Have a super lovely day – hope you’re feeling better for it🙂 xx

  30. Margo Boult says:

    The picture of your new awesome blanket looks lovely, as it should, on your bed!!!! Great job. Hope you are feeling better. Love to read your blog, such fun, hugs, margo

  31. Jan Quigley says:

    Ohhh it’s gorgeous, love it!!!!! I stocked up on lots’ of lovely 8 ply wool pre-Winter & still haven’t decided which blanket to make.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow & fingers crossed the weather will be kind. We’re having a lovely Indian Summer these past few days here in Melbourne & I’m loving it.

  32. Emily says:

    HOLY POOP! That blanket is HUGE!! It is gorgeous!! I can’t believe you didn’t make a big dent in your stash! LOL!!! Beautiful work!

  33. Leah says:

    It is amazing! Love, love, love it.
    Feel better for your birthday! Hope it’s a great one!
    Leah x

  34. Netty says:

    Wow!! It is soooo gorgeous! I love it!!

  35. Sonia says:

    It’s gorgeous!!! I LOVE the colours. I hope you feel better tomorrow and have a fantastic birthday!
    Sonia xx

  36. Alice, it’s absolutely gorgeous – I adore everything about it, the pattern and the mix of colours, it’s just perfect.

    I hope you have a lovely day for your birthday and that you feel better very soon xXx

  37. Karyn says:

    Love it Alice – can you make one for a single bed too, I will supply the wool??

  38. Colette says:

    Hello Alice. You blanket looks fantastic!!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! Hope you have a really lovely day. Alice do you mind me asking if you have the pattern for the centre circle already on your blog? I would love to de-stash but don’t really want to do yet another Granny Square or Stripe blanket.

    If you do have a moment to point me in the pattern direction that would be brilliant.

    Enjoy tomorrow, the UK seems to have a pretty bad flu like bug too, first days off sick for me last week and am still coughing and feeling a bit sorry for myself. Hope you recover soon.

    Colette –

  39. Gerlene says:

    Alice it is b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l! I’m also destashing – doing a single blanket with one coloured granny squares for my 2 year old. So exciting – 80% done. Question: you have such a beautiful way with colours, how did you choose which colours to put together in your little circles. It seems that you kept warm colours and cool colours seperate?? So lovely! Happy birthday tomorrow!!

  40. Sherry says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! Hope it’s a wonderful day!

  41. Susana says:

    Felicidades por tu manta que es preciosa y por tu cumpleaños.¡¡

  42. Maria says:

    Alice it’s B E A U T I F U L….. wishing you better and that you have a lovely birthday with KB and your Mum. I really like your cushion against the blanket, it just needs a couple of cushion friends. Amazing job as always, love that your inspiration can reach me in sunny Brighton, thank you, Maria x

  43. The blanket is gorgeous! And happy birthday!

  44. MeMeRose says:

    I’ve got the “wanties”… LOVE this blanket! Happy birthday for tomorrow x

  45. Sarah says:

    This is really gorgeous, Alice – looks fab on the bed! Great colours. You’ve inspired me to start another one for our bed!
    Have a lovely birthday tomorrow and hope you’re feeling better soon – can’t believe you have the energy to blog and crochet whilst feeling grotty!
    Thanks for a great post!

  46. Shelley says:

    Wow your blanket is stunning🙂. Hope you are feeling better soon & have a wonderful birthday too.

  47. Gorgeous!!! I love the brown color, I would never think of using it for a blanket myself but it looks really stunning. Great job!

  48. kate says:

    Oh wow, I’d never have thought of using a medium brown but it mixes in with the other colours wonderfully; have a fabulous birthday tomorrow, hope you’ll be feeling a little better soon🙂

  49. Happy Birthday! The finished blanket is gorgeous, I started mine after reading your first post about the Caravan blanket, mine is still a work in progress, just hoping it turns out as lush as yours.
    Tracey x

  50. Irene says:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but never left a comment. Until now, that is, because now I simply have to! What a wonderful blanket! I wish that I had a stash so that I could do something similar – on the other side of the world (Sweden).

    Happy birthday!

  51. Tickety-boo says:

    SQQQQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Oh my word look at that gypsy beauty!
    She’s gor-ge-ous Alice! You must be so proud of yourself. Sorry you are back in your sick bed again😦 but what a nice way to snuggle…………….. up under a gypsy😉 !
    Have a great *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y* my lovely friend. sending you lots of love and happy wishes.
    P.s. Raymond …….typical man. Show up when the work is done and take all the glory!

  52. Rachel says:

    It’s just awesome, I love it. I can’t use any more superlatives that have not already been used, but that blanket is so deserving of every single one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Rachel says:

    And happy Birthday and so hope you feel so much better by tomorrow!!!!!!!

  54. Liz says:

    many many congratulations! It’s been, what, 2 – 3 weeks that you’ve been working on the caravan blanket? It looks absolutely stunning and great on your bed!
    I’ve been trying to finish one myself, but since I am juggling quite a few things at the same time (shame on me: attention span of a goldfish!!) I am still in the making!
    Have a wonderful birthday tomorrow and feel better soon!🙂

  55. Nikkole says:

    Happy early Birthday Alice!!!!!!!!

  56. purple princess says:

    Awesome work! You truly are a crochet inspiration. Hope you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow. xxx

  57. Suzanne says:

    wooooow, it looks great! You did this blanket soooo fast, I am jalous. I am working on one as well (with simple stripes), but I not quite there yet haha. It’s raining again, so I should get a big part done today.

    Hugs from Holland! Suzanne

  58. Kylie says:

    Oh my goodness it’s amazing! I want, actually I need to make one like this for my retro caravan. I love that Ashford Tekapo too. It’s such a lovely yarn to use.

  59. marja says:

    WOW Alice, it’s gorgeous!!! Btw, love reading your blog!

  60. marigold jam says:

    Stunning! Get well soon.

  61. It’s BEAUTIFUL! I’m planning something similar for my next blanket project – I love the way the circles all zing out of the background🙂

  62. Ashley says:

    Love the Gypsy Caravan blanket!! It’s gorgeous.🙂
    I need to make a big blanket to get rid of some of my stash.. I doubt this will ever happen though!!
    Haha.. Raymond is a poser isn’t he! The colours all look completely gorgeous together.

    Ashley xxx

  63. whitelavender says:

    The blanket is gorgeous Alice. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Shirley

  64. Your blanket is stunning,it is also my dear husbands birthday today. Love leos x

  65. cazz says:

    That is just gorgeous! Love the colours. Great photo of Raymond again. Hope you feel better soon

  66. Heidi says:

    STUNNING,stunning, stunning!! You just got it! Can I pleaaaaase have the pattern….😉

  67. ALICE! Your blanket is FANTASTIC! Beautiful, I love it, what a wonderful, wonderful thing to have made! I love the colours, I really do, the way the bright colours contrast so beautifully with the more sober surround and main colour. GORGEOUS! Well done!
    Poor you, still being poorly, rest up for your Birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday for tomorrow, that sounds like a wonderful day you’ve got planned. And as to your stash, isn’t that great that you’ve still got loads of yarn left to work with! Love Vanessa xxxx

  68. Absolutely AWESOME Alice – really incredible! I can’t believe you made it so fast!!!!! Makes me want to snuggle up on it – although I am quite shocked that his Lordship missed out on the bed shot!

    The colours are incredible and your crochet is just so perfect – a total inspiration! If it were not mid-80s here today I’d be ordering some wool to get my granny on again! Instead I shall wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you are feeling better in time for a lovely day with your mum and KB.

    Love and get well vibes,

  69. Henny says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALICE, I hope you will have a great year and I’m looking forward to all your nice written posts of your life in New-Sealand and I love all your projects. You even inspired me to knit my first pair of socks?
    Thanks, greeting from Henny (Amsterdam, Holland, Europe)

  70. Tina says:

    Oh mY goodness, it is absolutely gorgeous. I have been waiting for the final pic and its beautiful. I have only been doing knitting lately, but now I want to be a hooker again…..😉

  71. Deborah Alexander says:

    LOVE this blanket. And I’m so excited about starting mine!! ‘Summer’ in the UK is also a good time to hook a blanket to keep you cosy in the evenings…. Love the vibe of your blog, your creations and your colour combinations. Get well soon and have a great birthday.

  72. Nicole says:

    Hi Alice! Congrats on finishing the blanket it’s really funky🙂 I also had problems photographing the big blanket I did so totally understand your dilemma and furniture moving exercise but you did really well!

    happy birthday for tomorrow (or is it today by the time I write this / you read it?) Hope you manage to do all the things you’ve got planned. Get well soooooon!! x x x

  73. Brenda says:

    Your blanket looks totally lovely, great job! Happy Birthday – have a great day. Can I just say thankyou for such a wonderful blog – you make me happy whenever I visit

  74. Bliss ! It looks brilliant !!!! Makes your bedroom ( as far as I can see in those pics ) look nice & warm too… always amazed at what colour can do to the space one lives is…
    O, and Raymond looks real good on it too, of course😉
    I have a question though, did you join in with Lucy’s join as you go manner ( ) ? And doesn’t that leave holes when finished, after a while ? Would really like to know ere I start something as big as a blanket…

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling too well… Hope you’ll be alive ‘n kicking again for your brithday tomorrow.. ! Have a good one ! Wishing you a happy birthday and many lovely sunny years still to come !

  75. Miss Ebz says:

    Gorgeous!! How smart to join as you go😉 Wish you a very happy birthday with lots of hugs and kisses and cake and presents!
    Blessings, Esther

  76. sandiart says:

    Wow and I thought I was going quickly on my blanket, you started after me and finished well before me (although I haven’t had much time lately) it looks gorgeous, I love how every one’s blankets look so different.
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow (today I guess when you will be reading this) for your birthday, my wish for you is to wake up after a good sleep and you are 100% well.
    x Sandi

  77. Rain says:

    Alice and Raymond, the blanket is stunningly gorgeous! I’m sure it’s making being sick in bed much more comfortable! I am letting it slowly plant a seed that I MUST learn to crochet inorder to make one for myself! I hope you have a fabulous birthday! And what a day to have it, it is Nagapanchami, the day of honouring snakes in hopes of protection and is considered one the most auspicious days of the year! Feel all your energy rising and listen to your body wholely as it will guide you through your sickness into a new year on the planet!
    Big hug to you both!
    Harvest blessings,
    om shanti

  78. Ester Lozano says:

    Desde la otra punta del mundo, felicidades por tu cumpleaños y por tu nueva manta! You are a crochet machine!!
    Big hughs from Spain!!

  79. Nadine says:

    I just love your blanket!!! Happy Birthday!!!!! I love your site!!!!

  80. Claudia says:

    Hi, Alice!
    The blanket is GOr.Ge.oUs!!! I´m totally inspired by it!! I love the way all the colours brighten with the gray!!
    And Happy birthday to you!! I wish you have a great day with your family!

  81. Caz says:

    Alice, this is AMAZING! Congratulations on completing such a HUGE project! I am in awe of your perseverance – I am yet to finish anything that big. It looks wonderful on your bed and I bet you love seeing it every time you walk into the room.

    My birthday is the 4th of August, too! Must be the day of all the awesome people are born. 😉 So, happy birthday to us!

    Caz from Never Knew🙂

  82. Winnie says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  83. Amanda C says:

    I love your blanket!! Wonderful, cheery colors as always!!
    I hope you have a fantastic birthday🙂

  84. priscilla says:

    Love your blanket ! Have a great birthday !!

  85. andie says:

    Alice your blanket is stunning! Love the grey background against the splashes of colour. Love it! andie x

  86. Roselaine says:

    It’s a very beautiful blanket! I love the colors! J’adore!!! Bon anniversaire!

  87. Erin says:


  88. karen says:

    Wow! I can’t stop staring at your pictures, over and over. It really looks wonderful on your bed.
    I’d be in a hurry to get under there and snuggle for sure. I had to laugh at your attempt to destash as I’ve done the same and somehow ended up with even more stash? I love yarn.

  89. Susan says:

    That is gorgeous!!! I Such beautiful colors. I never liked grey until lately and I am falling in love with the color now. The background of the blanket is grey, right? I am hoping my eyes are deceiving me. I can’t imagine crocheting that blanket in the time that you did. Good job, Alice.

  90. D Markey says:

    Happy, happier, happiest birthday wishes, Alice!!! I wish you a fabulous day. It’s always wonderful when we are with people we love. And, I hope that you feel better and better each day.

    I already knew you were a color genious, but I have decided that you also must be a crochet
    wizzard as you create such beautious things in very short time.

    I have just done a couple of your ornamental potholders. OH MY GOODNESS. They are so pretty and, to my surprise, much easier to do than I imagined. Next, I am working on the mandala circle. Still looking for a few more colors to add to the mix. Thank you for your tuts!

  91. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Happy happy birthday to you!

  92. I laughed at your description of trying to take a photo of your gorgeous blanket, its a bit like that sometimes when trying to get a good shot isn’t it! Hope you are feeling better soon and have a great time dying with your yummy colours, I am still waiting for mine to arrive in the post…..can’t wait to see what you dye. Tinky always has to get in the way when I am trying to type on my computer…its a cat thing 🙂

    Happy Birthday and have a lovely celebration xx

  93. LaceAnn says:

    That was sooooo fast! Wow! And it looks so stunning too! A bright, beautiful, cuddly blanket🙂 I’m so glad you’ve accomplished such a large project and are so pleased with the outcome. Maybe one day I’ll get to mine. Do get to feeling better, it’s about time that bug left! Enjoy your birthday tomorrow! Hopefully you’ll feel better, the rain will stay away, and you’ll spend some quality time wth some good company and good food! Best Wishes!

  94. Debi Y. says:

    It’s absolutely beautiful – I love it. 🙂

  95. Happy in Red says:

    OMG! It’s GORGIOUS! Go you. NowI hope you’ll feel better soon, hug Raymond.

  96. Carolyn says:

    Happy birthday!

  97. Connie says:

    Hi Alice,

    Can you tell me where you found the pattern for the squares in the Gypsy Caravan Blanket. I love i and would like to make one of my own.


  98. Wow! You have have made an exquisite blanket. I am so inspired to attack my stash!! Thanks for sharing.

  99. Ursula says:

    Hello dear Alice and Cutie-Cat Raymond,
    I’m thrilled for you and share in your joy on the completion of your amazing accomplishment! So sorry to hear you’re under the weather (again?!?!) but hope you have a wonderful birthday in spite of the drips… XOXO much love from the States, Ursula and the Monkey Dog Cowboy

  100. hddod says:

    That’s utterly gorgeous – and I can’t believe you made it so quickly!
    Get well soon and Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

  101. Sam says:

    Love the blanket!!! I love the combination of the bright colors with the neutral border.

  102. Lynne in MI says:

    The blanket turned out lovely. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Birthday.

  103. zebeth says:

    Love it! I particularly appreciate your gift for using colour – just great. Have a lovely birthday tomorrow – I hope you feel better soon. Good vibes are being sent to you from half a world away!

  104. Jeanne says:

    Alice, this is absolutely beautiful. I put it as a background on my computer screen …the colors make me happy!

  105. Angie says:

    That blanket is a feast for the eyes! I want to make one just like it! Hope you get feeling better and have a great birthday. Thanks for sharing your work with us all!

  106. Dori says:

    That blanket is stunningly beautiful! I’m going to have to make myself one of those. Hope you’re feeling better for your birthday tomorow.

  107. Kat says:

    Happy Birthday! Love the stash blanky! Hope you feel better real soon. Chicken soup….lots of it! :o)

  108. Sarah says:

    OMG you finished that soooooo quick!!

    Gotta love Raymond!!

    S x

  109. val says:

    Once again, you have inspired me (even from your sick bed!). This is wonderful. As soon as I’m done posting this, into my stash I go….
    Lots and lots of fluids and rest for you dear. Enjoy your birthday!
    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  110. Jillian_R says:

    Hi Alice, I hope you feel better soon, especially for tomorrow! 😉 The blanket turned out so pretty, I know how the pictures can’t really do it justice. I could just imagine you laying the blanket out in the road to photograph too. Great job!

  111. Joya Roy says:

    Your blanket is lovely! And did I detect a magic vibe coming off of it? In looking at it, it felt like it was exuding a warm tender protectiveness. It’s altogether fabulous. Job well done!! (and SO fast!)

  112. ruby coupe says:

    ohh what joy and what hard work, well done you, it looks amazing, so cosy on your bed x

  113. Pammy Sue says:

    Wonderful job! It’s fantastic. Isn’t it such joy to finish something you put so much hard work into? I always feel a bit let down too a couple of days afterward because I miss it and want to start something else. Your blanket is just lovely-lovely-lovely.

  114. Penelope says:

    Oh my giddiness Alice, you’ve done it again! Just stunningly beautiful. You have crochet fingers girl! Love love all those sparkled jewelled swirls of colours in amongst the natural brown. Well done, what a triumph to make such a mammoth cover for your bed. Very wise indeed weaving threads in and joining up as you go.
    Wishing you a wonderful (bug free) happy happy birthday. Enjoy your feast and time with loved ones xox
    ps. I have serious bed cover envy now… it’s too hot hereto even contemplate making one just yet :0)

  115. Debra Wolf says:

    ooooooooooooooooooh, ahhhhhhhh, I love this! And you did a wonderful job detailing the description. It’s always a pleasure to visit your blog! grins, debra

  116. Liza says:

    Hello Alice,
    I so love you blanket. Like I told you before you have the midas touch, everything turns out beautiful
    the colors are so well put together. What a cozy looking blankie. And I want to wish you a happy birthday, and may all your wishes come true. May you have a healthy and full live, and many more birthday days. Best Wishes to you and all your love ones. Your friend form Texas

  117. Well done!!! It’s so bright and beautiful!! Have a wonderful birthday!!
    BTW thanks for all the info! Feel better soon!

  118. Angels says:

    wonderful!! good job!

  119. Jacey says:

    It’s amazing! I’m brand new to crochet (although I’m a somewhat seasoned knitter). I’ve found great inspiration from your blog, so thanks for that!

  120. NoMimikry says:

    Wow, wow, wow … a wonderfull work!


  121. froukje says:

    Wauw how pretty!

  122. sheila says:

    You have the greatest eye for colors. It’s so beautiful! Happy Birthday Tomorrow!

  123. Anne Marie says:

    That is so beautiful. I hope you have a good birthday. I had a go at spinning with a drop spindle in a craft tent over the weekend. Must have another go and buy a heavier spindle to spin better.

  124. Gorgeously gorgeous as usual! I can’t believe how quick you seem to whip ’em out! Typical male Raymond!
    Hope your feeling better soon.
    And hope you have a very happy birthday.
    Kier x

  125. Marla says:

    Wow! How pretty Alice!! I can just imagine a cat or two stealing a nap on it around my house. Happy Birthday and get over that germ soon! Hug Raymond for me!

  126. Really beautiful Thanks for sharing the added info about it. And happy, happy birthday!

  127. Elizabeth Cat says:

    … and Happy, happy, happy Birthday to youuuuuu tooooooooo, my dear Twinkle Twin!
    Let all your dreams come true!
    Have a magical Day!
    Mine starts in 1h and 10 mins!
    I hoped I would congratulate you first! Ok, next year I’ll be the first!;)
    Lots of love and piles of kisses!

  128. Joanna says:

    Wow it’s absolutely beautiful Alice, I can’t believe how quickly you made it. Very many happy returns for tomorrow I hope you have a lovely birthday. Love Joanna xx

  129. Ronda says:

    Very lovely blanket! You’ve inspired me and now I want to make one for our actual caravan!

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and that the weather was exactly what you wished for! 🙂

  130. planetcoops says:

    That looks absolutely brilliant! I love it.

  131. Just gorgeous! I hope you get plenty of rest and are well enough to enjoy your celebration tomorrow!

  132. Susan H. says:

    Alice this is so gorgeous! I love it on the bed. Rest up so you can dye fleece all day tomorrow. You get to do such fun things. Look forward to seeing the photos. I hope you have a fabulous birthday!
    Happy Birthday!!
    xo Susan

  133. Debbie says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on finishing. I admire anyone who has the patience to put squares together. Have a lovely birthday too!

  134. ordinarygoodness says:

    Happy, happy birthday Alice. Reiki healing and Reiki blessings to you in abundance.

  135. So many comments! I hope you have room!🙂 The Gypsy Caravan blanket is ABSOLUTELY stunning!!!! Well, done!!!

  136. Janet says:

    Truly a masterpiece – and functional! Happy B-day and thanks for your blogging – has rekindled my creative spirit.

  137. Julia says:

    Wow – really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing this with us🙂

  138. Lisa says:

    It’s so beautiful! Congrats🙂
    Have a wonderful birthday!

  139. Kristen says:

    Holy mackerel! I’m completely in love with that blanket, and I can. not. believe how quickly you finished it! It’s so gorgeous. The circles look like jewels against the natural borders. Oh man, I adore. Well done, dear. 🙂

  140. Hey have a great b-day! You’re blanket is gorgeous! It gives me inspiration to make one, I love granny’s right now. I also have a queen bed so it’s nice to see someone else accomplish such a large task. Makes it seem possible. Love the pics as always!

  141. I’m not sure if I’m more amazed by how quickly you finished the blanket or by the fact you were able to get it all into one photograph🙂. It is beautiful.

  142. wendy says:

    gorgeous and happy birthday too xo

  143. Heather says:

    Alice it’s lovely! Each square looks like a supernova. Well done – you are right to be smug about doing the ends as you go as well, I wish I could do that. Well ok, I wish I wasn’t so lazy!
    Heather xxx

  144. Paige says:

    What a truely amazing bedspread!!!!!!

  145. Zoe says:

    Oh I love this so much! I sorted a load of colours from my stash last night and made my first two centres! I am not sure how to join them though – can you help me out? I am a new crocheter🙂 x

  146. Charlene says:

    It looks awesome🙂 Congratulations on the wonderful finish.
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow🙂 Hugs xx

  147. omamimi says:

    hallo Raymond, Alice,
    I don’t speak well english but I want to say you my admiration ! Thak you for all what you do, what you write !
    To read you is like a sunnshine, a spring day !
    LOVE, michèle

  148. Shanini says:

    Happy Birthday, Alice!!! I hope your day is germ-free and full of bright colours, cake, and fleece!!!

    LOVE the blanket! I’ve begun a blanket in a different pattern, but am so motivated to finish it and start one with this pattern. Perfect!!! Thanks for sharing it!
    Feel better~

  149. ohangelina says:

    beautiful blanket thanks for sharing, looks so great on the bed, and happy birthday! xo

  150. Jo says:

    I stopped by a few days ago and you were getting close so I came on especially today to see if you had finished the blanket. It is Super! Love Jo x

  151. Jennifer W says:

    Well done Alice!!! I canNOT believe how quickly you churned this beast out! You are master of the yarn. I was excited that i started & finished a purse in a week…hmmm…what am I doing with my time???🙂

  152. Alyson says:

    Happy Birthday, Alice! Hopefully, you will be de-germed so you can enjoy your day! The blanket is gorgeous- and bravo for sewing and weaving as you went! I decided to give it a try when I was making X’s “Rainbow Is My Favorite Color” pillow- I finished it in record time, because the part that I hated was already done. I will definitely do that every time now. I’ve been experimenting with dyeing lately, so I’m really looking forward to seeing pics.❤

  153. Julie says:

    Super, smashing, great!
    Happy Birthday Wishes coming your way, i hope you are not too poorly to enjoy the celebrations

  154. Virtual Lintu says:

    What a fabulous blanket! Have an amazing birthday with lots and lots of cake. xx

  155. Anki says:

    Wow! What a beautiful blanket! One of the prettiest crocheted I’ve ever seen.
    And yes … Birthdaygreetings from Sweden as well! (It’s still the 4:th here) …

  156. Amy says:

    It looks so beautiful on your bed. Great job!

  157. WOW. Love it! I´m working on a Granny Square blanket too. But they are in different sizes. Some with sculls, eyeballs…flowers.
    Hope to finish it soon.
    Greetings from Germany😉

  158. Katie says:

    It’s beautiful – what a wonderful bedroom blanket – not too much colour but just enough🙂

  159. Penelope says:

    Hello lovely
    Hope you have had a fabulous birthday! Sorry for this late reply re: Tappan zee cardy, YES I used DK and it worked out just fine. Ooooh after seeing your gypsy again I need to get hooking again, drop the knitting for a moment and get me a hookin’

  160. Sarah says:

    So beautiful – hope that you had a lovely birthday and are feeling much better

  161. Emanation says:

    WOW!!! This is divine, and though your colours are exquisite as usual, I have the same colour blending taste as you so can see the ease of that – what I am amazed by is how you got the placing so beautifully random, I don’t know if i could let go that naturally – it is phenomenal!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

  162. Melissa says:

    I’m so slack! I haven’t been visiting. I’m glad I didn’t miss anything! Your blanket is GORGEOUS! I hope you are feeling better. Can’t wait to see how the wool turned out. Hope your birthday was amazing!

  163. Liz says:

    WoW! I’m feelin’ the love for the gypsy caravan blanket! How did you manage to get it done so quickly? My fingers need to speed up!

  164. It looks absolutely fantastic. I like your use of colour and how you’ve made each circle different tones of the same colour rather than a scattering of different colours through the circles. I love the photo of it on your bed, so cosy. Happy Birthday and I hope you were feeling better for it.

  165. Mary Jo says:

    Hope you had a lovely birthday with lots of cake and balloons!!

  166. Oh, I LOVE this blanket sooooo much! I just love how the colour circles jump out of the background colour like that – so gorgeous!! I hope you had a lovely birthday too!🙂

  167. kiwiyarns says:

    Oh my goodness, I’ve only just caught up with this post. I do hope you are feeling better, and that you had a fabulous, wonderful birthday on Thursday. Happy Belated Birthday!! And what a great blanket!! It looks absolutely fabulous on your bed, and the colours are pure Alice. xxxx

  168. Angela says:

    Your blanket is amazing! My cats are exactly like Raymond when it comes to getting in photos when you don’t want them and running away when you do, they make me laugh all the time🙂

  169. Wilhelmina says:

    Happy Birthday a tad late! Hope you are feeling better and had a wonderful birthday! Awesome blanket, enjoy it! Much love, Wilhelmina PS Hope Raymond gave you a party!

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  171. Juliab says:

    Oh wow! That blanket is just perfection. I am so impressed that you managed to make so many squares and that you dealt with sewing in the ends as you went (that NEVER happens in my house!). It just looks fabulous on your bed. So much for de-stashing, you’ll just have to send some of your excess yarn to me!!! Happy Birthday – hope you had a great day and that you are feeling better now. Love the blog and love Raymond. We have a beautiful siamese cat who visits our garden but he is just too timid to come over for a fuss.😦

  172. pattie says:

    WOW!!! That is GORGEOUS!! Also a lot of weaving in ends!! lol!

  173. Toot Sweet says:

    Oh My that looks fantabulous! I love the last photo of it on the bed.

  174. Dawn says:

    So yummy. So gorgeous. So….I just want to board the first plane and TOUCH IT!

  175. Donna says:

    Fabulous blanket. It looks stunning on your bed. I like the contrast between the bright circles and the brown joining rows. Raymond is beautiful too! My cats always insist on helping with my crochet and it always ends up covered in cat hairs. Hope you are feeling better and had a lovely birthday.

  176. La Woodstock says:

    You went super fast and the result is simply wonderful!!
    As for me, I made a blanket 2 months ago and still have to weave in all ends…😦

    Happy birthday my dear!

    Rosy – La Woodstock

  177. Annie says:

    Gorgeous! I am hoping my blanket will make itself, however, it seems that it has no motivation to do so right now. I hope that you feel better soon and that you have a lovely birthday.

  178. Now you have to resist rolling around on your bed all of the time. I don’t think I would have the will power to resist such a delicious looking bed.

  179. Kathleen McFarlan says:

    The blanket is exquisite! Thank you for sharing, and Happy Birthday! Kathleen

  180. Sara says:

    Do you know when I reread this post I had to laugh because my little kitty always seems to want to sit on whatever I’m working on. Be it a book, a pile of papers, whatever she always seems to plop down wherever I don’t want her. Anyway thanks or popping by to have a look at my very first skein. It is quite happy-making it! I didn’t want to give out the wrong impression. I took a short four hour class to get started. So I’m quite sure your mom is a more than adequate teacher as long as she has been spinning. You are blessed to share a passion. So if you pop by and see something I’m missing while sharing how to start spinning please feel free to pass along any suggestions. Thanks for continually inspiring me. You are quite amazing! Wishing you a happy Monday.🙂

  181. Lynne says:

    Your blanket is amazing! You truly have some major skills with a ball of yarn🙂

  182. amandaspatch says:

    Oh I’m late at commenting again. Sorry!

    This blanket is glorious. I still need to attempt a big project like this for our house, but with so many babies being born to people I know and love right now I am in baby-hat-making-overdrive. I even managed to create my very own pattern for a special couple of twins (my first ever!!) It came out bigger than newborn size as I got my gauge wrong an I have no idea if my pattern makes sense to anyone else as I’m sure having self-taught myself crochet I do things that aren’t quite good and proper sometimes, so it’s been sent to my crochet guru for her to look at. But very exciting. I have so many things I want to crochet once baby is here (you should see my ravelry queue!) both for Christmas presents and for us, and a snuggly blanket for us to sit under while watching tv when he’s a toddler is a must, but I think it will take me some time so I probably ought to start planning now, especially when I see blankets like yours to inspire me!

    I do hope that you had a lovely birthday and are feeling much better by the time this comment reaches you. xx

  183. Jillian says:

    I LOVE it! Wonderful, just wonderful. Clever lady x

  184. Anastacia says:

    looks gorgeous, and i can’t believe you finished this as fast as you did!

  185. Michal B. says:

    Dear Alice, This blanket is just magnificent!!!
    I know what I’m going to do next winter…🙂

  186. Lucy@Attic24 says:

    Hi Alice….been a wee while since I bobbed by your place, and wow what have I missed!!! I am blown away by your blankie!!! It’s amazingly beautiful, it kind of glows with happiness. The vivid colours sitting amongst the soft brown look incredible.
    Wishing you a belated happy birthday my lovely, happy days to you and KB ♥♥

  187. Susan H says:

    How do you hide all the ends? I weave mine in when i am done working but the first time i wash anything i’ve made the ends all come back out…. is there a way to hide them permanently?

    Gorgeous blanket by the way! thanks for sharing!

  188. liz says:

    Inspirational….so warm and cosy looking…..gotta keep up with mine WIP…just wonder why it takes SO long?

  189. Elaine says:

    Ooooooo woolly fabness🙂 Just love it, colours are gorgeous.

  190. Jessica says:

    In love with this blanket!!!!! Awesome!

  191. Bria says:

    I’ve had a picture of your gypsy caravan blanket saved to my desktop for a while now. It’s so beautiful!!

  192. Melinda Roth says:

    This is just so beautiful!

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  195. piatdor says:

    Happy Belated birthday…hope you enjoyed the day🙂

    This is just gorgeous! Is there a tutorial section on how to make the square out of a round center? I’d like to know how you did that.

    I’m a beginner. My mother, who has passed away, started making granny squares with all of her scrap wool. She made many mistakes. The smaller mistakes I just left because it reminds me of her. The bigger mistakes I had to rip out and re-do. After she passed away, I had a small basket of the squares she had crocheted but not enough to make anything out of it so I started making the squares out of my own scraps too. It will probably take a little while before I finish it and I plan on giving it to my son and his wife at some point.

    Your crochet abilities far exceed mine but I like the way you write and the way you have pictures to show us. I think I can learn a lot from you and I hope we get to know each other better. Thanks for taking the time to share your craftsmanship with us🙂

  196. eskimo*rose says:

    Oh man, that is STUNNING …I think you may have just provided me with the inspiration for my next blanket!

  197. ponnekeblom says:

    I just saw your blanket. It is beautiful!! I made (almost) the same blanket earlier this year… nice to meet someone with similar taste!🙂

  198. gerda says:

    It’s beautiful!! I just love your blanket! I would love to be part of your group please.

  199. Everyone loves what you guys tend to be up too. This
    type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the excellent
    works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

  200. Your style is very unique compared to other
    folks I’ve read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you’ve got the opportunity, Guess I will just book mark this web site.

  201. Replica Watches says:

    Just desire to say your article is as surprising.

    The clarity in your post is just spectacular and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Fine with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the enjoyable work.

  202. jaderenee says:

    I apologize if you’ve already answered this question, but after searching your posts and coming up empty I just couldn’t bear to go through all these nice comments. Where can I find the pattern for these motifs????

  203. bipolaryarns says:

    That’s Beautiful, Wish I had a stash I could make it with. Looks like I’ll have to buy yarn for it, lol

  204. Rose says:

    I love this, I am newt crocheting although feeling a lot better about it considering your postings are beautiful and you have staged your patterns I am going to get stuck right in this weekend thanks and looking forward to stalking both you and Raymond. Thank you Rose

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