Fibre…. the snuggly sort…..


And Happy Sunday to you!  I’ve had a whirlwind of a week and it is so nice to be sitting here in the blogworld looking at pretty pictures and happy woolly goodness!  This last week has been filled with classes, classes and more classes… new classes which are revolutionising the way I view both myself and my practice, it is wonderful.  Somewhere along the week I caught a germ however, doesn’t that always happen when you are busy?  So I’m a sneezing, germy, exhausted mess, coughing razor-blades all night, but I’m here and despite the germiness, very excited to show you some lovely bright colourful pictures!

About six weeks ago I asked my bosses if I could take Saturday 23rd July off, as the annual Upper Hutt Spin-In was scheduled for that day… if you’ve been reading my adventures for a long time now, you might remember THIS POST from a year ago when I went for the first time!  Back then I didn’t spin, but I bought plenty for my Mum to spin on my behalf (he he) so this time, being a spinner, I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited to go… and when I get excited, I get really excited.  I’ve been counting down the Saturdays, saving every spare cent, working hard to make sure I could indulge in Maria’s happy knots of colour!  

As I ended up sick (boo hoo, poor me, I promise that will be my last reference to my health) I didn’t want to take my spinning wheel as we had planned, and ended up taking my knitting which I didn’t even feel like doing because I was feeling miserable (how to tell if I am really sick- I don’t feel like knitting OR eating chocolate…. someone call an ambulance!) HOWEVER, I did manage to indulge in some retail therapy. 

Of course.

And I felt a lot better afterwards.

Can you spot Maria’s beautiful knots, like the ones I bought last year?  She is such a talented lady, I love her dying and can’t wait to have a go at spinning them myself….

This mornings task for myself was to empty my bobbins (I only have two that fit my wheel and one for plying which means I can only have one spinning WIP at a time… probably a good thing!) so I plyed (plied?) this…

This is merino roving available from the Little Wool Company, their website is HERE… it is veeeeeeery cheap and lovely to spin, it is merino in the colourway Boysenberry.  I have a huge big bag of it (600gms for $24) and haven’t spun much yet… It is so lovely and soft, I highly recommend it!  So my bobbins are empty, ready for some exciting colourful spinning later today! 

The last thing I bought yesterday were these…

Mum and I were both keen to see the lady who sells these cold water dyes… back in January in THIS POST I did some dying with these dyes which are lovely to use, and I’m excited about now dying my own sliver.  So 1kg of white merino is on its way to my place and a dying day is in the planning… watch this space!

So after all this excitement and potential spinning fun, I had to laugh when I arrived home to a parcel I ordered off the internet a week and a half ago… I was hoping to spin it for the Tour de Fleece but the postal system is quite irregular sometimes in New Zealand, so it arrived exactly on the day I had topped up my stash to bursting point!

But I do believe it is the most beautiful dye work I have ever, ever seen.  I’m not really a “squeeeeeeee-er” (although when my lovely friend Tickety-Boo squee’s my socks I do quite like that!) but this roving seriously makes me squee.

It is truly stunning, better than I could have hoped for when I bought it on the net so didn’t actually really know what was coming and if you want some too, the lovely lady who dyes it sells it HERE.

Onto the Gypsy Caravan Blanket!  It is coming along very nicely, I did a square count before and the grand total so far is 138 plus 34  centres waiting to be joined.

 Himself is a fan…

Although I am not a fan of white fur through my blanket so that will be the one and only shot of cat + blanket!

I have discovered that making a big wool blanket in Winter is a very good idea.  It is very snuggly on my lap as I make it and although I want it for my bed, I can’t imagine making one like this in Summer, the itchiness!  Eeks!  I’m having a lot of fun with this and have decided on the next TWO blankets, colour schemes and everything already… one will be a continued de-stash blanket as I’m not really getting through the stash, especially when I have to buy more of some colours when I run out…. It is fun getting through these half and quarter balls though, finishing the merino I made my arm warmers from and the perendale I made some baby hats for a friend with…. yet the bag is still full!

It’s freezing here, whats happening in your part of the world today?  Is it sunny?  Icy and cold like here?  And how are you all?  It has been lovely to pop in and catch up, but I must go back to my real life now!  Hope you’re all great and sending you lots of rainbow happiness, thank you for stopping by!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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43 Responses to Fibre…. the snuggly sort…..

  1. Ashley says:

    Love all of the photo’s in this post Alice!
    Lovely bright colours.. the roving looks so wonderfully squishy.🙂
    Your blanket is coming along brilliantly, looks like it won’t be long until it covers the whole bed! I wish I worked as quickly as you when it comes to the hexagon blanket for my bed, it is starting to drag a little now..
    Raymond looks completely chilled out, stretched out on the new blanket.. It feels a little wierd saying that as my husband’s name is also Raymond..!

    Ashley xxx

  2. Alessandra says:

    Io ti ammiro davvero, sei proprio una ragazza in gamba! fai tanti grattini a Raymond ^_^

  3. Betsy says:

    Alice, KB and Raymond –

    Enjoy the cold – it’s 101* F here in the middle section of the United States right at this moment. The last update was at 6:10 PM, and it was 101* then. I would love for you to send some of your chilly weather this way!

    Your blanket is beautiful and your purchases are lovely! Can’t wait to see the yarn you make from them!

  4. Beautiful fiber! What fun that will be to spin! 🙂 I’ve not had time lately for spinning, so I will have to live vicariously through you, for the moment. Are your dyes non-toxic? I always use Kool-Aid (easily accessible here in the US), because I don’t need any special utensils or anything. But, I must say, I really like some of the colors of the professional dyes and I have considered getting some. KA colors are great, there’s just not much of a range.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying school. I had a bit of a meltdown about school today. A, “Is it this hard or am I this stupid?” moment. So, I put the books down and I will resume tomorrow. Hopefully it will all “click” in my sleep tonight. And I’m almost finished with school, too… But I’m glad you posted today, seeing the lovely fiber lifted my heart a bit. 🙂

  5. D Markey says:

    What a pleasant surprise to see your post in my email box. I am sorry to hear you have been sick and missed out on your spinning class. So disappointing.

    Your gypsy caravan blanket is GORGEOUS! I just love it.

    Feel better! =)

  6. Lifeforce says:

    Hi, Alice, sorry to hear you’re ill and do hope you feel better soon. Love your blanket, it’s gorgeous, and I love reading about all the retail therapy you’ve been getting in. Send some of the cold weather as it’s sweltering here 33C!!

  7. Rachel says:

    What amazing beautiful colours- so sorry you’re sick- hope u feel better soon, I too always monitor how sick or tired I am by whether I feel like crocheting or not🙂
    Good luck with getting better, and with your classes and finetuning your framework for practice
    Take care

  8. Alice I did a dying workshop with Carlene last year when she came over her to go to the Alice Springs Beanie Festival!!! I have just ordered a huge amount of her dyes….fantastic aren’t they! The Spin in looks fun, sorry to hear you were sick 😦 You can’t spin and sneeze can you 😉

    Love all the new coloured roving……lots of work ahead!

    Your blanket is gorgeous and I’m not surprised his lordship loves it too, did you see the cat on my blog this week?

    Hope your feeling better soon and good luck with all the study, Jen xx

  9. LaceAnn says:


    Your colorful blog always brings happiness to my heart, even when I’m uncomfortable in the sweltering U.S. Midwest. I’m anxiously awaiting the fall and winter months when I can safely begin my own blanket! Yours is, naturally, beautifully done with the most clever color matchings. I never cease to be amazed and jealous of the wide varieties of colors you’re able to use! I am hunting down a good brand (or two or three) that provide the vibrant colors as well as a variety of different shades and having a terrible time of it considering I don’t want to spend a fortune. I’m beginning to think I’ll have to sacrifice something somewhere in order to do a good blanket. Anywho, I’m babbling. Do get to feeling better and enjoy your lovely wool!

  10. Saritha says:

    I so so much enjoy reading your posts!! Your blanket is sooooo beautiful!!I love how the colours pop out of the gray colour background!! All the best on your spinning!!The colours look lovely.

  11. Felicity from Down Under says:

    thanks for the ibeautiful njection of colour into this chilly, grey winter morning (we’ve had below zero temperatures here this past week, which is not usual for our clime; and it’s perishing). Raymond looks right at home, and very colour coordinated, with your gypsy blanket, which it utterly lovely.

    I do hope you’re soon better and able to appreciate to the full the fabulous fibre. (And, yes, if you’re too unwell for chocolate, you’re very ill indeed.) Thanks for sharing.

  12. Nisilynne says:

    I am enjoying your spinning adventures! Such beautiful colors! Your blanket is looking wonderful as well! Enjoy your cold weather as we here in Missouri (smack in the middle of the states) we have 101 degrees today. Been this way for a week and expected for at least another! When we have the heat, we want the cold, and vise versa! Such fickle creature we are! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Leah says:

    Hi Alice, what a stunningly colourful post! I keep looking at those glorious bundles and wish I knew how to spin. I hope you start feeling better soon, it well and truly is germ season isn’t it. I can totally relate to your comment about making a blanket that can keep you warm while you’re working on it … I am part way through a blanket and it’s just the ticket today. Boy is it freezing out there. Definitely a good day to have a hearty meal with the fire roaring in the background. Take care.

  14. MissLane says:

    Let me start off by saying how much I love reading your blog. Makes me smile all the time. You are so talented too! I also am loving your gypsy caravan blankie, do you have the pattern here somewhere? I would love to make my own.

  15. Annegret says:

    I always enjoy reading your post with the wonderful colours you are showing. Here in Germany the summer holidays began. The weather is soooooooo grrrrr……..It is rainy, windy, some moments of sunshine, feels like autumn! Luckyly the children and me, we all love reading books. So, with a cup of tea and a book the weather doesn’t matter.

  16. Sarah says:

    Wow! It’s 6:30 am and the kids have been up for a while so I checked my mail and YIKES – the beautiful brightness and colour almost blinded my sleepy eyes🙂

    You’re going to be spinning lots more awesomeness! And that blanket!!!!!! It’s absolutely amazing!

    What a fabulous start to my day – thank you lovely Alice xxxxxx

  17. Penelope says:

    Nice to see you Alice, poor you with the sneezes and coughs, so far I’ve managed to avoid a cold this year… no doubt something will appear when the seasons change. Like you I can then snuggle under my hooky blanket which has been put in the WIP pile whilst we are having some sunny-shine here. You certainly have made me feel likeRaymond wanting to suggle and stretch in that sea of jewelled colour x Looks like you have had a wonderful time buying such vibrant knots of sheer colour beauty. I’m sure you will get real pleasure out of seeing them spin and then I suggest you open up your own little Alice shop! with all that beautiful yarn … so we can buy it from you. Oh that was forward of me… I think you love your yarns too much to part with them. Looking forward to your next installment of colour. Hopeyou are feeling better very soon (be gone with those razor sharp coughs) and enjoy all your new classes. We are off camping this week so I’ll hopefully seeyou next weekend xox

  18. kiwiyarns says:

    Poor you! I hope you are feeling well and on top of the world soon!! Wow, your blanket is coming along! It’s quite stunning. And those batts are delicious colours! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with them. xxx

  19. Julie says:

    I hope you are soon feeling much better
    Super new wool to spin and i lurveeeeeee the gypsy blanket!

  20. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice, hoping you are feeling much better very soon. Just look at those colours, oh they are going to be beautiful. I love your gypsy caravan blanket, its growing very quickly and yes, blanket making in winter is soooooo snuggly. Have a wonderful week at your place.

  21. Beautiful and alluring!

  22. Sara says:

    ahhh there really is nothing better than snuggly underneath a crochet blanket as you make it🙂 and it is such a beautiful blanket. i don’t know how you manage to juggle all these different projects! It’s woolly madness (in a good way)!

  23. MeredithJean says:

    Back from holidays today and glad to see you have been busy busy and pushing your old loves and new pursuits forward. Hahahahhaa at Raymond on the new blanket and hahahahhahaa that you already know about your next two rugs! I’m looking forward to a sleep in my own bed. It’s been freezing in Geelong and Pt Fairy in Victoria, Australia. Home in Adelaide is still er freezing cold.

  24. penelope dubois says:

    With temps of 90-100 degrees, I have been doing socks, shawls and squares. Just has wiped out everyone.
    Hope you feel better! Love all the glorious colours here!

  25. Tickety-boo says:

    Now look I can’t very well comment on this without it can I? Squuuueeeeeee! Colour colours everywhere!!!! Love those knots. They are going to be Lush yarn.
    I also have to sqqqquuuueeeee! at the Gypsy blanket. It’s beautiful and growing so fast. His nibbs seems to love it too.
    Hope your feeling better soon! Hot milk with brandy honey and cinnamon that’ll sort you out.

  26. Ann says:

    It’s a beautiful, sunny and warm day here in Scotland which is a lovely change from our recent wet weather. Raymond sets off the blanket to purrfection.

  27. Raymond looks very pleased with himself on your blanket! All that lovely roving! I’m so looking forward to seeing your spinning creations. Your spinning is getting very expert, very even, I know that’s the aim for spinners isn’t it? Although I quite like the uneven look, apparently that’s hard to do once you’ve achieved expert smooth spinning. And your blanket! GORGEOUS! I just love the colours Alice, it’s pure joy looking at it. I’m exactly the same, when I’m ill, I don’t knit, it’s a very good barometer of how ill I am. If I’m in bed and not reading, just lying there looking miserable, well, it could, like you, be a good case for visiting the hospital!

  28. Whooopps, forgot to sign my comment I just left off…….. love Vanessa xxx!

  29. Heather says:

    the weather here is bloody hot!
    Love all your fibres and can’t wait to see what you spin them into. And what you name them!

  30. bunky749 says:

    Alice- Great read again on your blog! Always makes me smile. The colors are beautiful.
    Have you posted the pattern for the grannys in the Gypsy Caravan Blanket? How big is each square?
    Thanks again.

  31. Louise says:

    Your blanket is looking just fab, no wonder Raymond loves it so much. I so wish I could spin, it sounds like a very rewarding process.

  32. Joanna says:

    Hi Alice, hope you are feeling much better soon. Can’t wait to see the results of your spinning and dyeing. Your blanket is looking beautiful. I love the little pile of centres waiting to take their place in your blanket. It has been gorgeous weather here in the north of England this weekend after a week of heavy rain. Perfect weather for sitting outside and crocheting! Love Joanna xx

  33. whitelavender says:

    Hi Alice,sorry about your bugs. Rub the soles of your feet with “Vicks”, put your woolley socks on., wear a beany, go to bed, you will have a good nights sleep, no coughing etc. Also good old lemon, honey and top with a little hot water before going to bed. Works a charm.Loved your pics,you are doing really well with your blankey and “Sir” thinks so too.Best of luck with your classes and studies. It was great to “see ” you, until next time Shirley.

  34. Pam says:

    Snow here in Taranaki very cold so spending the day knitting socks with opal yarn which my grandson bought for me in switzerland

  35. Love, Love, LOVE the Gypsy Caravan blanket! Would you rather have goat hair on it than cat hair? I can oblige.🙂 We have finally found summer here (I think). We actually got to 82 degrees today. Will wonders never cease?

  36. Frances says:

    Love all your posts, only came across your blog a couple of weeks ago, lucky me! And bet you are well snuggled under that gorgeous creation today with the freezing cold!

  37. ohangelina says:

    hi deario – where i now live, its always summer and sunny. it only rains 4 months out of the year. the termite mounds are waaaay taller than i am. and the sunsets are splendid.

    i want to come to your place and wrap up in one of those gorgeous homemade blankets and watch….Bright Star. have you seen it? x

  38. Becky says:

    Thanks for the rainbow happiness, it certainly was a dreary/wet winter’s day today! We are packing for a cross-cultural move and gifting the wool bag to a new knitting friend. Yay for her, sniff for us. But, thankfully where we are going, there are plenty of knitting shops. Need to also say “Thank you” for reintroducing Ana and I to the joy of crochet, which now has us both knitting and trolling around the ravelry site looking for patterns!

  39. ohhh the blanket is just gorgeous~it is making want to abandon my various projects and make a blanket for my home on wheels!
    i always have white springer spaniel fur worked into all my projects🙂

  40. Melissa says:

    Hope you are feeling better! Love the wool and your blanket is looking smashing!

  41. oelibrarian says:

    We have been suffering through a heatwave here (New Jersey, USA). But it is cooler today, about 82 degrees F, and rainy. Sorry you have been sick. Boy, I wish I was a productive as you when I am sick! Kisses for Raymond! Feel better!

  42. Pingback: Bright Blanket | Life, Creativity, and Getting On With It

  43. Stitchpunk says:

    I hope you enjoy Lyn’s fibre, it is lovely lovely stuff! Thought you might enjoy seeing something I spun and knitted earlier in the year from her fibre (I added some sections of black merino so I would have enough yarn):

    Say hi to Raymond for me! I have been lurking for quite a while but I enjoy your blog very much!

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