Hello Hello!

I hope you are all well this weekend!  I’ve reached my day off in one piece so thought I’d pop in and update my crafty progress!  This weeks Tour de Fleece spinning has been the above skeins, I was given this fleece by my lovely Mum who obtained it from a destash… the previous owner had stashed it in one of those environmental plastic bags that dissolves, it had dissolved through the fleece which was very funny and I’m still picking tiny bits of plastic out of it as I spin!  I’m not sure what type of wool it is and how much I have, but it is lovely to spin, especially the electric blue bits which are lovely and soft as well as being a beautiful colour.  I’ve named this “Electric Eel” as it is a mixture of murky greens and electric blue and I’m quite thrilled by it.  I’ve been ultra busy this week so have been managing to spin almost one bobbin per night and still have about two more skeins worth of roving before I’m finished with this.

When I get a big bag of roving I try to spin the whole lot before I move on to another colour, I figure that way the spun yarn will be consistently inconsistent rather than three skeins of 8-10 ply and three skeins of lovely even 8ply when I go back to it after lots more practice!

So thats the spinning… on the knitting front I have finally finished my latest regia socks….

OH.MY.GOD these socks took forever!  I think they took me a month to knit because I have to admit I wasn’t fussed on the colours, I felt like I was knitting men’s socks.  THEN, I dropped a stitch in the gusset of the second sock on my way to stitch and bitch… I’m not a very fast knitter so I don’t regularly drop stitches and this one had slipped two rows down, so do you know what I did?  I popped it in my bag and got my friend to fix it… I figured I was going to a place where there are many very talented knitters and if I tried at this point there would be a very high risk that I would bungle it and throw a big tantrum on the bus.  “Karyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn”  I said…. “Can you please fix my knittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing?”  I love it when people fix my knitting… I’m sure it represents deeper subconscious desires …. “Karyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyn can you please fix my liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiife?”  (Hi Karyn!  Thanks for fixing my knitting, you rock!)

Details including yarn are HERE!  (does that photo make you feel drunk?  KB took it on an angle as I was hurrying out the door to work)

And on the crochet front, the Gypsy Caravan Blanket is coming along beautifully!

I tested it on my bed again and am rethinking the size, I do believe it will only need to be 16×16 rows which takes the square count down to 256… I haven’t done a count in quite a while, but here it is on my bed.

Now it is getting bigger I am loving it so much more and am having to restrain myself from working on it all day!

Life has suddenly become very busy for me in the last couple of weeks -don’t misunderstand me, it is fabulous, I really love my life and love what I do- and it has sped up a lot… I’m coming to the end of a three year degree and am hurtling towards enormous change which I need a lot of time and energy to prepare for.  Because of this, something in my life has to ‘give’ and right now blogging is that thing… I don’t have the time at the moment to maintain Crochet with Raymond to the standard I like it to be at, or that you like it too!  So I won’t be around as frequently in the near future…. I’ll be popping in weekly or fortnightly rather than a few times per week to say hello and post updates on my blanket and spinning!  So hunt me down on ravelry because I am a bit of a rav-addict, and I’ll still be popping in to visit my fave blogs like this one, this one, this one, this one, this one and  this one  just to name a few, because I love this bloggy community and I’ll miss reading your comments with my morning coffee!   So thank you for popping in to visit today and I’ll see you soon! 

Wishing you a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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61 Responses to Triad

  1. Lisa says:

    Wow your work is gorgeous.

  2. Felicity from Down Under says:

    I love the shades in that Electric Eel (though I can’t see any hint of green). I really enjoy the colour your blogging brings to these dull winter days, so am sorry to hear that you won’t be doing it as frequently but well understand that other priorities are just that: priorities. All the best with the new phase of your life; and looking forward to your continued blogging, even in a less frequent format. Cheers, and thank you. (Oh, and a hug to Raymond, of course.)

  3. Nan Wetherbee says:

    Oh my I love your bedspread!! The colors are so cheerful and cozy. Please keep showing us your progress.

  4. juniperjune says:

    oh boy do i understand about taking time off from blogging for school– my blog has been dark for at least a month now because i’m finishing up a SEVEN-year degree (a ph.d. in english) this summer, and also moving to a different city next month. but i’ll be back eventually! (also, i think you’re using the word “ply” incorrectly– it refers to the number of strands that actually make up your yarn, and i doubt you’re plying more than 2 or 3 strands together even in your heaviest yarns!)

    • Colette says:

      8ply is the same weight as uk DK, 10 ply Arran weight etc, there are more ways to use word ply. It is to do with the weight of the wool/yarn and seem like different countries have different terms for the weight of the yarn/wool.

  5. Rachel says:

    I love th blue of the electric eel, it’s amazing!!
    The socks are lovely, and the blanket just gorgeous
    Your posts always make me feel warm and cosy and inspired, and it doesn’t matter how regularly you post, your work will still be an inspiration

  6. LaceAnn says:

    Those bright blues are absolutely stunning! It sounds like you truly have been extremely busy lately! I do hope that your degree is going well. I finished my five year bachelor’s degree last year and I understand how much work goes into that! I will miss reading your frequent blogs though….alas. It is for the best though. Best wishes with your schooling, spinning, and that lovely blanket!

  7. Wendy says:

    Oh definitely make it longer than necessary so you can snuggle into it….but then, not everyone is 6′ tall like me….:\

  8. Leah says:

    Good for you Alice. Enjoy this exciting time in your life. You know we’ll all still be here no matter how often you post. Love your bed cover by the way – it’s fabulous!

  9. Tickety-boo says:

    Electric eel is so lovely and bright. I bet you have a 101 projects in mind for it. I recognise that Regia! My first ever socks were knitted in this. I recover dropped stitches with a crochet hook it works really well working the loop up the ladder of the stitches.
    Good golly Alice has your hook been smoking or what? Gypsy is looking fine! It’s really is gorgeous.
    Thank you for linkying my blog in your post you know how much I love your blog so it makes me very happy indeedy!

  10. Sandi says:

    That blue is my mums all time fav shade, I saw a cardi in it the other day and felt very tempted to buy it.
    Happy days ahead, take care.
    x Sandi

  11. Bearlakenana says:

    I’ve just started being drawn towards blues and yours is lovely. What is truly inspirational though is your bed cover, it’s BEAUTIFUL!!

  12. Melissa says:

    The wool looks good and so does the blanket. All my sock take forever – I finished one pair🙂 I’m probably a lot slower at knitting than you and I have friends that fix my mistakes too. Aren’t they the best? Good luck with all your endeavors right now. The craziness is so worth it in the long run,

  13. Carol says:

    Never feel sad about not blogging enough…you have to set your priorities differently at different seasons in your life. Some of my personal favorite bloggers only update every few weeks and I never lose interest. You have been an incredible inspiration to me in knitting/crocheting since I found your blog….so please keep it going but just at the pace that works in your life right now!

  14. Love that spinning and the colours. Your socks rock! I didn’t know Kaffe Fasset did wool??? Conserve your energy and direct it to the places which need it most for the moment, take care. Hugs to you and Raymondo xx

  15. Brenda says:

    Hi Alice, I just wanted to say how much I love your blog, you are so inspirational and very time I visit, you bring a smile to my face, Thankyou, Brenda

  16. Carole says:

    I know just how you feel about life getting busy – I’m back at work now and it’s a bit of a shock to the system having some of my week eaten up with working and coping with exhaustion of working nights.

    I’m loving your blanket, it’s growing so quickly and the socks are gorgeous too.

    Carole xXx

  17. Julia Grant says:

    Love the socks especially because that’s my new passion. Just bought a book on how to knit two at a time. I live in Ely. Do you live in England? We are stationed here with the Air Force It’s been a lovely 4 years but we are heading back to the states in December. Love your blog!! Have a great week. Julia

  18. Beautiful yarn and fun socks!

    We will miss you, but we understand that you have a life outside of this little spot in cyberspace; and we’ll be here when you get back! 🙂

  19. Donna says:

    Love your blog and your cat. Keep going with the blanket – it looks gorgeous! The colours are perfect.

    Donna -xx-

  20. Jill says:

    I’m coveting your bedspread… it is progressing so fast! My cream and a little bit of colour hexagon blanket seems so drab in comparison… I can feel a colour extravaganza coming on for my next one! Enjoy your bloggy slow-down … you will be missed! x

  21. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! Beautiful socks, those blues are so great! That Gypsy blanket is going to be amazing – love it already!!!
    xxx Teje

  22. Jane says:

    Alice – thank you for all the lovely posts I’ve read over the last few months, and showing us all the beautiful things you’ve been creating, along with all the warmth that comes through everything you write. Strange how at the moment so many of us seem to be caught up in lots of things going on, and so having not as much time to blog. All part of the flow of life I suppose! All the best, and I’ll look out for the moments you do get a chance to post – and I’ll look on Ravelry for your beautiful creations too.
    Jane x

  23. Mary Cogan says:

    AAh this Irish follower will miss you. Thank you for all the enjoyment and I will look forward to your infrequent updates. Take care, M.C.
    P.S. Your quilt really rocks!

  24. Nicole says:

    Wow, I have to say (hopefully not in too much of an “awe inspired” way) that I pretty much love everything you’ve made in this post! I really love how much you’ve embraced spinning and can make your own yarns for projects, to me that feels like you’ve really gotten into the heart of the craft and what could be more satisfying than having 100% made a project, even down to the yarn itself?!

    Glad that you’ve got some exciting things coming up, will miss your regular updates but would much rather you cut down on blogging than making stuff; no point blogging if you’ve nothing to show us eh?🙂

    Take care, Nicole x

  25. Susana says:

    Me gusta la manta como te está quedando y sobre todo el color gris que usas para unir los cuadros, hace que resalten los colores.
    Un saludo.

  26. Jill says:

    P.s: Thanks so much for the links to the lovely blogs…I just spent a lovely couple of hours reading some very lovely blogginess!
    Jill :)x

  27. Diemie says:

    Good luck Alice!

  28. Heather says:

    There’s nothing wrong with having to slow down on blogging, real life does come first and you know that everyone who reads here will love your posts whether they are weekly, monthly or daily. Enjoy the changes and the joy of finishing your degree – don’t worry about your blog. It will still be here and I can’t wait to see your blanket when it’s finished. It’s lovely – I really love how the grey tones down the overall look of the blanket as a whole, but up close it really enhances all of the colours. Beautiful🙂

  29. Penelope says:

    Hello my friend, what a busy bee your have been, WOW! Love love loving your gypsey girl blanket, great that it won’t be taking you quite as long as you originally thought. As for your socks…perfection or what! Each stripe matches each foot, just too clever for my grey matter to comprehend, they look so cosy too and all that stunning blue witht the electric eel makes me want to squeeeeeel, I am defnitely a blue girl and this has always been my “default” colour but over the years have been slowly but surely swayed towards pinks and purples, oh and orange too. I have done loads of frogging and then re-knitting and then frogging and re-re-knitting this weekend and surprisingly am turning into YOU wanting perfection! Ha ha I have a long way yo go to meet your incredible knits and hooky makes.
    Hope you enjoy the breathing space from blogging and get on with finising that degree girl! Thank you for mentioning me , you are a true sweet thing and i shall miss not seeing you as often but shall certainly relish the posts you do put up in the future. Here’s wishing you lots of brain power and top marks with your studies Alice xox Penelope, no doubt will see you on ravelry x

  30. Jude says:

    You will be missed, but as others have mentioned, we all have lives to live too….
    Thank you so much for all the blogging you have done, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it..
    Take care

  31. Meredith says:

    Alice, take your time and get things together. We will be here for you when you get the time and we will be thinking of you when you are away.
    Love to you and Raymond.

  32. LOVE the gypsy caravan blanket!!!! We understand about the blogging. Sometimes life gets in the way. We are, however, thankful that you will still be popping in once in awhile! Carry on! We quite admire the amount of life you manage to juggle!

  33. Planet Penny says:

    Hi Alice, I’ll miss you blogging so frequently but do understand how life gets hectic and blogging is quite time consuming. I’ve been loving all the gorgeous colours spinning out of your wheel! Thank you for the mention, too, you’re very sweet. Big kisses to Raymond and love to you all, Penny and Higgins xxx

  34. Love the blanket progress!

  35. MeMeRose says:

    You are an absolute inspiration Alice in everything you do … I am loving the gypsy blanket and want it for myself! Thank you for linking to my blog, it is always great to hear from visitors old and new and I am very happy that you will be stopping by to have a read at my goings on. Good luck with your studies and the next stage in your life x

  36. Hi Alice,

    Wow – you HAVE been busy! Love love love that blanket! It’s going to be awesomeness on a whole new level! And so much spinning, and socks, and EVERYTHING else too – no wonder you are going to be ‘here’ a bit less. Completely understandable. The great thing is, you can pop back and and when the mood takes you and share what’s on your mind (/hook/needles) and we’ll be here to read it. (I love the blogs you have linked – it’s so nice to get to “meet” each other this way!)

    Wishing you a lovely, productive, happy and colourful week.

  37. Will miss the frequent colourful posts, but having just started out in blogging myself understand the work that is required to keep up such frequency. I love the colour of the new skein. And that blanket is going to be immense when it’s done! And will hopefully be finished before the real cold weather kicks in where you are? I’m currently in the process of doing a Crochet with Raymond inspired cushion. I expect I’m a tad slower than you, but having just finished my current knitting project will be cracking on and hope to get it finished soon.

  38. Love your blanket!! I’m about to start doing the same thing, but substituting the grey with “Patons wool blend Aran” Charcoal. It’s a bit darker and will make the bright colors stand out even more. What yarn are you using?
    I’m a bit opposite of you, I choke on smaller projects and adore doing these big things. I started with a baby blanket and couldn’t wait to do a full size one…the baby blanket didn’t last long enough! I think I might enjoy the work more than the finished project!

  39. Angela says:

    I am in America and your blog is my “Morning Coffee Blog”, it doesn’t matter that you don’t update every day🙂 Hopefully I will be still be able to get my Alice in NZ fix once a month.
    Thanks to you I have become a sock knitter, cozy knitter, and confident enough in my skills to start teaching beginner’s classes!
    I appreciate the sincerity with which you have shared your crafty self and thank you for it.

  40. whitelavender says:

    Hi Alice, best wishes.Will miss your frequent chats but will pop in regularly. Your blanket is gorgeous. Shirley

  41. Jane says:

    I love your Gypsy blanket and look forward to seeing it grow. Jane

  42. Susan H. says:

    Hi Alice,
    Your blue wool is beautiful! It looks so nice, the perfect combo of color. And those socks…. they look great. Your socks look great, they just keep getting better and better with each pair. I hope you enjoyed your day off – you must be exhausted!
    xoxo Susan

  43. Joyce says:

    *sigh* your gypsy caravan blanket makes me want to pack up my little family and run away again. I so love your colours, it’s going to look wonderful on your bed. Once you start blankets, you won’t be able to stop. It will be granny stripes next. I am loving your spinning adventure too. Enjoy your busy-ness, your blog will always be here when you are ready.

  44. Janine says:

    Hi Alice, love your blanket. I too started crocheting a blanket for my queen size bed about 2 weeks ago, the photies are on my blog. My neighbour said that last year she crocheted a blanket a week, I most certainly won’t get mine done so quickly, I figure about another 3 weeks. I would love to just sit and crochet but I have a family who’s needs I have to attend to as well as being back at work again now after my 3 week holiday😦. How long do you figure it will still take you? It is really beautiful and when I am finished my blanket I am planning on crocheting a grey blanket for my 18 yr old daughters bedroom, with her colour scheme in the centre!! I have my wool stuck in my bag so that when I am waiting to pick children up at school I can quickly crochet a block or two.

  45. kate says:

    Hey Alice, thanks for sharing as much as you have already, everything you have written and posted so far has been so valued look at all those lovely comments :o) I am sure everyone just wishes you all the best for your busy times ahead and are happy to have so many lovely pics and patterns to look through. I have been having a busy time too and reading/doing blogging is now so much more enjoyed- I just do it when I feel really relaxed about it all. best best best wishes xo Kate

  46. oldbagpuss says:

    Alice, the gypsy blanket is stunning, i really need to practice my crochet a bit more

    Love the socks, i finished a pair for DH this weekend and have updated a pic on my blog

    Electric eel is the perfect name for the lovely wool you’ve spun

    It’s so lovely to read that you are enjoying life, i see so many blogs where ladies are not recently,

    Happy crafting and spinning

  47. ohhh i have just spent ages here looking at your beautiful work! so inspirational!

  48. Liza says:

    Hi Alice,
    I love your color of you blue yarn ,and your socks, but your gypsy blanket knocks my socks off. Just beautiful. I want to wish you only the best in life, I will miss you. But you have left us with lots of wonderful pictures, and patterns to look back at. Hugs and kisses all around and especially raymond. You take care of yourself and all you loved ones. Your friend from Texas.

  49. kiwiyarns says:

    What an exciting amount of change you have coming up! Good luck with everything, and I’m hoping I’ll see you at some point to catch up properly. The granny blanket is looking gorgeous. xxx

  50. planetcoops says:

    Love the blanket! I’ve started a similar one myself after coming away from your blog with colour envy. (48 squares done…)

  51. victoria says:

    Love it all – the ‘electric eel’ yarn is beautiful- but I think I love the blanket most of all.
    I linked to you today, just so’s you know, as I made a bolster cushion using your mandala for the ends.

  52. Good luck with all the changes coming your way. We will miss Raymond! Beautiful socks by the way (as always). I finished knitting my first pair of socks a couple of weeks go after having started 6 months ago (eek…that was a long time!) but I am addicted now and am about to start pair number #2! Looking forward to reading you soon!

  53. Fiber Hound says:


    I’ve been inspired by your blog and your work so much that I’ve opened up my own blog and started working on my crochet skills! There’s nothing much on my blog yet, though, because I’m working on my wordpress skills too, but I wanted to share a picture of something I made recently after I saw your gypsy caravan blanket project on your blog.

    I have no idea what I’ll do with this little piece I made. I won’t make it any bigger because the yarn is not very easy to crochet with, and I’m tired from just this little bit, so I guess it will sit on this couch for a while!

    I posted the picture on my blog, but I’m not sure it really shows up. 😦

    Thanks for sharing so much and I’ll be looking forward to seeing more!

    Cara Jean

  54. Emily says:

    HOLY FARTS! That blanket is gonna be AWESOME!

    I haven’t tried knitting any socks yet. It was a goal of mine to make a pair this year and now the two yarn stores I went to are closing!😦 I need to find a knitting group.

  55. I really love that name, the gypsy caravan blanket, it’s rather romantic! And your blanket is looking absolutely fabulous, the section on your bed gives us a really good idea of how fabulous it’s going to look when it’s finished, I’m not surprised it’s hard for you to stay away from crocheting it. And it’s good to see the beautiful spinning of yarn is still going along well, and the sock knitting too, fab socks. I hope your adjustment period goes well, we’ll all still be here to watch your every move on your blog, we won’t be going away. Vanessa xxxxx

  56. Kathy Bernett says:

    Good luck to you, and Raymond, in your new life adventures. Sometimes it’s just not fair how real life intrudes upon the things we love to do. Just think ahead, when you retire from your lovely new career, think how much time you will have for all that crochet! Take care. Kathy xoxoxo

  57. JD says:

    I have no idea if I’ve posted a comment on your blog before, but I love it, I’ve only just started blogging myself but I’ve been nosying at yours for awhile (you know in a non blog stalker way!)
    I hope to give your patterns/tutorials a try one day! x

  58. Claudia says:

    I´ll miss you and all your bright, colourful posts a lot! But I totally understand you!
    I´ll be here waiting… rsrssr…
    Lots of love from Brazil,

  59. Cuckoo says:

    5th one in from the right at the bottom. That’s my fave square.

    You go and live your real life, we will all still be here when you get a chance to visit. I might even have started some sock knitting by then! We live in hope. The dropped stitches still drive me nuts but I was given a great tip the other day. Every now and then, say every 10 rows or pattern repeat, run a piece of embroidery thread through all the stitches on the needle, Then you can rabbit to that point if needs be and you’ll not lose a stitch and none will be twisted. You probably already knew this. It’s genius!


  60. Sonia says:

    Hi, I love looking at your colourful crocheting! I am a relatively new crocheter myself. I just finished a granny square blanket, and have started work on a granny row blanket. I too, am always joined by faithful little orange cat, Fred. He watches my work intently.
    Raymond is beautiful🙂

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