Tour de Fleece


I hope you’re all having a lovely start to the week!  I am… in between writing assignments and work I’ve been crafting like crazy and having the best time ever.  Over on Ravelry the annual Tour de Fleece is running, and I’m loving it!  It began on Saturday 2nd July and runs until Sunday 24th July and participants must spin every day the Tour de France runs except the official days of rest.  The Ravelry group is HERE with all the teams, have a look in the discussions, there are some wonderful photos of beautifully spun wool.  I’m so inspired…. I’m on Team Aotearoa (New Zealand) and Team Maude & Me (See yesterday’s post… who wouldn’t want to be part of Team Maude & Me!)  TDF is hilarious and I’m having so much fun participating.

My first contribution which took the first couple of days is a yarn I spun from Corriedale wool from the Little Wool Company which I drum-carded to blend in the colours, hoping for a mystical, magical, witchy purple.

I’ve named it “Magic” and I’m thrilled that not only is it reasonably even, but also almost 8ply!  I have 120gms in total so might blend it with another colour and make a lovely shawl in the future… we’ll see.  Corriedale is quite a strong wool, and this has turned out lovely and soft which makes me very happy… KB exclaimed last night that “it’s bouncy!” which is a vast improvement on my first few skeins… God I love this spinning lark!

So speaking of shawls, a couple of posts ago I showed you a photo of some mystery knitting…. It’s finished!  A little toooooo soon due to only having 200gms of wool, but that’s OK, it’s smaller than I would like it to be, but still perfect and now I have an excuse to make a bigger one!

This was my first time knitting something triangular from the inside out, well any way really, and it was great fun.  It took an embarrassingly long time to work out whether I was knitting up or down but after a few eyelet rows I clicked and it was smooth sailing from there!  It is so warm… I adore it as it sits right up around my neck keeping the icy wind out, and there are no bulky ends flapping all around… triangle shawls, you are my new ‘thing.’  So want to see?  KB took some shots of me on Sunday morning, she told me I looked like a total poser in my sunnies but I had no make-up on and don’t give a toss really, so here you go!  Despite the sunshine it was freezing by the way….


My next shawl will be made from the 450gms of undyed charcoal grey merino I have in my stash, it’s beautiful and will be fabulously soft and cuddly… I just have to get through a few projects before I start it!  But I’ll be back soon to show you them, including one that is going to take a while….

Thank you for popping in!  I’m going to force myself away from my spinning wheel and go for a vigorous walk in the sunshine.  Have yourself a beautiful day!


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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26 Responses to Tour de Fleece

  1. LaceAnn says:

    What a lovely purple! So glad that you are finally getting the hang of spinning to your liking🙂 They are truly coming along! Is there a way to get a view of your snuggly blue shawl in its entirety? I’d love to see it. I’m sure your upcoming charcoal one will be equally lovely and very earthy (which is definitely a compliment!). Best of wishes during your Tour de Fleece!

  2. kiwiyarns says:

    I like that purple! Very nice. It looks like a tea cosy to me! Although I’m sure it’s far too precious to me made into a cosy. And that shawl… what a lovely piece of brightness to wear on a dreary, cold winter’s day! xx

  3. MeredithJean says:

    hhahhahahhaaaaa Tour De Fleece!! You spinners really are hilarious. And now Alice you’ve embraced drum carding… all by yourself? Yaaaaaay! And the product is stunning. I don’t understand the challenge to get 8 ply, maybe it’s to not spin the bejeeebeeze out of the yarn so it maintains some plump. 8 plump hehe.
    Your triangular scarf knitted …. from the inside…. yikes no wonder it was hard to follow the pattern initially. It looks great on you Miss A, a gorgeous colour, and the rows of eyelets drape like strings of pearls in amongst it (without being pearls of course, cos that would be overdressed!). xxx

  4. Regula says:

    Non, no, no, no. NO. I do not taking up spinning.😉 Not now. Not until my retirement. That will be in 20..

    Wonderful yarn!

  5. Julia Grant says:

    Beautiful job on the shawl. It’s always fun to read your posts. The magic is beatiful as well. I can’t wait to start spinning. Watch out. I’m sure I will have list of questions. Love from England.

  6. Diemie says:

    Your scarf is, again, wonderful Alice! Is it a sort of lacey pattern?
    It looks really nice! And your garden looks terrific with your gorgeous flowers.
    Love from Holland.

  7. Penelope says:

    All too beautiful again Alice. Love the Tour de fleece…brilliant idea! I finished my boneyard scarf last night and am really pleased with the result … need to block it though it seems to want to curl up a bit more than I would like. I’m also not sure about the riot yarn colours but it’ll do as a first attempt. I’m on your side with the love of triangular shawls, I loved knitting this one. Did you do the lace effect boneyard shawl ? It looks gorgeous xox Hope you enjoyed the sunshine.

  8. Tickety-boo says:

    ooooo purple is lovely jubley. I just love watching this spinning go on.
    Loving your shawl. The colour is really gorgeous. It certainly looks like you love it from your photo.

  9. Hello Alive, whats the Name of the Shawl? Where i can find the Tutorial?
    Very nice wool. I hope, i will find something similar here in Germany.


  10. Oh Sorry, not Alive, ALICE…

  11. sandiart says:

    That is a magic color!!! Like night when all the magic happens. I tell you I am missing my long hair to keep most of the cold off my neck, it is freezing here.
    x Sandi

  12. Scrummy wool Alice! Love the scarf too.. I think it looks just the right size :)x

  13. Goodness Alice we are on the same page today, I just read your post and I have blogged about the Tour de Fleece today as well. Your Magic yarn is divine…..I keep saying it is in your blood, you are a natural 🙂

  14. Carole says:

    Your enthusiasm for spinning is so infectious – you can tell just reading your blog how much you are enjoying it.

    Loving the new shawl too🙂 And I think you look fab in the photo!

    Carole xXx

  15. Sara-Jane says:

    Do you watch the Tour while you spin? I’m a huge cycling fan, and am watching it now. I am part of a fantasy Tour de France league. (You pick the racers you think will do well, get points each day for how they finish.) For out little group I made a stuffed croched lion. My version of the one they hold up on the podium.

  16. Melissa says:

    Hello dear lady! Hope you are doing well. I’m playing a little bit of catch up…You are getting to be quite the spinner! Such lovely colors! Can’t wait to see what you produce next!

  17. Jillian_R says:

    Hi Alice, I love your spinning work, it has been turning out so well. I really enjoy your names fo the yarn you spin. You did a great job on your shawl, even if it is smaller than you liked. 🙂

  18. Suzanne says:

    Tour de Fleece! Makes even me want to spin (I have never done it in my life, but suddenly it sounds so much fun)! Although I should prooobably keep stick to the crochet for now, since the pile of WIPs is getting bigger and bigger. That purple is indeed marvelous, can’t wait to see it turned into something just as pretty or even prettier! Enjoy the rest of the Tour de Fleece!!

  19. What a busy bee you are, I can tell you’ve been spinning in your sleep Alice! Miaow and ear kisses to Raymond.Love Vanessa xxx

  20. Teje says:

    Dear Alice, your new scarf is beautiful! I wish we had already autumn and I could knit something like that! We have now too hot – about +35 degrees and this continues at least till the end of August. I love that blue turquoise colour, it’s like the sea here today! And that pattern is really practical, as you said.
    Enjoy your knitting and have a great time!
    xxx Teje

  21. I’m not a spinner but I’m loving following all of the Tour de Fleece posts!

  22. penelope dubois says:

    Magic is lovely! Your scarf looks cuddly and warm, shawls are so much fun to knit.
    I wanna spin!

  23. juniperjune says:

    the yarn is gorgeous! and the shawl is great! i wish i had the time to do TDF; i’ve never done it before! (i’ve only been spinning since last august.) next year, for sure! (they do the tour de france every year… don’t they?)

  24. whitelavender says:

    Love the scarf and I am really envious of your great spinning. Are you sure you haven’t been spinning for some time. I am spinning also and have been doing some hours of it but not a lot to show for the time. I really love it though and hate having to stop and prepare meals.Will “pop” over to Tour de Fleece and have a look, sounds real fun.Shirley

  25. Julie says:

    Love the tour de fleece idea!

    You looks so happy in the piccie, happiness is when your crafting project works out wonderfully, that little buzz of excitement gets me everytime as i am sure it does all craftworking ladies

  26. Cuckoo says:

    Your spinning just blows my mind! It looks so clever and lovely. I have been saving your posts for a sit in. Here I am at the first post and already you have given me the wantsies. L:O:V:E the triangle scarf.
    ps My knitting is improving slowly. I’ll do a post soon.

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