Rabbiting Cont.

As I write this post, the scent of those gorgeous little flowers is wafting up my nose and I love it!  They totally brighten up the beginning of winter.  KB hates the smell of them, yesterday she said she thought they smelled “like snot” which I thought was a bit ridiculous… what does snot smell like anyway?  Your nose?  Anyway, at the market yesterday morning they were $1/ bunch which was amazingly cheap, so I bought four bunches and love the uplifting colour thrill they are giving me every time I walk into the lounge!

I’ve had a few people ask me about my toes…. the sock variety, and instead of e-mailing people individually I thought I’d blog about it and hope everyone reads this post.  So if you’re not interested in sock toes, please skip a few paragraphs until I start writing about something more relevant!

Because I have non-pointy toes, I noticed that when I did my decreases right down to a point and kitchenered 8 stitches together, the toes weren’t as comfortable as the faery socks I made at a party… remember them?  I accidentally kept knitting too far and had to do a very abrupt decrease because I didn’t want to rabbit them.  (Putting 64 stitches back onto DPN’s?  No THANK you!!!)  Sooooooooo, on the latest pair, I knitted until I reached the bottom of my little toe, then did a row of garter stitch to give the toe some definition.  KB and I agreed that without that definition, my feet look like something out of a Dr Seuss book. (yes, we have far too much time on our hands…. not having children means we have the energy to discuss highly important topics such as these!)

Then, I decreased every second row, as per usual, until there are about 22 stitches left on needle 2, then I decrease EVERY ROUND until I have 12 stitches on needle 2, then kitchener them all together.

Result= nice rounded toes.

I hope that was helpful for you!  I started knitting a pair to test this new toe method, as you can see I finally had a try with my Zauberball which I have been dying to use but holding off because once I use it, its gone!  Madness, but you get it don’t you?!  I cast on my stitches on the bus and noticed that it was particularly splitty… eeks… but carried on anyway.  When I got home, I did a yarn search on Ravelry and discovered that it has some pretty negative feedback happening, but I decided to bravely carry on with the socks and see for myself if I loved it…  Because quite often, people only comment if they have something negative to say and people who were happy with it probably didn’t bother!

 And let’s face it, the colours are divine, oh my goodness, by far the most beautiful blending ever!  But sadly, after five inches of sock, I noticed that my finger was getting rubbed raw, so I rabbited it…. More rabbiting… I swear I haven’t finished a project in soooooooooo long!  It’s driving me crazy!  I found this yarn very slippery, especially on steel needles, so it might be better on bamboo DPN’s which are a bit ‘grabbier’ and the slip factor was causing the finger rubbage which was deeply unpleasant.  Anyway, it’s in my stash again, awaiting its perfect project, I’m sure if I try knitting something flat with it, it will be fine.  I’m grieving the socks I was going to make though, because to look at, this yarn lights my fire!

Anyway, I’ve got a project happening right now that I’m in total love with, it’s gorgeous, colourful and at my skill-level so will not be rabbited!  16 pattern repeats and no mistakes yet!  But that’s a story for another day… Do you know (and I know you do) I love finding blogs which are on my vibe, which I love to read, and I like to link to them so you can go and visit and enjoy them too!  I’m loving visiting Carole at Gingerbread Girl right now, as her blog is full of rainbow happiness and knitting and crochet goodness, so visiting her brings a smile to my face when I see she has popped up a new post!  So make sure you hop over and say hello. 

What blogs are you loving right now?  Leave a link to them in the comments below so we can go and enjoy them too!

OK then!  I’m off to bed, it’s way past and I have new books to start reading and knitting to do before I fall asleep, which will happen very soon judging my my attention span! (or lack of…)

Wishing you a wonderful week!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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37 Responses to Rabbiting Cont.

  1. Amy says:

    Just a quick note to tell you that I adore your blog!!! I have spent the entire weekend reading it from start to finish ( not quite finished yet). It makes me very happy & excited that you write so often. This is my new favorite blog! : )

  2. That ‘s how I do my toes Alice and I need the garter stitch definition as well or you are right Dr Seuss 🙂 I am rabbiting my sock as we speak because I accidently used too large a gauge needles and didn’t realise until way past the heel….( looks like a sock made for someone with a club foot!) but is was a good lesson on doing the heel so if I redo them on smaller needles I should just about be happy enough with my socks to cast on the lovely OPAL tiger stripes that I have been saving. One of my favourite blogs is Menopausal Musing but I think you follow her anyway…Cathy does such awesome needlework and her blog is alway a treat to read.

  3. Lmao they smell like snot! KB would get on great with my DD it sounds just like something she’d say.
    OOOOOOOo look at that yarn all seductive and bright luring you in to cast it on. The colours are amazing. I know what you mean about slippy being a pain. I am doing a baby cardi at the moment in cashmere and it’s like mercury! Have you looked at Twisted Limone yarns? You’d LOVE them. I’ll linky them to you on Rav.

  4. Hillery says:

    Hello, I just wanted to stop by and say how much I enjoy comming to your blog. It is so cheery and colorful. Such a feast for the eyes. Have a wonderful day.

  5. Dawn Marie says:

    Well I love your blog Mrs!

  6. Hannah says:

    Thank you for the tip on making one garter ridge before you begin the toe. I will do that next time. About the Zauerball, I threw my yarn in the garbage! I knit and reknit FOUR times and finally gave up. That yarn is very strange. I used wood needles and also Addi Turbo size l circular. It did not work with either of them. I experienced the same problem you did with my finger hurting. There is something odd about that yarn. There are hundreds of yarns available out there. We do not need Zauerball for socks. So sorry to have to say that. I love your daffodils.

  7. Nicole says:

    That yarn looked gorgeous! Shame its not that good to work with but hopefully you’ll find a project that brings it into its own. Hope all is ok where you are, heard that Christchurch had more tremors😦

  8. Carol says:

    Hi Alice, sorry that yarn ‘did for’ your fingers, it does look lovely so I hope you find it a new project.
    So many blogs……. so little time! You have quite a few of the blogs I follow in your sidebar but a few more you might like to visit are http://cocorosetextiles.blogspot.com/ after reading Vanessa’s brilliant post on the crochet cats (19th May) I got the book and have made a couple; lovely Lucy of http://inthesky1.blogspot.com/ often has brilliant original recipes, she’s been dyeing and spinning wool and has a giveaway on at the moment for a book on crocheting socks and I love Helen’s beautiful quilts, her tales of visits to vintage events and her gorgeous cats http://henhousehomemade.blogspot.com/.
    Carol xx

  9. Melissa says:

    You must be a mind reader! I was looking at the pictures of your last pair of socks and noticed the toe. I thought “Wow! She did a row of garter at the toe. I really like the look of that. I guess I’ll have to email her about that…” As I haven’t gotten to the toes on mine, your timing was perfect! Hope the shake, rattle and roll didn’t cause any problems!

  10. Julie says:

    Shame the lush looking wool is not so good to actually knit with. Looking forward to seeing your latest project, sounds exciting!

  11. Hi there!! My favorite blog right now is yours!
    I loved your Granny Mandala so much I created another
    Tire Cover for my Jeep using your pattern…I modified it a touch to fit my tire.
    These mandalas are so cool looking!
    You can see it on Ravelry.
    My profile is ‘warpspeedlinda’
    Soon I’ll post the Tire cover mandala on my blog
    Love love love this one you created and I love your blog…

  12. Penelope says:

    Gorgeous, clever Alice, you do make me smile… which is always a very good thing. Hope you find something gorgeous to use your yarn with soon. Loved the socks and colourway of the yarn in your previous post. I am currently knitting 2 needles sloppy/floppy socks for the autumn and getting great thrills out of my merino yarn. Will post about them soon. How is your mum’s wrist? I hope it’s on the mend.
    Love that you have tiny daffodils in the idde of your winter, how cheerful is that! I’m on such a knitting high at the moment, crochet is a bit on the back burner but will be back soon no doubt. Addiction is an underestimation sometimes dn’t you think, obsessed mad woman is more like it in my case :0) xox

    ps. I’m loving Ysolda’s blog ad her whimsical little knits…too divine for words! http://ysolda.com/wordpress/

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxPenelope xox

  13. Such a shame about that yarn as you are right – the colourway is amazing. I’m sure there will be a perfect project for it, and at least you get to “have it” for longer, right?

    I’m also loving Gingerbread Girl’s blog – I know Carole from another ‘life’ (seeing her learn to crochet inspired me to) and actually found YOU through her, so it’s lovely to see the good vibes being returned as she is such a wonderful kind person with beautiful knitting and crochet too ❤ I’m also loving the quirky craziness that is http://dottieangel.blogspot.com/ at the moment – it’s a bit of this and that and all of it pretty lovely.

    Better feed my hungry hoards – hope you have a great week x

  14. Carole says:

    I’m so glad you like my blog Alice and thank you for sending lots of new visitors to come and see me x

    What a shame about the Zauberball yarn😦 I’m sure you will come up with something lovely for it instead🙂

    Oh and believe me the presence of children in your life by no means reduces your ability to talk about the silliest things – myself and my other half can waste hours talking about Very Important Topics – although I don’t think we’ve pondered the shape of your feet yet……….. LOL!

    Have a lovely day xXx

  15. Oh!!! I still have to try socks. I will. I will. I will. As soon as I have finished 30 hedgehogs!!!!!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  16. Oh!!! . I will. I will. I will knit socks one day. As soon as I have finished 30 hedgehogs!!!!!
    Kindest Regards Linda

  17. mariasangel says:

    could you crochet something with the uncooperative yarn?

  18. Karen says:

    Alice thank you so much for the ‘toes’ just about there so perfect timing! Such a shame about the Zauberball, I have some in my stash and the colours are so strong and fabulous but now I’m wondering what it can be used for. Would it be better to crochet with rather than knit do you think? Lovely so many people have suggested other links – I’m loving having a browse. How is your charcoal cowl doing after rabbiting the red one? Thanks for another lovely post and I can smell the narcissi all the way in UK!!! lots of love xxxxxxx

  19. Maria says:

    What a shame about the Zauberball, cause the colour really was delicious looking. But I do know what you mean as I had the same experience with Noro Silk Garden – never again

  20. penelope dubois says:

    Yes, I love the idea of that toe! Will be my next!
    My big Zauberall is staring at me, I think it will be a scarf – saw a pattern just for it!
    I read all of the above, plus “Dutch Girl Diary”.
    I see Raymond looking longingly at that Big Zauberall!

  21. Anne says:

    I was looking at Zauberball’s in my local yarn shop they are quite beautiful. I love the colour of your wool.
    I finished another Noro project its a vest it on my blog. I think it was the same colour way as the little vest that you knitted a while ago. Your socks are beautiful thanks for your links. I was checking out Opal Hunderwasser sock wool.
    Have a great week, happy knitting…:)

  22. Alyson says:

    I have looked at Zauerball yarn online, and I’ve been so tempted by the colors, but I haven’t purchased any yet. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for your socks- they would’ve been gorgeous!

  23. Knitrageous says:

    A friend of mine just made your Granny Mandala and it was beautiful so I came over to see your other stuff! Great feast for the eyes! I have a Zauberball I got for Christmas. I don’t do socks so I don’t know what it will be yet.

    If you like to look at cookies, my daughter has a great blog called The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle at http://sweetsugarbelle.blogspot.com/ Lots of amazing cookies and tips. I know it’s not fiber related but it is eye candy!

  24. Enjoying your blog very much, so sad to hear that you “rabbited” the socks, I love the color blending as well. I think I would hav just worked them some, put them down, pick them up again? Or maybe that would drive you crazy? Okay, none of my business really…..haha! Thanks for sharing🙂 Cheers! Vikki http://www.castlecountrystitchery.blogspot.com

  25. I know KB was photographing your socks in your last post, which are gorgeous by-the-way, but who should take centre stage? Mr Miaow. What is it about Raymond that when he appears, I can’t take my eyes off him? That’s called star quality isn’t it? Love Vanessa xxx

  26. Donna (owlcrazi) says:

    Alice, I have the same ball of wool and had two projects in mind, socks or this little gem – couldn’t decide . . now you have helped me make up my mind – so I have a suggestion for you too . . . . this is the other FaB project I am thinking of – it looks sooooo tempting!

  27. Planet Penny says:

    Hi Alice, another lovely post and I too LOVE those little narcissi, snot indeed!, whatever next! Is that yarn bamboo? I bought some bamboo yarn in a gorgeous colourway which I just couldn’t knit with, it felt so slippy and floppy. It’s gone back in the stash! It was lovely to have time to do some knitting last night after all the needlefelting, I finished off a little pair of fingerless gloves whicvh have been waiting around since winter!
    love to you, KB (despite the snot!) and of course the wonderful Raymond! Penny xxx

  28. Nicky says:

    hiya Alice
    I’m attempting to make my first socks with some zauerball. is it that bad? how many sticthes should i have cast on??

    I love your blog.

  29. kiwiyarns says:

    What a shame about the Zauberball. Ah well, I’m sure at some point something gorgeous will come of it. A little shawlette perhaps…? I’m afraid I can identify with KB on the scent thing. I loathe the scent of lilies. They smell like poo. Funny how some scents can be so appealing to one but totally off-putting to another.

    Well done on finding the perfect toe for you!!

    Sympathy hugs for your finger – I hope it heals soon. xxx

  30. Inthesky says:

    I love your socks! You are a prolific sock knitter! I am having a ‘Give Away’ on my Blog for a book ‘I can’t Believe I am Crocheting Socks!’ I have also written a post with a Blog interview with the Author/Designer. You have until the 17th to leave a comment to be in with a chance to win the book. I will draw the winner on the 18th. I think you could do some seriously fabulous work in the crochet sock department! 🙂

  31. Amanda says:

    Oh my, Alice, I just realised how very long it has been since I actually left you a comment. I have been reading along, but as I am not a knitter, I haven’t had a huge amount of things to say about all your glorious socks other than I’m jealous! I didn’t think writing that every post would be very helpful😉

    So I thought today I’d just send a comment to let you know I am still here, still reading along, and still loving my jaunts to your blog and still drooling over the lushness of your socks and the gloriousness that is Raymond! I’ll try and have something more constructive to say next time!!

  32. Beautiful pictures. Makes me curious to see what I think of my new Zauberball that I recently got. We’ll have to see … Also since you asked about fave blogs I thought I’d mention that every Friday in June I’m listing 25 different crochet blogs on my site so if anyone’s looking for new reads that’s a good place to start!

  33. Amelia says:

    Hi Alice, love your blog ! Zauberball – there is a reason it called “Crazy” it’s a F*@ker !! I am crocheting in lace weight, I am hoping the results will be worth the pain…

  34. What I love most of your blog is the pictures. They are always so colorful & bright!…8-)

  35. Delia hornbook says:

    O My goodness i have just stumbled across your blog and i am blown away by all your crochet talent. The colors and the vast array of things you are able to make. I adore crochet i have tried this year to make circles which i can just do but i can’t seem to stop them from curling up, and each flower i make is totaly different ;-)) I am in a patch work faze at the moment and sewing and making all by hand. But my one wish this year is to teach myself to crochet and do it well. I am so pleased to have found your stunning blog. Happy making, dee x

  36. Tan says:

    Oh I didnt read this post right away because I thought, oh more knitting (I am not bi-craftual.. yet)

    But what a lovely post! Flowers! And lovely yarn-y insights.

    I was really jeaous when I saw that zauberball, I’ve wanted one for a while in that exact colourway.. maybe not anymore.

    My favourite blogs to read (other than yours obviously) include:

    http://sweetlittlestitches.blogspot.com/ (extremely clever crocheter)
    http://uselessbeautydesigns.blogspot.com (great writing and yarny times)

    (thanks for visiting my blog too!!)


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