Hooking some happiness…..


I’m sitting here at the window, experiencing a particulalry beautiful dusk… it has been grey and misty for days now, but the cloud cleared this afternoon and it was lovely to see the sun!  I walked home from polytech to make the most of it… no small feat as it takes an hour to walk home and 70% of it is uphill, but the payoff- an awesome endorphin hit- is so worth the effort! 

I’ve been hooking some mandala happiness, I love watching them come into creation… picking the colours and laying them out, then watching it get bigger, round by round… I find that most of them make themselves, that the colours I choose are abandoned halfway through and it takes on a life of its own! I love making mandalas, they make me extraordinarily happy, and the brighter they are, the more happiness they generate.  I was musing before, about the shelf-life of my blog… that I seem to create and post in cycles- a mandala… a tea cozy… a granny cushion… a scarf/cowl…. socks….that maybe one day it will all be too repetitious.  But right now I’m still enthused by mandala goodness and I hope you are too!  The pattern is HERE if you feel the urge to create your own!

I have mandalas everywhere.  I’m a bit addicted to the fabulous combination of crochet, blindingly bright colours and swirly-circley-goodness… I must admit (and feel free to cringe because we are all different!) that I believe they are the ultimate in decor, that a room is not complete without one and I am POSITIVE that I would be able to make any room look better with a mandala in it, no matter what the colour scheme/ style of the existing decor.  It’s all about the passion for the crochet and the choice of colours!  Ha!

Sadly, this mandala does not quite work in my corner, I’m quite aware that it is far too fabulously bright for the existing decor, but it makes me soooooooooooooooo happy when I see it I can’t move it just yet!  It’s like a beautiful big happy flower and I love, love, LOVE it!

Yes… too bright, even with the red and pink wool piled nicely on the top of the basket.  Luckily, I have an identical little round table (found at another op shop) next to my bed which has no mandala yet, so this one will live there eventually… it’s in a darkish corner, so the brightness will imporve the energy flow dramatically….

In the meantime, I’ll have to get hooking another one that will match my corner!  (Damn shame)

My poor Mum… she rang me the other night.  She had a fall, she slipped on the outside stairs… some excitement over a frog I believe… she landed on her hand and hurt it and told me that when it happened her first thought was: “how am I going to knit?”  She rang me from the couch where she had propped her knitting on her lap and was able to do a bit one-handed, very slowly mind- Lucky she drinks wine right handed!  So please send her some love, she is a true knitting-nutcase and I’m sure we all totally understand!  We will not let injury get in the way of our addiction!  Anyway… I’d best be off, I’ve got to give her a ring to see how she is, then finish the toe on my latest pair of socks- they’ve been sitting there waiting for the final few rows for ages… I’m going to put them out of their misery!

Wishing you a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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58 Responses to Hooking some happiness…..

  1. lovely mandala! SOrry for your mom. I hope she gets better soon…

  2. MeredithJean says:

    Get well soon Alice’s Mum xxxxxxxxxx and so glad the frog wasn’t a dragon or a robber! Raymond looks as if he wants to get on the new mandala hehe.

  3. Christelle says:

    Blustery day here on the highveld of RSA, thunderstorming through the night! We’re used to cold , dry, blue-skyed winters, so it feels ‘n bit funny.
    Love the colours on you mandala. And had a lighbulb moment… Been searching for weeks and weeks now for the perfect pattern to do a crocheted cushion for my mom’s old wrought iron chair that’s living in my kitchen, painted fire-engin red. Couldn’t find any. But the mandala is mos perfect! How did I miss that? Will sort my colours and get going.
    How your mum is feeling better soon🙂

  4. Rae says:

    Your mandala’s are pretty as always. I wish your mom a speedy recovery.

  5. Esther says:

    I think you’re mandala is just lovely. Thanks so much for sharing. Am sending healing vibes to your mum.

  6. Esther says:

    Very pretty! Fingers crossed for your mum.

  7. Mrs Jones says:

    Just lookit that beautiful Raymond! Oh, and the mandala of course but, forgive me, I was just blinded by His Handsomeness for a second. Can I ask, are you using US crochet terms or UK ones?

  8. Penelope says:

    Mandala of big bright beauty, love all your colour choices of course Alice. Your poor mum, hope that wrist heals well and that she can get back to click clicking her knitting needles as fast as she normally does. Bless her for carrying on and feeding her love and addiction of knitting. Pleased to hear that you still get a buzz from your lovely creations xxx I’m off to work now, see what you’ve done to me Alice, checking in in the mornings to see if Raymond is around! :0) xxxx Penelope

  9. Barbina says:

    I love your mandala, now I will make one too, thank you so much for the pattern! I hope your mum will get better very soon! Barbina

  10. Stel says:

    Mrs Jones – I just had that question and found Alice’s stitch guide at the op of her blog.

  11. Lorena says:

    I hope your mother is doing well. We understand her! Some people go to psychiatrist, some do extreme sport… we knit! In Spanish that would be “TEJIDOTERAPIA” = Knitting therapy!!! Better than any doctor’s prescription.
    Regards and Felicidades! Chao, Lorena.

    Ps: I am doing some bunting crochets for my very renovated garden shed (it was dying). I was looking around you pictures and I saw how pretty they look outside. I‘ve chosen a synthetic yarn, because I do not want the colours to fade away by the sun, right?… I don’t know, it seems a nice idea to bring a bit of summer festive feeling into this special English time.
    Thanks for the inspiration.🙂

  12. Never mind the colours brightening your corners up — Your blog brightens every corner in my world. It is lovely. So thank you,thank you. Every good wish for a speedy recovery to your MUM.
    Love Linda

  13. Lorena says:

    Sorry Alice to use your site for this:
    @Penelope… I love your work; I have wanted to leave a message so much, but somehow I cannot. Your email seems not to be there neither. It is a shame, you have wonderful cardigans there! I am a Cardigan crazy! Specially those Raglan sleeves one, because you can knit them at once! Fantastic!!
    Kind regards, Lorena

  14. I just love your post title: hooking some happiness- thats lovely!!!
    sending lots of positive thoughts to your Mum

  15. Julie says:

    Lovely bright mandala, a little homemade item always makes a home seem more … csy and homely!

    Speedy get well wishes to your mum, i hope she is not in too much pain

  16. cazz says:

    Thats a great mandala. It doesn’t look to bright for your corner to me and raymond clearly approves. It goes very well on that table. I’m currently crocheting bunting hope it will look as good as yours. Great blog. Hope your mums better soon.

  17. whitelavender says:

    Hope your Mum’s hand/wrist heals real soon. That would have been an “OUCH” moment, wretched frogs!! Raymond is looking lovely as usual. Loved your Mandala, so bright and happy. Never stop showing us Alice. Shirley

  18. Nikkole says:

    Your mandala is so bright and wonderful😀 I hope your mom feels better!

  19. Carole says:

    I must make a Mandala soon, they are so pretty. You always pick such gorgeous colours for yours.

    Hope your Mum’s hand is on the mend soon🙂

  20. Oh I don’t know, I think your Mandala looks good right where it is! The solution is to go on adding brightness to that spot to fit in with your Mandala! That’s how I go about things! Add, not subtract! So sorry to hear about your Mum, as a knitter, I can’t imagine anything worse, plus I do need the use of my hands in general, I hope it’s not too serious, and that she’s seeing a doctor to check it out properly (listen to me mothering away!). Raymond, thank you for popping up in all your handsomeness, it looks like he’s starting to actually pose purposefully for you! Love Vanessa xxx

  21. Petro Wagenaar says:

    love your blog and your cat…
    i had such a giggle your mom sounds like me I am so afraid of frogs….had a fall myself due to one

    keep going you make my day

  22. Nicole says:

    I think I need to get into this mandela making frenzie, they look like a nice quick yet satisfying project. The only thing is I don’t have a round table but I might make some to go under plant pots. Then again that might make the glorified coasters!

    p.s please let us decide the shelf life of your blog – is forever ok?!

  23. Sandi says:

    Oh your poor mum, I understand the ‘carry on regardless’ I have a very sore left arm from over use (knitting & crochet) but I can’t stop. There are a few rows on my blanket that remind me of you, with your color selection.
    Your mandela is beautiful and very you.
    x Sandi

  24. Susan Wright says:

    HI Alice and Raymond,
    Oh hope your mum is better soon, It’s awful not to be able to knit. At least she can drink wine though tee hee! A nice glass of red always makes hands better.
    I love your mendela( note to self would make a lovely cushion) My house needs some colour but i am struggling to finish a cardigan i have been making for two years now.!!! Please don’t think your blog is repetitive we all love it and don’t find it so at all.
    Love Susan ps love to Raymond x

    • Mar says:

      So sorry to hear about your mom, all my best thoughts going her way.
      The manala looks amazing. So many happy colours, it brights my day @ work.

  25. kiwiyarns says:

    Lovely colours in your mandala!! You have a great feel for colours Alice. Isn’t it nice that we had a bit of sunshine today. I’m hoping for a repeat tomorrow. Best wishes that your mum’s hand recovers soon! I think that must be my worst nightmare not being able to knit!!!

  26. Sarah says:

    Your mandalas are very happy inducing – hope your mama is better soon and normal knitting resumes!

  27. MeMeRose says:

    Oh I do love your mandalas… the colours are always so wonderful. I can’t believe I haven’t done one yet! Did I read somewhere that you do reiki.. because if you do then you can get your mum back knitting with two hands in no time at all x

  28. Hi Alice, I have never made a comment before and I’ve been reading your blog for a while… I guess I’m kind of shy :S I loved your grandalas so much that wanted to try one. I read in one of your blogs that you wanted to make it into a blanket but something happened and left it as is. This comment inspired me to try to make my beautiful grandala into a blanket for my grand-niece, yet I’m stuck! I don’t know how to go about into making my huge circle into a square! Do you have any suggestions? I enjoy your blog very much and love Raymond’s pictures. I have 3 cats of my own🙂 I live in a small place in the Catskill Mountains in NY and found about your blog, through a chilien friend that lives in the UK. It has become a small world indeed! Sending your Mom good energy for a prompt healing! All the best!, Evelyn

  29. Anna says:

    Alice, You have a gift for color combinations. It may seem simple to you, but to me—just a haphazard guessing game. I see the throw in the background. My daughter wants me to make her one like that so I better get started. Give your mom a hug for me and Raymond’s ears a rub. I enjoy your blog.

  30. Melissa says:

    Oh dear! I hope your Mom is better soon! There’s nothing worse than being forced out of commission. I always love your mandalas. That’s what got me to your blog to begin with – I saw your mandala on Ravelry and new that I had to see more🙂

  31. Angie says:

    Wishing your mom a speedy recovery! I sprained my thumb last summer and my first thought wasn’t “oh no, how will I type at work” it was “oh no, how will I crochet??” haha! I will tell you, the trouble typing me at work, but it killed me not to be able to crochet for a whole week!
    On another note, I have been reading your blog for several months now, and I never get tired of seeing socks or mandalas or tea cozies, so don’t feel that you are being too repetitive – bring it on!

    • Angie says:

      That sentence in the third line should say: “the trouble typing at work didn’t bother me” I don’t know where that other gobbledygook came from!

  32. Michelle says:

    I look forward to your posts everyday. You are so cheerful as are your bright, colorful crocheted items. I love your mandelas! They are so pretty. I hope you have your sock recipe posted, because I am having troubles finding one.

  33. Sam says:

    I had a cast on my wrist and hand a couple summers ago and not being able to use one hand is terrible! Have her get checked out if it doesn’t start healing!! I thought my hand was bruised and I found out a few weeks later that it was broken and in the cast I went (I had it on over my beach vacation too)

    I hope your mom heals up quick!

  34. I whole-heartedly agree! Mandalas should be in every room. I feel happy when I look at mine. Thank you for the wonderful idea and pattern.

  35. Liza Flores says:

    Hi Alice and Raymond :
    Sorry to hear about your mom hope she bounces back soon, And is not to long out of doing what she loves to do, create beautiful things made with lots of love. And I love your mandalas the colors are so happy .I have a long narrow window in my entrance way , I’m going to make a curtain of colorful mandalas can harldy wait to start this project.
    You take care !!!!!!!!
    Your friend from texas

  36. Jane says:

    Oooh, beautiful colours, Alice🙂
    Your poor mum – I so feel for her! I’ve got tendonitis in my shoulder at the moment and the doctor said rest it. So I’m currently doing everything one-handed so I can save all my left arm energy for crochet😀
    Hope she’s better soon
    Jane xx

  37. Cassandrea says:

    Hi Alice,
    Good morning from sunny California! I’ve been following your blog for a while and recently subcribed to your new postings. Your blog just makes me smile with each new posting. Your happiness just flows from your pages and images. You have inspired me to prehaps create my own blog … someday. Best wishes to you mother for a quick recovery too.

  38. Jillian_R says:

    The mandela is so bright and cheerful! I am sure it will go great where ever you decide it will go. Raymond looks very content as well overseeing your latest creation. I hope your mom is better soon!

  39. Carol says:

    Oh dear, your poor Mum, thank goodness she can still get her wine…………. and her knitting! Hope she is soon feeling a lot better, sending her a great big hug and lots of love.
    Love your Mandala, I’m just finishing knitting a cardigan for my great granddaughter and wondering what to do next, (socks still not started oops) so that is my decision made if I can find the right colours in my stash, love your pinks and the way the green just zings out. I have a friend who definitely needs Mandala happiness right now.

  40. Sid says:

    your Mandala looks so beautiful . It makes me what to make one ( after I finish my assignment ) . Sorry about your mom , hope she will get better soon🙂 .

  41. Dori says:

    What a pretty mandala! Thanks so much for linking the pattern as well. I love how you make everything so colourful and full of life.

    All the best to your mom, and hoping her hand gets better soon.

  42. Sarah says:

    I just love your blog. The colours you use are so striking. I am going to have a go at one of those mandalas.
    Thanks for sharing the pattern. Your lovely cat looks so full of character.

  43. Alyson says:

    First things first- Get well soon, Alice’s mom! I have a bit of carpal tunnel syndrome that interferes with my knitting and crocheting, and it’s frustrating.

    Second- It never fails, Alice. I was just thinking to myself that I needed a quick and easy crochet project, and lo and behold, a post about your mandalas, complete with a pattern link! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight?

    Third- I never tire of your blog, or your projects. I always love your use of such bright colors. (I like bright stuff, too.)

  44. It’s gorgeous!
    I’d keep it right there,

  45. penelope dubois says:

    I know how your Mom feels about injuring your hands! Scary thought.
    I love your Mandalas, and I want to make some. My daughter has been wanting one for her kitchen, in reds. So have to get on it. Its a great beach project!
    Raymond’s FB is precious!

  46. D Markey says:

    Another gorgeous creation! I MUST make a mandala!!!!! Never mind that I have 3 projects to do. Two of them large. Surely, I can take a little time and make just one mandala. Best wishes to your mum. I’m sending her healing thoughts. OFf to work

  47. lorenaelg says:

    Me presento mi nombre es Lorena y soy Buenos Aires Argentina
    Me encantaron tus creaciones, tus mandales y tus colores.
    Son Maravillosos!!!!
    Te mando un beso grande

  48. Cathy says:

    Hate to disagree, but I love that mandala there! But any excuse to “need” to make another has got to be good!
    Sorry about your mum- mine is the family knitter too- hope she gets better quickly…is it typical of knitters to find a way to keep on crafting even with only one good hand? I love that it didnt occur to her to stop knitting for a bit!!

  49. Tickety-boo says:

    Hello my lovely! I just love the contrast between the cool blue colour of the table with the warm intense pinks.
    Oh your poor Mum I hope she’s better soon and the damage isn’t too bad especially if it keeps her at all from knitting or wine! What would there be without wool and wine.
    I so love your blog Alice, you really brighten my day with your posts.

  50. Audra says:

    Hi Alice,
    Love your blog and no I don’t think it is too repetative.
    So far I have made 2 of your mandallas for my 20 year old daughters bed side tables. She has told me she needs at least 1 more, but to make as many as I want as she loves them.
    I think putting 2 together would also make a great cushion.
    We have a Burmese cat and my Nana had a Simese cat. Are they not so arigant ?
    Our boy will not come into the house since we got the 2 kittens 18 months ago, he just hisses and growls at them.
    Have been told that if we had got another Burmese he would have been ok, Hows that for being up ones self?
    Sorry about the spelling, it goes out the window when I get tired.
    Bye from a Aussie at the far side of Australia

  51. Pati from London says:

    What a lovely mandala, Alice!!! I will have to follow your advice and crochet one to decorate my garden as I feel is in need of some hooky colorful goodness!!
    I hope your mum is feeling better now, I send loads of positive energy to her.
    Pati xx

  52. Great! Love the colors!!!

  53. Becky says:

    Hoping your mum has a speedy recovery so she can get back to her wool full-speed! I just had to start a mandala today and don’t remember doing the dc2tog on round 2 in the original. If I did, it seemed very new today as I had to keep redoing stitches! But, I like my color choices, so all is well. Will send a pic when it is finished.🙂 Becky

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  55. Silvia says:

    I really do hope your mom has recovered and is well on her way into a knitting project or another. I cannot imagine my life without crafting…
    I absolutely love your crochet projects, especially the large table mandala you picture in this post! I wondered if you had a pattern for the table mandala as I would love to make one just as big! Please let me know what the instructions would be for the many rows that are required🙂

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