Yes, his eyes are particularly beautiful and blue aren’t they! 

I think I’ve told you before, I’ve only had a computer for two years now, and we’ve only had the internet since April 2010… KB and I are a bit backwards when it comes to technology and don’t have a TV or any exciting gadgety-thingimy-bobs, and I have to admit, I still get quite thrilled by the fact that I just click on the little “e” and up pops the internet!  Wheeeee!  The last time I had the internet at home was before I moved out of home in the late 90’s and we had dial-up… times have changed… without me it seems!  Anyway, when we got the internet last April, I started up a fan page for Raymond on Facebook,  it is a sorely neglected fan page, but if you would like to become part of the Raymond Meowski Appreciation Nation, click here… it has taken me a year of blogging to remember to tell you about it… which just goes to show how neglected it is!  You can post photos of your own pets on there too, so go ahead, I’d love to “meet” your fuzzy friends!

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about the Book Depository…. ooooooooh my goodness…. I will NEVER set foot in a bookstore again!  I’ve gone a bit mad and am waiting for a parcel to arrive now!  I’ve been hunting down books and have found “knitting rules” where I get my sock pattern from for a very cheap price, as well as all of my crochet flower books…. at HALF THE PRICE I PAID FOR THEM IN THE SHOP!!!!!  I try not to cringe, but I do a little bit….  So anyway, if you have not been enlightened to the Book Depository, I suggest you pop in for a visit, or don’t if you have no will-power and a credit card!

Wishing you a lovely beginning to your week!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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46 Responses to Enabling….

  1. Jude says:

    If you look at my side-bar I have a button for the Book Depository….wonderful place..
    I’m off to discover the Facebook page
    Take care

  2. Gig says:

    Love your work, love Rayray even more. joined the FB fan page.

  3. Rachel says:

    Book Depository is the best – I always buy all of my books from there!

  4. Carol says:

    There are 2 Book Depository websites one with .com and the other with .co.uk.

    .com can be cheaper again than .co.uk.

  5. MeredithJean says:

    Great that you have discovered the Book Depository … worth checking against Amazon prices because they can be even better. Hilarious that Raymond has his own appreciation group on fb! I’m in! It’s a great photo Alice. Blue-eyed boys love some reds and pinks to contrast their natural gifts xxx

  6. Kelly says:

    Raymond looks especially good today…must be the eyes. My brother’s eyes are this color and they become even bluer and even brighter when he is up to something. Does this happen with Raymond? ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  7. marian says:

    Book Depository is a wonderful place but you might also like to check out Booko: http://www.booko.com.au/. This site looks across many online bookstores and lists them from cheapest including postage. Every now and then I find a book cheaper elsewhere. Also a great place to keep your wishlist.

  8. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! Thank you for telling about the link for books!
    Raymond is beautiful as always!
    Hugs from Teje & Nero

  9. Grietje says:

    He is gorgeous, love those beautiful blue eyes!

  10. Bree says:

    Try Amazon.com – I’ve found their range is bigger than Book Depository and it can be cheaper. You do have to pay for shipping tho. I generally do a big order and get the super slow shipping and it’s always cheaper (50% – 75%) than the shops.

    Although I still love to wander through real book shops and purchase on the spot.

  11. Esther says:

    Oh, I know…. I have discovered The Bookdepository as well, it’s fabulous isn’t it! It takes them a while to deliver though (that’s why they’re so cheap). Last time I ordered something it took about 3 weeks. But hey, for those prcies! I’m drooling over the Japanese flowers behind Raymond btw😉

  12. Ashley says:

    Oooohh thanks for letting me know about the book depository, I’ve never heard of it before.
    Wow, he does have rather stunning eyes doesn’t he..!🙂

    Ashley xx

  13. Saartje says:

    Raymond looks absolutely gorgeous in this picture! (And not only in this picture, obviously.)

    I like Book Depository, but I try to keep myself from ordering with them. I love going to little cosy bookstores so much that I’m always worried that they might not be there anymore someday.

  14. marigold jam says:

    I discovered Book Depository when we lived in France and couldn’t get books in English in the shops there! It’s the best isn’t it especially with free postage anywhere in the world. I use it to send gifts to friends all over the world too!

    Love that cat of yours – he’s great!

  15. Michaela Cooper says:

    I really love reading your blog and am a huge fan of Raymond. I had to be the one voice of caution but regarding the book depository you might want o check out this blog post by Pip Lincolne of Meet Me at Mikes:


    She talks about online book sellers from the point of view of an author and the possible impacts upon competition in the bookseller marketplace. I love a good bargain too but I have decided that with online booksellers the costs are being paid by others.

    I hope you don’t mind my giving my opinion.

  16. Michaela Cooper says:

    Ugh! I can’t get it right, trying to fix up my mistake while multitasking equals fail. I meant ‘I hate to be the one voice of caution’ not reason. I really hope my typos haven’t offended!

    • Not at all Michaela, everyone has their opinions and of course yours causes no offense!
      Thank you for posting a link to Pip’s post, it was interesting to read it from an authors perspective although a lot of it was about her own feelings of guilt about selling her book for RRP because her buyers could buy it elsewhere for half the price…
      I do wonder what is right and what is wrong but I do admit I’m excited about my books on their way and if I didn’t buy them online I wouldn’t buy them fullstop!

  17. Terrie says:

    Ooooo popping over to facebook now! Although I have no pets to share =[ I have been shopping at the Book Depository for a while now – I love the free postage and everything is so much cheaper.

    I remember Dial Up – you could go and make a cup of tea while the page loaded!

  18. Tan says:

    Love that cat. How do you get him to pose so nicely in front of your crochet? My cat wont even look at me when I get the camera out😀

    So sad re the frogging, I think it was looking lovely!

  19. Diemie says:

    Omg i’ve just deleted my Facebook account. Literally, ten minutes ago. I love Raymond, I think he is the most handsome cat on the net🙂 And he seems such a good model! I also love your Japanese Flower thingy on the background, I’m making my own scarf with dark-yellow, dark-pink, cream and olive. Ooh and the bookstore made me all grabby… I had to click the little cross very quickly.
    Love from the Netherlands.

  20. Penelope says:

    Alice, what a “dangerous” book website…oh boy I could have a field day! My only concern is that I might end up with a book that I am disappointed with an the patterns are too hard for a novice like myself and so I would only purchase a book I feel is going to be used (which I have no doubt that you will be usng yours) and I like to mull over books too, I can spend hours and hours getting lost in a book store but then a simple solution is to then come home and purchase from the book depository! Thanks for the link, I shall be browsing (or is that purchasing?) later :0)
    Loving Raymonds beautiful eyes and the flowers of appreciation behind him, beautiful as ever xox Penelope x

  21. Jan Quigley says:

    I have sent a request to join Raymond’s page. Molly (Spoodle) saw me checking it out so she’s asked to be friends too & while I was there I asked for Zaphod (Beeblebrox) our #1 cat.🙂 They both have their own facebook pages.

  22. Raymond, you are the supermodel of cats, I could sink into your blue pools. I’ve got slightly distracted by the commenter talking about the subject of cheap books, and I’m not too sure where I stand on that one. I suppose folks who couldn’t afford certain books in an independent bookstore just wouldn’t buy them if it wasn’t for the cheaper options available, and from the point of view of someone illustrating books, and who wants sales of my books, I’m happy for the pricing being accessible to as many people as possible. The recession has hit the book industry very hard, books are a luxury when you can’t afford to pay your bills. I think that there is now more democracy around buying books, the marketplace has been opened up. I know a fabulous independent bookseller who is doing really well. The shop is beautiful and welcoming, she has a little cafe and marginal gift shop, but the passion is the books, and they are thriving, have won awards, and don’t worry at all about cheaper books. They’ve upped their game to compete with on-line retailers. So don’t let anyone try and make you feel bad about buying cheaper books Alice, I think that is extremely unfair of that person to leave that comment, and I hope you’re not feeling too upset by it, it’s a free world, and you spend your hard earned pennies as you will. (You said you weren’t offended, but I suspect you were just being polite!). And remember this, your money will be going to the author of the books, and that is the most important person in the money chain. I don’t know why that lady couldn’t sell her book in her bookshop full price but add incentives like signed copies etc, plus people would understand that she had to sell full price as she’s not a cut-price dealership. Sorry I can’t look at facebook, I’m not a member, it’s just one thing too many to have to take on board! Lots of love to you, love Vanessa xxx

    • Michaela Cooper says:

      Hi Vanessa,

      I wasn’t trying to offend Alice or anyone else. I was coming from the point of view that I am a person likes to have information and different points of view shared with them with enough boundaries to be secure in my own point of view at the end of the day.
      I feel terrible about the idea of offending anyone. I was coming from a spirit of sharing info but I don’t think I’ll do that again. I hope you don’t mind me replying to you, I just wanted you to understand I didn’t comment in a mean spirit.

      • Saartje says:

        Michaela, please don’t stop sharing information and opinions! Everyone has a right to express their own ideas, and it is actually really interesting to learn from different people’s viewpoints. Whether we agree with them or not doesn’t even matter, in my “opinion”😉

  23. strangely enough as I was reading your post, my husband called out to me as he was on his computer (yes I know how sad that is) and had found one of my favourite authors had a new book out, and he had found it our as he was on Book Depository!! Which happens to be one of his favourite sites!!
    Crazy coincidence!!!

  24. Lorena says:

    He looks so calm and collected.😀
    If you could imagine the allergy I get form cats! Jaja so contemplate him through the computer would be the closer I could get to any cat😦 Funny I do not get that with dogs.
    I would like to show you something. I just finished my first Crochet cardigan. Again, I do not fallow any patterns and everything sort of start in my head and it would finish as it pleases. Luckily; I love it. It just what I had in mind… I am going to California – USA- (from UK), in the school summer holiday, so I think it will be ideal for the sort of heat.

  25. Carol says:

    Lovely, lovely Raymond, I’m not on Facebook so I’ll just continue to visit him here.
    You are naughty Alice, the Book Depository accepts Paypal! aaargh……… I knew I shouldn’t have looked.
    Carol xx

  26. Elisabeth says:

    I would like to tell you that I may pass the Kreative Blogger Award and that I have chosen you and your blog. The award is a recognition for what you do and I hope you want to accept it. If you do, please visit my blog to pick up the award. Hope you will!

  27. Julie says:

    Your socks look cool photographed at the beach (way behind on blog reading here) and what a shame you had to ‘rabbit’ the lace cowl but i do undewrstand the not carrying on with a project when you know it idsn’t quite right, i’m the same. Raymond is adorable, i’m not techno minded and don’t have facebook, blogs are about all i manage LOL

  28. Melissa says:

    Oh, you are so bad! First tempting us with Raymond’s beauty. Then once you suck us in – BAM! You hit us in a week spot with inexpensive books! You are indeed enabling our habits!

  29. Oy. You should not have told the goatmother about the books. Sadly we are not on Facebook either, but we LOVE seeing Raymond here – even if he is a cat and is not a goat.

  30. Wendy says:

    For a while now I have wondered (ok, obsessed) over how you manage to get so much knitting and crochet done, you are without a doubt incredibly prolific. Now I know, with four little words the secret is out you ‘don’t have a TV’. That’s the answer! I think I can knit in front of the TV but in reality I end up just holding my knitting while watching what’s on. Now, if only I can get the kids on board!

  31. penelope dubois says:

    Boy, this is a really dumb question, however, I wanted to post on Raymonds page, with a picture of Annie and all, and the only place I see is to Share, which goes on my wall! What in heck am I doing wrong!
    Sometimes I think FB is not too user friendly, but that’s just me.

  32. Nancy from Cleveland, OH USA says:

    I am following Raymond Meowski🙂 that’s so funny!!!! Have you ever tried half.com for books and music? They are also a great source🙂 Have a wonderful day Alice!

  33. mariasangel says:

    of course i had to go check out Master Raymond’s very own FB page!!! One of these days I will get around to posting about what he inspired me to make…..

  34. Judy says:

    I like shopping @ half.com….usually get pretty cheap books…some for college classes at less than a dollar. New-used? whatever saves a tree =)

  35. D Markey says:

    Dog lover that I am, find myself growing more fond of cats and who wouldn’t after seeing Raymond, who is THE poster boy for stunningly handsome cats. I just spent a lovely long weekend with my daughter and her partner. They have 3 cats and a dog. (I was very proud of my Scottie, who has never been exposed to “kitties”. The “cat” word, makes him want to chase…..) I really enjoyed watching them relate to each other.

    Alice, would you please tell us the name of that flower book that you love? Would you say it’s for the beginner, intermediate or expert crocheter?

    I need to pass on the knit along this time. I am in the middle of making one double size afghan, just bought the colors for afghan #2 also double size, and we just found out that my dear friend’s daughter is having a baby girl in October, so her gift gets bumped to the front of the line. Fun…as she lives in cold country and will need hats and so forth. All these wonderful projects and I am itching to make some of the colorful Mandala circles and Japanese Flower project for my house.

    Thanks for being such an inspiration.

  36. Oh Raymondo I will be visiting you on your very own FB page, you are a star!!

    The book depository is a great resource for me but it can be costly 🙂 I agree with Vanessa at least the money is going to the author. I love going into a book shop and browsing and holding the books but unfortunately i live in the sticks so a book shop means a long drive, I would be lost without internet shopping!

  37. sandiart says:

    I love the Book Depository, I wouldn’t have half the books I have if it wasn’t for them, and the .com one is a little cheaper. Most of the book stores here have closed down and the ones that are still going don’t stock what I want anyway.
    I don’t care where the books come from, as long as we are buying them.
    Wow Raymonds own FB page, go Raymond, I have looked and giggled most of the way down the page, what a rascal he is.
    x Sandi

  38. Alyson says:

    Don’t feel so bad, Alice! I’ve had the Internet for less than a year at home, and I only got TV less than four years ago. However, the technology bug has bitten me, and it all started with the iPod I got for Mother’s Day last year….

    Anyway, I love Book Depositories, too! Several years back, I was teaching at a college and working part-time in the coffee house. The coffee house had a book exchange, and I became the unofficial librarian, as I was the one who took the time to organize them. The customers LOVED it, and I found loads of books, too.

    Thanks for indulging Raymond’s fans with a glorious pic! Well, I’m off to chase my toddler and rescue by books- she’s yanking them off the shelf!

  39. Happy Anniversary from a new stalker lol! Raymond’s eyes remind me of my missing Ragdoll puss (missing for over year now from Lower Hutt). I’m a recent crochet addict and loving your blog! Cheers Inkystinky🙂

  40. jessica says:

    I fyou love book depositery you shoudl try Fish pond too it also has books at great discount prices. It’s where I got my crocheted flower books.

  41. Stacey says:

    My favourite thing about the Book Depository is that they deliver FOR FREE to remote corners of the globe, so I can always pick up a book or two and have them shipped home to SA where books are super expensive🙂 Plus, there’s also betterworldbooks (http://www.betterworldbooks.com/) for when the Book Depository’s mighty powers fail🙂 I love that Raymond’s surname is “Meowski”!!

  42. maggiemay says:

    Hi Alice – I L-O-V-E your blog and read it regularly, but have never commented before. I’m very excited and busy making your gorgeous flower-topped tea-cosy pattern. You will find that at present (and until August) Amazon UK have a wonderful deal with free shipping to NZ. Their prices are MUCH MUCH lower than The Book Depository, though you need to spend 25 pounds to get free shipping – that’s very easy to do of course!! Everything is cheaper than you see listed too ‘cos you don’t pay the tax.

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