The last day of Autumn….


My goodness, May’s mosaic took about 15 minutes to upload tonight!  So much socky goodness happening, it needed extra computer energy!  Raymond didn’t mind, he’s sleeping in my lap and even though it’s 5.07pm, I’m drinking a coffee… sooooooooooo naughty….. what is it about coffee that makes me think I’m relaxing when I drink it?  I’ll be zooming tonight…. 

So yes… May… it has been a month of socks that’s for sure… in fact, I even finished ANOTHER pair that I haven’t shown you yet, and I’m officially socked out for the moment!  It has also been a month of Raymond and our blogiversary… quite the surprise when the year rolls around, I wonder how I’ve managed to fill the year with yarn-related goodness, it’s a never-ending topic if you’re as obsessed as all of us for sure!

It’s officially the last day of Autumn today, tomorrow is Winter, although you wouldn’t know it!  We’re having an Indian Summer down here and I’m loooooooooooooooooooooving it.   The weather is perfect for someone who hates being cold, but also knits so needs it to be cold enough to wear knitted goodness and I hope it stays this way until Summer rolls back around!  My challenges for the next month are:

1.  Stop drinking coffee!  Especially my 5pm ones, the madness needs to stop!

2.  Knit more lace.

3.  “Manage” my crochet cushion addiction… I can feel that one getting out of hand again… I’m not saying I can’t make ANY, I’m just not to make more than 4.  Or maybe 5….

Challenge 2 is in the process of happening… remember how Raymond bought me a skein of Malabrigo on Mother’s Day a few weeks ago?  Well… I had to pop back out to the shop and buy the other skein so I could have 200gms of this gorgeous pink and orange goodness to make something more substantial than a hat.  Himself helped me wind it…

KB told me I wasn’t allowed to put that photo of Raymond on my blog because she thinks he looks dead in it.  I think he looks cute.  He is worshipping me in this picture, lying at my feet in the sun, drinking in the vision of the Goddess that is his Mother… I tell you, he’s not a normal cat, he has no delusions of grandeur and never acts like royalty (unlike me) it’s human worship all the way at our place, and before you worry, my yarn is safe in his paws, he is a ninja remember, he has far better things to do than play with yarn…. like destroy the local rat population.

I’m using the Malabrigo to knit THIS which I think is beautiful although I will wear it looped twice.  I’m dying to get that snuggliness around my neck… It’s lace in-the-round, so my first try… it may end up a lovely cowl, or it may end up a frogged mess, but hopefully I will succeed!  I’ve worked out that the stitch pattern is a seven stitch repeat, so I have about 30 stitch markers to mark each repeat so if I miss a k2tog I’m not going to destroy the whole thing.  Cross your fingers for me!  I’m braving it without a life-line as it is 222 stitches round….

Anyway, that’s enough from us today, I’m off to knit my cowl!

Thank you for stopping by, you lovely people!!!  Wishing you a day full of blessings and happy surprises,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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43 Responses to The last day of Autumn….

  1. MeredithJean says:

    Love you Alice, Raymond and KB. The Malabrigo looks luscious and will make a stunning cowl – you knit bravely onward you lifelineless heroine! Raymond – just lie there and adore your Alice, adore the wool, adore the Sun, yes it’s all part of our experience, show us just how easy it can be. Thank you xxx

    • Karen says:

      Soooo well said MJ! I don’t have to write anything else Alice!!! I just echo what MJ has written here!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Caroline says:

    Oh Alice you are too funny, think your coffee has kicked in lovvie. I am mad for that wool, love it, good luck you with the cowl, you’re a brave soul tackling the pattern. Caroline

  3. Penny says:

    Ooh, love that colour, you could almost eat it! Raymond looks soooo relaxed, at least he isn’t cavorting round and round and getting totally tied up in the wool like some I could mention! Can’t wait to see the finished results,
    keep warm,
    love Penny and Higgins xxx

  4. Marlene Bailey says:

    Here in South Africa it is also the last day of Autumn, I have to stay positive and enjoy the cold weather to knit/crochet up all the wonderful projects you have introduced me to. Summer here is just tooooooooo hot. I only discovered your website 3 weeks ago and you have opened up a whole new world for me especially in the use of color. I have just finished the African flowers cushion in more or less the same colors as yours (reds and pinks) and I love it. I am getting lots of good compliments, now I just need a gorgeous cat like Raymond to pose in front of it!!
    I do so appreciate your willingness to share your patterns with the world and I pray you are blessed for this because to someone like me who has recently become a widow
    it is a joy and something to look forward to.
    Marlene Bailey
    Cape Town

    • Petro Wagenaar says:

      hi great to see i am not the only sa member………blessings to you

    • Karen says:

      Marlene, you MUST catch up everything Alice has done and the fab pics by KB too. You will love, love, love being one of Alice’s ‘team’ – it’s a joy whenever she writes and some of her pics on walks with KB will make you gasp! You will find this is one of the most lovely groups of people EVER… xxx

  5. Susan Wright says:

    Hello Alice and Raymond,

    Look forward to your cowl with the beautiful malabrigo.I am definately doing more knitting crochet lately and that is thanks to your lovely writing and my knit and natter at LYS. Raymond looks very much alive in the picture KB doesn’t need to worry.
    Love Susan xxxxx

  6. Petro Wagenaar says:

    I am new to your site, but what a pleasure to visit, love the cat child you have….i am a animal person have 2 doggi babes that never leave my side
    You are so creative due to neck operations i am living a a more peaceful life and started crocheting 2 weeks ago and loving to play with yarn one art that you can do even lying down…the brightness of your goodies make my day….

  7. sandiart says:

    Some of your lovely weather must have made its way over here as today has been lovely, although I have been in an office all day but was able to look at blue skies this afternoon, tomorrow is going to be beautiful and I have the day off and will be doing my weekly walk. I love the color of your wool, gosh Raymond is a color connoisseur, is he not!! It will make a beautiful cowl. I bought a pair of Possum/Merino socks from NZ a couple of weeks ago and my feet don’t freeze anymore, I took a photo tonight for my blog and only just realised there is something different about them, gave me a giggle as I have worn them twice and didn’t notice.
    Glad you are over your blah feeling, I was sick all last week with a nasty cold bug, he burrowed in deep!! Take care
    x Sandi

  8. winkieflash says:

    Oh my goodness, that Malabrigo looks amazing! Want! :O It looks like you can felt it in the washer fairly easy…

    Alice, you are such an inspiration, to so many of us! I read a lot of creative blogs, and your is hands down the most fun to read🙂

    Sending you a lot of love from rainy Holland!

  9. Teje says:

    Hi Alice! Amazing that you begin winter and we begin the summer. Raymond looks beautiful and no dead to me! You have made really fantastic socks!
    Have a lovely time!
    xxx Teje

  10. Tickety-boo says:

    Love May’s Mosaic. So colourful and socky.
    The cowl is gorgeous you brave thing! Looks like a sit down and consentrate knit not an abscent minded take to knit n natter type knit.
    I have put a life line in my perfect cardi this time. I couldn’t cope having frogging trauma again.
    I have some gorgeous Regia awaiting sock knitting (turquoise ones haven’t been touched for ages) but must get this cardi at least half way first.
    Enjoy your sunshine while it lasts.
    Love Tickety-boo xxxx

  11. Karen says:

    Can’t resist a quick note: I love all the Raymond pics in the mosaic and thanks to you I’m just going to do the toe of the 2nd of my 2nd pair of socks and am deciding what colour/yarn to use from my stash on the next pair. I’ve also cast on for a very pretty shrug using Ice Yarns to try two WIP at same time, don’t usually do that, I like to finish one before starting another for obvious reasons! LOL!!! It’s supposed to be coming into summer here but it’s been raining (much needed) for a couple of days and today it’s freezing but a little bit sunny here in Dorset,UK so that’s fine for another pair of snuggley socky warmth! love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxx

    • Karen says:

      Oh! forgot to say, lots of luck with the lacey cowl – I know it’ll be toooo scrumptous – take it steady!!! xxx

  12. Jane says:

    Alice, I love that pattern! Makes me want to learn to knit. Though there’s still lots of room in my house for more crochet cushions😉
    I’ve got a hank of beautiful Natural Dye Studio Angel baby alpaca/cashmere/silk which I bought months ago and still haven’t got round to winding. Mind you, I haven’t got Raymond to help!
    Jane xx

  13. Sandra Draper says:

    Ha, ha, Raymond obviously knows a vision of loveliness when he see’s one, you’ve trained him well, YOU are supposed to worship the cat you know, not vice versa, you’re obviously not a crazy cat lady, (yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    Best of luck on your cowl, sounds very much like torture to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You and KB have fun in the sun while you can, its supposed to be an awesome week of delightful weather, YAY:)

    Love & Hugs🙂

  14. I’m so pleased the granny squares worked their wonder on you Alice, and brushed away the blues. I do like your honesty, it’s very endearing. How amazing, a cat with higher thoughts than playing with yarn! Raymond, you are a very extraordinary pussycat, you are more like a dog than a cat, but with great feline beauty. Colour therapy is one of the best out there, I don’t know about you Alice, but when I look at bright colours, it lifts my mood. You sound a bit restless on the knitting, crochet front, maybe you’re ready to start knitting a garment? That would challenge you, and leave you with a fulfilled sensation of having made a garment. Love Vanessa xxx P.s. Hugo has had the same complaint about me photographing food, and him not being able to eat it till I’ve finished taking photos!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Julie says:

    Raymond looks very calm and serene helping to wind your new yarn.

    Good look with the new project, i’m sure you’ll whip it up in no time at all and without a hitch

  16. I’ve been thinking Lace too lately, I have that lovely ball of Kiwi that is waiting for the right pattern 🙂 No he doesn’t look dead, he is still smiling! Good luck with your cowl it looks amazing 🙂

  17. melissa says:

    Love your blog…I always forget that you are on the other side of the planet and that your in a totally different season then me! We are starting summer and you winter!

    Also, my son is always asking if we could come and meet Raymond! It would be a long trip from Canada but I’m sure would it would be totally worth it!

  18. Liz says:

    Hey Alice,
    I know what you mean about the coffee! Why is it we end meals out with a coffee? Wouldn’t it be better to start with one so you can stay awake to eat?!!!
    I’m new to your blog and am loving Raymond and your crafty work! Infact, this weekend I had a go at making a tea cosy following your tutorial. Every time I catch a glimpse of my cosy it makes me skip inside. Simple things or coffee loon-a-tism?!

  19. Melissa says:

    That cowl is going to be amazing! You’re a very brave woman. I can’t wait to see how it comes out. Please post pics as you go along. Raymond looks as snuggly as ever. Give him a huge hug for me🙂

  20. Fiff says:

    And tomorrow the summer officially starts here…:-) and today is a warm and sunny day. But i expect that your winter is much warmer than our scandinavian one😉

  21. Jillian_R says:

    The last day of autumn? Here in Seattle, they “say” summer is coming, but I doubt it! It seems to stay the same all the time – cool and somewhat rainy. Personally I miss the sun! I love reading your posts and seeing Raymond at his best. 😉 I am excited to see your scarf. it looks lovely!

  22. Peeriemoot says:

    Good luck🙂. The only time I’ve tried lace in the round it ended up a frogged mess – I just didn’t have the patience or the concentration for it!

    Lovely picture of Raymond though I can see where KB’s coming from!

  23. Meredith says:

    Alice, I am soooooooo in love with Malabrigo right now. I am crocheting a cowl with it, I just finished one in the chunky, loved it so much. It is so soft and yummy I wish I could eat it up! Love the photo of Raymond, he obviously knows good yarn when he sees it.
    Have a great day,

  24. Ruth says:

    Love that yarn – and the cowl you’re going to knit with it looks great!

  25. juniperjune says:

    yessss, come to the lace side! that cowl should be stunning in that color; i’m excited to see the results!

  26. Carol says:

    Beautiful yarn, look forward to seeing your cowl.
    We are just going into summer but I am wearing 2 jumpers and a few minutes ago I was snuggled under a knitted blanket on the sofa!
    Lovely photo of the serene Raymond.
    Carol xx

  27. Jennifer says:

    2 things, I must have some of your yarn and have you designed a hat for baby to toddler size heads?
    I’d love to have some of your yarn to crochet a mandala hat for a baby coming next year.

    Raymond is so patient with you. What a good kitty!

  28. Gail says:

    Raymond has a lovely face, and I like your cushion, love the colors.🙂

  29. Heather says:

    I think you should knit some knee high socks … what do you think? x

  30. Ashley says:

    Can’t wait to see the cowl! That yarn looks very luxurious..! I wish I had a pet that would buy me some lovely yarn!!
    A really lovely monthly mosaic to look at, some really gorgeous pics. : )

    Ashley @ Country Rose xxx

  31. penelope dubois says:

    Your Socks Rock!!!
    Malabrigo is wonderful, and what good taste Raymond has!
    I am attempting to start a lace project with Beads! My first and my Malabrigo Sock is calling!
    I hear ya, on the coffee bit!

  32. Liza Flores says:

    Hi Alice,
    Love Love your socks and all your pics. I forget your on the other side , and you starting your winter months. Here in Texas we are in the summer hot hot months. I personally love winters. Me and my hot flashes don’t do to well in the summer . I love the matabrigo beautiful splash of colors, can hardly wait to see your next project.
    Raymond looks so content in his picture the no worries look
    Take Care !!!!!!!!!!!
    Your Friend From Texas

  33. Tan says:

    I love your mosaics, I was thinking of doing one but my pictures aren’t nearly so colourful or fun.

    I need to resist the urge to learn to knit….. gosh those socks are lurvely❤

  34. kiwiyarns says:

    What a lovely colourful display! I think your monthly mosaics are great. A fabulous way to keep in touch with your projects each month.

  35. tintocktap says:

    Love all the colour in your May mosaic! And your blog background! Crochet is certainly very therapeutic, I find it much easier for relaxing and doing nothing in particular and not worrying about patterns!

  36. That Raymond – ever the helpful fellow. I think we are having winter here. Although it is *supposed* to be spring. The goatmother is going to try to make a granny mandala. Wish her luck.

  37. Sandra says:

    Loving the sockiness, and that yarn is the most beautiful warm colour – looks perfect for snuggling into!

  38. Dez says:

    isn’t Malabrigo gorgeous!! I got given a skein of it in Ravelry red as part of a Xmas swap that was held in a group I’m in…and I still haven’t touched it as a) I don’t want to waste it on just anything, b) I have no idea where to get any more of it and c) I don’t know how to knit so that takes away 90% of tha patterns I have seen sugested for this yarn. Looks like it gets to live in my special stash for alittle longer.

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