Sock Yarn Hook Up!


I’m just popping in very briefly because I was at my LYS last night, the LYS where I purchased the Opal yarn for these socks….

A lot of people were keen on getting this colourway, so I asked the owner of the LYS if she had an online shop and she does!  Joy!  The link to the Opal page on this website is HERE and the colourway is “823 You to Me” so not the number I thought it was and quoted to you!!  I can’t read that ball band!  You can e-mail Lana (owner) at if you have any questions, I hope that is helpful for those of you that had sock envy!

I wore them today, I love them so much….

Anyway, I’m off to finish the second toe on my next pair!  Exciting!  I’ll see you soon for the big reveal!


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I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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16 Responses to Sock Yarn Hook Up!

  1. DebbyMcC says:

    Hi Alice =-) I ordered the Opal in that same colorway last week and had it sent to my home (I’m at my vacation cottage right now) so when I get there next week it should be there. I was able to get it in the States from Thanks to you and your gorgeous socks I’m going to try socks again =-) And I saved the instructions from your commentor, Lauri, for figuring out the gauge and # of cast-on sts and all that. =-) Not sure when I will start them but I will at least be fondling that pretty yarn soon!

  2. Anne says:


    I got my parcel from Vintage Purls yesterday it’s so beautiful thanks for sharing the link…..:)

  3. MeredithJean says:

    gorgeous Opal colour range

  4. Lynley says:

    Wow Alice you are a speedy knitter of fab socks!

    A LYS is something we don’t have out here in Porirua……gnash, gnash.

    I did pop in to Nancy’s and also to the Wellington Sewing Services Shop in Kilbirnie last Friday on the way home from dropping off my youngest at the airport. It was so good to snoop about the lovely yarns and knitted delights that were on show.

    I did learn that Possum is a hair not a wool and will melt if put too close to heaters and fires. Worth noting if knitting for wee ones etc. But what a soft scrummy addition it is to wool…..

    There are two LYS’s up in Upper Hutt which are worth an expedition to visit too….

    Looking forward to your next project viewing:-)
    Heaps of light and purrs from Jazz and PG

  5. Lynley says:

    Only ME again Alice. Just had a squizz at and see that I missed the Asia Gallery somewhere down an alley in Kilbirnie. She found stacks of great old fashioned buttons there amongst other treasures that make her heart sing. Have a peep at her blog. She is a local to me I see.

    Must dash to singing now,

  6. Fernanda says:

    Love these socks! I can’t wait until I am able to knit so well knitted ones!

  7. That Opal looks addictive!!!

  8. Tickety-boo says:

    Can’t wait for the next Ta-dah. Those are so nice.

  9. I always think that knitting socks is the height of modesty and self-effacing knitting, because once worn, very little of them can be seen, unlike my knitting, where it’s very visible and out there! So I always admire sock knitters for their lack of show-offiness, and I love it! Love Vanessa xxx

  10. 'Joyce' says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, Oh I love your socks, they would be perfect on my feet right now. lol. I hope you are keeping warm and safe from those blustery storms you have been having. Have a wonderful week at your place.

  11. penelope dubois says:

    They match perfectly. I am finishing up my “happy feet” socks and as I was comparing them, the cuffs are DIFFERENT! Oh yes, one with K2, P2, the other Kl, Pl.
    Am I taking them out? Hell,no!!!
    It was a listen to be learned.
    I want Opal.

  12. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the info! I’m still practicing certain techniques so that my socks aren’t too wonky. Fingers crossed!

  13. Penelope says:

    Oh sock envy here Alice, love this Opal yarn and your previous ta dah post, your socks are a real marvel. Love ’em I do! Wish wish I could make some like these I need to seek out a ‘how to’ lesson/workshop somewhere. You continue to inspire me with all your wonderfulness, enjoy the cosiness of all your lovely makes xox Penelope xxx

  14. José says:

    Oh my, it must be very tempting to have a LYS like that… Looking forward to the ta dah post, always curious.. And though we’re going onwards to a very welcome summer here, on seeing all that lovely woolly goodness on your blog, I’d just nearly long for autumn again.. dan you believe it !? Do keep going !🙂

  15. jarlov says:

    Thanks for all the posts about socks – I have FINALLY started my first pair. The best tip ever is the way you knitted two of them at once – it’s so exciting knowing that when I’ve finished, I can put them both on my feet, and not have to wait around with one sock on waiting for myself to finish its partner… Hope you make some Afghans (the edible variety not the crocheted!)

  16. Lorena says:

    This is my absolutely favourite. It has this Fair Isle look to it. Do you know what I mean? that lovely technique in the Fair isle in Scotland.
    The yarns these days are very clever, because that looks stunning. I have tried to do that technique once and I could not get further than just one line. Still, made me very proud😛

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