The un-tutorial

Today I had plans to post a fabulously fun and colourful tutorial, but then when I had finished making that which I was going to share, I realised I had made it all wrong and it was unpostable.

I became irrationally upset.

So instead of a tutorial for a fun new thing, here is a picture of my latest pair of socks… I’m calling them my “second” pair of socks, because the Mad Hatter socks which were my real second pair of socks were such a spectacular failure, that I have permanantly erased them from my memory.  So, meet my second pair of socks.  The toe is nearly perfect on that first one, I just need to start decreasing at the centre crease on my big toe and I’ll have it sussed!

Being that every single pair of hand knitted socks I own are made from Opal (thanks to Mum and her opal addiction) I never saw myself knitting Opal socks, but I really liked this colourway, so I decided to have a go and it turns out I love it.

I love the way I can measure how much I have knitted at each sitting by the stripes.

And now that I’m on my second sock, I love how I can tell by the stripes where to start turning the heel instead of measuring it.

I’ll have another go with this tutorial!  I will not be defeated!  And ooooh I am barely managing to contain my excitement about a parcel that is on its way to my place…. can’t wait to show you!

Wishing you a beautiful day, and thank you so much for stopping by!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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48 Responses to The un-tutorial

  1. Sarah says:

    Beautiful sock, Alice! That yarn is so yummy!!!

  2. aeonie says:

    I’m definitely in sock envy right now. Your ‘official’ 2nd pair look great! Might have to get me some Opal to spur me onto my second pair of socks🙂

    Good luck with the tutorial. It is so frustrating when you spend loads of time on something and it doesn’t come out quite right. But with a little tweaking I am sure it will be fine. And we all love and appreciate your tutorials!!

    aeonie x

  3. Esther says:

    Great sock!! Don’t worry about the tuto (though I understand about the irrationally upsetness… it’s because you want to share share share something pretty!! Ugh…) Hug Ramond from me!

  4. Regula says:

    “Permanentely erased from my memory” – what a lovely expression. There is no equal expression in German.😉

    I love your socks!

  5. Linda Forsdick says:

    I have the wool. I have the needles. I have the pattern. I want to knit socks! I need a sock buddy! LOL

  6. 'Joyce' says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, loving you new pair of socks. the pinks, grey and orange are doing it for me right now. What beautiful yarn. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful afternoon at your place.

  7. Val Edwards says:

    Please don’t think of the (unmentionable) socks as a failure – a kind person in my family says – when things don’t work out – ” Oh well, you just found a way that *doesn’t* work…. try again”. Love the gentle colours in the ‘second’ pair – like the early dawn colours sometimes, here in the Welsh hills.

  8. Nikkole says:

    The sock looks fantastic! Yay for the “second” sock!😀

  9. MeMeRose says:

    I admire your patience with the sock making… and they are looking wonderful x

  10. MeredithJean says:

    Oh wow, Val has such a beautiful description of the colours in your second socks. The gentle colours of early dawn in the Welsh hills……… I’m listening to the soundtrack from Cinema Paradiso, and it’s wistful beauty takes me right to Val’s hills. A beautiful experience, thank you all xxx

  11. Margaretha says:

    Love the colour of the Opal Sock Yarn it is so pretty love the way it knits up in the socks!

  12. Now here I was just saying that I don’t like stripy sock yarn!!! Well I love that Opal….how cool does it look, almost like fair aisle knitting! Lovely socks…so you have a pattern for them Alice?? Where can I get the Opal yarn, did you say it was Ashford once?? Can’t wait to see what you are waiting for, I love surprises 🙂

  13. Tas says:

    They are going to be one very, very cute pair of socks. I am too scared to go and google Opal now!

  14. Sandi says:

    Beautiful flowers and wow look at thoes socks, I am amazed how someone can dye yarn to knit up like that. I can’t wait to knit up my opal yarn.
    x Sandi

  15. Penelope says:

    Hey Alice, you are a sock genius! Love how those stripes have turned out, just beautiful and oh so neat. I am busy knitting my second sock and it certainly is no where as neat as yours! I have to do a lot more stitching as I am only knitting on two needles.
    I feel a little dissapointed with my latest crochet venture too so … it’s been pushed to the bottom of my pile of WIP’s and maybe I will have the patience to embrace it some day…. Keep calm and carry on knitting xox P xxx

  16. Karen says:

    Oh Alice! How scrummmy!!! I’m still out of action and it’s very, very frustrating! However, I have your lovely socks to keep me inspired – isn’t this Opal brilliant – once you see the choice of colours (in UK anyway) you’ll want one of each!! Very excited for the package to arrive – don’t you just love that anticipation fluttery tummy feeling and WOW when the post arrives I, and I’m sure you too, never fail to be over-excited. Can’t wait to see your surprise have a happy day xxxxxxxxxxxx ps re the tutorial (and ‘life’!), I love Val’s ‘Oh well, you just found a way that *doesn’t* work…. try again’ Brilliant xxxx

  17. TicTacTo says:

    You have such an adorable sense of humor that it is a real pleasure to read your blog every week! I am an absolute admirer of your colorful knit and crochet work. Keep up the great work, your socks look beautiful.

    Greetings from Belgium.

  18. Susan Wright says:

    Alice those socks are gorgeous, it looks like fair isle knitting, wonder if we can get Opel here in the uk? Lovely How is the gorgeous Raymond?

  19. Rain says:

    I always love reading your blog, it brings a smile to my face every time! Socks are a funny thing. I’m obsessed with toe sox, being the yogi i am. Do you think you will ever venture into the realm of making some?

  20. I’ve just been given some Opal sock yarn (cat sitting present), now I just need to try this sock knitting malarky too.

  21. Julie says:

    Such funky wool, they are amazing!

  22. Jude says:

    Love, love, love them…
    Certainly can’t get Opal in Greece, what is the name of this delight to the eyes, so I can peruse the internet and get me some..please!!
    Take care

  23. Karisma says:

    Oh they are beautiful! One of these days, I really must have a go at knitting socks! Well, I have made them but not on the four needles. Lazy much?

  24. Claudia says:

    Lovely colours! Gorgeous stripes!! I love it!!!🙂

  25. Barb Baines says:

    Love the yarn, good job!

  26. Melissa says:

    The socks look great. I’m jealous and I’m a big enough woman to admit that. I had a go last night at what’s called a magic loop. Wasn’t so magic for me. I have a group of girls that meet once a week and we are contemplating an “emergency meeting” so this hooker can get a different set of needles and try again. Yikes! Maybe I’ll just start crocheting my socks…..

  27. Robin says:

    HELLO Alice, When I make my first socks, I am sold on using opal yarn. They are beautiful and the yarn looks soft and the colors are amazing. What sock pattern is the easiest and makes the best socks!?! Could you add that to your tutorial if you are able? thanks………xoRobin❤

  28. Hannah says:

    Alice, these socks are beautiful. Every one has knitting/crocheting failures from time to time. That is just the way life is. Simply go on to the next project and keep going. I wonder what kind of flower that is in the top photo. The color matches your socks!

  29. Shani says:

    LOVE the socks, Alice!!! I have determinedly been learning/teaching myself knitting (I am a crocheter first and foremost🙂 specifically so I can make socks, and this 2nd pair of yours are spurring me on. Do you have any recommendations on which book would walk me through my first pair of socks the best? I just don’t have any spare time to make it down to a yarn shop for weekly instruction. Thanks for any suggestions you have, and keep up the absolutely wonderful work!!!

    Have a lovely day/evening!

  30. Amanda says:

    Love the sock! I’ve been meaning experiment with making socks, just haven’t gotten there yet. Thanks for sharing!🙂

  31. Carol says:

    Oooh what lovely yarn, what fab socks!
    I did get my sock yarn (now I’m wishing I had Opal!) so perhaps my wait of 50+ years for a second pair of home knitted socks will soon be over! I’m just trying to decide which pattern to follow….. I have very thin ankles so need a good rib or they’ll end up under my heels.
    Hope you are having a beautiful day too.
    Carol xx

  32. Casey says:

    I really like that yarn! the sock looks good!

  33. Jane says:

    Love the socks – your feet are so lucky! That Opal yarn is clever. And I can’t wait for the surprise tutorial🙂

  34. They are beautiful! Love your sense of color!

  35. Eve says:

    That is a lovely colorway! I am sorry to hear your tutorial did not go as you had planned, but you will get it!

  36. Nisilynne says:

    Love your blog. I have had a rather trying year and your blog brings me a smile everytime. Gorgeous socks! I am a crocheter first, but am teaching myself to knit. Would love to venture into the sock making world! I will talk myself into eventually. Have a beautiful day! PS….Ramond is such a handsome mouser!

  37. Jillian_R says:

    Hi Alice, don’t give up on the tutorial, you will get it right the next time. Your socks are beautiful by the way and I am excited to see your second set completed!

  38. I too am hooked on Opal sock wool and cannot resist buying more. The pleasure is in making the first sock and seeing how the stripes evolve and you are right, the second sock is easy because you know exactly where to stop and start the next bit.

  39. Mary says:

    Hi Alice…Love the Sock yarn…!!! I look at your blog site a least once a day, just to see all of the colors…just to keep myself inspired…The (flowers) are just so-so lovely…the pink & the yellow. Once again…Thank You for sharing…MaryW

  40. Tickety-boo says:

    I am loving Opal too! I cast on Opal Monocolour turquoise colourway today and it is so lovely to work with. Loving your self patterning ones. Looking forward to your Ta-Dah!!

  41. penelope dubois says:

    Super socks!!! There is something just so comfy and cozy to wear a pair of knitted socks from your own hands!
    I have almost completed one sock (cuff down, lil’ circ) and the second one will be magic loop. I have to achieve this!

  42. Louise says:

    L♥ve the colour pattern of those socks! I wish I was clever enough to knit socks.

  43. Lisa says:

    Wow beautiful sock Alice. You are inspiring me to learn how to make socks too. I love your flower pic too. I’m also fond of your pics of Raymond. have a super day. Lisa

  44. Hahnsmum says:

    OMGoodness-That pretty sox yarn–l am SO jealous,, Sox look pretty damned good to me.. Best Wishes..

  45. Pati from London says:

    Dear Alice, what a talented sock knitter!! I can’t believe you learnt a few days ago!! Amazing! x Pati

  46. scottishfairynuff says:

    So… googled Opal, found a stockist in Glasgow, bought it (hunderewassers- Save the seas ) and am going to start RIGHT NOW! You are inspirational, as always, and can’t wait to see what’s next🙂 And I discovered a lovely wool shop that I’d missed x

  47. lily says:

    Seeing your gorgeous socks has reminded me how much I’ve missed my sock knitting, and as soon as the never ending grand girlies summer cardis’s are finished I will be raiding my sock yarn stash and clicking my double pins. Beautiful colours and patterns in the Opal yarn you used.

    Found your lovely blog from a link on Kiwiyarns Knits.
    lily x

  48. kiwiyarns says:

    Opal is one of the most popular sock yarns for a reason!! I love how that colourway is coming out. It’s gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Only yesterday I hunted through my stash and pulled out all the sock yarn I have, and it’s now sitting in its own special basket for me to look at so that I don’t feel that I don’t have any sock yarn! And I found a ball of Opal (the very first sock yarn I bought years ago when I first unsuccessfully tried knitting socks) which was in exactly the colours I’ve been wanting to knit! Yay!!! That might just have to become my fourth pair of socks… You’re Mad Hatter socks are not a failure. They’re just small. That’s all. And they’ll make a great present for some very lucky person.

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