Sunday Love


It’s been a while!  My first ever full week without writing a post, but here I am, Raymond on my lap, purring like he hasn’t been on my lap in a year, popping in to say a quick hello!  I hope you’re all well, I’ve been enjoying having a look around the blogworld today, having a lovely catch up and seeing all of the inspiring goodness you’ve been making…

Not much has happened this week, my Mad Hatter socks turned out so tiny I couldn’t even fit them properly on my feet, *sigh* so they’re in the wardrobe, awaiting September the 6th, when they will be gifted to my sister (who has substantially smaller feet!) for her 29th birthday….  Other than that I’ve been knitting and hooking and spending quality time with KB, reading, sleeping and working….

I have an exciting bit of crochet goodness to share with you which I just know you’re going to love, I finally got a decent photo of it, and am all set to write out the how-to, as soon as I can find the blogging mojo again!

 Meanwhile, I’ve been making multitudes of baby hats for my Mum to sell in her shop, they’re selling so fast which is wonderful!  I kind of wish I was one of those cutesey people who could wear flowery hats, but sadly I’m not!

And because I know I’ll get at least one comment asking where I got the flower pattern from, I’ll tell you now!  Suzanne Thompson’s “Crochet Bouquet” it’s a fab book and a fab flower, I’ve made a million of them and never get tired of them!

OK then loves, I’m off to eat chocolate and knit, I hope you’re all well and full of life’s joys!  What have you been up to this week?  And what are you hooking/knitting?

Wishing you a beautiful day,


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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37 Responses to Sunday Love

  1. Felicity from Down Under says:

    Love that purple cloche, Alice. I’m making a cap at the moment in a very similar colour and it’s making my day sparkle. Hope yours is sparkling, too.

  2. MeredithJean says:

    Go the chocolate Alice, wish I had some but I never buy it. Such a lovely girl for making baby hats for your Mum’s shop. Lots of love xxx

  3. Penelope says:

    Oh hello Alice, sounds like you have been having a lovely time. Good quality time with KB, sleeping – I never underestimate the joy of catching up on my sleep and knitting and hooking away , oh yes and reading one of my fav pastimes xox I’ve been making coat hanger covers which have been good fun. Keep well and warm as your weather changes. Love the scarf too xox P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Rachel says:

    Gorgeous hat, Gorgeous flowers, and I can’t think of a nicer combination than chocolate and wool!!
    I’ve been making a monster sunny granny square blanket which my daughter calls our “happy family blanket”.
    Hope your day is beautiful too

  5. Oh how lovely — I love the hat and having a Mum that sells woolly things — perfect!

  6. Dorothy---Nannyto4 says:

    So good to hear from you again. Happy that Raymond is happy & doing well. It’s really hot here in South Texas already. Spring what happened to you? I’ve been working on a Texas sized afghan for my DD but am nearing the finish line. Next I will start on Christmas fripperies. That at least will make my mind not be so wrapped around how hot it is! Love to you & Mr. R.

  7. Sandi says:

    A week is a long time between posts for you and I was a little concerned that you maybe weren’t well. But all is good I see. That hat is so sweet, I can just see my granddaughter in that. Its good to take time out and spend it with the ones you love and doing what you love too.
    x Sandi

  8. Its been a hectic week here with the end of term but we are on school holidays for 2 weeks now and I am so looking forward to sleeping in and having pyjama days!!! I am making hats too for the Alice Springs Beanie Festival that is coming up in June.

    Have a great week Alice and hugs to ‘Raymondo’ xx

  9. Regula says:

    I’ve been crocheting a baby blanket for the last four days. It’s almost done, only the edge is missing. As I want to use a specific blue I don’t have here (in my hospital bed), I have to wait. Fortunately I’m about to go home. There might be some nice blue in my stash.

  10. penelope dubois says:

    The baby hats are precious! Glad all is well and looking forward to your new project. Thankfully your socks will fit your sister! What a bummer when they don’t fit!
    I spent 2 months knitting this sweater (last year) and very sadly it shrunk so bad I am sick. Rewashed it in cool water and stretched the hell out of it. Well, I don’t have a sister, but maybe a small child will love it!

  11. Happybee says:

    what a lovely hat!!!! and I love the flower too!!! I can easy imagine that they sell so fast!!!!
    can’t wait to see your new creations too!!!
    Have a nice Sunday!!!

  12. Sarah says:

    I love the hat and the scarf! I keep telling myself that one day, when I have more time, I will learn to crochet and knit and eventually know how to do it well. As for now, I’m just contenting myself by drooling over your creations :-p.

  13. Hannah says:

    Beautiful hat and scarf. I am sorry about the sock not fitting you. You still could post a picture of it so we could see what it looks like. I wish you would. I am working on knitting up a pair of socks from Zauerball. I had a hard time getting the gauge right with this yarn. I had to go way down to a size 0 needle. Have you started your Zauerball yet?

  14. Teje says:

    Hello Alice! I think you could wear that wonderful flower hat! I just returned from my painting and had ‘a black eye bean soup’. Now I need some coffee – with chocolate! and then sewing … for work.
    Have a great week! xxx Teje

  15. Becks says:

    That is such a cute hat! Our 19 year old daughter made our 1 year old a hat exactly the same shade for christmas last year, her first attempt at knitting beyond the scarf. It no longer fits Heather but your hat brought back a lovely smiley memory🙂

  16. Louise says:

    Sweet Sweet hat!

  17. Eve says:

    That hat is positively adorable! I am sorry to hear about the Mad hatter socks.. but, you get to gift them AND you have a reason to make another pair!
    Have a wonderful week!

  18. Kathy Welsh says:

    Those baby hats are so cute! No wonder they’re selling so fast!

    So sorry about the sock. I’ve had more than one instance of socks not fitting right, either too big or too small. It’s always disappointing because you’ve spent so much time knitting them. Thankfully your sister will love them so it worked out OK. I’d love to see a pic of them anyway…

    I’m crafting like a mad woman right now. Am bringing goods into work next week with a couple of other gals and am making springy items of jewelry. So many ideas swirling in my head…whew!

    Have a great week and can’t wait to see your crochet reveal! xo

  19. Hello! What a lovely hat! The goatmother would like to know what size hook you used on your Queen Anne Lace scarf in the picture? Happy Sunday!

  20. Susan H. says:

    Hello Alice (and Raymond, and KB too!),
    Glad to hear you are doing happy things – this is our last week of classes at my university. Next week I will be grading all week and then a week off before the summer session begins. I hope to maximize my crochet time during that week.
    I also can’t pull off the hat look but I love making those flowery hats. How nice that your mum can sell them in her shop! Enjoy your days
    xoxo Susan

  21. Tracy Marie says:

    Love your baby hats and scarves, Alice! It’s always such a pleasure to read about your day/week.😀
    We are preparing for our third move in three years, this time we are moving across country – from Virginia to Texas – the moving company starts packing us on Tuesday which is my son’s 10th Birthday!
    I’m also trying to finish my two college courses before we go – Geology with a Geology Lab and History of Photography.
    On my hooks, I have started four afghans – four different patterns – can’t see any reason why I should be bored or too stressed out right now, right? I find crocheting to be incredibly relaxing hence the four different afghans – and I’m making all my kids the crochet Kitty Coin Purse from Ravelry (of course, my children requested I modify the Kitty into a Bunny!) 😀

  22. Casey says:

    your hats are so cute!

    I’m working on a baby blanket right now, it might end up being for my sister now that she knows she’s having a boy!

    Enjoy your chocolate!

  23. Amanda says:

    What a cute hat!

    I’ve been really sick this week and just when I thought I had finally kicked morning sickness. But on the up side I started a series of acupuncture sessions and it turns out the therapist works with Tim so we got a discount too🙂 I’ve never had acupuncture before, but must say it is very relaxing and will hopefully help me finally kick this sickness (I seem to have excess heat in the stomach, so we’re working on balancing that out).

    I received the most beautiful crocheted blanket last week which I shall post on my blog sometime this week… honestly it made me cry it was so beautiful. Handmade gifts made with thought are just the most touching, aren’t they?

    Other than that I haven’t been up to much, so it’s good to read up on others’ blogs and see the exciting things they have been up to instead🙂

    Have a lovely week and enjoy the chocolate and knitting (do you want my chocolate stash too? I seem to be totally off chocolate and craving only fruit right now!!)

  24. Jane says:

    Love the hat, Alice! So sweet🙂 I’ve been at the chocolate too, giant chocolate buttons are just irresistable… and I’ve finished my flower squares cushion today, and I’m so proud of it I could burst!🙂 Do visit and have a look!
    Jane x

  25. Margaretha says:

    Love the hats and enjoy your chocolates, I have made your Spring Explosion Tea Cozy I have blogged about it so have a look!

  26. Maria says:

    catching up on your blog, and as always, love it ALL–your rainbow socks, ROCK! i made an attempt at learning socks a few years ago and didn’t get too far…oh well…maybe one day. Your orchid photos are beautiful! I just started a watercolor sketch journal–so don’t be surprised if some less than stellar illustrations of your flowers turn up! LOL! Raymond is as adorable as ever–makes me miss my Princess Hidey-she left with the ex, so i don’t get to see her much.😦
    Take care and stay warm!

  27. Hello Alice,
    it’s good to have some time off sometimes isn’t it! Bloggers can’t just keep on giving out indefinitely, so I hope the break did you a power of good. Love your hat, I’m not surprised they’re selling so well. Maybe this is the answer to your incredible output?! Selling things you make? What a pain that your socks didn’t fit! I’m guessing your sister doesn’t read your blog, as you said they will be her christmas gift. My sister doesn’t read my blog either! Lucky you having Raymond cuddling up to you like that. You’ve posted some gorgeous photos of him recently, with his exquisite blue eyes. Love Vanessa xxx

  28. Sara says:

    Couldn’t find where to post a “general” comment so thought here would be a good a place as any!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog about the

    Miju Shop in Gloucester. I am an avid follower of Attic 24, who has inspired me to “have a go more at my blog” so thanks for looking at it.

    Your blog is lovely, hence I had to follow it, I love the photo’s beautiful.

    Kind regards from a fellow crafting lesbian lol.


  29. Lyndsey says:

    Awesome baby hat! I just made one myself for a work colleague’s new baby niece. My flower wasn’t quite as intricate as yours though. Beautiful. I am currently working on a red blanket (RED!) and just started a wrap/shawl/scarf type thing with some beautiful colours that I plan to use as my “vacation” shawl when I take a trek across the pond (being from Canada) to visit Ireland in June!

    Have a lovely time with the chocolate and knitting!

  30. Melissa says:

    We all need a break. I’m the queen of them🙂 Hope you enjoyed. Sorry to hear about your socks not fitting, but I’m sure they will be well loved🙂 I’m off to finish catching up.

  31. Misty says:

    Hello Alice, Raymond and KB.
    Love from the states. Your hat and scarf are adorable. I made a few adult versions of the hat for christmas gifts and my mom loved hers and so did my daughter. I made one for myself and the flower I made was from the same book, I just love the book. My mom bought me some 8 inch dolls and I have hooked them some dresses, they still need flowers and bows and I am still working on that vibrant spring afghan. The cats send there love and happy knitting and hooking. So sorry about your socks but there is a gift for your sister you don’t have to worry about now. LOL………
    Misty and Kitties

  32. Cindy says:

    Hi Alice, I enjoy your blog. Your hat is very cute. I recognized the flower right away because I am about 1/3 done with my goal of making fifty of them as pins to put on cards for staff appreciation week. By time I am done I should be able to do them in my sleep!

  33. Mary says:

    Hello Alice…Most Beautiful Greetings to You…
    Enjoyed reading your Blog…Lovely Scarf & Hat with Flower…!!!
    I bet your Mum is a Lovely person…just as yourself. I have been knitting an array of different colored dishclothes for my three Daughters, who are all busy Wives & Mothers. What I have been Practicing & Practicing, over & over again…is…learning how to Continental stitch with my left hand. When I first learned to Knit, I used the English method…I saw a gorgeous Japanese Kimono, I would love to knit…not any time soon, tho…!!! I need to graduate from scarves & dishclothes, first…!!!
    Hope you are having a great week…
    Best to You & Raymond…!!!
    Mary fr Colorado

  34. Julie says:

    Such a darling little hat, it’s adorable

    There’ll be lots of scarves popping up in blogland now, it’s stunning!

  35. Leah says:

    Hi Alice, aren’t cowls fabulous! It’s like being wrapped in a snuggly blanket – and boy have we needed that earlier this week in Welly. Yours is absolutely gorgeous. I’ve made 3 cowls so far and am just about finished my latest one which is, funnily enough, made with tiny grannies. It’s just awaiting joining which is my least favourite bit. Have a fab Easter break. Stay warm and cosy in your beautiful cowl! Love your wee hat too! Craft 2.0 is on this weekend – will be nice to go out and see other peoples clever handmade pieces.

  36. Pati from London says:

    What a lovely hat Alice!! The flower is great too! I am currently crocheting a blankie for our third baby (due in June!). I got the pattern from another lovely blog called “do you mind if I knit” and it is made of squares with little flowers in the middle (I hope it’s not too girly for a wee boy….) . I’m using cotton for the first time and I’m loving it. After that, with the leftovers, I will try to make him a baby hat. Have a lovely day, darling! x Pati

  37. Muchos Gracias for your blog post.Truly thank you! Excellent.

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