More Tea?


I hope you’re having a lovely weekend so far!  I am, work finished at 6pm last night (Saturday) and now I’m a free agent for two days which is quite thrilling!  Life is moving at quite a slow pace right now and I’m loving it!  I’m busily working on the Mad Hatters, and also my cascade cowl which I’ll tell you all about another time of course… these two projects seem to be taking foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeever to finish I tell you!  No instant gratification happening around here!

I was however, last night at work, struck by inspiration and raced home to get out my hook and spend some quality time with it, I’m hooking like crazy right now, (hopefully) bringing my inspired thought into the physical and I can not wait to show you next time!  I’m half way through it, but it’s a quick and easy project, and I’m thrilled!

So today, I thought I’d dredge through the folder in my pictures called “unblogged” where I put things I obviously, haven’t blogged so that I don’t lose them.  I’ve only recently finished this tea cozy and handed it over to my Mum to put in her fibrecraft exhibition which she is having at her flower shop at the end of the month.  I’ll be photographing the entire exhibition and posting it on her blog when the time comes, so I’ll be sure to send you over for a look!  Her fibrecraft guild are getting together lots of flower themed crafty goodness all set for it and I can’t wait to see what comes in!

When Mum told me about it, of course my first thought was to make a tea cozy, so I did.

Green was the colour of the original Spring Explosion tea cozy which I posted about way back in November, so I’m feeling like this is not a very original ta-daaa post today!  That post and the pattern is HERE, and a really great pattern for hookers who are not confident knitters because it is very easy and you can trust me when I say that!  I’m not a confident knitter either and I recommend this one for sure.

Want to see the other side?

So there we have it!  Yet another tea cozy for the album!  As I’m still managing my coffee levels, I’m using my tea-pot all day every day and feeling an urge to make another cozy, just for a change of scenery when I’m pouring my green tea, there is just so much to make and so little time right now!  So I’m going to send you some love and leave you with a picture of Raymond, because there really is no show without Punch, and I wonder why he won’t pose so beautifully when I’m TRYING to take a picture of him, but when I want him out of the shot completely, he’s there, looking like a male model….

Oh, and if for any reason you’re feeling a bit blue today, I suggest you go back and read the comments from my last post about little happy things, wow, what a collection of gorgeous goodness!  Thank you for taking the time to share the special moments in your lives!  They made me feel pretty spesh and I hope you enjoyed reading everyone elses too.

Wishing you a beautiful day!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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38 Responses to More Tea?

  1. Jacq says:

    Love your tea cozy, I think I may have to make one after I get done with the current socks I’m knitting.
    Also really enjoy reading your blog, you are very inspiring!

  2. Penelope says:

    Good morning Alice, oh the joy of free time, I too have some days off work and I wonder how I fit work in amongst all those much more important needle/hooky activities!!!! Love your latest tea cosy of course, most beautiful and joyful for tea drinking, wich as far as I am concerned is a whole ceremony in itself :0) I’m not a coffee drinker, coffe makes me buzz in a horrid/unpleasant way. Whenever friends we go out for a coffee, I always say great but order tea ! I love tea pots, such beauty in their form. I have an unfinished tea cosy crying to have it’s roses sewn onto it but I haven’t felt patient or inspired enough to finish it. Soon ta dah I hope.
    I’ve just finished my baby lacy cardigan and oh my what a serious pleasure to knit! I will of course be revealing all. Looking forward to seeing your cowl, mad hatters and of course crochet craftiness.
    Enjoy and wallow in your 2 days ahead xox Penelope xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Chantal Shaw says:

    Hello Alice
    What a beautiful tea cozy! The flowers are so bright and charming. If you say the cozy is easy, I think I might just give it a try. I too love my tea – having a cup right now!!
    Thanks for the beautiful picture of Raymond! He is a picture of happiness and relaxation. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  4. Carole says:

    How could you not enjoy a cup of tea poured from a teapot covered in flowers? It’s gorgeous, if I had a teapot suitable I would make one. Mine’s a very odd shape, not conducive to a cosy as pretty as yours. Maybe I should treat myself to a new teapot so I have an excuse to make one!

    It’s bedtime here in the UK now (I should have gone to bed hours ago but I’ve been busy with bright green yarn and a hook) but I will be blogging tomorrow and handsome Albert will be making an appearance😉

    Enjoy your weekend
    Carole x

  5. Meredith says:

    Alice, I just love your tea cozy, this might be my favorite. I finished my second flower shawl, come take a look at it on my blog…I am in love. Now I have some free time to start another crochet project, since I am a bit new to crochet it is a bit daunting, but I feel very excited about it. Have a wonderful weekend,

  6. penelope dubois says:

    That Raymond is so damn cute!!!
    Love the latest Tea Pot cozy. I just received as a gift a little tea pot, about 4″ x 3″. I might try and make it a little cozy. Not much for holding tea, but cute to look at!!

  7. 'me' says:

    I really need to make one too, one day … I like tea a lot but I think – no : i’m sure – it taste even better when it comes out of a teapot like yours !

  8. Rachel says:

    What a gorgeous tea cozy, hope you enjoy your days off!

  9. juniperjune says:

    beautiful! i think it’s also probably a great pattern for knitters who aren’t terribly confident hookers (like me), because you can just try things out and experiment with the flowers until they come out looking okay.

  10. Your tea cozy is wonderful! Can’t wait to see what your making now.
    Raymond is sooooo cute!

  11. MeredithJean says:

    Yes I love your tea cozy too and can’t wait to see the pics from your mother’s exhibition. What a brilliant idea. I love the way that crocheting makes me yearn for knitting, and knitting makes me yearn for crocheting. You describe the immersion in the return to the hook so passionately and accurately bless your hooking heart xxx

  12. Sarah says:

    Oh Alice, ANOTHER lovely tea cozy! *sigh* I have some lovely teapots I never use but maybe I would if they were adorned with such pretty things!

    And as for Raymond, he’s a cat – it’s only to be expected – it’s part of his job description, along with heading for the lap of the ONLY person in the room that doesn’t like cats, and asking for food then tripping the person up as they try to get it. Don’t you love it??

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

    Sarah xxx

  13. Typy says:

    I love your tea cozies. One of these days I’ll do one of those. At the moment I’m seriously suffering lack of time, but in two months it’ll get better. I liked your mandal pattern from my blog. I’m just loving it.

  14. Happybee says:

    wow!!! it looks gorgeous!!!!!!!! you’re soooo talented, I love to see all what you are creating!!!! your blog is so colorful and make me happy every time I stopped here!!!

  15. WS says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when inspiration strikes!? I’m looking forward to seeing what you’re creating! Your tea cozies are so lovely and inspiring. I haven’t seen anything nicer. Ever. I bought myself a proper teapot recently. I think it might need clothes…

  16. Julie says:

    That is the most gorgeous thing ever, i’m a huge tea drinker and feel the need to have one of these, something else to add to my every growing ‘must make myself’ list, i need more hours in the day!!!!

    Enjoy your weekend

  17. Joyce says:

    Hullo Alice and Raymond, I love your tea cosy. I am neither tea nor coffee drinker on a regular scale, however, in the cooler weather I do tend to like a cuppa. I do have a small collection of cute tea cups and saucers that I like to add to through opshopping when I find them. Have a lovely week at your place.

  18. Teje says:

    Hello Alice! I couldn’t keep you company with my morning coffee because my computer couldn’t wake up! Now it tries again…
    What a lovely post for a sunny spring day! Beautiful flowers!
    Have a lovely time! Teje

  19. I love your Tea Cosies Alice – they are on my to-d0 list for sure!

  20. Janine says:

    Oh this one is lovely, I will definitely try it when I am on holiday again at the end of June. I am back to work now from tomorrow. I work at a school and have 3 children so life is pretty busy. But love this cosy, need to find a book on making all those different pretty flowers, they just make the cosy. Thanks for all the SUPER inspiration!

  21. I could just eat that tea cozy! Yum! As for Raymond’s picture, well, he’s obviously purring. See you’ve managed to get a picture of something intangible.🙂

  22. Misty says:

    Hello Alice and Raymond,

    So happy to hear your enjoying your 2 days off. The weather here in the states is beautiful today, my 3 cats and I went out and pucked tulips to put in the vases. They are so red and beautiful. I am working on an afghan for the spring, I am using bright, vibrant colors. So far it is turning out really wonderful. Although my newest kitten keeps trying to help me so I don’t get very much done. But she is worth it.
    I want to thank you for your blogs, they are like getting a letter from a dear friend who is so far away. But that you have so much in common with. I do hope you get your UFO’s done soon. I can’t wait to see what your secret project is. Although I only crochet, I have tried to knot I can knit pretty good, but I have so much trouble with the purl part, so I am thinking of taking a class to help me. I love tea as you do and I did make a cozy but it didn’t turn out right so it now sits in a pile called the UFO pile, I really need to fix those, but there is always something else I want to make. Please keep up the great work you do, your truly an inspiration when I feel a little blue. I need to make some cute spring hats, I am a true hat person. Do you have any great crochet hat patterns to share.? Have a truly lovely day. give Raymond kisses for us.
    Paige, Mama Cat, Raisen (my 3 babies)

  23. Nikkole says:

    I just love your tea cozies! I will have to do some shopping around to find myself a tea pot so that I can attempt to make one😉 I have so much tea, but no tea pots! As for Raymond, he is such a handsome and happy cat that reminds me of pure happiness🙂 I hope you have a great couple of days off!

  24. MeMeRose says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your tea cosies… I think you might be the person to finally get me to hold a pair of knitting needles! I never thought I would be able to crochet and I’ve managed that, so I may try a little basic knitting, just so I can get to the fun bit of decorating a cosy with crochet… Your cosies are a work of art x

  25. Jane says:

    Gorgeous tea cosy! And maybe when I’ve finished filling my house with crochet loveliness, I’ll make your tea cosy pattern my first knitting project… I can’t wait to see your hooky inspiration🙂

  26. Melissa says:

    Looks like I’m falling behind and you’ve been busy! You know how much I adore tea cozies with flowers🙂 and the beads are a wonderful touch! Hope you enjoyed your days off!

  27. Sue says:

    Hi Alice,

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while now and really lvoe your lovely crochet creations and amazed by your talent with using colours.
    It is hard to decide which of your tea cozies is more lovely🙂 … I am definitely making one very soon to add some spring to my home (slowly arriving in Canada here …). Thanks so much for providing us your patterns🙂

  28. Teresa says:

    This is so cute! I hope to give it a try one of these days!🙂 And Raymond is looking good, as always🙂
    Hope you had some wonderfull time off

  29. Yuka says:

    Just lovely!!
    Your works really make me happy. Your color works are super great, too.
    I wanted to make similar rainbow pot holder according to your instructions. I am having very hard time to find yarn have bright color-way in Japan. I believe we have more sedated color-way.
    Will you let me know what kind of yarn you use?

  30. kate says:

    Hello miss beautiful Alice, its been far too long between blog visits, but here is your blog as gorgeous as ever. The photo of raymond below is such a stunner, I mean wow-he is so handsome and the light shining of his eyes is just incredible. I loved the sharing of blessing counting too, I really needed the reminder. I have been having a hard time here lately and was even looking at the crystals you sent me last year and wondering, ‘have I used them all up?’, but no, I just haven’t been appreciating as much. Its so easy to turn things around but we forget, so thanks for the reminder you give us all with the colour and joy and lightness of your blog. And your tea cozies are stunners too… :o)

  31. faeryfay says:

    I just adore your tea-cosy! It is magnificent! In fact, it is making me get up from the computer and go and put the kettle on for a pot of tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Pati from London says:

    Dear Alice, your tea cosies are gorgeous, I think they are one of your trademarks and something that makes your blog quite unique. I am sure this one will look fantastic in your mum’s shop.
    I will try to follow the instructions and put this one in my “to do list” even though I am not the best of knitters…. Do you know a pattern of making the lower part of the tea cosy by crocheting instead of by knitting? Have a lovely afternoon and a big kiss to Raymond, Pati x

  33. Mary says:

    Hi Alice…I have no idea how I happened to come to your website. After reading your blogs & looking at your wonderful crochet…I felt compelled to write to you. You have a wonderful gift of color application…I could look at your combinations all day. Your “projects” are so neat…!!! I enjoy your sense of humor. I must Thank You for your tutorials. I hope much happiness has been returned to you for giving of yourself. Sincerely…MaryW fr. Colorado

  34. OMG. That flowered tea-pot cosy is the BEST! And the cat is SUPER cute!

  35. Louise says:

    As always, L♥VE your tea cosies, I can never get enough of them, or that sweet sweet Raymond!

  36. lindalturner says:

    I just love the beads in the centre of your flowers. They add a sparkle and make the flowers a bit glitzy.

  37. Liddy says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and I think your work is beautiful,,,,, and I definitely love Raymond!

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