Mid-week happy things

We’re half-way through the week and I’m feeling the need to count my blessings, so here goes:

1.  Drinking tea in the sun, and using the tea cozy I knitted from irreplaceable, ridiculously precious mum-spun wool, and knitting Mad Hatter socks.  (there you go, a very early sneak preview!)

Every year or so, I give up coffee… after a few months I’m back on it again, wondering why my anxiety levels have gone through the roof… blaming everything except the coffee!  Two days ago I gave up coffee again and am getting much use out of my tea pots and cozies.  Two weeks ago KB gave up sugar and we now know who keeps the house stocked with chocolate because since she gave it up our cupboards have been bare…

2.  Hooking and giving a Queen Annes lace scarf as a birthday gift to a wonderful mentor and having the opportunity, in a card made by KB to tell her what a profound impact she has had on my life in the last seven months and how her wisdom, experience and general way of being has influenced me as a counsellor and how lucky I feel to have that so early in my career…

3.  Unwrapping a package that arrived from Vintage Purls… oh joy!  My Zauberball!  It is gorgeous and is going to make the best socks ever!

4.  Taking a particularly gorgeous shot of Raymond… I know the die-hard Raymond fans out there might tell me off for saying this, but only about 1 in 10 photos of him are blogworthy… he usually has sleep in his eyes, a grumpy look on his face or jumps out of the  shot as I’m taking it, but this one, well, its cat perfection!

5.  And last but NOT least, reading all of your lovely comments about my socks!  Thank you!  So much kindness pouring into my life, lucky me!!!

The little things can often be forgotten I find, I’d love to hear the little things that have made you smile this week, I love how pleasure is contagious!

Speaking of pleasure, I have to run, I’m two rows into a lush cowl knitted in Cascade 220 superwash, it’s freezing here and this morning I had to borrow a scarf and mitts from KB because nothing I owned matched anything else…. a knitter/hooker borrowing scarves?  Theres something wrong with that, winter has crept up too fast!

See you soon!


About Crochet with Raymond

I'm a crochet obsessed, reiki master, crystal healing, yoga junkie, counselling student, in a happy long term relationship... and Raymond's mum!
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49 Responses to Mid-week happy things

  1. MeredithJean says:

    1. Seeing Raymond’s beautiful blue eyes perfectly relaxed and perfectly in focus.
    2. Loving my parents and appreciating their good health, sound minds and robustness. My mother will be 80 on Saturday!
    3. Adoring my children who are out in The Big World spreading their themness in new territories.
    4. Enjoying cooking again, this comes and goes with me. Made the most amazing seafood soup last night and will convert the leftovers into either a risotto or past dish for tonight mmm.
    5. For having the most wonderful man in my life, that he works extremely hard five days a week and always chooses to come back to this place we share.
    6. For my two gorgeous pussies Hazel and Nellie who delight and entertain me endlessly.
    7. Oh wow Alice, gee and for you, what a great idea to count blessings!

  2. Dorothy says:

    Oh Alice .. what an absolutely beautiful photo of Raymond. Its perfect – just look at that velvety looking top of his little nose. He’s the image of my first Siamese Chang who will always have a special place in my heart. I loved that cat and it broke my heart when he died at age 18 yrs. Wish I had a digital pic of him to show you.

  3. Regula says:

    Thanks für your post. It is a wonderful start into the day.

    Aren’t the Zauberballs pretty? I hope that mine will arrive soon. After some trouble to get it, the company I ordered it from will send it to a friend who lives in Germany. And from there … we will see.

  4. Katherine says:

    Hello Just wanted to tell you how inspiring your work and words are. It is a very crazy world we live in sometimes and we forget the simple joys of creating….that magic!

    Thanks for sharing all your great work,

    from Katherine Polgrain
    Vancouver, Canada

  5. Rachel says:

    Hi, I love your blog! It has inspired me (along with atti24’s) and an article I read on 365 gratitude (http://365grateful.com/about-film) , to write my own, so wanted to say- thanks heaps for the inspiration.

  6. juniperjune says:

    hi, thanks for your kind words! i posted a reply over on my blog, and then i came over here to check your blog out and was immediately charmed. i love your color sense! i’ve added you to my rss reader & will definitely be around in the future.🙂 nice to meet you!

  7. Linda says:

    I so enjoyed your post in this cloudy ad rainy day… Thank you so much for bringing colors in!🙂

  8. Rita says:

    That are cats! Alway perfectly;))
    The tea cozy are great and your rainbow-socks are soo beautiful! I love the colors!
    Wish you a great day! Rita

  9. Bimbi says:

    Hi Alice
    I too count my blessings, especially on such a gorgeous day as today. I am grateful that I don’t have to charge off to a demanding job first thing in the morning and that I can enjoy my garden instead (although there’s plenty of work in it!).
    Your Raymond is adorable and it looks like KB is quite talented too. Does she have a blog?
    I’m interested to see that you knit socks on 3 needles, I always use 4 (German style??).
    You make repeated comments about how freezing it is. Does it get that cold and what’s happened to your central heating??🙂
    Enjoy your tea!

  10. Carole says:

    My biggest blessings are my beautiful family, but this week I’m very thankful that my Mum is on the mend – after surgery on Monday she became poorly but she should be home by the end of the week.

    Those Mad Hatter socks look very colourful and I agree the Zauberball yarn will look fabulous as socks.

    I love that Raymond has that oh so typical Siamese glint in his eyes of being so superior, we get that alot from Albert too -I must take some photos of him today to share.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. Jane says:

    Hi Alice, lovely photo of Raymond! This week I’m loving the vivid green-ness of spring, with fat buds bursting into life everywhere, and raindrops sparkling in the sunshine on bright green leaves (but if I was in your part of the world, just now it’d be the wonderful smell of fallen leaves on wet earth, and the autumn colours), and of course how we can all create amazingly beautiful things with just a hook (or two needles for some) and some yarn – ooh and of course all the wonderful colours you’re surrounded by in a good yarn shop!🙂

  12. Debbs says:

    Raymond – adorable
    Knitting – very soxy!
    Raymond – very kissable
    Caffeine – addictive but necessary for World peace
    Raymond – cutiepie
    Chocolate – I could give it up, but I’m not a quitter!
    Raymond – loveable
    Alice – Refreshing, bright and fun! KB would say all of the above!
    Oh did I mention Raymond? – beautiful

  13. miek says:

    well, reading your blog is one of the best things a have done cose i thought in the first place that Alice was your mum and your where a boy (named raymond) how was very creative. but i have changed this picture a long time ago hahaha. that was a really funny moment when i find out hahahaaha
    and you`ve got me making socks, yes i did it, whit the help of lauri and my friend, cose i could not held the needles in place, they stick in my eyes en nose and when i tryed to finish the first needles they stuck together so tyidly that it was better then a seamans knot.
    but i made it and it feels great, not to give up and beeing abel to make socks.
    sooooooooooo, thanks Alice
    ohhh yeah, my husband and dog makes me happy too….hihihihi

  14. Tickety-boo says:

    oooooh sneeky peek of the Mad Hatter socks! Looking exciting but Blimey O’Rielly the ones made from your Zauberball are going to be socktastic!!!!
    Small pleasures: My smallest littlie presenting the most MASSIVE worm to me that he found outside and his interest studying it’s every movement for the whole afternoon. He rushed inside to find our field guide and flicked through the book to find the section on worms. Whilst I sat outside in the sunshine knitting my socks he read out all these interesting facts to me. Love watching everything seeming new to a child, his empathy and thirst for knowledge :o)

    Tickety-boo xxxx

  15. Dianne says:

    That is indeed cat perfection.

  16. sarah says:

    Hi Alice,

    Love the socks from the last post, I have never knitted but I so want to try after seeing those babies! I made your lotus mandala prayer flag bunting thingy for my yoga teacher and she was so chuffed to pieces so just wanted to say thank you for your tutorial, there are pics on my blog
    Sarah x

  17. sandiart says:

    I love Debbs comment!!
    Life in all its ups, downs and in betweens, the scents, sights and sounds, family and friends….my granddaughter running up the drive saying ‘Nanna, nanna, nanna, nanna’ and then throwing herself into my arms, my relationship with my kids and my beautiful daughter in law………………my blog friends, is what makes me happy.
    x Sandi

  18. Karen says:

    Hey Alice! lovely surprise for us to have a ‘mid-week’ blog, what a treat! I agree with everyone above!!!!!! Well, so far we know Mad Hatter Socks will be of a red hue!!!!!! Love KB’s card yet again, as someone asked does she have a web site or blog, I think I asked once before too…. you are both sooooo talented. Is KB a full-time artist? I’m going to have a look at the Zauberballs now, Mmmmmm! love & hugs xxxx
    (yes AB, UK!)

  19. Teresa says:

    I keep forgetting that you’re on the opposite side of the world–so as it turns into Spring here it’s Autumn (or Fall) there, right? We’re taking off our scarves and socks and you’re making yours🙂
    Family, friends, knitting / crocheting and obviously cats (Raymond is such a cutie!) are some of life’s best things… as well as flowers, sunshine and above all, health!
    Yes, we do have to count our blessings🙂
    Always great to stop over for a smile and inspiration!

  20. Robin says:

    Alice, Yes we have sooooooooo much to be thankful for and need to stop and take notice from time to time. Thank you for reminding us in your delightful way of blogging. Just love to read your posts and am never disappointed. I am thankful everyday for my family, having people to trust and love. I am so lucky to have my dog Jack. He is a yellow lab and I adore his, he follows me room to room and also runs with me. But mostly I am thankful for my health so I can do all my activities and help my husband and family. Loving all your socks (including ones on needles), scarf, and of course Raymond. Such beautiful eyes! Take care. xoRobin❤

  21. penelope dubois says:

    Such a wonderful post. First off , Raymond is looking so vunerable!
    K B’s drawing is fabulous, quite the talent. And Zauberballs!! I have that gorgeous Ball sitting on my shelf, maybe its time to take it down!
    And the teapot, neat little cozy. I have been up and down with the coffee thing, so hard to give up, and suger – same thing. I try to do them in moderation but when I get stressed, I am like an addict!

  22. Hannah says:

    Raymond looks so cute in that shot. I do understand how hard it is to take a really good picture of an animal. I have three small dogs. Anytime I want to take a pic of them, oh boy, it takes a lot of patience. The Zauerball yarn is gorgeous. Can you tell me what it says on the label? They have a few different kinds. I would like to buy that particular one (and the exact name of the color). The scarf you are giving to someone is beautiful. Those Queen Anne lace scarves are fun to make. Can’t wait to see the Mad Hatter socks. One more knitting question: what size needles do you use? Have a great day and thank you so much for putting some sunshine into my life via your posts.

  23. Sarah says:

    Perfectly beautiful picture of Raymond. Now hurry up and knit or crochet a scarf for yourself before you bring more shame to all of us hookers…..


  24. Julie says:

    Raymond is such a cutie, a gorgeous shot of him

    Your scarf was a beautiful gift, it’s so nice to receive handmade goodies from a friend

    My little pleasure this week was to place my hand on my daughters growing tummy and be able to at last feel the new life inside kicking about – such excitement and joy!

  25. faye says:

    -The dumpling bag I made and covered with crocheted flowers, inspired completely by the lovely Alice.
    -My five year old got a haircut yesterday. Makes me smile every time I see it, and it feels so soft and smooth.
    -Getting up early, then coming back in to the bedroom where the baby, my husband, and the big girl are all dozing peacefully together in our giant bed. I can literally feel each one’s energy and an intense love and bond wrapping around all of us in those moments.

  26. That Raymond is a handsome fellow. We would like to borrow him for our barn? Does he ‘do’ mice? Peanuts make me happy (in case you didn’t already know that), Peanuts and less rain. Have you ever seen a goat with pruny, wrinkly hooves???

  27. Jillian_R says:

    I think your news socks will ROCK. You are so talented. I was so happy when I found your blog and I smile everytime you post. Our animals as such a comfort and their little personalities can be so large in comparison. I love Raymond.

  28. Debs says:

    You know, I’m not considered a ‘cat’ person, but Raymond, he sure is cute! A lovely photo of him. Do you think he’s finally realising that if he sits still and lets you take the shot he can then go back to sleep?

  29. Meredith says:

    Alice, what a lovely post. We do have much to be thankful for. It is hard to remember that isn’t it? Thanks for visiting my blog. I so appreciate your lovely comment. Good luck with the zunderball, love the colors and Raymond, too of course.

  30. Dawn Marie says:

    Oh I just want to give that lovely Raymond a kiss on his wee nose! Such a cutie! We should appreciate the little things, the big things only happen every now and then.xx

  31. Barbara Reichard says:

    Your blog always makes me smile!:)
    Raymond’s picture is one of the best you’ve taken- I have a cat and dog and trying to get good photos is a life long challenge for me.
    Good luck with the Zunderball- wonderful colors.

  32. Eve says:

    It’s lovely to have things to be thankful for! Raymond is just perfect! What a lucky cat-mommy you are!
    I have the same problem with scarves as I tend to make so many for others that I forget I might actually like one or two for myself!
    I hope the rest of your week is amazing!

  33. Kathy Welsh says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the color of the socks you have on your needles! They are going to be beautiful! And the tea cozy; I wish I were a tea drinker and/or had friends who are tea drinkers so I could justify making one of these beauties.

    I have SO much to be thankful for in my life; a wonderful partner, family and friends, cutie pie animals, yarn, paint, coffee, sun, the list could fill several pages. Thanks for reminding us to take a moment to treasure the blessings in our lives…

  34. José says:

    Hello Alice & Raymond,

    been following your blog for a while already; really love it ! Which counts for your writing, photo’s, craftwork & colours and of course for gorgeous Mr. Raymond🙂
    Actually, there are just about too many small pleasures to name them all I guess.. but here’s a few..:
    – reading new posts on your blog
    – my lovely/loving parents helping me out with my moving-to-come ( painting the walls & doing some massive cleaning )
    – painting the stairs in my new crib and admiring the colour
    – seeing a male duck in flight ( never thought ducks could look so graceful )
    – receiving/giving a smile from/to a stranger
    – have one of the cats on my lap, purring..
    – having a job I really like

  35. Penelope says:

    Ramondo you are most gorgeous boy ! Love this post Alice, it’s all those small things that make me feel blessed and ever so grateful for what I have. I have a joy for life despite having struggled with periods of depression. Love the sneak peak at your socks, very gorgeous indeed xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  36. JeanD says:

    Happiness in Oklahoma in April:
    1. No grass fires, no demon wind
    2. A beautiful spring day, the first that is decent to be outside; not freezing, not cooking. On monday it was 95 F and windy (read “like a blow dryer”) and 6 hours later it was 31 F and windy (read “brrrrrrrrrr”)
    3. Nearly finished with my library capelet and I actually think I will use it. You might enjoy it more as it is a snuggly delight I made for chilly evenings. Oh well, it will probably be cold again tomorrow.
    4. New project! Can’t make up my mind. Socks? A grown up man-hat to match the baby hat I made? More on the lace cardigan? Something not on my list but inspired by the yarn I find in the stash when I go to look for the yarn for the project I chose?
    5. So thankful for a break in drama!

  37. Joanna says:

    Lovely photo of Raymond – he looks a very happy contented cat. We have had a couple of lovely sunny days recently and it is great how uplifted it makes everyone feel. I agree that its the little things that give me the greatest pleasure – watching the daffodils that I planted last year grow and thinking each day that they are going to flower, seeing my husband properly after he has finished night shifts rather than just good morning/good night as he comes home in the morning as I’m going to work, cuddles with my two cats Fred and Barney, waiting for the yarn that I ordered from the internet to arrive and, or course, my crocheting, knitting and reading! Happy Days! xx

  38. Jess says:

    I just started reading your blog and I love all the colorfulness of it. I’m a new crocheter and your patterns give me great inspiration:) and I love your cat the same mean stare my cat gives. I told my fiance about your blog and he was about to get upset because he thought it was a mans blog, but then I told him Raymond is your cat he was dumbfounded I love that so thank you🙂

  39. Baa me Kniits says:

    Raymondo is looking very regal! I got immense pleasure from a receptionist at my SIL’s doctors telling me my boys were beautifully behaved and that she wished other children could behave like them🙂. I must be doing something right!! Can’t wait to see the mad hatter socks🙂

  40. Donna (owlcrazi) says:

    Hi Alice,
    You may already know this – but just in case, I thought you might be interested – I see that you halved your sock wool for your Madd Hatter socks – when making your wool into cakes like you did, you don’t have to cut your wool – you can work one sock from the centre pull and the other sock from the outside pull. Every once in a while you will need to sort of spin your cake to untangle, the owner of my lys taught me this trick recently and it is marvellous. You will also end up with one nice little ball at the end instead of two – just an idea🙂

  41. Lacey says:

    what wonderfully coloured socks! I’m crocheting a (yes “A”) sock for a friend with a dull (cheaper) brand. It’s pretty yarn but not colourful!

  42. kiwiyarns says:

    What a lovely post, Alice. Looking forward to seeing your second pair of socks!

  43. Tracy says:

    Thank you Alice! Your colourful blog with it’s wonderful photo’s are a real blessing to me, too. I always love to check in and see how you and KB and Raymond are doing!

  44. Amanda says:

    How lovely to count your blessings!

    Raymond certainly brightens my week every time I see a new photo of him!

    Other things that have made me smile include:

    1. Finding out that one of the boys in the class I supervise at lunchtimes had gone to tell the headmaster that one of the other boys was being highly disrepectful to me, even though (in his words) I was handling the situation perfectly… in a class where I have to break up fights between 10 and 11 year olds every day, finding out about this sweet and thoughtful gesture reminds me that some of them are really cool!

    2. Finally feeling well enough to stop taking the anti-nausea tablets and start enjoying pregnancy… being able to come home from work, crank the music up and sing along while making a salad for Tim’s packed lunch and crocheting a blanket for baby was the best feeling in the world after 3 months of feeling like I was going to puke every 5 minutes! Never mind I exhausted myself and paid for it the next day… in that afternoon I felt great and nothing could wipe the smile off my face🙂

    3. Receiving the sweetest package today of an ivory baby blanket (crocheted, of course) with trees in the design (trees being my favourite things of all time). This handmade gift came with the explanation that it is being sent now rather than later in the pregnancy, so that I can cuddle it whenever I’m kept awake at night thinking about baby, so it will pick up my scent and also be imbued with all the love, hopes and dreams for baby, so that when baby is born the blanket will be so full of the essence of me that it will hopefully be soothing to baby… how sweet is that? (To be quite honest, this made me cry rather than smile… but they were happy, touched beyond words tears which beat a smile any day!) Oh and the package also included 3 hats for baby too!

    Thanks for reminding me to look back and count my blessings xx

  45. Becky says:

    1. Working on a new song “I Sing Because I Sing” during Thursday’s “Lunchtime Singing with Carol” at St. Andrew’s with my children. If sound has color, this song is as colorful as your blog!
    2. Realizing it is ok to stop a project if it just doesn’t go well. That white enamel pot may just never get to have it’s own custom wool jersey, and that is ok.
    3. Meeting the new haiku challenge on time. Now just need the image to go with it. http://haikuart.blogspot.com/

  46. Lynda says:

    Ah, such good timing – this day was my birthday, and in between sitting on a sun-flooded verandah, reading, drinking tea and enjoying the company of family and friends, I had the chance to reflect on how wonderful a world it is…full of wool (Noro!), gorgeous blogs (thank you Alice and so many others), good books, cups of tea (Earl Grey, anyone?), and so much more. I truly counted my blessings, and will continue to do so for as long as granny squares wrap the universe!

    PS – Alice – thank you so much for your amazing use of colour. As one who normally dwells in muted tones, I’m looking more frequently to saturated brilliance, simply for necessary variety, and it’s starting to emerge – just a little, just enough – in my craft and photography alike. It’s the inspiration provided by the likes of you and Lucy (Attic24) that helps so much. Much appreciated indeed.

  47. Sue says:

    Sitting and hooking some pretty flowers has made me happy this week, and feeling the sunshine on my face has made me VERY happy, also a little bit pink!
    Love reading your blog too and love Raymond, he’s so classy.

  48. Franca says:

    Beautyfull ball of wool! Love your house! It seems completely decorated with your creations!

  49. Anna says:

    your cat is just sooo cute!🙂

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